How to configure the SharePoint Sign in from the Microsoft Project

I’ve 2 farms (Staging and Production) for the same web application,

When I try to login to the Staging from Microsoft Project, I can see the default Login component
enter image description here

But when I try to login to the Production from the same Microsoft Project, I get this Windows Security prompt
enter image description here

Can anyone please tell me what’s the difference and how to get the Default Login component on Production as on Staging ?

How can I configure ProtonMail in SMTP?

On Drupal 8 I have the module:

I have subscribed to a professional account at ProtonMail with the “Domain name” option. How to configure ProtonMail in SMTP with Drupal?

Has anyone ever done this.

reporting – Is it possible to configure SMTP relay on SSRS 2012 RTM?

I am trying to configure SSRS 2012 RTM to work with user and password to a remote SMTP server.
In 2016 its working just fine but for some reason on 2012 it doesn’t- when i add the SMTP configuration below and then i try to create an SSRS subscription it will not allow sending subscriptions that are not file share subscriptions.
IS this feature supported in 2012? (SMTPAuthenticate= 1)

configuration file SMTP setup:
enter image description here

I also checked the error logs and could not find an error.
Thanks In advance

How to configure same report server referring to 2 different databases?

I have the SSRS configured in a web server(report1). Earlier it was pointing to a single database called db1. Now I have set-up a new database server db2. I want the report1 pointing to both db1 and the db2. Is this possible? Can you please share your thoughts on how to configure two databases to the same report server? Thank you for your time and suggestions!

bitcoin core – How to configure bitcore with btc & bch nodes?

I’ve been looking for a library to directly get balances for specified btc & bch addresses and I found bitcore doing this job. Here are my questions:

1- Is it possible to use bitcore without need to become full node on btc&bch networks?

2- What is rpc and trustedpeers and how to define host, port and username password for them in bitcore.config.json in mainnet networks? because there is test config for test networks by default.

3- I found eth and xrp networks available in test config, so I think they main networks are also supported in bitcore. So is it possible to use bitcore for making transaction and broadcasting them in those networks too?

google – How to configure the usual function and formatting of "Sorting range"?

I have configured a Google Sheets template to enter data in multiple columns and rows, per individual project. I have also created another "importrange" template from Google Sheets, which is used to reproduce a subset of my data entry sheets in a separate "importrange" sheet – so that I can share it with others. 39; others.

I'm using the "Sort Range" function in my main data entry worksheet to carefully organize my data in the "importrange" sheet, based on three column values ​​(for example, Column A -> Agency (sort A – Z), Column B -> Sub-agency (sort A – Z), column C -> Date (sort Z – A)).

I wonder how I can do the following:

-Set up a sort of "Sorting range" function that works regularly in my data entry worksheet. (Ideally, I would apply the same "Sort Range" function to my model file.) seems as if i were to configure and run "Sort Range" each time I enter new data into my main data entry worksheet so that it appears in my "import range" worksheet ".

-If possible, create a line, or some sort of definition, between each new value entered in one of my columns. More specifically, I would like there to be some sort of space / definition between each new sub-agency, which are values ​​that I enter in column B of my spreadsheet .

-Make sure that the formatting of the text contained in one of my cells in my data entry worksheet can be transferred to my "importrange" sheet.

-Less urgent … Assign a font format / background color for the values ​​in two columns which can be applied to the main worksheet – or at least my "importrange" sheet.

Configure network MTU in Openstack with Heat

Is it possible to configure the mtu of a network while creating it with a heat model in Openstack?

I can configure the MTU via the CLI openstack network --mtu

I see a reference to mtu in the heat guide, but it doesn't seem to allow setting the value.

How to configure two or more discount promotions in a price basket rule in Magento 2?

I want to set up several promotions each with the same promo code
I wonder if this is possible on magento 2?

Or is there a script to apply this type of functionality?

How do I configure the Ola Hallengren IndexOptimize script to run on a subset of tables

I'm using the Ola Hallengren IndexOptimize script against a 7TB SQL 2016 database, with more than 300,000 tables. I only have a 6 hour window each night to manage the indexes. I use the timelimit parameter to stop work after 6 hours.

