Reliablesite is completely unprofessional and does not provide the service as advertised.

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I ordered the special intrl and went to their live chat at first worried if I was going to port 10gbps if the CPU would be my bottleneck. They said that I should be able to burst at 10 Gbps as long as I stayed in my 150 TB. It's great and fair and I even described how to install my own operating system. They said that it should not be a problem.

It took them a few hours before the announced rapid deployment of 10Kin to get my service, and only after having constantly bugged them via Skype. Finally took me all night to get my charge. I logged out. Finally installed my own operating system and used several 10Gbps pipes to test my port. I saw up to 3 Gbps. Hired a third-party technician to tell me that I would not see those speeds.

Tried to go to radic (sales representative at reliablesite) and yes, I was upset about it and irritated. I told him I would go to my bank for a chargeback. Instead, if I work with me, he just throws my head over it and warns me about tackling the extra fees and looking at my credit report instead of using his customer service skills. I think that he should first calm me down to solve this problem because I was angry and completely blocked me on skype. For that, I became super crazy and immediately put in the server's request for cancellation and asked for a refund because of the fury with which he had me instead of trying to work with me. Now, I will follow through my bank depending on how I felt treated on Skype and I should have known the red flag when my server was not delivered on time as well.

I have not used any resources on this server and this is not 24 hours. I do not deal with a company with rude representatives like him after being treated this way. I kindly ask the representative who represents them here to review my case, immediately cancel my server (cancellation request already placed) and refund me.

It is missing a lot here.

# 1 – He contacted us by e-mail to request information about the server, port 10G, etc. before the purchase. It has been clearly stated to the customer that the port itself is 100% dedicated, but if it is based on the customer's usage scenario, it does not mean that it is physically possible to deploy the full 10G port. For example, anything that requires intensive research will generally limit reading speeds (I have not provided this exact example). It was also mentioned to the customer that performing speed tests to try to achieve a full 10G would also be difficult because there are not many test servers on the market with a 10G port completely unused (regardless of distance, peering, etc.). I can provide logs of these two pieces of information.

# 2 – We offer a very clear policy without refund. This is mentioned in the terms of service you accept, in all our emails prior to payment, etc. We offer 24×7 support via chat and tickets and will go as far as necessary to ensure that everything purchased is delivered as advertised. In this case, it was the case (the customer will say no, but it was 100%).

# 3 – Via the discussion log, the first sentence asked for a refund with a threat of chargeback. The immediate response was a reference to our Terms of Use that the customer has agreed to cover for its refund policy and billing policy. The conversation continued with a WHT exam threat and so on. Although you may interpret this as rude, the tone of the conversation was given from the minute you started with threats and escalation. Our policy is to prevent any communication when a customer is trying to achieve something with threats of any kind (critical, legal, personal, etc.) because it is a losing situation. for everyone. Launcher Completely White (Wine)

I've installed the Launcher by following these instructions:

How to install Battle.Net and run Blizzard games on Ubuntu 18.10

But after the connection, the whole window is white. There is also a small secondary window showing that I do not remember previous installations.

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I found an older question about it here complete white screen

that I followed. But unfortunately, it did not seem to help at all. Everything looks exactly like before. Curiously, the login screen looks perfect, as is the progress of the installation.

Multisite: completely delete a user when it is deleted from a subsite?

I have a multisite WordPress setup and one of my clients has a plugin called Simple WordPress Membership where he can add new users to his site, so that they can log in and write blogs, etc.

Now it is also possible to "delete" the users of this plug-in, but the problem is that when they are deleted, they are removed only from the subsite, but still exist in the global multisite. Only if I go in the backend of the administrator and deletes them manually, they are really deleted.

My question would be whether there is a way to allow my client to completely delete users, without me having to go to the backend and do it for him? Is there a plugin or a way to do it without adding / changing code? If no, what and where should I add code snippets to let him do that?

Thank you for all the answers!

Will Schnorr Multi-signatures completely replace ECDSA?

Schnorr signatures will not replace ECDSA. The Schnorr signature verification should be implemented with the Taproot fork software using SegWit witness version 1. This means that only the locked outputs in SegWit v1 version or P2SH wrapped v1 outputs are expected to produce valid Schnorr signatures.

ECDSA will continue to be used for current expenses of non-SegWit and v0 SegWit outputs. In addition, as it is a direct access software, you can not delete the ECDSA signature algorithm because it will not be compatible with undeveloped nodes, which will will lead to a brutal routing.

