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sharepoint enterprise – Edit page content using the Content Query web part

Whether it is a content query or a content search web part, the original data is kept via the data source, so we cannot modify the data of the web part itself.

If you are using the SharePoint 2013 version, you can use the Content Search Web Part as the Content Query Web Part that has a performance issue.

8 – Verification of the type of content in html.html.twig

In the html.html.twig model, the task is to generate different classes for the tag, depending on the type of content. I know how to do this in the node model, but it doesn't work in the html.html.twig model. We need something like this:

{% if node.bundle == 'page'  %}
{% else %}
{% endif %}

scrolling – Is there any research on where (on the physical screen) where people prefer to read content

Andy, that would depend on the screen content and all the other user interface elements that grab attention, the page layout and the type of application that this page is about. is part.

But in general, people tend to read in the middle of their page rather than at the top or bottom and they tend to scroll blocks of 1 to 7 lines in very textual pages, like L & # 39; illustrates the study carried out by Microsoft: https: // www / fr-fr / research / wp-content / uploads / 2016/07 / PETMEI2015scrolling_petmei_15_final.pdf

He does have a small sample, but it's hard to find reliable research on this subject.

If your question concerns less reading / scrolling behavior and more whether your users will notice / find your content. You can use tools like VisualEyes to generate a heat map based on the AI ​​of your design

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7 – How to hide the body field in a view only on certain types of content

I have a view of the search results for different types of content and I want to display the body field (cropped) on some types of content, but no bodies on other types of content. Since they all share the same body field, I should exclude the body field from being displayed on the types of content I don't want to see them on.

Right now I'm doing this with the views rewriting results and CSS. I add the content type field and I exclude it, then I add the body field. Under the rewrite results, I rewrite the output from the body field with this:


I then hide the content type bodies that I don't want to see with CSS:, {
  display: none;

It works "visually", but the class and the cut body are still displayed in HTML. Is there a better way to do it, maybe with a views_pre_render hook?

(I am completely inexperienced with PHP.)

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Is it possible to develop themes and plugins locally while allowing the update of the content directly in the administration dashboard?

Any similar questions I found specifically asked about setting up locale and / or setting up version control. They never ask if it is possible to have a development workflow for themes and plugins while allowing non-technical users to edit content directly on a web server using the table administration board.

I'm new to WordPress … is it possible to deploy only the files needed to update themes and plugins and not overwrite new content on the server?

I think these big companies using WordPress had to find a way to activate both version management processes and fast content updates using the admin dashboard .

Thanks for any advice!

information visualization – Visualize a simple workflow – content visualization

Consider using a Sankey diagram to visualize the workflow.

visualization of a security incident workflow

I've seen hierarchical graphs used to describe the workflow, but I always thought they were missing something – nodes that can have two parents, for example. A Sankey diagram solves this problem, and provides a trivial way to introduce the concept of the amount of volume that travels between "nodes". In addition, by definition, an organization chart is "a type of diagram that represents a workflow or process". Sankey's diagram seems to flow much more than a pie chart.

For more information, see the compelling case of David Pallmann for using Sankey diagrams to visualize the workflow.

I was able to create this workflow visualization in 10 minutes by forcing the Sankey demo from Highcharts and customizing the series data as follows:

    data: [
        ['Event Submission', 'Event Submission Close', 250],
        ['Event Submission', 'Create Incident', 750],
        ['Event Submission Close', 'Approve', 240],
        ['Event Submission Close', 'Reject', 10],
        ['Approve', 'After Action Review', 640],
        ['Create Incident', 'Contained', 400],
        ['Create Incident', 'Provide Analysis', 150],
        ['Create Incident', 'Incident Close', 125],
        ['Contained', 'Containment Approval', 370],
        ['Contained', 'Containment Rejection', 30],
        ['Incident Close', 'Approve', 110],
        ['Incident Close', 'Reject', 15],
        ['Containment Approval', 'Eradicated', 320],
        ['Containment Approval', 'Provide Analysis', 50],
        ['Eradicated', 'Eradication Approval', 315],
        ['Eradicated', 'Eradication Rejection', 5],
        ['Eradication Approval', 'Recovered', 315],
        ['Eradication Approval', 'Provide Analysis', 5],
        ['Recovered', 'Approve', 310],
        ['Recovered', 'Reject', 5]

ios – Does "Erase all content and settings" format the user partition?

Recently I have become concerned that there is no way to check the file system status on the iOS platform unless you root the root device and run a manual fsck. If I had to manage certain files that are important to me using my iPad (5th generation, currently running iOS 13.4), I would like to make sure that the underlying file system is in a clean state before doing any operations on the files. And since there is currently no equivalent of the macOS disk utility to check the file system status on iOS / iPadOS, I thought that the best way to get it ensuring the file system was clean was to erase my user data and start from scratch.

"Erase all content and settings" would it be enough to rebuild the data partition file system, or should I reinstall a new system image using iTunes recovery for this task?

I'm having a hard time understanding what "Clear All Content and Settings" is doing under the hood. Reading the document on the security of the Apple platform, I understand that this purges the encryption key of user data, making the data unrecoverable:

When stored, the encrypted file system key is further wrapped by an "erasable key" stored in Erasable Storage. This key does
provide additional data confidentiality. Instead, it is designed to
be quickly erased on demand (by the user with the "Erase all content"
and settings "). Erasing the key in this way makes everything
cryptographically inaccessible files.


Does this mean that the file system on the data partition itself is not affected by this process (i.e. user data is left on the partition but inaccessible after erasing)? Or does it also quickly format the user partition, thereby rebuilding the file system?

Note: I currently have no specific problems with my device. However, I have not deleted it even once since the purchase 3 years ago, and since that time it has undergone several updates, application crashes, etc. I know that APFS should theoretically be immune to file system corruption, but I believe that no software is perfect and there is always the risk of bugs that could cause problems in silence . So it's more a matter of peace of mind.

Thank you!