Disable confirmation emails in Thunderbird Lightning Calendar

How do I make Thunderbird Lightning Calendar stop sending confirmation emails?

There is a closed bug report on Bugzilla, but I cannot find an option to disable confirmation emails.

Webform Wizard Confirmation Page – Drupal Answers

I have built a webform 4 page quiz and am using a Wizard pages. The last page of the quiz shows their computed results. I want to use that last page as the confirmation page. So when the user clicks next on the page before the last page, it submits their quiz and displays the results. How can I make the webform to submit using the last page of the quiz instead of sending the user to a confirmation page?

Used incorrect email address setting up Facebook Business Page so I can’t access the confirmation email

We are a start-up and my business partner’s son-in-law set up the domain for us and Google workspace and we thought he also set up a domain email address hello@xxxxxx.com. Unfortunately, he hadn’t, which means we have now found out means that it doesn’t exist.

Not knowing this, while setting up the Facebook Business Page, I used hello@xxxxx.com as the business email address, so the confirmation email from Facebook has been sent to a non-existent email.

I just tried to set up again and put in the our Gmail address, but it said “Unable to Create Account
You are trying to create a business page with the same name as one you are already a part of. Please pick a different name.”

Does anyone know

  • if the confirmation email will expire
  • how to correct my mistake.

interaction design – ‘Add to Favorites’ state change immediately or wait for backend confirmation?

Optimistic updates can go wrong too, what if the network request takes time, and use closes the browser or leaves the site and thinks the interaction was successful because of the visual feedback he received?
In my opinion the best practice, for important interactions, is to use some transition that gives feedback on click, but does not hide the pending state in case it takes more than a second or two.
For low-importance interactions, like rating something or clicking ‘like’, the impact of errors is smaller, so optimistic updates are more ok.

How can i insert custom tracking url in Order confirmation Email Template?

I want to insert my custom tracking url in Order Confirmation email and url is
i put code like this

Track you Order here:Vitalticks Order Tracking Page

But it is not redirecting to the custom url.
Please help me to solve this issue.

How to display Product Name in the subject of the Email(Order Confirmation Email)?

I want to display product name in the subject of the Order confirmation email.
I want to display like this
Your Order for LooMantha Refrigerator… has been successfully placed

Android 8 confirmation before restart

Is it possible to configure Android 8 to ask for confirmation before powerdown/restart? Is that option manufacturer dependant?

8 – Continue to show the preview page after submission adding the confirmation message

The preview page showing submitted values (rather than the empty form) is the ideal thing to show the confirmation message (and to adapt to better summarize what was submitted, as we have already done for the preview page).

Unfortunately, “Inline (reloads the current page and replaces the webform with the confirmation message)” and “Message (reloads the current page/form and displays the confirmation message at the top of the page)” both seem to reload to show the empty form, not the preview page.

Is there a way to change this, and show the preview page?

This is similar to the question show the preview page on confirmation instead, but this is for Drupal 8. And if redirecting to submission results were recommended, i’d expect that as a pre-set option.

magento2 – Magento 2. How to send confirmation email for two emails at once?

How to programmatically send an order confirmation email for two customer email addresses at once?

I created additional customer attribute for “contact email” field and need send confirmation to contact email and customer account email. How to it?

And I created Observer for sales_order_place_before event and wrote next code. But it’s send only for contact email/customer account email. I need to send confirmation email to two emails at once.

    public function execute(Observer $observer)
    $order = $observer->getEvent()->getOrder();
    $postParams = $this->request->getParams();
    $orderAccount = $postParams('order')('account');
    $contactEmail = $orderAccount('id_contact_email');

    if ($contactEmail) {

where is transaction confirmation number in bitcoin source?

I have try to check in bitcoin source code.

i want to see confirmation number code but i have not found.

where is transaction transaction confirmation number in bitcoin source ? how to update it ?

Thanks you