dnd 5e – Can others understand the content of the words embedded in the Message spell by the spellcaster, as well as those who respond to him?

Conceivably by lip-reading, for example with the Observant feat

The Message spell says:

You point your finger toward a creature within range and whisper a message.
The target (and only the target) hears the message and can reply in a whisper that only you can hear.

Spells do what they say they do, so this means no one else can understand the message “by listening to sound,” as you asked in one part of your question.

However, the spell says you “whisper”, and we are to take that verb in the ordinary dictionary sense, which is (OED):

whisper: verb, a. intransitive. To speak softly ‘under one’s breath’, i.e. without the resonant tone produced by vibration of the vocal cords; to talk or converse in this way, esp. in the ear of another, for the sake of secrecy.

Whispering in no way restricts or avoids the movement of the lips, and there is at least one way a player can be assured of having the ability to read lips, which is to take the Observant feat (p.168 of PHB), which includes:

If you can see a creature’s mouth while it is speaking a language you understand, you can interpret what it’s saying by reading its lips.

Notice it says “speaking” which is indeed in the definition of “whisper,” above; whispering does count as speaking.

Thus if you have this feat and can see the spellcaster while casting and understand their language, you can interpret the message.

To clarify about the verbal component (as pointed out by Szega), it was clarified in discussion of the suggestion spell on p. 17 of this Sage Advice Compendium that the verbal components of a spell are “mystic words,” separate from any “normal speech” entailed by the spell description.

But the Message spell’s having a verbal component other than the whisper itself does not matter for the purposes of your question. Casting it involves whispering, which is a kind of speaking that can be lip-read.

Naturally, the same conditions would apply for someone potentially lip-reading the recipient’s response to the Message spell.

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View to display content type and media type

Drupal 8

Say I have 1 content type and 2 media types users can create
Content type: Post
Media Type: Picture
Media type: Movie

How can I create a view that pulls all 3? As far as I can see you can only create views that show content, or media but not both in the same view.

I wasnt to create a feed displaying all 3 types of all users on the site.

how to access webform submission data from a custom content type

I ‘d be grateful if someone could help with this..

I have a webform, let’s call it input form, which, when submitted, triggers an external application to run on my server. That application uses some of the submission data (reading from webform_submission_data table) and after some time produces an output in the form of XML.

Now, through the use of feeds module, I read that XML data and produce a node, of a certain content type, let’s call it results CT ..

I have a twig template for the results content type, and output is nicely presented to the user.

So far, so good.

Now my problem is this. I need to show both input and output in the same results page.

I tried to use Webform Content Creator module and indeed I have nodes with submission data – let’s call this input data CT.

However, at the time of input form submission, I don’t have the results yet. And I want to link the two together, obviously upon the creation of the results node.

I tried to reference each content type, using Corresponding Entity References so that when a results node is created (automatically through feeds) it would link to the corresponding input data CT. I thought that if I can achieve that connection, then I would be able to access the ‘input’ data through the results page template.

However, I can’t make this connection to work – the ‘entity reference’ field that I use on the results CT, wants an ‘entity ID’ – and I can’t find that. Remember that nodes are created automatically, I don’t have a user creating nodes via a select form or autocomplete text field.

I am trying to figure out how to do this through the sid (submission id) which seems to be a unique key for every submission, and I have this on both my content types .. So ideally I would like to use the sid that I have on my results template, and use that to get the submission data I need.

(obviously) I am not very familiar with the drupal API – I am however comfortable with twig .. I don’t know if (and how) I could pass that information through a pre-process function to be available in the results template.. Is there a simpler way to do it?

Could I link two content types based on a custom field (say a unique number, like sid ??).

Ideally, in a few words, what I want is this:

I have a CT (results) with various fields, one of which is sid. That sid corresponds to a (unique) submission id. How can I access data relevant to that submission id from within the results twig template? So I can then present both input (submission data) and output (results) in the same page.

PS – Perhaps one solution would be to refactor the whole logic, and use one CT for both input/output. Insert some data upon form submission, and then, when results are ready, edit (i.e. fill-in) the rest of the ‘output’ fields via feeds. Then all data are in one CT. However I would rather avoid this as it’s quite a big change .. Shamefully enough, I might just re-enter input data through the XML again – it wouldn’t be a problem – but it’s a really crap solution ..

I ‘d be really grateful if someone could help .. I hope I explained the whole situation adequately enough ..

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8 – Assign content creation of nested content

In my Drupal 8 site I have a newspaper, that consists of multiple non-fix categories. Within these categories I have two different types of articles. As an editor I want to assign these two types to certain authors. So for example the editor sets up the current categories and wants to assign type 1 articles in category 1 to author 1. That author should than be able to create these articles types for this category only.

Obviously I don’t want to create a content type for every combination of category and article type, as the content is structurally the same and the amount of content types would be unreasonably high. I could tag the article types with the corresponding categories, but still for now I cannot find a way to properly handle the permissions/access to the creation of specific article types within a certain category. So is there any way i can differentiate between the article types of different categories, that can be used for handling the permissions of what content authors can create?

Any module recommendation, help or hint would be highly appreciated.

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