7 – Configuration of the private file directory (nginx)


I am trying to configure a private file directory for Drupal on a LEMP stack (Ubuntu 12.04, nginx, MySQL, PHP), I was not 100% sure of the permissions or configuration, so I & # 39; 39 thought to ask, how should you proceed?

Until there

It must be a folder writable by the web server but not accessible from the web.


Location: drupal_root / privatefiles

Authorization: chgrp 775 www-data privatefiles

Nginx configuration: (enters /etc/nginx/sites-available/mysite):

server {
         listen 8080;
           root /srv/www/mysite/public;

           location ^~ /privatefiles {


Would that be enough? It recommends on the official page to have the folder outside of the Drupal root. What difference would it make?

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Thank you.

factory reset – How to bypass Google's configuration wizard after accessing root and root explorer?

I reset my old Lava P7 smartphone and the Google Configuration Assistant stuck while checking the connection. At that time, the battery percentage was less than 20% and my phone gave me options to start the power saving mode or super energy saving. I chose a super energy saver and from there I had access to some apps. Currently, I have root access and an es file explorer. But the setup wizard appears again by pressing the home button. Can I skip the setup wizard by modifying some files in the root? Someone, please help me solve this problem.

This is the screenshot of the super energy saving mode where I had access to some apps.This is the screenshot of the super energy saving mode where I had access to some apps.

magento2 – I created a data fix, configuration: the upgrade never ends

I created a data fix after running the installation: the upgrade does the job but never completes the installation upgrade command.

View post on imgur.com

View post on imgur.com

the Data patch itself looks like this

setAreaCode('frontend') ;
        $this->searchCriteriaBuilder = $searchCriteriaBuilder;
        $this->_productRepositoryInterface = $productRepositoryInterface;
        $this->attributeRepository = $attributeRepository;
        $this->collectionFactory = $collectionFactory;

     * @inheritDoc
    public static function getDependencies()
        return ();

     * @inheritDoc
    public function getAliases()
        return ();
    public function apply()
          //$searchCriteria = $this->searchCriteriaBuilder->addFilter('manufacturer','LG')->create();

        $productcollection = $this->collectionFactory->create()->addAttributeToSelect('manufacturer','LG')->load();
        foreach ($productcollection as $product) {
            try {
            } catch (StateException $e) {



I tried to use return after the end of foreach but nothing happened.

SQL Server 2014 configuration stuck on feature selection

I think this problem is due to the Windows 10 bug due to which we can't click anywhere and this forum should suit him. I am installing SQL Server 2014 on my other PC which has few specifications as follows;

  • 4 GB RAM
  • 0.8 to 0.1 GHz Core M processor
  • 128 GB SSD (3 GB remaining)

While I am installing the SQL 2014 server, it takes too long to load the configuration first. When it loads the configuration, it gives Error 0x8024402 on updating the product;

<img src = "https://i.stack.imgur.com/2ypQn.png" alt = "Error 0x8024402 on product update”/>

But I can still click next and ignore this error. After installing the installation files and installation rules, I can't click anywhere on the window while selecting features, which is the main problem;

Feature selection

Is this problem due to;

  • I ignored Error 0x8024402
  • My PC specifications are low
  • A bug in the configuration of SQL Server 2014

How can I overcome the problem due to which I cannot click anywhere on the window while selecting features? Can I use SQL Server 2012 with Visual Studio 2017? I think there will not be such a problem in SQL Server 2012.

HELP with RAID configuration


I hired a new OVH server with 3 hard drives, and I want to use this layout:

– 2 disks in RAID 1
– 1 disk without RAID for ba … | Read the rest of https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1802553&goto=newpost

bash – How to organize overlapping configuration files and folders in the home directory and beyond!

These tools await their .foorc file where to reside ~ so there is no easy way to "better" organize this (besides not using the -a of ls so you don't always see them :-)) unless you want to compile everything from a modified source (appropriately).

Some tools use an environment variable to read their configuration from a custom location. This is tool specific however, you should check the man page to see if this is an option.

Some people use git or similar tools for easily sharing configurations between systems (and also as a way to access older versions), see (among a ton of other sources) these links.

PS: This is a fairly broad answer to a broad question. If you want specific advice for a specific tool, please ask a new question with the relevant details

ipsec – Creation / configuration of a dry IP tunnel

I hope it is not too difficult to get help, but it is gone.

I am trying to create a dry IP tunnel that connects two devices (VM – Linux Centos). Now, I mistakenly thought that Dry IP Tunnel meant VPN .. so I used openVPN (Application and Protocol) and I managed to get it to work properly.

The only problem is that I have been told that this is completely wrong as these are two different things. VPNs are one thing and IP Sec tunnels are another.

My first question would be … what's the difference? I guess the encryption is different but I don't know what else.

The second (and more important at least for me) … is there a step by step guide for how to make one? – tunnel vs transport I would take the tunnel but at this stage, any step by step guide would be useful. Also, as it should be done on virtual machines (one host is a static IP address and others can change) … having a Cisco router guide or something like that would not help.

My biggest confusion was that when I typed create dry ip tunnels on let's say youtube / google, I get guides for VPNs and its errors.

By step-by-step guide, I mean:

sudo yum installer Xyz or sudo apt-get installer Xyz
– insert more linux commands here etc …–

Thank you all for your help!

Help me choose a semi-dedicated hosting for a busy wordpress blog + configuration of the xenforo forum


After 5 years with my current host, it is unfortunately time to separate.

As my Xenforo forum grows, it takes more and more resources, … | Read the rest of https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1802322&goto=newpost

settings – Portable input device, best practices for configuration

We are working on a mobile 3D scanning device. The device is a small portable device, about the size of a GoPro camera. The device does not have a display or other controls. The idea is that the user connects the device to a computer / smartphone, configures the desired settings, and then bypasses the object with the scanner pointed at the object.

Technically, we have both Bluetooth and WiFi interfaces available on the device. What are the best practices / examples for the process of connecting the computer / smartphone with the device?

So far, our ideas are:

  • Add a button to the device to put it in "Bluetooth pairing mode", the user pair the device using the Bluetooth menu on the computer, then download and run our application for configuration. All subsequent communications take place via Bluetooth. (Like most Bluetooth headsets)

  • Upon startup, the device exposes a WiFi network, the user connects to that network and then opens a website in the browser. The website is served by the device and directly allows configuration. (Like some printers)

  • The user downloads our app, which then tries to establish a direct Wi-Fi connection (not too familiar with this technology) with the device. (I don't know if something like this is used)

  • The user downloads our app, which prompts the user to plug in the device with a cable. Once plugged in, we automatically configure Bluetooth connectivity or allow the user to configure their home Wi-Fi credentials for the device. (Apple's magic keyboard does)

I would welcome any advice on this.