usability – Fill out the form by consulting the document on the same user interface

What could be the best user interface if we are to provide a user with a single user interface where the user can view the uploaded document on the backend and fill out the form by viewing the details available in the documents.

In addition, how to highlight if certain fields are already checked, failed or pending at each field level and provide the summary view.


  • Inquiry form
  • Document display
  • field level status
  • list of pending actions

Basic wired:

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Consulting .. accept payments from Uphold and Skrill in Whmcs?

Best regards…

Is there a module or does anyone have experience accepting payments via Uphold and Skrill ???

I would appreciate … | Read the rest of

Elite Coaching and Consulting Program – Social Media Marketing (SMM)

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Rex Consulting –

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Free high-end SEO consulting services for data exchange

Hello Digitalpoint,

I offer a free high-end consulting service for SEO optimization. I will analyze your Google Analytics and Google Webmasters data and give you recommendations based on that data. It is a service that I have charged customers over $ 100 an hour. In most cases, I will give you SEO recommendations that can significantly increase your traffic.

In exchange for these free services, I am authorized to use your historical Google Analytics and Google Webmasters data to optimize an algorithm for SEO recommendations.

It should be a win-win, you get high-end SEO consulting services, I get the data I need for my algorithm (which costs you nothing).

To be eligible for this service, your sites must be in English and have at least 50 current daily organic visitors (i.e. Google search visitors). Your site can be in any niche.

Anyone interested? Please post here or send me a private message! We will then discuss the details.

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Management process of my first consulting company and what I learned from it

Hi, In this article, I wrote something about my first consulting company experience,

My First Consultancy Company Managing Process and What I Learned From It

Consulting – better architecture for our business

Hi all,

We have new websites which receive a lot of traffic, which causes a very high load on our server (we stopped the traffic after seeing it) more than 300.
This high load has made our sites very slow and sometimes users have had 5 ** errors.

We have added cloudFlare caching which protects our sites when the server is down.

We are looking for a managed solution capable of handling millions of requests. We already have a suggestion to add a load balancer – but is this the best solution?

This is our server specification (managed by LiquidWeb)

2 x RAID 1 SSD software
SATA backup disk
Processor: Intel Xeon E3-1271 v3 Quad-Core
Operating system: CentOs 7 – 64Bit

How can the menu people that the server manage at the same time? can anyone advise me?

Our websites stack up:
1. Some small sites will reduce traffic.
2. Few medium but very sensitive sites that require 100% uptime.
3. Several large sites with lots of traffic that require 100% uptime and fast loading.

consultation blockchain – everything else

Cryptocurrency trading is a crucial factor at intervals of fashionable technology. the most important thing is to exchange, it's speed and security. There are many trading platforms that are cryptocurrency. only a few of these incorporate a ton of faster and more secure speed. I know a platform like this that offers a lot of speed faster and a lot of security. This is named Propersix. Its transaction speed is 6000 GST. It is very secure because of its latest technology system. It uses the latest blockchain technology. This may be the right time to demand the right decision. Use the Propersix money exchanges and free yourself in the facilities.

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Travel Consulting Club –

Start 2019-11-21. PerfectMoney verified, 0.3 point (s) of confidence (Canada) IPB image)

Languages: EN

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The description:


Our offline operations started in April 2014. The idea of ​​an online platform appeared later and we finally built the website in June 2019. After months of closed beta testing, our Internet platform was launched on November 18, 2019. Since 2014, we offer travel consulting services. Shortly after, we began providing trip planning, route planning and rental services for our private jet, the brand new Learjet 75 Liberty. As a result, we have been generating profits since our first year of operation and now is the time to improve our leasing services.

Investment plans:

0.5% daily for 5 days (+ main)

Our deposit:

21.11.19 05:54 Transfer sent Payment: USD 60.00 to U1994xxx account U19389112. Lot: 290316678. Note: Payment of the shopping cart. Deposit with the allhyips user of the travel advice club.


Minimum deposit: $ 10
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Who is:

Name of Registration Office, Inc.

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Name servers
DNS1.ZAMAHOST.COM (has 220 domains)
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DNS3.ZAMAHOST.COM (has 220 domains)
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S & # 39; REGISTER