privacy – How to contact Microsoft regarding security flaw?

Here I see:

If you believe you have found a security vulnerability that meets Microsoft’s definition of a security vulnerability, please submit the report to MSRC at

Also here:

We want to know about a security vulnerability as soon as you’ve found it.


When signing into the create-report page (via google auth or MS account), it signs in as expected but signs out ~5 seconds later (using Chrome, also in Chrome incognito, and safari on macOS Catalina).

After signing out, it redirects to

enter image description here

I have called MS’s tech support number (the call center did not come across as knowledgable about cyber security), and emailed, but have not received a reply.

How can one submit a bug report on a security vulnerability – is there a direct phone number for MS Cyber Security?

php – What happens when someone fills in a contact form on a website?

First, click and submit events first on the submit button and form. These can trigger JavaScript which can completely change or replace the next step.

Then an HTTP request is made (using the method specified in the form’s method attribute) to the URL specified in the form’s action attribute.

The server receives the request and processes it. This might involve running a program. This program can be written in any programming language at all. PHP is one option.

That program might send an email. It might use the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol to do this directly. It might shell out to a local program like sendmail. It might use a webservice like Sendgrid.

I see that my hosting company has provided me a mail box with some arbitrary email address where the form submission gets returned to when it fails.

That doesn’t really make sense.

Perhaps that is the mailbox where the email’s From address resolves do, so if the email bounces it will end up there. That isn’t “the form submission” though, its several steps down the line from it.

How can get contact and send email via yahoo API

In my application, I need to send an email by the user’s Yahoo. already I called yahoo Auth (get_token) API and I could get token but when I call userInfo’s API
the response is:
header:Authorization:Bearer<access token>
response status 403Forbidden


post Method:
body:{“access_token”:”Bearer <access token>”}
response status 400BadRequest

{“error”:{“localizedMessage”:”client request is not acceptable or not supported”,”errorId”:”INVALID_INPUT”,”message”:”client request is not acceptable or not supported”}}

also, I need to send email API and fetch contact list API?
is there anybody help me?

thanks in advance


Magento 2 Google Map on Contact Page

Getting issue on map render
{message: "initMap is not a function", name: "InvalidValueError",

Removed contact still shows on WhatsApp

I added another Google account on my phone and used dual app feature to use WhatsApp on my redmi 5A phone.
Now I have removed my Google Account and contacts are removed from my device, but somehow, all the contact’s are still visible on my WhatsApp.
I made sure that Google account is not synced, my contacts are no where on phone, I have refreshed the contacts on my WhatsApp, but still I can see the contact on my whatsapp.

I checked this question but it did not help: WhatsApp still shows deleted contacts

Any idea why this happening and what can be done?

I am seeing the error rpcinfo: can’t contact rpcbind: RPC: Remote system error – No such file or directory when running the rpcinfo command

So guys I am new to kali linux, sorry if this is a basic question but I am seeing this error message rpcinfo: can’t contact rpcbind: RPC: Remote system error – No such file or directory
whenever I am running the command rpcinfo -p for NFS testing.

How to echo $_GET values from url into WordPress contact form fields

What simple script can help to get values from the URL into contact form. the plugin that checks the domain name creates a custom link with a parameter; and that custom link is redirecting to contact form with parameter, now am unable to get the ‘domain’ parameter into the contact form at place of Domain (field)

I will do internet research for collect contact information for $20

I will do internet research for collect contact information

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Here’s the kind of information that I can find for you(Please note that only limited research is done for the basic gig)

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  • Legal or medical search
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webmail – Sending contact form email from site if using Hosted Exchange

MS Exchange does not allow sending emails from any user that is not a user in Exchange.

Which means a form on our site can’t send from that user name or that user’s email for replying via SMTP/Exchange.

So how can we get emails from a customer clicking Support or Sales to ask a question and actually see their name in From. As to the their email, adding a reply-to is probably OK, but seeing an inbox full of “From:Support” won’t cut it.

We’re on a host now where CDONTS is used and works since it’s unauthenticated for sending, but this won’t be an option soon.

Confirmation email Contact Form 7

I use the Contact Form 7 plugin on my site, now I have a task to send a confirmation email after sending the data. But I can not find in the documentation how to do this without creating an extra field.

My solution:

  1. I created an additional field “Confirm email”
  2. In the plugin settings, turned on Mail (2) and configured so that the email was sent

everything works perfectly. But is it possible to make it so that without an additional field sends a email? with different text?

“Thanks for your reply”