google search console – Data loss and ranking on the movements of webmaster owners

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Google Search Console – Article Schema Error with "Name" and "Publisher

I am using the OceanWp WordPress theme and I have activated the scheme option from the theme panel. When I checked the structure data via a structured data tool, the whole diagram works correctly but the diagram of the article gives these errors (in the screenshot below). I am using the free version of the theme and there is no support for me. I have no knowledge about coding, etc., but help me solve the problem.

Here is the screenshot.
enter description of image here

google analytics – GTM event in database is selected by debug console but does not fire tags

I work on the website which was developed using grav.

I am trying to track form submissions using GTM.
In the attached image, you will see a blue button, clicking on it, a popup window will appear: Screen capture showing the .

The developer indicates that the site uses dataLayer.push to include the following in the data layer:
requestFile: open
requestFile: sent

These elements respectively follow the opening and sending of a contact form.
I'll start by describing how I try to follow the OPENING of the form.
I want to follow these two actions using GTM, I created a variable named & # 39; requestFile & # 39; so that GTM knows that this is something that interests me.
The variables and triggers that I have created

I created a trigger, based on a custom event
Finally, I created a tag for that
Here is a picture of the final result
The debug console shows that the custom event is pushed into the data layer

So I think the debug console shows that a data layer element exists, but somehow no tag is triggered, not even that of Universal Analytics.

What am I missing? Did I misconfigure something?

Thanks in advance for your help

google search console – How can I fix the indexed issue, although blocked by robots.txt if the reported pages do not exist at all?

I found related information like How to fix Google "Indexed, although blocked by robots.txt" but that doesn't answer my question.

The pages I saw in the report do not exist at all.

enter description of image here

For example, the two links above do not exist at all. I don't know why people add a number or a image?url= to my URL. He's so weird.

How can I tell Google to ignore these URLs?

seo – Why doesn't Google Search Console get the back bio-link in my blog?

I wrote a few blogs, in order to create back-links for my website.

One of the websites that I have used is

I have my profile page: my profile page on c-sharpcorner

And I wrote the following three blogs (on c-sharpcorner):

  1. work with files and folders in s3 using aws-sdk-for-net
  2. submitting a form to different action methods in asp-net-mvc
  3. how-to-define-custom-password-validation-rules-in-asp-net-mvc

All these 3 blogs contain a link to my website at the bottom of the page:

enter description of image here

But when I open Google Search Console, only one link from c-sharpcorner the domain points to my website:

enter description of image here

Why doesn't Google Search Console take back links from my blogs? One of these blogs has been viewed 20,000 times and appears very high in Google search results … and has been there for 6 months.

seo – What does "no data" mean in the search appearance of the Google webmaster / search console?

The search console does not display any detailed information on pages and keywords when it was created and instantiated too recently.
If this is not your case, it seems that google does not have enough individual data to display. 116 impressions is not significant enough.

In addition, in the search appearance tab, google will only count custom views such as AMP, FAQ, etc., not the standard SERP functionality.
So if you haven't implemented any rich display functions, you won't be able to see anything here.

How to get rid of unnecessary Google Search Console URLs?

66 pages from my website that are all deleted still appear in the Google Search Console page report. enter description of image hereMy eagerness is to know all the possibilities. Questions include: 1. Does it affect SEO? 2. How can I get rid of these URLs completely?

seo – Why is my website showing an abnormally low CTR in the Google Search Console?

The problem is that my website has an abnormally low CTR in all query words, including the keyword "my own website name", but let me explain the usage only when people are looking up the name of my website as an example.

Proof of an abnormally low CTR, what's going on here?

Suppose the name of my website is "abcfoobar" with the domain name "" and I confirm that the name of my site does not exist anywhere in any dictionary.

When people search for "abcfoobar", my site always shows up first on google. However, the performance of the search console displays an abnormally low CTR, as shown in the image where the correlation between total impression and clicks is completely impossible.

Based on the images below

  1. the keyword blocked by the green pen is the main keyword for positioning my site 3.4, but only 3 clicks on 971 impressions.
  2. the keyword blocked by bluepen is "abcfoobar", my website name, by positioning itself at the beginning, but only 5% of click which is impossible because the only reason why people will type this keyword is find my website, similar to the reason why people type "facebook" in google.
  3. "" only received 1/9 CTR, which is impossible because the only reason people will enter this keyword is to find my website.

Google Search Performance Result

enter description of image here


I wonder what are the reasons for these abnormally low CTR results. My website has 3,000 unique users per day and I'm sure people are clicking more than what is shown in the result. As a beginner here, I don't know if I understand CTR well.

google search console – should i reindex the old domain after migrating to a new domain

I redirected 4 months ago and my rank has not returned so far.

performance of old domains in the last 6 months

enter description of image here

New domain performance in the last 6 months

enter description of image here

Should I reindex the old domain even though it displays a page with a redirect?

enter description of image here

Or it takes more than 4 months to point the old URL with the same rank to the new domain

Please help me find my old grade

I did the 301 redirect by accessing help RedirectMatch 301 and each url from the old domain redirects correctly to the new

also, I used the move tool in the Google console as shown below

enter description of image here

Google console error

Hello don't get bored
In console search when I click on the Tested page
The more information section shows these issues

In the resou page … | Read the rest of