Anything else at Quadranet doowntown LA completely down?

Anything else at Quadranet doowntown LA completely down? | Talk Web Hosting

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  1. Anything else at Quadranet doowntown LA completely down?

    It's been over 45 minutes since we broke down and we did not hear anything new on the ticket. I called after opening the ticket and he peeked and realized that everything on the floor was down. Does anyone else live the same thing? Feel very disappointed right now!

  2. I just thought I would update. Everything seems to be restored now … Let's move on to all the post-mortem for my clients.

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Check if the 2D collider is completely inside / outside another 2D collider?

How can I check if a 2D collider (circle, capsule, polygon, etc.) is completely inside / outside of another 2D collider (circle, capsule, polygon, etc. .)?

Medium format film completely missing the bottom of the composition

I am new to the world of film and I shoot in medium format on a ETRS Bronica Zenza and I just got my first feedback from the developers. Each frame is missing the bottom of the composition, it was simply cut. On one of the frames, he has the bottom of the previous picture. Can any one help me? Thank you.

uk – 2 completely different signatures on my passporr

A few months ago, I went to the bank and thry m asked to write another signature because the mime was too far and I wrote it in a completely different way because j & rsquo I changed my signature into something simpler, I guess I'll be on vacation in two weeks. Some people have told me not to hear about it, but some people tell me not to listen to the passport office, because the border control has the sole purpose that the photo is perfect and that they will ask some questions. I am worried about being denied at the airport but I do not want to waste money that I do not have. I have just turned 18, may they see it as a common misconception

Block someone completely on the Huawei P20 Pro

enter the description of the image here
Can any one tell me how to totally block a number so that I do not see their messages or calls in the blocked communications section of the phone manager. I have disabled the notifications but I just want it to be completely blocked.

samsung – How to get data from a completely dead Android phone?

The phone worked perfectly. Then one day completely dead, nothing at all. It may be that "a day" has passed for some time, I do not remember anymore.

Model: Samsung Galaxy S3 Android AT & T (SKU S9255 for SGH-i747)

Already tried;

  • Phone charging: no visual output at all, no leds
  • Remove the battery during charging: no visual output, no leds
  • Removing the SIM and SD card: no visual output, no leds
  • Attempt to turn on: no visual output at all, no leds

I need to get the family picture of this phone (stored in the internal memory). I care less about the material / the phone itself.

Thank you for any help you can offer!

locked – How can I access my oneplus 3 (root) with a completely broken screen?

So, as the title indicates, I have a rooted oneplus 3 and I can not use the touch and I can not see the screen, I tried vyzor, that does not not working, I tried to buy an otg adapter with an HDMI port and a USB port, did not work either, I tried to use it. transfer option on the new phone AND access to my files on the computer, does not work. Now, I am quite sure that all this is because I have to activate mtp but I do not know how. I know that when I start my (faulty) phone, it displays the menu (which you do not remember the name) with which you can navigate with the volume and power buttons. I think it's my only hope, other or combined with adb orders. Please help me lmao

Datatables – Completely remove a migration (with your class) in Laravel. Delete table

I have a problem when creating tables again, he tells me that the class already exists.

My problem from the beginning was that I created the messy tables just like the list.

  • Table languages
  • Table experiences
  • User table

When I had to create them in that order.

  • User table
  • Table languages
  • Table experiences

Indeed, the tables below (Languages ​​and Experiments) have a foreign key that depends on the Users table.

Then I decided to create them again, delete them "manually", just delete the files, and when you try to run the command again

Hand-made php: migration create_user_table

I get the error that the class already exists.

InvalidArgumentException: A CreateUsuariosTable class already exists.

protected function verifyMigrationDoesntAlreadyExist ($ name)
if (class_exists ($ className = $ this-> getClassName ($ name))) {
throws new InvalidArgumentException ("A class {$ className} already exists.");

I was looking in the forum and found that it can be used

Schema :: dropIfExists (& # 39;) & # 39;);

Schema :: drop (& # 39; languages);

but it does not work for me or I apply it badly.

I hope you can help me with that, thank you.

Why does my TRY CATCH block in SQL Server that quits immediately after an error completely ignore the code remaining in the block, including my error handling?

Below an excerpt from my TRY / ATTACH logic within a stored procedure with error handling (I did not include all the TO DECLARE statements). This is executed in a stored procedure, however I simply test it in a session via SSMS (would this affect the behavior?). I stumbled on this thread, but must I do everything in my power to capture errors?

DECLARE @sql varchar (1000);
SET @sql = select 1/0 & # 39 ;;
EXEC (@sql);
- In case of error, the remaining TRY / CATCH number below is completely ignored, which I discovered.
DECLARE @error int;
SET @error = @@ error;
SI @ error> 0
SET @raisemessage = SQL backup error: & # 39; + cast (@rc as varchar (10));
RAISERROR (@raisemessage, 16,1);

SET @errormessage = ERROR_MESSAGE ();
IF @errormessage is null
SET @errormessage = & # 39;
SET @errorstring = @errorstring + & # 39; Database: & # 39; + @name + & # 39; Error: & # 39; + @errormessage + char (10) + char (10);

Can any one explain the shortcomings of this TRY / CATCH block? Does not it work in T-SQL?

one shot – I'm completely new to Tales from the Floating Vagabond, how do I get started?

One of my tables decided that it was time to go to a test. We have written a list of systems that look interesting, but we have not played, and I have to roll.

The dice decided it was going to be Tales of the floating vagabond.

I've met the name of this game in a few situations and I know that there are versions with typos and grammatical errors that lead to unbalanced player characters and similar problems.

I am completely new to Tales of the floating vagabond, how can I start?

What material should I avoid to circumvent these problems, what information is needed to help me understand, and then to teach the system in a relatively short period of two weeks?

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