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Mailchimp: the fields in the contact list "have disappeared". The list displays only the fields used in the contact form.

Strange behaviour! Of course, after building the contact form for my website, all unused fields in the form "have disappeared" from my contact list. An idea why? And how to recover these "hidden" fields?

html – Standard or common way to secure the destination email address of a contact form

I have a website with a minimal HTML-CSS-JavaScript contact form, but I want to hide the destination email address of this form in the HTML source code so that the form's users can not find in HTML source codes from their browser.
I have planned to put the destination email address in a configuration file and refer to this configuration file, but the reference itself may appear in the source code and expose the file containing e-mail so that users can browse this file and find the e-mail.

What is the standard or common way to secure the destination email address of a contact form?

How to contact Yahoo about "My Yahoo"

I have problems with the sports window in "My Yahoo" but I can not know how to contact them to try to solve the problem. – Just in case someone here can help with this problem:

Since the beginning of the football season, My Yahoo gives me scores in front of my two favorite sports: baseball and basketball (the Dodgers and the Lakers). The problem is that I do not care about football at all, because I'm not a football fan and I do not care about their scores. However, when I go into settings, there is no way to cancel anything about football that I can find. I have my favorite teams listed but Yahoo denies / completely cancels that in favor of football.

Is there anything I can do or should I start looking for a different place as the home page?

Big TIA,

Nexus 6p – The call history does not show up when extending contact details.

Although all, I am not able to see the call history under the coordinates. It displayed the most recent call history when opening individual contacts. I use Nexus 6P with Andriod 8.2.1 OS. Below is the screen capture of the contact's recent call history (highlighted with a green rectangle).

Assuming I do not have few permissions on the Contacts application, but that I do not know what type of permissions I should grant!

Until now, I have tried to clear the cache of Phone App & Contacts App. Also make sure that the Contact & Phone App has a storage access.

PL. help me here and let me know if you need more information to answer my question.

dnd 5th – For the psionic effect of exact interrogation of the discipline of the telepathic contact, are the answers given to the voice or by telepathy?

He is probably answered by telepathy

Not only does the feature require targeting a creature with whom you can telepathically communicate, but the phrase:

In case of failure, the target honestly answers a question that you ask him telepathically.

Can be analyzed so that "telepathically" applies to the answer to your question or to the entire sentence in general. (For example, the phrase "They answer a question you ask without realizing it")

In addition, remember that the mystic is an ungrounded arcane so that it is not as edited as the other elements of the game. This means that the intention is a good indicator of how something that should work and that the rules as written can sometimes be unclear. This feature is specifically intended for the "telepathic contact" discipline. It would therefore be logical for the event to proceed in a telepathic way.

This also corresponds to the ideas of the Awake Order, according to which telepathic contact is a discipline for:

Mystics dedicated to the Order of the Awakened seek to unleash the full potential of the spirit. By transcending the physical, the Awakened hopes to achieve a state of concentration on pure intellect and mental energy

The use of telepathy would transcend the physical and utilize the potential of the mind.

RAW, we do not know which part of the sentence "via telepathy" applies, so it would be left to a GM.

email – Contact form with double opt-in

I have a form (CF7, no newsletter) that the user has completed and submit. After that, the user should receive a confirmation email with a link. And only after the user has confirmed that the link is sent, the form data will be sent to the recipient or possibly saved with flamingo.

Is this possible with CF7 and / or maybe Mailchimp Extension?

email – Borrowing identity in web contact forms

Many sites have Contact us form usually asking for the name and email address of the sender. Now suppose that someone is using the contact form but is filling in an e-mail address (a valid address) do not belong to them.

What are the standard measures that the website owner can take to prevent / mitigate this identity theft?

box2d – LibGDX How to calculate the correct impulse vector with respect to the point of contact and the center of the body

I'm trying to calculate the correct impulse vector with regard to the point of contact and the center of the body.

The pulse should be applied to the center of the body.

I guess the problem is simple: calculate the 3rd point of the same line on 2 points.

enter the description of the image here
(the distance between C and B must be equal to B and A)

So with the new calculated point, we can find a pulse vector and apply (?)

What I really want to do is:
We first touch our object, then, while touching the screen, we move our finger on the screen to be able to aim (the point is calculated) and the pulse of the finger must be applied.

