sharepoint online – Convert People Picker to New Text Column

I have a SharePoint online list where I have a People Picker field (“PeoplePickerColumn”).

I want to create a new text column (“PeopleTextColumn”) in the list that populates based on the “PeoplePickerColumn” value.

I’m fairly new to SharePoint and do not know JSON.

How to convert Password field to required in checkout of Magento 2

I want to convert password field to required from optional. I didn’t found any settings to do that. Is any code available to do that?

Please help.

convert from public address format to raw transaction format

So I am trying to full understand how to decode transactions. In the dev docs it discusses a raw transaction:
in the paragraph “TxOut: A Transaction Output” there is an example. Near the bottom of that example it decodes the bitcoin script. It shows you pushing 20 bytes labeled as the public key has onto the stack.


That value is autogenerated from “createrawtransaction” cli function which comes from the public key. It specifically references the example here
where it says


how are they going from




? It doesn’t say anywhere in the documentation. Is this just a read the source code situation? I should say I have tried plugging the address into many different hashing calculators. I never get the same result.

cryptography – How to correctly convert a bit key to string for aes 256 encrytion?

I am using CryptoJS AES 256 encryption:

CryptoJS.AES.encrypt(string, secret);

The secret is generated through:

function generateKey(str) {
  const salt = CryptoJS.lib.WordArray.random(128 / 8);
  const key512Bits = CryptoJS.PBKDF2(str, salt, {
    keySize: 512 / 32,
    iterations: 100000

  return key512Bits.toString(<-- base64 or hex -->);

But it seems like the returned secret string doesn’t contain any special character if hex or only ‘/,+’ and wierd ending ‘==’ if base64

Is there any way to make the string much more unpredictable?


macos – How to convert folders to databases in finder?

I have been lately an intensive Notion user which means that I love databases

So I’m trying to extrapolate that workflow to Finder and I am confident it’s possible via smart folders although I don’t know how to apply it

Could somebody show me how to set the filters inside a smart folder in order to show all the files inside without the ‘structural folders’

Convert tcl/tk to python – Software Engineering Stack Exchange

Convert tcl/tk to python – Software Engineering Stack Exchange

google sheets – Possible to Convert and Display Weight Value in both Kilograms and Pounds and Ounces?

Use three entry columns — pounds, ounces, kilograms — and two formula columns like this:

  (E2 + F2) * G2, 
    "enter lb+oz, or kg, not both", 
  E2 + F2, 
    sum( convert(E2, "lbm", "ozm"), F2 ), 
    convert(G2, "kg", "ozm"), 
  (E2 + F2) * G2, 
    "enter lb+oz, or kg, not both", 
  E2 + F2, 
    convert(H2, "ozm", "kg"), 

The formula columns let you see the result in both ounces and kilograms for every entry.

See the new Solution sheet in your sample spreadsheet.

Photoshop how to convert shape (rectangle) to bitmap

I am coming from old Adobe Fireworks, where converting any shape into a bitmap is as simple as selecting it and click menu Modify -> Flatten Selection, and that’s it.

Unfortunately I have found out there is nothing like that in Photoshop (well, at least nothing I would know of).

Can anyone explain to me how to do this simple task in Photoshop (Google search did not help with this at all)?

postgresql – Convert postgres varchar[] to text[] without downtime

As I discovered in researching this question, converting a column from varchar(100)() to text() requires a table rewrite and rebuilding indexes.

Is there a way to manage this conversion without the locking and rewriting through some catalog trickery like that used in this question? Particularly interested in version 10 if possible

python – ValueError: could not convert string to float: ‘Potência’

Soy nuevo en Pandas todavía, estoy analizando un código utilizando Jupyter.

Estoy analizando el siguiente DataFrame:

introducir la descripción de la imagen aquí

Estoy aplicando el siguiente código:

df_empty = pd.DataFrame(columns = ('Horário', 'Temperatura', 'Potência'))

def Fill_df(df_e, df_c):
Função que preenche o dataframe(df_e) com a soma dos power e medias das temperaturas para
um respectivo tempo.
df_e: Dataframe vazio para armazenamento dos valores.
df_c: Dataframe usado para calcular o que queremos.

df_e completo

for i in df_c('Horário').unique():
    soma = sum(df_c.loc(df_c('Horário') == i)('Potência').astype(float)) # Sum Power
    media = np.mean(df_c.loc(df_c('Horário') == i)('Temperatura').astype(float)) # Mean Temp
    df_e = df_e.append({'Horário': i, 'Temperatura': media,'Potência': soma}, ignore_index=True)
return df_e

Y estoy obteniendo el siguiente error:

ValueError: could not convert string to float: ‘Potência’

Honestamente no veo problemas en mi columna Potencia, o probablemente sea problemas en los espacios vacíos que estoy rellenando.

Agradezco unos consejos, para saber que es lo que estoy entendiendo mal.

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