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seo – Does www and non-www suffer duplicate content penalty?

John’s answer is spot on however if your looking for advice which one is technically the best then the actual the answer is all 3 options.

SOURCE: Pro Webmasters Answer from John Conde

  1. Do a 301 redirect to use the ‘www’ or no ‘www’
  2. Specify your preferred domain in Google Webmaster Tool
  3. Use canonical URLs (although it isn’t typically used in this situation

And here’s why…

Why 301 redirect URLs:

When you force users to use either www or non-www and they decide to reward your site with a backlink the next user who clicks that link does not need to go through a redirect.

While redirects nowadays are near instant they are additional server-side request that can be reduced if you have users linking to you correctly, which should be considered a good practice, especially if your site receives high volume of traffic.

Why canonical URLs

Nowadays it is considered a best practice to use canonical links, this is because duplicate content can appear in many different forms without factoring www and non-www. Blogs particularly will operate with pages being accessible via many different URLS for example:

Using Canonical links correctly will insure that your content however it may be accessed is never marked as duplicate.

Why preferred domain in Google Console

It is a good practice to add all variations to Google Webmaster Tools so that you can confirm at any point that your site or Google is not doing anything it shouldn’t be.

  • NON-SSL sites will have 2 variations
  • SSL sites will have 4 variations

You should seem something similar to this:

bybe multiple sites in webmaster tools
(source: bybe.net)

Adding a preferred domain in the process takes no more than a few seconds but in additional to 301 and canonicals this option is a great fallback just in case for some reason your 301’s or canonical links stop working for one reason or more.

mail.app – Why is Apple Mail loading remote content in Spam Messages?

For a while now, likely including and pre-Big Sur, whenever I actually go through my Spam box message-by-message, when I click on one message is initially loads with the spam bar, the off yellow bar that includes “Load Remote Content” and “Move to Inbox”, but then the message pane “refreshes” and loads like normal.

I am then reminded of this bug and annoyed, because I inevitably leaked information due to remote content loading.

I have 3 IMAP accounts, two Gmail based and then one third party IMAP that gets no meaningful traffic. If any spam is going to it I’d be surprised, but the significant majority of them are no doubt those coming to the Spam addresses I’ve had and used for over a decade now. (Insert old man yelling at cloud here.)

Why does this refresh happen? Unless I explicitly remember to click outside of a message and then โŒ˜a to delete them, or right click them first and use that menu to delete them, is the only way I can manage spam messages, and this means messages I’m on the fence about, but ultimately have to delete, still leak information due to the afore-described behavior.

seo – How can I ensure that Google finds and indexes dynamically created URLs for user generated content?

I have blog site and I generate different URLs for each post like,


How does Google find these variable URLs and index them? If google can’t find it, user posts will not be indexed. How to index this user-generated URL pages?

duplicate content – Can cursor based pagination be used for SEO?

We have a category page which may contain hundreds of thousands of posts. We want to paginate these results using cursor based pagination.

The base page may look like:


This page will have two links at the bottom:

Previous -> null

Next -> www.example.com/topic/category?before=SOME_ENCRYPTED_ALPHANUMERIC_STRING_HERE

A few pages down the lane might have these links:

Previous -> www.example.com/topic/category?after=SOME_ENCRYPTED_ALPHANUMERIC_STRING_HERE

Next -> www.example.com/topic/category?before=SOME_ENCRYPTED_ALPHANUMERIC_STRING_HERE

However, in this strategy, it would lead to a large number of links as the content moves around due to more content being generated everyday. It will also lead to duplicate content, as multiple links may point to a bucket of content that was already covered in some other URL.

Does this mean cursor based pagination cannot be used effectively for SEO ?

If yes, does exposing your API with just a page parameter a good practice ? (as it will make it very easy for anyone to crawl the data)

psychology – Better user experience while having low content to show

The first screen isn’t “boring,” it’s “focused.”

A user will be task-driven and goal-oriented during this setup process. Rather than looking to be entertained or stimulated (as with a news or social media application), they’re trying to get a task completed. If the user happens to see fewer options during this step, it will actually help them complete their tasks easier.

Digital content online store, short domain

Why are you selling this site?
No time to manage this project

How is it monetized?
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wordpress – Need help setting up display content shortcode based on FormidableForms field id entry

I’d like to display certain content based on what a user has entered into my WP FormidableForms plugin based form.

I’m using shortcode like this:

(show_if field_id="140" field_val="Yes") test content(/show_if)

I’m using this function in functions.php to set up the shortcode:

//shortcode to hide/display content based on formidable forms field
function check_field( $atts, $content = null ) {

extract( shortcode_atts( array(
                'field_id' => 'field_id','field_val' => 'field_val' ), $atts ) );

$user_entered = FrmProEntriesController::get_field_value_shortcode(array('field_id' => $field_id, 'user_id' => 'current'));
       if( $user_entered === $field_val ) {
                return $content;
add_shortcode( 'show_if', 'check_field' );

But it’s not working.

I’m using that “FrmProEntriesController” because it’s mentioned as a way to get field content here: https://formidableforms.com/knowledgebase/get-a-value-from-an-entry/

I’m not using the shortcode in a form, I just want to display certain instructions on a regular page of my site based on what the user has entered. I’m not sure if perhaps FrmProEntriesController only works if the shortcode is used in a form? Or if I am doing something else wrong.

Any help getting this to work would be appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚


sharepoint online – Prevent User with Read Permission to have access to site content and site usage

I have created a group and assign the Read permission to it. I modified the the Read permission to the below to prevent the site usage and site content access.

List Permissions:

  1. View Items
  2. Open Items

Site Permissions:

1.View Pages

2.Use Remote Interfaces


Now the permission work perfectly my users do not have access to site usage and content. But my navigation on my home page does not show up. Basically the navigation is just 3 links pointing to three views of the same list. I do get access to the list when i manually visit the list thought.

I am using modern pages and list. When i set the permission “VIew application pages” my navigation come back but then i get the issue of my users being able to access site usage and site content

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