javascript – widens the range of compressed strings –

Let's say you have two strings: – exp-> aaccbb comp-> aa2bb
The example above will return true because there are 2 characters between aa and bb.
I wrote the code snippet. I was just wondering if there was a better way to solve this problem and I was missing a particular case.

Tracking -> each side can have compressions or both at the same time.

const isNumber = (ch)=>{
  return Number(ch) == ch

const isExp = (exp, comp)=>{
  let i=j=0;


command line – Where to get libcurl for Windows with the option –compressed enabled?

So, I copy curl commands from development tools to Firefox and they often include the –compressed flag and even if its removal often makes the command execution successful, my goal is to be able to execute commands with this indicator.

Right now, that's what I get using this flag:

curl: option --compressed: the installed libcurl version doesn't support this

Is there a compiled version for Windows that supports this tag? I have tried several versions available but without success.

Is there an algorithm to compress an array of strings represented as pointers into a long string of pointers with a compressed version of the long string?

In a program I write, I represent an array of long string strings, and pointers point to different substrings to present my array. For example.

str_array = struc string_array
   long_str = "abcdefab"
   pointer_array = ((start = 0, len = 3), (start = 3, len = 3), (start = 6, len=2))

So str_array = ("abc", "def", "ab"), but notice that I can actually compress the long string by removing "ab" at the end. For example.

str_array2 = struc string_array
   long_str = "abcdef"
   pointer_array = ((start = 0, len = 3), (start = 3, len = 3), (start = 0, len=2))

and note that str_array2 is also ("abc", "def", "ab") === str_array.

What is this type of compression called in computing? I suppose there is already literature on this type of algorithms?

sony – How can I convert uncompressed raw files to compressed files?

I still shoot raw (Sony .arw) with my A7RII, but after a year, a lot of disk space is allocated.

One uncompressed file uses approx. 80 MB, so I decided to use the compressed format because there does not seem to be any big inconvenience.

Is there software that can perform batch conversions from uncompressed to compressed format?

plugin – Unreal: Where should I put a DLL to be copied when it is compressed or compressed?

I am currently using the FPaths::ProjectPluginsDir() directory to store a custom DLL for Unreal. However, when I build or compress the project, I have to manually create a Plugins folder and copy the DLL in this file.

Is there another folder that would be a better directory to store my plugin in order to have my DLL copied automatically when it is compressed or compressed?

usability – Propose a compressed file of about 1.2 GB to download, should we split it into smaller parts?

I think you should split the file into smaller parts, but not necessarily by file type but by the way the user consumes them.

Let's say your file contains documentation and multimedia files for Java. The PDF, video, images and code files all represent up to 1.2 GB. You may want to provide them as:

  • Contents
  • Java Core
  • Advanced Java
  • Java books
  • Java tutorial series
  • Download all – 20 minutes to download based on a 1 Mbps connection

All items must be downloadable individually, but the user must be able to download it as a package.

Javascript library or code to convert a bitcoin private key "uncompressed" into a compressed key

I created a very old brain wallet generator: – It is currently generating uncompressed bitcoin private keys. Is there a javascript library that can convert an uncompressed bitcoin private key into a compressed key? Or what are the fundamental knowledge required to know how to compress a Bitcoin private key?

algorithms – Can the data be compressed using this hash function technique?

I would like to know if this data compression scheme would work or not, and why:

Suppose we have a file. If we treat the bits that make up the file as the binary representation of a number n, we have n (of course, if the first bit is zero, we return each bit so that n is unique). We now have the number n and a boolean that tells us whether to return all bits of the binary representation of n or not.

My idea was to approximate n down (for example, find a relatively large number high to a relatively large power, such as 17 ^ 6038), then start computing arbitrary hashes for all numbers from this approximation of n to real number, counting the number of collisions. When we finally get to n, we have "collision state" hashes, then we produce the compressed file, which basically contains information on how to get the approximation of n (by example 17 ^ 6038) and on "collision state". for n (note that this "collision state" must also occupy very few bits, so I'm not sure this is possible).

The decompression procedure would do a very similar process; it gets closer to n (for example, compute n as 17 ^ 6038) and then starts chopping (ie applying a function and checking the result) each number (we could also check every 5 digits or one another divisor of n – ~ n) until the "collision state" is the same as that specified in the compressed file. Once we match everything, we have n. Then, it would be enough to reverse or not each bit (as specified in the compressed file) and generate it in a file.

Could it work? The only problem I can think of is (besides the time required for treatment), the number of collisions is extremely important.

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Is compressed air effective for cleaning a MacBook 2018 Pro keyboard that displays repetitive keystrokes?

My 2018 15 "MacBook Pro Retina is starting to display the dreaded keyboard flaws.Further precisely, the" A "key has begun to register double taps on the keys.Initially, this has been very rare, but it seems to be getting worse. that in the last minutes, about 5-10% of the time, a repeat key press happens.

Although I could take the computer to an authorized repair shop because it is still under warranty (and I bought AppleCare), I know that the run time is quite long, which is the only computer I can reasonably use without severely disrupting my workflow. In addition, there is no Apple Store within 500 km of my location. As a result, I started looking for DIY solutions.

I found this support document on the Apple website recommends the use of compressed air as a possible solution to the issue. I have an oil free air compressor that I could use to apply compressed air to the keyboard.

However, I am a little afraid to do it. Although this is a recommended Apple procedure, I can not help but think it's an aggressive procedure applied to a very tricky mechanism. In particular, I am concerned that my source of compressed air may have a low rate of dust contamination which can actually make the problem worse. Has anyone actually used this procedure on a MacBook Pro 2018 keyboard, with the new silicone membrane, to see if this recommendation is really effective? I have the intention to postpone until I see a report of success.