mining software – Connection problem on the Slush pool with GUIMiner, I have tried many host addresses to connect, each time the target computer expressly rejects it

I am on Windows 10 with GUIminer, I want to exploit the slush pool but every time I enter each host address, I see that it does not work on the slush pool. I entered the correct connection for my miner and on GUIminer, it says that the target computer has expressly refused it, I also have the Bitcoin core and I have no not finished downloading it, the Bitcoin core and GUIminer are on my external drive, can that make it difficult?

so what is the problem and how i can solve it please. Thank you.

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configuration – nginx config: get no error, but it doesn't work (connection refused)


server {
    server_name localhost;
    listen 8080;
    location / {
        root /tmp/wwwroot;


worker_processes 1;
daemon off;
events {
    worker_connections 1024;
http {
    include mime.types;
    default_type application/octet-stream;
    sendfile on;
    keepalive_timeout 65;
    error_log stderr warn;
    access_log /dev/stdout;
    include /tmp/sites-available/*.conf;

/tmp/mime.types is

/tmp/wwwroot contains a blank index.html.

$ nginx -t -c /tmp/nginx.conf
nginx: the configuration file /tmp/nginx.conf syntax is ok
nginx: configuration file /tmp/nginx.conf test is successful
$ nginx -c /tmp/nginx.conf &
(1) 13739
$ curl -I localhost:8080
curl: (7) Failed to connect to localhost port 8080: Connection refused

BTW: python2 -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080 is working, which means that the port is not blocked…

It does not work. I also tried to run nginx -c /tmp/nginx.conf separately, and it still gives no output, no error, etc. 🙁

Connection error in Plesk control panel (you are not authorized to display this directory or this page.)

When I try to open the Plesk control panel, it gave the following error

You are not authorized to view this directory or … | Read the rest of

plugins – database connection – WordPress Development Stack Exchange

I want to create a wordpress website (Question paper generator) in which there will be a button called genrate paper after clicking on it, a question document must be generated and the question must be taken into the database. In the database, I would create a table for the questions and not. and each time I click GENERTE PAPER from the website, a random question from the database must be displayed in a defined form. If anyone can help me, it would help me a lot, thanks in advance 🙂

c ++ – simple parallel download using a connection pool class using cpprestsdk

The following is a simple class for establishing multiple http connections, primarily for downloading a list of small files:


using namespace utility;                    // Common utilities like string conversions
using namespace web;                        // Common features like URIs.
using namespace web::http;                  // Common HTTP functionality
using namespace web::http::client;          // HTTP client features
using namespace concurrency::streams;       // Asynchronous streams

    class ConnectionPool
    ConnectionPool(size_t nWorkers, std::wstring baseUri) :BaseUri(baseUri)
        for (size_t i = 0; i < nWorkers; i++) Pool.emplace_back(http_client(baseUri), http_request(methods::GET));

    void ResetState(size_t nWorkers, std::wstring baseUri)
        BaseUri = baseUri;
        nDone = 0;
        for (size_t i = 0; i < nWorkers; i++) Pool.emplace_back(http_client(baseUri), http_request(methods::GET));

    void ResizePool(size_t nWorkers)
        Pool.resize(nWorkers, { http_client(BaseUri) , http_request(methods::GET) });

    void DownloadAsync(std::vector Uris, const Function& f)//Not implemented
        WorkItems = Uris;
        const size_t limit = (std::min)(Pool.size(), WorkItems.size());
        for (size_t i = 0; i < limit; i++) assignWork(i, f);

    void DownloadSync(const std::vector Uris, const Function& f)
        std::wcout << "*DownloadSync Started*" << std::endl;
        WorkItems = Uris;
         for (size_t i = nDone = 0, limit = nActive = std::min(Pool.size(), WorkItems.size()); i < limit; ++i) assignWork(i, f);

        std::unique_lock lk(m1);
        cv.wait(lk, (&)() { return nActive == 0; });
        std::wcout << "*DownloadSync Ended*" << std::endl;

    void assignWork(int pidx, const Function& f)
        //m2 isn't needed, right?!
        if (nDone >= WorkItems.size())
            std::lock_guard lk(m1);
        const auto wItem = WorkItems(nDone);
        int cIdx = nDone;

        std::wcout << L"Worker " << pidx << L": Assigning/t" << wItem << L" succeed" << std::endl;
        auto& (client, request) = Pool(pidx);

        client.request(request).then((=)(pplx::task   responseTask) {
            try {
                if (auto response = responseTask.get(); response.status_code() == http::status_codes::OK)
                    f(response, cIdx);
                    std::wcout << L"Worker " << pidx << L": Downloading/t" << wItem <> Pool;
    std::vector WorkItems;
    std::wstring BaseUri;
    std::mutex m1/*,m2*/;
    std::condition_variable cv;
    std::atomic nActive = 0, nDone = 0;

int main()
ConnectionPool con(n, L"base url");
        con.DownloadSync(urls, ()(http_response res, int idx)
                auto outFile = fstream::open_ostream(std::to_wstring(idx) + L".ext").get();

linux – How to allow or refuse an ssh connection for one or more specific users or groups on an sshd server?

