Looking for contact at StackPath…

Is anyone here affiliated with them or have a contact? Their abuse team is not answering for their subnets and it’s a bit frustrating. Thank… | Read the rest of https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1827263&goto=newpost

Why my Tracking contact form show separate results for paid and organic search?

Hello Experts,
Please help me in understanding the difference between paid and organic search ?

Is it possible to use different from email in contact form 7 with different domain?


I need to know how can we setup the different email on different host.

my site name is tailwindimaging.com and I want to send email from xxx@tailwindimagery.com

But I’m getting the error as per the above screenshot.

How can I fix it?

Need help fixing contact form and email verifications for new users

I have a site at FindCannabisBusiness.com

I need help fixing the contact page, there is a link on the bottom of the site.

Also, when a new user signs up they are supposed to get an email to confirm upon signup. The email is not getting sent and I need help getting this to work also.

If you can help please provide a price and estimated time to fix. I can pay via PayPal. Thanks!


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entities – Views entity reference depending on other field in contact form

I have almost the same problem than Peter, here: Entity reference view depending on other field

I have a contact form with two fields: brand and model. Brand is a taxonomy field and Model en entity reference view field. Model field (autocomplete) should be dependent on brand value: nothing if brand is not selected or only products with the brand field chosen.

I think @Francis Yaconiello gave the right answer but I don’t understand the relations and contextual filter in his view. If you see this, Francis, can you help me?


Thank you

sms – Google Messages: Disable the “New contact?” banner?

In the Google Messages SMS app, can I disable the “New contact?” banner that appears at the top of the SMS view when the phone number is not in the Contacts? There are a lot of automated SMS’s (from credit card companies, banks, web sites, etc), and I very rarely would want to add a person to the contact list from the SMS view, so this feature is unnecessary and very annoying.

enter image description here

An alternative way to buy Premium Membership? How do I contact support?

I want to pay for Premium Membership (1 month, recurring).
But when I try pay via Subscribe, button, Paypal redirects to payment via CC. CC is not linked to my PP account.
How can I receive an invoice for direct payment to the paypal address?
How do I contact support? I tried tweeting but got no response.
Thanks for any help!

Contact Form Submitter – Getting Errors

I am using only one deCaptcha service (Death by Captcha) and when I use my site’s contact page as a test, the result is “Failed general/unknown”. I updated the files in Platforms as suggested here (http://scrapeboxfaq.com/contact-form-poster-says-failed) and still nothing.

My site’s current contact page only has “I’m not a robot” captcha.

Am I missing any settings? What am I doing wrong? I tried a few other websites with the same result.