Contest – Website Graphics

Hi, I need a graphic for this website. The company is a venture capital company. The graphic will go to the right of the text where the current abstract graphic is located. I want to replace the existing graphic with ours. I like what it looks like but I want different images that go with the rest of the site. Right now, the hallmark of the company is helping to shape the visions of entrepreneurs, so I like the idea of ​​shapes with pictures in the lines. Examples of images that can be included:

1) Steps / blocks / building blocks – imagery representing the building.
2) Abstract architecture – imagery representing the sky is the limit.
3) Shapes – shape the vision.
4) Chess – imagery representing strategy (if using something like this, make sure the king is visible)

I'll leave the rest to you. When creating the graph, please overlay it on the website so that we can see what it looks like. Thank you!

Payment via PayPal.
Payment is AUD 20.
The competition will take place over the weekend and a little longer if there are few entries.

$ 20 – Icon design contest only – 2 days

Please download all images on this page and use the links provided when posting your submission.


Please download all images on this page and use the links provided when publishing your …

$ 20 – Icon design contest only – 2 days

Contest – Easy Flyer Design Contest

Hi guys,

I have a 48 hour competition to design a one-sided flyer to whiten my teeth.

Here are the details:

Size: DL
Logo: attached
Before and after: the 4 attached photos should not use them all, but I wanted to give you the appropriate resources.
Sales pitch: 5-14 whiter shades in just 1 hour
Price: only $ 99 if you book for March
Phone: 1300 019 310
Potential sales pitch: Find us at Rowens Arcade Ulladulla (attached image of the premises)

Fairly open about how you want to design this, just want most, but not necessarily all.

The competition will run for 48 hours and the winner will be paid via Paypal.

Thank you

Contest – Family tree

Greetings to the designers of the DigitalPoint forum! It is a design competition for a family tree based on a sketch.

Here is a reduced image of the sketch (see attachment).

Your job will be to make a drawing of the family tree that looks like a real tree. You have yours
the freedom of the artist to do it in your style and do what you think is necessary. As you can see from the sketch,
there are names on the tree.

I have the sketch in .cdr format, and I can also provide you with other formats, such as .pdf, .tiff or .jpeg in high resolution.
I need the final image in an editable format, preferably corels .cdr, photoshops .psd, layered tiff or
illustrators .ai. The final image should be approximately 70 cm wide and 50 cm high, resolution
300 DPI.

Please provide:
– a sample of the family tree (sample of your work and graphic style of the family tree, I suggest you make a detail of a family tree)
– your hourly price in US dollars
– and a rough estimate of the time it will take to finish the job

This competition will last two weeks from now (until March 03). If you are chosen for a winner, we will continue
email conversation. I reserve the right not to choose a winner. We will pay a little money on the
start, and rest after receiving the file. We will pay by bank transfer or maybe Paypal.

I hope I have been clear enough for you to understand. Feel free to send me a PM for any further questions. Regards, GFX2.

contest – What do Oleg Ershov's winning photos show?

So I came by two photos on BBC, and I can't understand what they are for, even on the contest website (I am not affiliated).

The first one (Fleswick Bay, England) is difficult to grasp due to an object which seems to be a pebble, which creates a kind of illusion; the second (Blafellsa, Iceland), I don't know if over a large area, or a macro shot.

enter description of image here
enter description of image here

contest math – How to find all the continuous functions f, g and h from R to R which satisfy $ f (x + y) = g (x) + h (y) $ for all $ x, y ∈ R $.

Find all the continuous functions f, g and h from R to R which satisfy
$ f (x + y) = g (x) + h (y) $ for everyone $ x, y ∈ R $. This thing is a bit like homomorphism / linear function, so technically any linear function f can meet the requirement, I mean $ f, f $, and $ f $. But I guess there are others.