Update sshd configuration

AT Deny an ssh user login, add this to the end of your sshd configuration file (/etc/ssh/sshd_config under Linux / Unix / BSD):

DenyUsers theusername

For groups:

DenyGroups thegroupname

Restart the sshd service

Then restart sshd a service. The following works on Ubuntu 18.04:

systemctl restart sshd

More details

We can add a space-separated list of user or group names, respectively.

the AllowUsers and AllowGroups directives do the opposite.

From the sshd_config manual page:


This keyword can be followed by a group name list
patterns, separated by spaces. Connection is prohibited to users whose
the main group or list of additional groups corresponds to one of the models.
Only group names are valid; a digital group ID is not recognized. By
by default, connection is allowed for all groups. The allow / deny directives
are processed in the following order: DenyUsers, AllowUsers,
DenyGroups, and finally AllowGroups.


This keyword can be followed by a list of usernames
patterns, separated by spaces. Login is not allowed for usernames that
match any of the patterns. Only usernames are valid; a digital user
The ID is not recognized. By default, connection is allowed for all users. Yes
the pattern takes the form USER @ HOST then USER and HOST are separately
checked, restricting connections to particular users from particular hosts.
The allow / deny directives are processed in the following order:
DenyUsers, AllowUsers, DenyGroups, and finally AllowGroups.

See REASONS in ssh_config (5) for more information on the models.

hmac – How to use Yubikey 5 NFC for online accounts, Linux connection and KeePassXC?

I just received my Yubikey 5 NFC and I would like to use it for

  • Linux desktop connection
  • Linux KeePassXC (which only supports the response to the hmac-sha1 challenge)
  • online accounts

When reading on U2F, it seems to be the preferred protocol, but TOPT is often only supported on online accounts.

Right now, I got a Linux connection to work with Yubico OTP.


Is it correct to understand that in my case, I would need another YubiKey?

2 very limited joined locations, while only U2F and TOTP would occupy these two locations, leaving no room for Yuboco OTP and hmac-sha1 challenge-response.

Are there any corners that could be cut?

Amazon Web Services – Connection to EC2 Web Server Via a Denied Domain

I recently created an AMI AWS EC2 Linux 2 instance for the purpose of hosting a web page. I did the following:

  1. Launched the proceeding.

  2. Configured its security group so that it allows incoming HTTP and HTTPS from all IPs, and SSH from my IP.

  3. Assigned to the instance a public elastic IP address.

  4. Installed a web server on my instance.

  5. Created a public hosted zone and added an A record to it for my website domain pointing to my instance's IP.

  6. Assigned the name servers of the hosted zone to my domain.

After doing all of this, I can access the server via IP and DNS. However, I cannot access it through my domain. Browsers quickly refuse to connect to it.

For some reason, the domain works fine on an outdated version of Firefox.

How can I get my domain to successfully connect to my ec2 instance?

ssl – Troubleshooting VPN connection with Wireshark by decrypting IPSec packets

I'm having trouble establishing a VPN connection to a specific network and I'm not the only one having problems. According to their instructions, I use the standard VPN client built into Windows with a pre-shared key and a username / password. After excluding all the usual things like checking for typos, restarting related hardware, different firewalls, simple test tools like nmap, etc., I turned to traffic analysis. packages itself using Wireshark. From the screenshot below, it looks like a successful connection has been established, including authentication, and VPN traffic ensues. However, in half a second, the connection is interrupted again. The connection is based on IKEv1 and to understand what the different packages represent for this page, it was very useful here: Understanding IPSec IKEv1 negotiation on Wireshark

VPN packages in Wireshark

Now that the connection is naturally encrypted, I can't read the packages directly to get an idea of ​​what's wrong. Fortunately, it seems that WireShark supports decryption of the ESP payload as long as one has access to all the necessary information. So I continued and created an ESP SA entry by writing the following values:

  • Protocol: IPv4
  • Src IP: My local IP as indicated by Wireshark
  • Destination IP: VPN server IP indicated by Wireshark
  • SPI: *
  • Encryption: AES-CBC
  • Encryption key: the encryption key
  • Authentication: HMAC-SHA-384-192

However, I am not sure what could be the authentication key, to finalize the decryption configuration. In addition, I would not need to also add an entry to the IKEv1 decryption table of ISAKMP? In this case, I don't know how to get the COOKIE and the encryption key for it in my Windows environment, however.

It is not in my area of ​​expertise, so I may have missed something, and if someone could help me in the right direction, it would be very appreciated!