That's what I wrote so far, but the body is going in the wrong direction:

class MyGdxGame() : ApplicationAdapter() {

    val PPM = 32f
    val SCALE = 2f
    val TIMESTEP = 60f
    private  var positionX = 0f
    private  var positionY = 0f
    private var impulseVectorX =0f
    private var impulseVectorY = 0f
    private lateinit var world : World
    private lateinit var player:Player
    private lateinit var playerTexture: Texture
    private lateinit var b2dr: Box2DDebugRenderer

    lateinit var batch: SpriteBatch
    lateinit var camera:OrthographicCamera

    var playerIsTouched:Boolean = false

    override fun create() {
        var w =
        var h =
        camera = OrthographicCamera()
        camera.setToOrtho(false, w/SCALE, h/SCALE);

        world = World(Vector2(0f,0f),false)"camerax", (w/2f).toString());"cameray", (h/2f).toString());

        batch = SpriteBatch()
        b2dr = Box2DDebugRenderer()
        playerTexture= Texture("player.png")

        player = Player(world,150f,175f,32f)

        Gdx.input.inputProcessor = object : InputAdapter() {

            override fun touchDown(screenX: Int, screenY: Int, pointer: Int, button: Int): Boolean {
              //converting touch coordinates to our actual coordinates.
                var touchPointScreen:Vector3 = Vector3(screenX.toFloat(),screenY.toFloat(),0f)
                var touchPointBox2D:Vector2  = Vector2(touchPointScreen.x / PPM,touchPointScreen.y / PPM)

                if (player.body.fixtureList.first().testPoint(touchPointBox2D) && playerIsTouched == false){
          "touched once", "player touched");
                     playerIsTouched = true
                    impulseVectorX = 0f;
                    impulseVectorY = 0f;
                    return true

            return false

            override fun touchUp(screenX: Int, screenY: Int, pointer: Int, button: Int): Boolean {

                    var impulseVector:Vector2 = Vector2(impulseVectorX,impulseVectorY)
                    player.body.applyLinearImpulse(impulseVector,player.body.worldCenter, true)
                    playerIsTouched = false


                return super.touchUp(screenX, screenY, pointer, button)

            override fun touchDragged(screenX: Int, screenY: Int, pointer: Int): Boolean {
                var touchPointScreen:Vector3 = Vector3(screenX.toFloat(),screenY.toFloat(),0f)

                var playerCenterX = player.body.position.x
                var playerCenterY = player.body.position.y
                var touchPointX = touchPointScreen.x / PPM
                var touchPointY = touchPointScreen.y / PPM
                var distanceBetweenTouchAndPlayer = sqrt((playerCenterY-touchPointY).pow(2) + (playerCenterX-touchPointX).pow(2))

                if(playerIsTouched && distanceBetweenTouchAndPlayer <= 4.5){
                  //"touch is dragging", "draggign touch");

                    var touchPointToPlayerCenterVector: Vector2 = Vector2(playerCenterX-touchPointX,playerCenterY-touchPointY)
                    var newPointHolder:Vector2=Vector2(playerCenterX+touchPointToPlayerCenterVector.x,playerCenterY+touchPointToPlayerCenterVector.y)

                    impulseVectorX = newPointHolder.x
                    impulseVectorY = newPointHolder.y

          "screen touch point",touchPointX.toString()+" "+touchPointY.toString())
          "center of mass",playerCenterX.toString() +" "+ playerCenterY.toString())
          "new point",impulseVectorX.toString() +", "+impulseVectorY.toString())

                    return true


                return super.touchDragged(screenX, screenY, pointer)


    override fun render() {
        world.step(TIMESTEP, 6, 2);
        batch.projectionMatrix.set(camera.combined), 0f, 0f, 1f)
        batch.draw(playerTexture,player.body.position.x*PPM - (64f/2),player.body.position.y*PPM-(64f/2),64f,64f);



    override fun dispose() {




Check it please fun touchDragged() I guess something is wrong there?

forms – Main contact module for anonymous file download

I use the main contact form module for user applications. I have defined the private file download directory in settings.php. When the user submits the application form, I ask him to upload also a CV (pdf, doc).

The file download does not work and there is no error in the drupal watchdog. Should I use the web form and if I use it, I will not lose entries that I already have without the attached file?