conspiracy – little confused about taking the transformation

I have a function f, the value of the function at x = 0 is zero and at x = 2, it is one. I am trying to swap this, which means that at x = 0, f should take the value of one and at x = 2 f should be zero. Essentially, I'm trying to reflect my function. I'm trying that. y = f (-x) to reflect around the y axis. What is the appropriate sign change I need to make to achieve this?

f = Sin((((2*0 + 1)*π*(-x))/(2*2)));
Plot(f, {x, 0, 2})  

[ Politics ] Open question: Rush Limbaugh: Trump "can fire any ambassador he wants." It is not a conspiracy, it is not a crime, it is not an impenetrable crime. "True or false?

[Politics] Open question: Rush Limbaugh: Trump "can fire any ambassador he wants." It is not a conspiracy, it is not a crime, it is not an impenetrable crime. "True or false?

conspiracy – Participate in plot

I want to get the line of the plot.
So I use

Plot[Sin[x], {x, 0, 1}, MaxRecursion -> 1][[1, 1, 1, 3]]

I have something.
But when I use

Plot[Sin[x], {x, 0, 1}, MaxRecursion -> 1][[1, 1, 1, 3, 2]]

I receive


And I find the solution here.

My question is: why does not it work?

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conspiracy – Why the font "Modern Latin Math" spoils my plot?

I just downloaded the Modern Latin Math font from here to have a font consistent with my LaTeX text. The police are exactly what I'm looking for. But when I use it for my layout, it spoils the space between the axis and the markers, as well as between the markers and the frame label.

That's the command I'm using

ListLinePlot[stressD1, AspectRatio -> 1, Frame -> True, 
 PlotRange -> {{-1100, 1100}, {-1100, 1100}}, FrameStyle -> Black, 
 BaseStyle -> {FontFamily -> "Latin Modern Math", FontSize -> 22}, 
 ImageSize -> 465, 
 FrameLabel -> (MaTeX[#, 
      Magnification -> 2] &) / @ {"\ sigma ^ \ text {t} _ {1}",
"\ sigma ^ \ text {t} _ {2}"}]

and that's what I get

enter the description of the image here

However, if I use other fonts, for example the MS Serif font, the plot is quite fine, see below

enter the description of the image here

Any suggestions on how to solve this problem?

spells – Podcast with Carrellas Witchcraft or Conspiracy X

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Of all the popular conspiracy theories, which ones do you really believe in?

Aside from Area 51, I would not have to go with any of them. All conspiracy theories are far too complicated and depend on too many hypothetical scenarios. Nobody in the real world always does everything difficult and always succeeds.

You are right, governments are doing it all the hard way. But when was the last time that they did something good? When was the first time, actually? Exactly.

You think "wait a minute, zone 51 is not a conspiracy, everyone knows it and has seen pictures and videos", is not it? I am old enough to remember when the Internet did not exist, when Area 51 was an absolute secret. Whenever officials were questioned about what there was behind this huge fence with the "lethal force" signs, they never said anything. The fence was around nothing, the guards kept nothing, and they were allowed to use lethal force to keep people away from … nothing. Nothing to see here, go ahead. Only when the internet was invented and some satellite photos were "accidentally disclosed" by an unknown source (the only cool thing Russia has ever done) did everyone know what they already suspected . It is a secret military air base.

And people continue to theorize about extraterrestrials.


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