The problem is that, every night, index work begins at the start of indexes in alphabetical order and only goes through the same 4,000 tables.

What can I do to make the index job cover all the indexes in the database? Maybe by creating multiple jobs, one for each night of the week that make up a subset of the index? Or is there a way to get back to work the next day where it left off before?

All tables are in the same database schema. This is a supplier supplied database, I cannot make any changes to the database schema.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

My current work steps are as follows:

EXECUTE [dbo]. [IndexOptimize]
@Databases = & # 39; USER_DATABASES & # 39 ;,
@FragmentationLow = NULL,
@FragmentationHigh = & # 39; INDEX_REBUILD_ONLINE, INDEX_REBUILD_OFFLINE & # 39;
@ FragmentationLevel1 = 10,
@ FragmentationLevel2 = 40,
@UpdateStatistics = & # 39; ALL & # 39 ;,
@OnlyModifiedStatistics = & # 39; Y & # 39 ;,
@PartitionLevel = & # 39; N & # 39 ;,
@MaxDOP = 0,
@SortInTempdb = & # 39; Y & # 39 ;,
@TimeLimit = 21600,
@LogToTable = & # 39; Y & # 39;

c ++ – How to configure node data for the Pathfinding algorithm in a 2D platform game?

I have done a lot of research on the A * pathfinding algorithm and I am trying to integrate it into my program. This is not a game that I have created so I have no control over the frames. However, I am reading the necessary information from memory and I think I can create waypoints based on coordinates based on the physics of the game. Currently, I grab all the platforms that are within walking distance and stores them in their own doubly linked node according to their connection with their vertices. However, I don't know where to go from here. What other information should I store inside these nodes and how should I be connected from one list of nodes to another?

struct Platforms{
    LONG x1;
    LONG y1;
    LONG x2;
    LONG y2;
    struct Platforms *prev;
    struct Platforms *next;
void GetPlatforms(){
    int platformCount = (int)ReadPointer(CWvsPhysicalSpace2DBase,OFS_PlatformCount);
    LONG rightWall = ReadPointerSigned(CWvsPhysicalSpace2DBase, OFS_RightWall);
    LONG leftWall = ReadPointerSigned(CWvsPhysicalSpace2DBase, OFS_LeftWall);
    LONG downWall = ReadPointerSigned(CWvsPhysicalSpace2DBase, OFS_DownWall);
    LONG upWall = ReadPointerSigned(CWvsPhysicalSpace2DBase, OFS_UpWall);
    //add_log("Platform Count: %d", platformCount);
    for(int i=0; i 0){ //Make sure the platform is traversable
            //add_log("nnPlatform: %d X1: %d Y1: %d X2: %d Y2: %d", i+1, x1, y1, x2, y2);
            if(P.size() > 0){
                bool newHead = true;
                for(std::vector::size_type i = 0; i != P.size(); i++) {
                    Platforms *curr = P(i);
                    while(curr != NULL){
                        if(curr->x1 == x2 && curr->y1 == y2){//curr->y1 - y2 > -50 && curr->y1 - y2 < 50){ //To account for slope
                            insert_front(&curr, x1, x2, y1, y2);
                            newHead = false;
                            //add_log("front segment found: X1: %d Y1: %d X2: %d Y2: %d", curr->x1, curr->y1, curr->x2, curr->y2);
                        } else if(curr->x2 == x1 && curr->y2 == y1){
                            insert_After(curr, x1, x2, y1, y2);
                            newHead = false;
                            //add_log("connected segment found: X1: %d Y1: %d X2: %d Y2: %d", curr->x1, curr->y1, curr->x2, curr->y2);
                        curr = curr->next;
                if(newHead == true){
                    struct Platforms* head = NULL;
                    insert_end(&head, x1, x2, y1, y2);
                struct Platforms* head = NULL;
                insert_end(&head, x1, x2, y1, y2);