linux – Routing network packets over PPP connection

I have 2 machines with a PPP connection on serial between them. They are also connected to separate LANs on their Ethernet interfaces. I want to be able to communicate between these two Ethernet networks.

These networks may or may not be in different subnets. All IPs are assigned statically, so no DHCP is involved.

A raw topology is as follows;

                                        eth ppp (tty) eth
network1 <----> box1 <-----> box2 <-----> network2

Can this be achieved with simple ip route orders?

Connection to the unrecognized sector, but the battery does not empty

Just bought a new ACER Predator Helios 500 laptop with an AMD Ryzen processor. Installed on Linux with a recent kernel (4.19), it seems impossible to detect when the power cable is connected to the laptop.

I have read other troubleshooting publications in which the problem only occurs when the cable is connected after booting or not recognized after connection and disconnection, but for me the problem occurs that whether it is started on a cable or not, connected / disconnected, laptop open / closed lid, etc.

The power supply, however, does not seem to be exhausted – that is, it will not go below the number that appears when the laptop is booted – but because it is on battery power, it triggers settings. energy saving (while being connected to electricity source).

I've tried to install different modules such as acpi supportbut that did not help.

Connection to Istanbul – Travel Battery Exchange

Battery Exchange Network

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Access denied to the connection to the exits of the gitlab docker container

I have a docker container running this configuration for the gitlab-ce image:

version: "3"
host name:
image: gitlab / gitlab-this: last
container name: gitlab
restart: always
- 3000: 80
- / opt / gitlab / config: / etc / gitlab
- / opt / gitlab / logs: / var / log / gitlab
- / opt / gitlab / data: / var / opt / gitlab
name: custom_network

When running ps docker, my container is operational and port 80 of the container is mapped to the port of host machine 3000 as expected.

Despite all being run: wget -O- I receive this error message:
The connection to ... failed: connection refused.

It bothers me that I have tried to run the exact same configuration on another PC and it works.

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Application Windows – Trimble Tekla Portal Frame & Connection Designer 2019 Version 19.0.0 | NulledTeam UnderGround

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The Tekla Product Team is pleased to announce the availability of Tekla Portal Frame & Connection Designer (Fastrak) 2019 version 19.0.0. The automated design of steel gantries and steel fittings has become much easier thanks to the integration of this solution with Tekla Structural Designer.

Release Notes for Tekla Portal Frame Designer 19 and Tekla Connection Designer 19:
Fixes and improvements
– A number of minor updates and enhancements have been included in this release.

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About Trimble Tekla Connection Designer. Tekla Connection Designer is the new name of Fastrak Connections. By using the standalone product, you can design instant or simple connections, basic column connections, and hollow section connections. If you use Tekla Structural Designer or Tekla Portal Frame Designer, the base plate and moment connections incorporate a seamless improvement in the design's efficiency.
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Product: Trimble Tekla Portal Frame Frame & Connection Designer (Fastrak)
Version: 2019 version 19.0.0
Supported architectures: x64
Home page of the site:

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raspberry pi – Remote SSH connection to Raspibolt Lightning network node

Regarding your specific configuration, we would need more information to solve the problem, but here are some general network debugging steps I take –

Start at the lowest level

RPIs come with SSH enabled by default the last time I checked; therefore, it is only a step of verification of integrity.

First, make sure that the Raspberry Pi allows SSH connections (you've already said that you've already done so, so be brief) from your local network –

From another machine on the same local network as the RPI

$ curl -v {{put your local IP address rpi here}}}: 22

which indicates if the port is open because you should see something along the lines of * Failed Recv: connection reset by a peer. If the port is not open, the top failure should look like the failed: connection refused.

In the first case, your server replied on the 22nd but did not accept the connection (since it is a loop and not an SSH connection attempt)

If that succeeds, you can of course continue with an SSH attempt to verify that you have access –

$ ssh {{user}} @ {{local ip}}

Exit the network

Since you have been able to do SSH locally (if you have not arrived at this step, it does not matter), the next step is to disconnect from your WiFi or local network and then test the settings of your router / firewall.

You can do this, for example, by connecting the Internet connection of your phone and issuing the same commands as above, replacing the IP address on the local network above with your external IP address. You can get your external IP address by going to Google "What is my IP address".

Finally, repeat the steps above to test first that the port is responding and to verify that the connection is allowed.

As you mentioned before, the main responsible is not the transmission of ports on the router. In addition, you will need to configure your lnd.conf to listen on the externalip as well as instruct the RPC service or the REST service to listen on this external IP address, unless you are using something more advanced, such as a reverse proxy .

customization – WordPress installed in a subdirectory and modified site / home addresses to hide the subdirectory from the URL, but having connection issues

OK, I installed the WordPress kernel in a subdirectory (/ wordpress) located next to my wp-content directory and adjusted the site and base URLs accordingly:

define (& # 39; WP_SITEURL & # 39;; & # 39;; https: // & # 39 ;. $ _SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] . & # 39; / wordpress / & 39;);
define (& # 39; WP_HOME & # 39 ;, & # 39;; https: // & # 39 ;. $ _SERVER['SERVER_NAME'])

It works as expected, the interface of my site is accessible at the address and the backend is accessible at the address -admin /.

Unfortunately, when I browse my site, I am not considered logged in and the admin bar does not appear.

So, if I'm on – no admin bar (moreover, the body class does not reflect being logged in).

However, if I add the WordPress directory,, you get the admin bar (and the body class now says I'm logged in).

How do I configure the site to be able to hide the / wordpress directory but also be connected to the site? Should I set the site and house URLs in the same place and use htaccess rewrite stuff?

[GET][NULLED] – Numbers: Registration and connection to a WordPress Mobile number v6.4.1


[GET][NULLED] – Numbers: Registration and connection to a WordPress Mobile number v6.4.1

[GET][NULLED] – Numbers: Registration and connection to a WordPress Mobile number v6.4.1


[GET][NULLED] – Numbers: Registration and connection to a WordPress Mobile number v6.4.1