java – non-convertible types can not convert to

How about guys that I just started in the world of Android programming but I found myself stuck in an error and I can not find any solution, I want to implement a map of Google Maps in my application and when of creating a new MapsActivity (which is generated by code) skip an error in the line

    SupportMapFragment mapFragment = (SupportMapFragment) getSupportFragmentManager ()
.findFragmentById (;

who is

Non-convertible types can not convert to

If you could help me, I would be very grateful 🙂

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How to convert Office documents in base 64 to PDF in base 64 in C #?

I'm doing a migration process between 2 databases. In the source database, records contain documents in base 64 (Excel and Word). They asked me to store them in PDF format in the destination database. 64 too.

The problem I have in converting … In the beginning, I have detailed the following types of documents:

  • data: application / msword; base64.0M8R4KGxGuEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPGADAP7 …
  • data: application /; base64.0M8R4KGxGuEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGADAP7 / …
  • data: application / vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet; base64, UEsDBBQABgAIAAAAIQB8bJgWbAEAAKA …
  • data: application / vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document; base64, UEsDBBQABgAIAAAAIAIAQAJJIeCgQEAAI4F …

In the end, all must end in the following format:

  • data: application / pdf; base64,0M8R4KGxGuEAAA …

Does anyone know how can I make this conversion directly into memory? Apart from all that is stored in a PDF file, another requirement is: no temporary file is created.

I hope someone has already done so and can help me since I am completely lost.

Thank you in advance.

unit – There is no upgrade to convert the LWRP?

I use the version of the unit 2019.1.6f1. I'm opening a new scene with the LWRP temple project. I note the message of all the materials of the scene that I could not understand how to solve it. For example, the puzzle appears in my scene but in the console window, a message tells me

Jigsaw_Mat hardware has not been upgraded. There is no upgrade to convert the Lightweight Render Pipeline / Lit shader into a selected pipeline
UnityEditor.Rendering.LWRP.LightweightRenderPipelineMaterialUpgrader: UpgradeProjectMaterials ()

Any materials showing this message, and I do not know what to do to repair these carpets !!?

to convert an article to another language help?

Does the conversion of the article into another language allow it to obtain traffic and sales (via affiliate programs).

Suppose if I convert a single article into 5-7-10 in multiple languages, does that help me get traffic from those countries and some sales too?

please give your valuable suggestions.

Thank you

flyer – How can I convert Statistics Canada from SHP / GML / MAP to JSON?

I'm trying to make a choroplete on a flyer with Statistics Canada data. For whatever reason, I just can not convert the data on this page: cfm

I have tried many ways and I have failed. The closest goal to reach my goal was with mapshaper, but for some reason, I did not get latitude / longitude data (46.xxxxx, -75.xxxxx) but positive numbers like 80. xxxxx, 45.xxxx.

How should I proceed?

Thank you

PS I tried GDAL, but I did not find any .exe file to launch the software after the download and I did not understand how it worked.

web design – Convert between CSS pixels, iOS points and Android dp

I'm developing a web application that will be viewed on mobile devices and I need to determine the size of the CSS pixels to create the touch targets.

Web Content Access Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1.5 success criterion requires touch targets of at least 44 x 44 CSS pixels. The Apple User Interface Guide (HIG) for iOS recommends 44 x 44 dots and the Google Hardware Design Guide recommends 48 x 48 dp.

I would like to compare HIG guidelines and materials design to WCAG. How to compare CSS pixels, iOS points and Android dp? Preferably, I'd like to learn how to convert iOS dp and Android dots into CSS pixels.

SQL SERVER Convert BLOB data to a string

I'm trying to extract blob data from a SQL SERVER 2008 R2 database. The data is annotation data that an application stores. I did some research and I partially managed to convert the data. I receive about 20-30 characters from each entry.
Here is the SQL statement that I used:

select CONVERT (varchar (MAX), CONVERT (varbinary, blob)) from annotation_data

How can I get all the data?

How to convert a batch file for Daemon Tools into a virtual clone drive?

I would like to convert a batch file that I used for Daemon Tool Lite for use with Virtual Clone Drive. It is important that the drive is loaded correctly before starting the program. I have tried but until now no luck. Any help greatly appreciated. This is my current batch file:

@ Echo off

set mds_file = "G: GAMES Other games WipeoutXL Wipeout.XL.mds"
set DTLite = "C: Program Files DAEMON Tools Lite DTAgent.exe"
set Prg_run = "G: GAMES Other games WipeoutXL Wipeout2.exe"
@ Echo off

IF NOT EXIST% mds_file% goto missing_mds
IF NOT EXIST% DTLite% goto missing_DTLite
IF NOT EXIST% Prg_run% goto missing_PrgToRun
echo location MDS:% mds_file% ok!
echo location DTLite:% DTLite% ok!
echo Program location:% Prg_run% ok!

: Fit the image
echo virtual drive letter Scsi% errorlevel% ok!
echo (letter of the reader: D = 3, E = 4, F = 5, G = 6, H = 7, I = 8, J = 9, K = 10, …)
echo Montage image …
% DTlite% -mount scsi,% scsi_count%,% mds_file%

% Prg_run%

: missing_DTLite
echo Error: not found% DTLite%.
go to the exit

: missing_mds
Error echo: file not found% mds_file%.
go to the exit

: missing_PrgToRun
echo Error: program to run the file not found% Prg_run%.
go to the exit

: error_add
echo Failed to add a new scsi virtual drive!
go to the exit

: error_letter
echo Can not retrieve the virtual drive letter scsi!
go to the exit

: error_mount
echo Error: Unable to mount image file% mds_file%!
go to the exit


Is there a way to convert DOCX to Google Docs directly in Google Drive?

Previously, Google Docs automatically converted Word files when you opened it with the help of "Open with> Google Docs" order on google drive.

But recently, it has been updated to allow native editing of Office files. So now, I have to open docx files with Google Docs, so what to select "File> Save as Google Docs" just to convert docx to Google Docs format.

Is there a faster way to do this?

Note: Just going to GDocs is not an option because we still use a lot of Word in our organization.