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I hope you all are safe and healthy. My husband is coming to the United States for the first time on a CR1 visa. I want to ask, there’s a flight coming from pk to London. From London can he take a plane to the United States? Does he need a transit visa? The airport closes at 8:00 p.m. I think his flight is going to arrive around 6 pm, so he’d have to spend the night at the hotel and take a flight to the United States the next day. Does he need a transit visa? Where should we receive that from? Is COVID-19 affecting this? If someone can reply that will be great!

thank you guys!

python – Last thing that I have to do in grok but I am confused

Can you raed tihs stencence? Apparently, the human brain can read misspelt words fairly easily as long as two things are true — the misspelling is an anagram of the correct spelling, and the first and last letters of the word are still the same.
Two words are anagrams of each other if they contain the same letters in them. So left is an anagram of felt and vice-versa. A Super Anagram is a special kind of anagram. A Super Anagram is an anagram whose first and last letters are the same.

Your program needs to read in two words on a single line. If the pair of words are Super Anagrams of each other, print out Super Anagram!. If the pair of words is not a Super Anagram (so a human couldn’t read it), then print out Huh?. For one-letter words, the first letter is the last letter.

Current Code:

words = input('Enter words: ')
words = words.split()
word1 = words(0)
letters1 = list(word1)
word2 = words(1)
letters2 = list(word2)

if letters1 == letters2:
  if word1(0) == word2(0) and word1(-1) == word2(-1):
  print('Super Anagram!')

dnd 5e – What do you think of the elements 1 / session? Or help me find a better way to solve this problem. I am confused

I wanted to give my players a homebrew element, but I'm having a hard time balancing it around the limitations in the game / in the universe. Normally, it's like 1 / day, 1 / meeting, etc.

I was thinking of doing 1 / session (once per d & d session). Is it too meta?

For details, this article is a tome of knowledge which will allow them to ask a certain number of questions (I think 2) by (a certain period of time). The books know everything its former owners knew. I am doing this so that my players have a play mechanism to help them find the items they need to eliminate the BBEG.

Alternatively, if you have a suggestion on how my players can find the & # 39; x old artifacts & # 39; which, according to legend, are necessary to kill the BBEG which would also function. I'm trying to get them to find something to help them find the artifacts without someone in the game just telling them where they are all or just wandering the objects around at random (the two don't seem to not satisfactory).

So confused what to get for scalable WordPress

I am currently overloaded with so many options, maybe you can help.

I'm looking for a server that can grow from the minimum bare minimum (5k visits per month) to around 250k / 1 million views per month.

My site is seasonal and I don't want to pay the big price when I have no traffic.

I found some options but here are some requirements

– Fully managed
– SSL support
– Servers optimized for WordPress (which I am not even sure, but WordPress hosts keep saying how well their servers are configured to manage wp)
– The possibility of going from $ 25 / month to $ 200 + without much hassle, migration or technical support.
– Ideally assist and manage load balancing

I'm thinking of places like Jelastic or interserver but fully managed. Just drag something, boost the processor for the month, and then bring it back when my seasonal traffic ends.

Any suggestion?

IT architecture – Really confused about latency with pipelining

I'm done watching a video on pipelining
that I thought was logical.
Latency is the time required to complete each instruction. Even with pipelining, the time it takes to complete an instruction is still the sum of the time it takes for each step, in this case, it is 20ns.

But then, I did a little more study and discovered that the latency is supposed to be the time for the longest step to complete the execution + the "cost" of the pipelining, rather than the amount of time it takes to complete all of the steps?

Is there something missing?

8.1 oreo – Why are the GPS location and Google location services confused?

I'm setting up a new phone for a friend. It is a cheap prepaid phone (Simple mobile TCL A1), so it lacks some features that I am used to, because I am used to custom ROMs. However, I noticed that Android Oreo bundles all of the location services into one high-precision Google sharing location. And then harass you to death until you turn it on and give the mothership that it is serving personal data. Looking around in the location settings, there is only one slider, and if I activate it, the buzz will appear. If I do not agree, the cursor turns off. On other versions of Android, you can turn on localization and leave "high-precision localization" (which is a two-way part of local Wi-Fi networks and Google’s analysis) turned off.

How can I turn off the nagging warning and turn on GPS location?

This user is a previously exclusive iPhone user, and this will be their first experience on Android. I prefer not to have it full of random annoying popups for them to click.

terminology – Confused between exposure and definition of vulnerability

An exposure is not the same as a vulnerability.

A vulnerability is a weakness most of the time in information systems even if it can also be a procedural, social or physical insecurity which can pose a risk.

An exposure is the advertising of confidential information to unauthorized persons: leakage of sensitive information.

When a safeguard or countermeasure is not present or is not sufficient, what is left?

A vulnerability because there is nothing exposed yet but on the other hand you expose yourself or your business to more risks.

Why is my film clear? My processing is good and the camera is advancing and seems to be working properly. I am confused! Help me!

I'm shooting a film with a Nikon SLR. I have already shot thousands of films with other cameras. I made sure (twice) that the film was really advancing. I checked the mirror mechanism and the film feed reel and the shutter. They all work well. Cooking. My light meter seems to be accurate and working and my chemicals are good. I used them the same day with other movies. My film is clear! only a few tiny light streaks are visible on the film. I have never seen this before. Can anyone help?

java – Am I confused with while loops here? Can you tell what should be the conditions inside the while loop? that is to say ()?

//Find the number of odd, evens, and zeros digits from integers value given from keyboard

import java.util.Scanner;

public static void main (String () args)

integer, countOdds = 0, countEvens = 0, countZeros = 0;
Scanner input = new scanner (;

//Take input from users
System.out.print("Enter a number from 0 to 100 : ");
number = input.nextInt();


do {
    int checkNum = num % 10;
    if(checkNum % 2 == 0) {
    else if(checkNum == 0) {
    else {

    num /= 10;

}while(num >= 0);

System.out.print("Evens are : " + countEvens);

System.out.print("Odds are : " + countOdds);

System.out.print("Zeros are : " + countZeros);

python – I'm confused about how this code works and how sub-algorithms work

I am confused with how this code works and would appreciate any help. Thank you

def max_factor(num):
    """Find the maximum prime factor."""
    factor = 2
    while factor * factor <= num:
        while num % factor == 0:
            num /= factor
        factor += 1
    if (num > 1):
        return num
    return factor

print max_factor(33) #11
print max_factor(38) #19
print max_factor(600851475143) #6857