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Rfinance (RFI)


Rfinance Next Generation Defi Ecosystem

Thanks for being a part of The Rfinance’s community. Today The Rfinance Team is pleased to announce the first community contest! Of RFI Token.

How to participate:

1- Follow
https://twitter.com/Rfinancedefi on Twitter.

2- Create a tweet and explain some benefits of Rfinance with the $RFI cashtag and #DeFi hashtag.

3- Join our Telegram group

4- Minimum 5 RFI token For each participant for first 500 Entry

5- Fill out this Google Form:

The contest winner will be announced after the presale

The prize for Contest Winners:

1ST Prize: 80 RFI Token

2nd Prize: 50 RFI Token

3rd Prize: 30 RFI Token


In order to qualify for the contest prizes, all above steps must be followed. Goodluck!







Introducing The Rfinance:

Presale FAQ:

RFinance (RFI) Presale Date:

Do you any Question You can ask at: Contact@Rfinance.io

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Contest – 100$ Package Design Contest

Hello Everyone.

I need a design for packaging for tights/pantyhose that my company sells. Before you start designing, you will have to download our Logo, the template and the Pictures that I’d like you to use. The download also contains two Examples. The examples give you an impression of what a final product could look like. They are not actual Examples of a design I want.

Please download the zip file here: https://hirogato.com/PH_Design.rar

Here are the specifications for the design (so far… I might add some minor requests or changes later, please follow my posts in this thread)

1. File needs to be in AI format
2. The Zip File contains two examples of a final product. You will need to leave space for a see through hole like in the examples. The see though hole doesn’t have to be like in the examples, it can have any size or shape and it can be placed ANYWHERE on the front. I wouldn’t want it on the top edge, like in example02, I would prefer the bottom edge or anywhere else as stated before.
3. Please refer to the Template.ai file. It has the exact proportions of what the final design needs to be like. You can add your design in a new layer above the template.
4. Please use our logo somewhere on the font side (logo.ai).
5. Please use one or more or ALL of the pictures provided in the Zip File (01.tif – 04.tif)
6. The Pictures can be altered, you can remove the background etc. No Censoring or further retouch of the model.
7. The Main Tagline or Logo should read “Hiro’s Lightning Pantyhose” and should be well in the focus of the design (bigger than the logo)
8. Also Add “70 DEN – GLOSSY TIGHTS” to the front side
9. For the Backside please use only the top Half, because we’ll place a sticker on the lower half.
10. The Backside should also Have the Tagline / Logo “Hiro’s Lightning Pantyhose
11. Please add a secondary tag line saying “Quality Design From Japan
12. Regarding the coloring and design I like it plain and simple, black on white or white on black is great, but if you like to do other colors or have a more colorful design I am certainly open to it.

Please post your design proposals in this thread, maybe start with the front side and see what I say before you go ahead with the backside.

The final design must be made available in AI format.

$$$ The Winner gets 100 US $ by Paypal $$$

The contest runs until Monday the 28th 10am Tokyo Time. I reserve the right to extend the contest for another week if I’m not satisfied or not to announce a winner if little entries with no matching design. However so far you guys never let me down… :)

GL and Cheers!



Contest – $40 Design Contest – Transport Company

Hi All,

I am looking for a logo design for a company named ” Trigga Transport “

Design guide is something like a gun being shot out of the barrel of a gun to indicate fast delivery.

The logo is going to be on black clothing, so something that would work with that.

Feedback will be provided to all.

Winner will be paid $40 USD via paypal..

Thank you in advance.