It is therefore important to understand ECDSA to understand the verification of the signature that underlies all the outputs that are not v1 SegWit (or P2SH clad v1). According to, more than 2% of the locked locked BTC value belongs to SegWit native scripts, also after almost 2 years of implementation. It can therefore be safely assumed that the V1 implementation might not completely replace all current output lock scripts, which would also require you to understand the ECDSA signature algorithm if you plan to create products that accept Bitcoins that require ECDSA signatures.

Are private networks between servers completely secure?

ttps: // "">

Are private networks between servers completely secure? | Talk Web Hosting

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var sidebar_align = & # 39; right & # 39 ;;
var content_container_margin = parseInt (& # 39; 350px & # 39;);
var sidebar_width = parseInt (& # 39; 330px & # 39;)
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  1. Question Are private networks between servers completely secure?

    Most dedicated server vendors offer the option of private networking between servers – which I understand by VLAN (always?). I am a little concerned about the security of these private networks, because our custom designed software will communicate with each other via the private network. So we wonder if the private networks are completely secure, that is to say that no one can ping / connect with the network. IP private network or read / monitor on data? If it is not secure, then we would need to add encryption – which will add more overhead.

  2. Private networks are better than public networks for communicating sensitive but insecure information unless you have the data center where the servers are physically located
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google apps script – Some cut emails are not read completely with getPlainBody ()

Based on a Google Sheets macro, the linked email account is searched for in the contents of emails containing a number of numbers. E-mails are always cut off because of their length. So, with getPlainBody (), about 99% of the total content is drawn in such a way as to extract the full contents of an e-mail and to correctly write the content I'm looking for in the sheet.

In 2 cases, the script could not find the numbers, even though a manual search in the Gmail client found them. The strange thing is that the script scripts show that these emails are missing the cut part, although it worked for the rest.

We looked for differences between emails and found none. There is no dialogue either and the sizes are pretty much the same or the affected emails are even smaller than the others. Looking in the Gscript documentation, I think getPlainBody () should be the right way to draw the content.

Does anyone have an idea that could lead to incorrect behavior?
If it is not the script, could anything else prevent the email from printing all the content?

Thank you

Here are the relevant parts of the code:

threads =„general topic“)
for (var i in threads) {
    msgs = threads(i).getMessages();
    For(var j in msgs) {
        body = msgs(j).getPlainBody()
        If( body.indexOf( numbers ) > -1) {
            lines = body.split(“n”)
            For (k in lines) {
                if(lines(k).indexOf( numbers.toString()) > -1){
                    return found

How can I completely install Go (Golang) behind a proxy?

I've tried to install Go on my PC with Windows 10, with the executable, there are no problems, the problem is when I try to run go get I am behind a proxy, and this gives me the following error:

go find
package unrecognized import path "" (https fetch: Get tcp dial: lookup getaddrinfow: this is usually a temporary error when resolving the hostname and means that the local server has not received a response from An authoritative server.)

I opened the PC proxy and it did not work.

pathfinder 1e – Is there anything that can completely prevent the effects of the pending spell?

The spell freedom of movement protects the subject against spells and other magical effects that would normally prevent or hinder their movement, including the paralyzed state caused by the spell hold the person. Cast in advance, this will prevent you from being the victim of such a fate.

In a more permanent way, you can also acquire a magic object such as a ring of freedom of movement, which permanently confers on the bearer the benefit of the aforementioned spell. This is a fairly expensive object, however, and usually exceeds the means of the characters of the lower levels.

How to completely remove MySQL from macOS Mojave?

I am new to SQL and I am just starting to learn. I recently installed MySQL on macOS Mojave, but I found it difficult to use for any reason (since I did not know the tool and language). I wanted to remove it completely from the system. Please let me know how to erase it completely (including hidden files / registry). Alternatively, I would also like to install another SQL RDMS so thank you for recommending something like starter.

Advice on choosing to delete MySQL will also be appreciated.

Thank you.

apt – Completely unable to uninstall broken nvidia drivers :( [19.04 – KDE]

During an update, my nvidia drivers were completely out of order and I was unable to uninstall the damaged drivers and reinstall the new ones. The graphics processor is the Quadro K2100M (GK106GLM). The Ubuntu version is 19.04 The machine is the Dell Precision M4800.

When I run "sudo apt –purge autoremove nvidia *", I receive this message (

When I run "apt –fix – broken install", I get this (

lsmod | grep nvidia returns this information (

sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall returns this information (

I am clueless. All the tutorials I can find online about removing broken nvidia drivers do not seem effective. Can someone help? apt-autoremove did not help either 🙁 I tried to download the .run installer from the nvidia site on no support, claiming that it could not build the module of the core.

Thanks to the broken packages, I can not install, delete, upgrade, or anything like that:

Edit: "sudo apt clean" and "sudo apt autoclean" did not help

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