macbook pro – MBP 2012 No battery available, your computer is not connected to a power source

I have an MBP2012 with a faulty battery. The battery displays about 3 V on my multimeter on the but the port is still 12 V at the correct pin points. So the battery is dead – I'm fine, I can replace it. The Apple Diagnostics startup doesn't tell me something is wrong.

I have reset nvram and smc several times.

I installed Mac OS 10.11.6 clean. The installer (and all software update screens) all think I am not connected to a power source.

enter description of image here

after installing macos, i took screenshots of the battery menu and system summary.

Macos thinks I'm using the battery which he recognizes is not there.

enter description of image here

but the battery appears under the system report …

enter description of image here

Is this behavior normal for a Mac with a failing battery or does it suggest a problem further down the machine? I would replace the battery if this would solve the problem.

Network – How can I safely connect a potentially infected computer to my home Internet?

It can infect via SMB shares or spoofed packets or it can infect the router itself (botnet). It all depends on the type of malware running on the infected laptop. The bare minimum you can do is: turn on all devices (I assume Windows) from the private network to the public network, turn off sharing, turn on the firewall, turn on UAC.

For the router – if possible, create an isolated client or guest wifi. If it has ACL, try to activate it and create an entry to filter the connection between devices. Upgrade to the latest firmware.

However, the best solution – clean the infected laptop.

algorithms – What are the problems faced by a university / college that can be solved in the form of computer software development?

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Kirchoff's Spanning Tree algorithm – Exchange of computer stack

Recently i studied $ Kirchhoff & # 39; s $ $ covering $ $ tree $ $ algorithm $, which includes the following steps ->

  • Build an adjacency matrix

  • Replace the diagonals with their respective degrees

  • Replace all others except the one included in the
    diagonal by $ -1 $

  • Then find $ minor $ of one of the elements to get your years

These steps seem magic to me. can anyone explain how kirchhoff derived this to get the minimum number of spanning tree, i want to know the logic behind how this algorithm works, but all i can find on youtube is only the above steps.

Conditions of the main theorem – Computer Science Stack Exchange

I read somewhere that for the master theorem to work, the value of a must be a constant and that f (n) cannot be negative. However, I do not understand why these conditions must be met.

Could someone help me understand by maybe giving simple proof?

algorithms – Erasing image / video – Computer Stack Exchange

I am currently working on an algorithm that will help improve shaky blurred images. I know there are many, like deconvolution, which is quite useful even if I don't really know how to "cook" such things.

My current objective is to restore the shaken trajectory and then make a sort of blur. (blind deconvolution)

Which algorithms are considered the best in this area? What standard implementations exist?

web server – Does a library have to be present on the computer / server to run the code based on that?

Suppose that a programmer in a technology company codes software in a particular programming language and uses a library of it. So, if this code is also deployed on a server, should this server have this library in its system?

I guess the answer is yes. If that is the answer, then the web hosting company (the one that hosts the programmer's company) wouldn't it be in an awkward position because it hosts many sites and even with one company, many libraries used?

So, would they download (maybe even manually) each library / module that their client uses?

How could they handle this?

network – Ethernet disconnects frequently and intermittently for a specific computer AND a specific wall outlet

I have a very specific problem involving a specific desktop computer and a specific Ethernet wall outlet. I have already tried several different approaches to solve the problem, so please read this post carefully while I describe them.

I have a desktop computer (specifications at the end of this post) connected to an Ethernet wall outlet in my condo. A few days ago, I noticed that the Internet would be periodically cut for a short time. This was first perceived as a loss of video quality during streaming, but is also manifested by longer initial connection times when the computer is turned on for the first time, periodic changes to the computer. 39 network status icon and disconnection from online games.

Of course, my first approach was to try to switch the Ethernet cable with another. This did not solve the problem.

Then I made sure that all of my device's WiFi connections, such as those on my mobile devices, were working properly. There is no problem with WiFi.

Next, I tried to connect my work laptop to the same outlet as the one used by the desktop computer. I have disabled WiFi connectivity to the laptop to prevent it from toggling if the signal is lost. However, there was no problem with using the laptop in the same socket as the desktop machine.

I have a second wall outlet in my home office, so I tried to take the factory desk out there and plug it into that outlet. Here's where it gets interesting. The office machine had no problems from this outlet. In fact, I have been able to play online games for a long time without interruption. Admittedly, the monitor in my home office is not HD, so the download bandwidth requirements may have been reduced. However, they would still have been important, and when they were plugged into the first outlet, I still encountered problems, even when no user program was active.

I tried to leave the laptop running on the first take and the desktop running on the second take, to see if the Observer 39 events Windows detected disconnects, but none were received on any of the machines.

Finally, in case there is a fluctuation in power, I have tried plugging the laptop into the first outlet and running the power from the same bar power supply than the desktop computer, with the machined desktop and its peripherals (speakers, external sound) amplifier, monitor) all operating at the same time. However, the Event Viewer did not detect any connectivity issues with the laptop using the first outlet, nor switched to battery power.

To sum up, this problem ONLY occurs with the desktop computer, and ONLY occurs with this one specific take.

That puts me in something of a Catch-22. I can't bring the office to the store (it's still under warranty) and say something is wrong with the Ethernet card, as they will notice that it works well in another outlet. I cannot phone my ISP as they will indicate that WiFi is working, as well as the first take with a laptop and the second take with both computers. I cannot ask my building to look at it as they will notice that the socket works well with the laptop.

Any suggestion would be appreciated. Specifications follow.

Desktop computer

Aeon 1080 Gaming Tower, Intel Core i7-7700 3.6 GHz quad-core, 8 GB DDR4, 1240 GB SSD and 1 1 TB HDD, RealTek PCIe GbE Family Controller, Windows 10 Home 64 Bit


Lenovo ThinkPad, Intel Core i5-8250U 1.60 GHz, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, RealTek PCIe GbE controller, Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

Does anyone play mobile pubg on computer? Help me, please. | Forum promotion

Hello guys,
I recently bought a new 3rd generation i7 computer and I play on pubg mobile with tencent gaming buddy. I can't play a good quality game and it drags on too much. I don't think it's my computer's fault since I think it's a decent processor. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Please help.

machine learning – Can anyone think of the applications of a 3-way dot product in computer science (or k-way in general)

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