Connection to the MS SQL Server database via PHP

I am new to SQL, databases and PHP, and am trying to find a way to query my MS SQL Server database via PHP. I understand that I must first establish a connection to the database, using a valid syntax that I have not found yet. I mean, I have tried many of those provided by users on other Q & A websites, but they do not seem to work.
The one I tested last is the following:

And here is what my local host says:

Fatal error: Uncaught error: Call to undefined function
MSSQL_CONNECT () in C: xampp htdocs my_stuff db_connection.php: 6 Stack
trace: # 0 {hand} thrown
in C: xampp htdocs ryan_stuff db_connection.php on line 6

Any notice will be welcome.

Use the connection with Google in the web application sap ui5

In my SAP UI5 application, I want to give the user the ability to connect with google.J I did some research and I got to know oauth2. But I did not understand how to integrate that into SAP UI5. How to do this in SAP UI5?

banco de dados – Connection to MySQL Workbench with localhost: 81

In my Linux machine, I installed the local server I always use, it's the Bitnami Lamp Stack, but it automatically configures the local host on port 81, so far without any problem, but I can connect my local store in mysql workbench No, I have already searched in many sources and I can not find a solution to connect the local store located on port 81 in the workbench. Someone to help me?

drivers – Ubuntu hangs after connection

I have been working without Ubuntu errors for about two weeks, but I can start it properly since today. I have an Nvidia GPU and an Intel integrated processor and I guess the problem is somewhere out there.

When I log in, the system hangs each time. Then I only have the background of the logging screen, but I can not access a virtual terminal nor do anything.
Ubuntu works normally if I run it with the option 'nomodeset & # 39; or when the GPU selected in nvidia-prime is Nvidia.

I've done some simple things like updating everything, reinstalling intp gpu drivers but nothing does it: /

I did not do anything that could cause changes in the GPU drivers or anything. I only moved the home directory to another partition, but it was like 3 days ago and everything went well afterwards.

Ubuntu 18.04
Gnome 3.28.2

Effective GIT – Stack Exchange Connection Strategy for Software Engineering

I'm trying to determine the optimal branching strategy for my organization. And I have some doubts.

We have 3 main environments, Live (Production), UAT (pre-release) and Staging. As in GIT, we have 2 main branches. Master (Prod State), and Dev.

Developers start by consulting Git Dev and creating a branch. Suppose that they develop the F1, F2 and F3 functionalities. And once they are satisfied, they have merged these features into DEV. A CI job deploys DEV code in our forwarding environment.

The transfer environment is where the quality assurance tests. Suppose QA approves F1 and F3 and rejects F2. Now, I want to move only F1 and F3 to the publication branch. The Release branch is automatically deployed on the UAT, where the end user can undergo security testing or training for the new version.

Now my question is: should I create a release branch from Master and merge F1 and F3 into it? Or stick with Dev's Release Branch creation? I am more inclined to create a release branch from Master because I do not have to go back to Dev's F2.

Can any one help me with this dilemma?

network – How to block everything except my connection to the VPN?

I'm trying to make sure that Murus blocks everything except my connection to the VPN server. I do not want my Mac to make outgoing calls to ports except through the VPN connection. I'm trying to add a rule that allows the VPN, while everything else is blocked by define a fall of blocking policy.

I can connect to the VPN, but nothing works outside of that. Can you point me in the right direction?

Bluetooth connection of the inventor of the application with arduino

I have problems with the connection between an HC-05 / Arduino and an application that I created in MIT App Inventor.

I have followed various tutorials by simply trying to transmit data when a box is checked in the application to be displayed in the serial monitor. Here is the design of the blocks. App Inventor 2, I could only attach one image in order to avoid including the design screen if this is necessary.

I think I'm connected because the light on my HC-05 will emit two quick flashes every 2 seconds or so and the app will confirm that I'm connected. I can log in and log out using the application buttons.

My output on my serial monitor will only emit zero at the beginning of my main loop but will never get my if statement, even if I change my box, as shown on the screen capture of the inventor. Application, by checking and unchecking the box in the application.

I feel that I must miss something simple but I can not understand it. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!


#define TxD 4
#define RxD 3

Serial Bluetooth Software (TxD, RxD);

String dataIn = "";
void setup () {
Serial.begin (9600);
Bluetooth.begin (38400);

empty loop () {
Serial.print (Bluetooth.available ());
Serial.print (" n");
if (Bluetooth.available ()> 0) {
dataIn = ();
Serial.print (dataIn);
Serial.print (" n");

Updates – Motorola Xoom Tablet Connection Problem When Accessing Web Pages

I have an old Motorola Xoom tablet that, when I access the browser, loads Google and Google search results but when accessing web pages, the tablet generates an error "The secure connection could not be established "and the web page itself says" Web page not available "and this has been done with every page I have tried to load and they work fine on all my other devices on the same internet connection.I tried to reset the tablet and no update is available.Is there anything else i could do?

wireless network – Unable to get a 5 GHz Wi-Fi connection in kali linux

I have an extremely frustrating problem. I currently run kali on a virtual machine on a MacBook Pro and I am trying to use my wireless card "Panda Wireless PAU09". This card is recommended and is called "Plug and Play" without having to install it. drivers and / or configuration, but that was not the case for me.

I can run "iwconfig" "lsusb" and "dmesg" and all display the same thing "Bus 001 Device 002: ID 148f: 5572 Ralink Technology, Corp. Wireless Adapter RT5572 ", but after a thorough review of" dmesg ", it shows that it is loading the firmware" rt2800usb and rt2870.bin "being loaded and that they can s & # 39; 39; activate successfully but I still do not see wifi networks, the device is found but not networks. When I run "dmesg" and run twice an error pops up and says "IPv6: ADDRCONF (NETDEV_UP) : wlan0: the link is not ready "

I installed all the drivers I can get my hands on, I contacted panda and they gave me a "linux" driver that turned out to be corrupted and that was not working not. I've also added some blacklisted sources to help the drivers, which has been recommended. by a few people and after that my wifi appears for a few seconds, then goes away. Sources include the ralink family of drivers " jessie InRelease and Strech InRelease"

If you have a solution, I really appreciate an answer because I'm going crazy trying to run my card with kali.

angular – Connection Issues

My application receives a basic collection of fire and converts it into an observable

        let a = this.db.collection (& # 39; users). snapshotChanges ();

a.subscribe (actionArray => {
this.list = (item => {
back {
... ()
} Users;

Upon receipt of the user and password of this entry, I wanted to perform a check to see if the X user exists in the database.

Enter your name
Enter your password

Function of connection enter.ts

login () {

let data = this.formLogin.value;

this.authProvider.login (data name, date.asp) .then (success => {
if (success) {
this.navCtrl.setRoot (MenuPage);
}). catch (err => {
let alert = this.alertCtrl.create ({
title: "Connection failed",
message: "Check your data",
alert.present ();



login (username: string, password: string): Promise {

return a new promise ((solve, reject) => {

///// here the check would be done



the problem arises when you try to receive the value of observable, I do not know how to receive for example the field XXX.password or XXX.user in particular, how to check this connection?