html – creates an unnecessary space in content?

So by default WordPress include <p></p> into the content.

My view source output:

<td class="ccontent">  
<p>I would suggest choosing an easier method,<br />
This one is pretty difficult one.</p>
<p>Just a thought.</p>

On my website:

enter image description here

As you can see there’s a weird space at the bottom.

When I include <?php the_title();?> it aligns great.

But when I include <?php the_content();?> the space appears.

I did an experiment and removed the <p> from the content (using function filter).

Then it aligns great, but the content shows in a single line (which I don’t want).

So I figured that <p></p> is causing this problem.

Is there any way to fix this?

Desperatly need help.

An article of 6000 words with 100 content. for $10

An article of 6000 words with 100 content.

I have talked about the proper understanding and use of the western saddle and how it is one of the most misunderstood tools of horse communication. Well if the use of the saddle is one of the most misunderstood when the proper selection and use of bits are the most confusing to both novice and experienced horse owner today. In fact, I have found all too many trainers that have very little knowledge in this area of working with horses and do not have the ability to pass on their students the importance of bit knowledge and use.

Most people today feel that they don’t have the time or the ability to learn what they need to know about bits, but in reality, it all starts with the hands of the rider. They want to develop a good set of hands, what I call “soft hands”, will actually make you want to learn more about the proper use of bits which will then lead to the development of a better seat and allow for additional progression. This is how people become knowledgeable horse owners that leads to the start of becoming a “Horseman”.

There is one phrase that I constantly use when doing any work with horses and it is “there is no one-size fits all answer” and the area of bits is no different. If you purchased your horse and a bit was included it doesn’t mean that is the best bit for that horse and here is why. All bits fit and set differently inside of the horse’s mouth and since that is true all bits react differently in a horse’s mouth, not to mention that each bit works in a somewhat different way from the other.

The best example I can come up with is a new pair of boots for you. You look at them and you study them and think that these are the boots that would be the best that you could get. The next step is to try them on and guess what, they don’t feel good and are uncomfortable once that they are on your feet. You become frustrated, uncomfortable and uneasy let’s face it all you want to do is get those boots off of your feet. Starting to understand where I am going here?

Those boots were a decision that you thought would be a good one but turned out to be the wrong boots for you. Sure, they looked great when they were on the shelf, but once they were on your feet it was a totally different story. The horse is no different from you; the bit that works for your horse has to be chosen by the horse since they are the one that has to wear it.

Let’s take a quick look at the entire process of introducing the horse to the bit and the time factor that is involved in creating what is referred to as a finished horse. It can take anywhere from two to four years to properly and completely create a finished bridle horse. So, it is understandable that when a horse that should be calm and easy to get along with starts to become frustrated, uncomfortable and uneasy one of the first places to look to is the bit that is being used.

Learning about how bits work as well as the proper fitting of the bit to the mouth of the horse is one of the first areas to expand your knowledge of horsemanship. Learning that one simple step can lead to a much more enjoyable ride and a better relationship between you and your horse and help to create that easy to get along with the horse.

Until next time “Ride for the Brand’.


content search web part – How to change “There are no items to show” message for Item Display Template?

We are using SP2016 enterprise and I am trying to customize a Item Display template for a Content Search web part. My work is based on existing template under Master Page Gallery > Display Templates > Content web part (subfolder) > Item_LargePicture.html .

I searched online and several tutorial suggest look for the line with

if (ctx.ClientControl.get_shouldShowNoResultMessage())

but this line is not exist in Item_LargePicture.html.

I have tried inserted the above line and sample content but it is not working. My Content search webpart always returning There are no items to show.

P.S. my custom template works great when there is item to show. The only problem is when result = 0 the error message is not working as expected.

Content security and preservation | Web Hosting Talk

Content security and preservation | Web Hosting Talk

var sidebar_align = ‘right’;
var content_container_margin = parseInt(‘350px’);
var sidebar_width = parseInt(‘330px’);

  1. Content security and preservation

    Imagine that you are running your own blog with unique content and one day you notice that your content is being stolen. You are furious, trying to contact the owner of the domain or contact the provider, and maybe one of them will meet you halfway.

    What to do?

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views – How to save contextual filters (taxonomy) used with one content type to another?

I’m quite new to Drupal and I’m building a site where the user will be able to filter content using taxonomy (for example location, price range free/cheap/expensive,etc.). I want this filter to be kept between pages, from a global view to a specific content and even for different types of content.

Example : User selects a place, a price range. The view is updated with proposed activities. User opens an activity, the filter stays on top. Users selects “restaurants” (other type of content) and sees a view filtered with the same data.

I understand the best way would be to use contextual filters on taxonomy, but how can you save the filter from one page to the next ?

Many thanks for your help.

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I will do 1000 words article, blog, and content writing for website, social media, and blog post

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migration – import multiple taxonomy terms for a content type

I need to migrate/import multiple taxonomy terms for a content type.

Taxonomy term : Profile type

Content type : Fellow

Taxonomy term is used as entity reference field and pulling multiple or single terms to content type posts.

I am migrating from D7 to D9

Please help

magento2 – Promotional content block on the cart which changes by customer segment

A merchant would like a promotional content block on the cart which changes by customer segment. the
content should only appear when you cart total is $50 or more excluding shipping

What solution will meet the requirement?

  1. Create a widget with a static block assign to a customer price rule.

2]Create a dynamic block and choose the customer segment

3]Create a static block and add it to the layout area for the shopping cart with the customer segment

4]Create a banner, apply the ‘customer segment to the banner and choose the banner price rule

theming – Using TWIG in views global custom text to test for a specific content type

I am filtering for two custom content types to display on a page in Drupal 9 Views: “Artwork Page” and “Cover Page”. I want to apply special html tags to “Cover Page”. I have researched and tried many field names for “Content Type” but to no avail. In this instance, Views’ replacement pattern for Content Type is {{ type }} but using this in the TWIG if statement doesn’t work. I’ve tried both the machine name (cover_page) and value (Cover Page).

{% if type == 'cover_page' %}
{% endif %}

{% if type == 'Cover Page' %}
{% endif %}

Neither of these worked.

[MMO] Hide Bb-Code Content System | NullScripts

When the user clicks the reaction and the message contains a tag code or something, the tag stopped being processed.
Added event mh_hide_auth_tag_codes if you need to display information that the guest needs to log in or register to view hidden content
Can select all reactions in dialog
Added a style property that allows you to hide the title from hidden content which is able to view
Change phrases
Minor changes in tags


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