[OGRU] DataTables BB Code converter | NullScripts

This resource can convert old [TH] DataTables BB Code to native XenForo 2.x tables.
It can be useful for migration from XenForo 1.5 to XenForo 2.x

I tried to convert over DataTables BB Code from 1300 messages, and all messages was converted successfully.

How to use it:

  1. Create fresh backup of forum database.
  2. You need to setup DataTables separator in admin panel.
  3. From command line run php cmd.php ogru:datatables:convert
  4. You will get…


usa – Plugging in a Power Spike/Surge protector to a Voltage Converter

Can I connect a Universal Travel adapter( I own this) to a power spike and connect appliances?

You can connect your universal power adaptor directly into a US outlet. You generally don’t need a surge protector. I don’t know what “power spike” is. If you mean a “power strip” than, yes, that’s ok too provided you can make the connection safely. Many of the cheaper adapters don’t fit well and may fall out of the wall socket.

Is it safe?

It’s safe if you stay within the safe limits of the device. That means

  1. All the appliances that you connect MUST have a universal power supply and accept 110 V. That is often the case for chargers (phones, laptops, tablets, etc) but you need the check your clipper and any other device. Look for a voltage rating of “100V-240V”. It if says “200-240V” or similar, you can’t use it.
  2. The total current drawn by all devices must NOT exceed 6 Ampere. That means the total power of all device should not exceed 500W or so. For low power devices, that’s typically not a problem.

for things like hair dryer …

Keep in mind that most high-power appliances are NOT dual voltage. In this case, you can’t use a travel adaptor but you MUST use a step up transformer. These are heavy and expensive: it may be cheaper and more convenient to buy a new hair dryer.

When we moved to the US, we bought to step-up transformers for the entire household but mostly replaced all appliances.

javascript – Converter string em array usando Array.from

Preciso de uma ajuda, eu estava estudando e vi o método split mas pensei se eu pudesse fazer o mesmo com array.from mas quando eu faço só consigo converter e um array separado por caractere, mas quero separar palavra por palavra

console.log(Array.from('qualquer coisa')) //separa letra por letra

obs: sou extremamente novato


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Converter Ano para dois digitos

Como converter DateTime.now.year para dois digitos?
Ex: 2021 to 21

Meu code:

Dim ok As String = DateTime.Now.Year.ToString("yy")
shortyear.text = ok

Imprime "yy"

Converter NodeList em String(?) / Capturando valores de Checkbox (javascript)

estou criando um formulário e gostaria de capturar valores dele, e ao submeter renderizo ele na tela.

Entretanto um dos campos é de checkbox e o usuário pode escolher mais de uma opção, como utilizei o document.queryselectorAlll ele me retorna uma nodeList. E (como sou iniciante) não estou conseguindo converter esses valores em string ou capturar esses valores.

Como posso fazer? Preciso capturar esse valor (ou valores) dessa nodeList. Estou tentando a partir do código abaixo:

document.querySelector('.formcadastro').addEventListener('submit', function(event){


    var campos = (

    var tr = document.createElement('tr');


        var td = document.createElement('td');

        td.textContent = campo.value;


que retorna:

(9) (input#nome-completo.form-control, input#feminino.form-check-input, input#nascimento.form-control, input#cpf.form-control, input#rg.form-control, input#carga.form-control, input#salario.form-control, input#predio.form-control, NodeList(1))

0: input#nome-completo.form-control
1: input#feminino.form-check-input
2: input#nascimento.form-control
3: input#cpf.form-control
4: input#rg.form-control
5: input#carga.form-control
6: input#salario.form-control
7: input#predio.form-control
8: NodeList(1)
0: input#bhbus.form-check-input
length: 1
__proto__: NodeList
length: 9
__proto__: Array(0)

Case Converter site lower, UPPER, Capitalized, 7 years domain

I’m selling my website change text case http://generatesitemap.com/
This website will help you easily convert text between different cases, maybe you Accidentally left the caps lock on and typed a text , you can use this tool instead of retyping the text again

Text conversion cases?
you can choose between:
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lower case
Capitalized Case
aLtErNaTiNg cAsE

Additional Features:
• It uses a light weight script
• Easily to customize and change
• It shows the conversion without reloading the page

The sale includes
The .com domain
Clean Premium html template

How can i make money?
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Why are you selling this site?
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Does this site come with any social media accounts?


How much time does this site take to run?
There is no time needed to run the site. It does not even require a database to run.


Temperature Converter: °C to K

What it does

  • Converts melting point and boiling point from degrees celsius to kelvin
  • These are in a dict which is in a tuple as no changes should be made to it
  • No user input


Learning exercise to understand classes and OOP

What I need help with

  • Is this how you do classes?
  • Is this correct OOP?
  • Suggest any improvements?


from typing import Dict

class ConvertToKelvin:
    def __init__(self, substance: str, data: Dict(str, int)):
        self.substance = substance
        self.data = data

    def to_kelvin(self, celsius: int) -> int:
        return celsius + 273

    def __str__(self):
        sub = self.substance
        mp = self.to_kelvin(self.data("mp"))
        bp = self.to_kelvin(self.data("bp"))
        return f'{sub}:n mp: {mp}Kn bp: {bp}Kn'

data = (
            'bp': 0,
            'mp': 100
           'bp': 30,
           'mp': 120

print('n'.join(str(i) for i in data))


 mp: 373K
 bp: 273K

 mp: 393K
 bp: 303K

microsoft word – Creating Text Style with Colors using Pandoc to Docx Converter

I am creating a simple Word document (*.docx) using Pandoc. My input text file is fairly straight forward. I would like to create text with Red/Yellow/Green highlight. I am aware of creating a custom reference document and using that in Pandoc. In fact, I have a custom-reference.docx that I am using, but I am not sure how to add a Text Style for this Text Highlight Colors.

My Pandoc command

pandoc -s word_basics_pandoc.txt -o output.docx –reference-doc=custom-reference.docx

Output in docx, I am trying for

text color highlight

My Sample Text for creating Docx

title: Word report
author: John Doc
date: May 24, 2021
keywords: word,pandoc

This is a sample text document created using Pandoc.

# Text Style with either Text color (Text Highlight color)


## Lists

* one
* two
* three

## Ordered Lists

1. one
2. Two
3. Three

big sur – Calibre converter alternatives

big sur – Calibre converter alternatives – Ask Different

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