machine learning – Multiple ways to merge time information from consecutive frames using pre-trained 2D convolutions

In large-scale video classification with convolutional neural networks by Karpathy et al., Can any one explain the architecture, the inputs and the training process of Single frame, Late fusion, Early fusion, Slow fusion more in detail.

Here is a little more reference, but that simply explains what is explained in the document.

I can not understand how the information is merged in the different steps and how the images below should be interpreted.

here is the photo

javascript – Find the length of the longest consecutive elements


Given a table of unsorted integers, find the length of the longest
sequence of consecutive elements.

For example, given [100, 4, 200, 1, 3, 2], the longest consecutive
sequence of element is [1, 2, 3, 4]. Returns its length: 4.

Your algorithm should work in the complexity O (n).

My solution:

sample const = [1, 100, 2, 90, 3, 88, 4, 9, 5];
const compare = prefix => (a, b) => prefix * (a - b);
const ascending = compare (1);

const maxObj = {
maxResult: 0,
maximum current: 1,

const getMax = (max, current) => current> max? current: max;
const countConsecutive = (maxObj, _, idx, src) => {
if ((src[idx] + 1) === src[idx + 1]) {
maxObj.maxResult = ++ maxObj.maxCurrent> maxObj.maxResult?
maxObj.maxCurrent: maxObj.maxResult;
return maxObj;
const result = sample
.Sort in ascending order)
.reduce (countConsecutive, maxObj);
console.log (result.maxResult);

Can you write it shorter and faster (while still readable / maintainable)?

dynamic – How to open consecutive dialogues

I am new using mathematica then I would really appreciate your help.
I want to open this dialog box:

CreateDialog[Column[{"Type A and B",Grid[{{"A:",InputField[Dynamic[A],Number]}, {"B:", InputField[Dynamic[B],Number]}, {CancelButton[], DefaultButton[]}}, Spaces -> {1, Automatic}, Alignment-> Left]}], Modal-> true]

And after the user types A and B, I want to open this one:

Grid1 = {{"Item", "Info", "-"}};
For[i=1,i<=A,i++,AppendTo[Grid1,{"A" <> ToString[i],Entry field[], Check box[]}]]CreateDialog[Column[{Grid[Grid1],Row[{AnnulerBouton[{CancelButton[{AnnulerBouton[{CancelButton[], DefaultButton[]}]}], Modal-> true]

And then a third and so on, the problem is that these dialogs open simultaneously and that I want the second opens after pressing the ok or cancel button in the first, and so on. How can I achieve this goal?
thanks a lot for your help

plugins – Consecutive comments on WordPress take 10 seconds before commenting again

When I try to make several comments about my application, it takes at least 10 seconds before making a second comment. If I try to make an immediate comment after recording the first one, the new comment is not saved. I do not know if it's a problem related to my API that logs the comment or to the WP console. Any solution to this problem would be helpful. Thank you.

nt.number theory – upper limit of consecutive integers that are not coprime with $ n!

Is there any research on getting the upper bound of consecutive integers lower than $ n! $ and NOT coprime with $ n! $?

Easy to see that the lower limit $ ge n $, (example that $ n = text {odd prime} $). Is the upper limit $ <2n $ strictly?

Note that the discussion is within range of $ <n! $.

nt.number theory – Lower limit of consecutive integers not coprime with n!

Is there any research on getting the lower bound of consecutive whole numbers that $ n! $ and NOT coprime with $ n! $?

Easy to see that the lower limit $> = n $, (example that $ n = odd premium $). Is the lower limit $ <2n $ strictly?

Note that the discussion is within range of $ <n! $.


I am referring you because I have a small problem, I am trying to make a choice at a table that is referred to as "CONTROL_ASISTENCIAL" so that it only shows me the absences that are CONSECUTIVE and I do not stand at the correct function, I attach to what this STRUCTURED THE TABLA, HAVE SO IF SOMEONE CAN HELP ME ..



Mohamed Salah is the African football player of the Confederation 2018

The second year in a row, he won the award. Egypt striker Salah, 26, defeated Liverpool teammate Sadio Mane

Senegal and Arsenal and Gabon, striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang under the title. avant-garde sports

He received the award at a ceremony in Senegal on Tuesday. Houston Dash and South African striker Thembi

Kgatlana was named player of the year. "I've been dreaming of winning this award since I was a kid and now I

have done it twice in a row, "Salah said. Salah was elected African Footballer of the Year by the BBC for the second time in December. Caf announced Tuesday that Egypt would host the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations

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proof verification – Prove that consecutive Fibonacci numbers are relatively prime

The problem:

Prove that consecutive Fibonacci numbers are relatively prime.

I've seen evidence where people use induction and shows that if $ gcd (F_n, F_ {n + 1}) = $ 1then $ gcd (F_ {n + 1}, F_ {n + 2}) = $ 1 through the Fibonacci property.

My proof also uses induction, but in a different way.

We will use induction to show that if there is such a basic case, $ F_ {n} $ and $ F_ {n + 1} $ are both divisible by an integral $ k $ 2, Then everything $ F_ {i} $ are divisible by k $.

$$ F_ {n} equiv F_ {n + 1} equiv 0 pmod {k} $$
$$ F_ {n} equiv F_ {n} + F_ {n-1} equiv 0 pmod {k} $$
$$ F_ {n-1} equiv 0 pmod {k} $$

So, our induction is over. Since $ F_ {3} = $ 2 and $ F_4 = $ 3 are not divisible either a common whole number $ k $ 2our hypothesis is false. Therefore, $ F_ {n} $ and $ F_ {n + 1} $ are relatively first.

magento2.3.0 – Consecutive replacements of the main class

I have two modules:
Vendor_Module1 and
In both modules, I will expand Magento Directory Model Currency to replace different methods

I've noticed that only one module can replace this class at the same time. The module placed lower in config.php will have priority.

I guess something is wrong. Until now, I was absolutely sure that there was no limitation as to the number of modules replacing a class. Who can tell me what I missed?

(Each module replaces its own methods, of course, each time I clear the cache, deletes the generated code / etc.)

It's Magento 2.3.0 if it makes a difference