plugin – Unreal: Where should I put a DLL to be copied when it is compressed or compressed?

I am currently using the FPaths::ProjectPluginsDir() directory to store a custom DLL for Unreal. However, when I build or compress the project, I have to manually create a Plugins folder and copy the DLL in this file.

Is there another folder that would be a better directory to store my plugin in order to have my DLL copied automatically when it is compressed or compressed?

Content copied (stolen?) – what can I do?

I have found a website that copies / pastes the content of my website.

In the content, I put some hyperlinks to other pages of my website.
However, it seems that I have marked a space before a linked target word in a paragraph. They have removed all my hypertext links, but this empty space that connects them has remained.
Therefore, their website contains exactly the same text, as well as a link to my website (as on the original) displayed in the source code of the page. As:

Blah blah blah my exact wordsEMPTY SPACEtarget word, blah blah blah, my exact words …

Is there a way to report that?
This sounds like a clear copy example, especially with the link that remains left – there is no doubt that it had to be copied.

The page also contains images extracted from my site and others that are not, but the writing is copied / pasted into the letter, paragraph after paragraph.

seo – 100% of articles copied with original articles

One of my clients has to publish about 1,000 items and more than 100% copied on his website. Legally, it has already obtained the permission of the owner of the article.. The purpose of these articles is to keep users on the site for a long time.

He does not want organic traffic for these copied items. But I said that these items can be affected to reduce the organic traffic of your original articles. he asked me to find a solution.

How can I put more than 1000 articles copied on the site, but without negative effect on the original articles (SEO Wise).

finder – How to move a file from my hard drive to a flash drive (not copied)?

I have some movie files that I want to move on a flash drive. I do not want the file to be copied.

Once they are moved to the flash drive, I do not want a separate copy on my hard drive.

If I do a simple drag and drop in the Finder, it copies the files.

When I right click on the movie files, I do not get the option to simply move.

I'm trying to move from _temp at _M.

enter the description of the image here

The menu I get when I right click looks like this:

enter the description of the image here

how to get the date a file was copied to a folder

How to get the date a file was copied to a folder?
I still have creative dates, but that's not what I want. I want the time at which the file arrived in the folder

Browser session cookies stolen / copied to another PC, why are websites not smart enough to prevent them?

Just out of curiosity and security testing, I copied cookies from my own browser to another computer on the same browser and, surprisingly, I managed to open Facebook and Google accounts with existing sessions even after I changed my browser. the public IP !!

For now, it would be safer for websites to be smart enough to detect your access to an existing session from the same platform / agent, but from a combination of multiple models ip / mac / machine / unique identifier, etc. only the combination of the same platform / agent / ip / user / any unique identifier associated with the actual user could continue the existing session. Would not it be a good protection against session hijacking? cheers

magento2 – custom fonts do not seem to be copied to pub / static

I'm trying to follow the instructions in the magento 2 documentation to implement a custom font in a new theme. I've created a theme themedir = app / design / frontend / Magento / custom based on the blank theme and I've copied some of the blank css files as a starting point.

I've added an import to a _custom.less file in {abovedir} / web / css / sources / and then created a folder for my fonts in {themedir} / web / fonts / MyFont / that includes MyFont.woff, MyFont.woff2, MyFont. .ttf and MyFont.svg.

At the top of the list, I added:

        .lib-font-face (
@ last name: 'myfont',
@ font-path: @ {baseDir} fonts / MyFont / MyFont & # 39;
@ font-weight: normal,
@ font style: normal

according to the instructions on the magento 2 website and many other examples I've found. If I then included 'myfont' in a style somewhere, I can see the browser trying to load the font from / pub / static / version ###### / frontend / Magento / custom / en_US / fonts / MyFont / MyFont. woff (and also the woff2 and ttf versions) but it returns 404 not found.

If I look at pub / static, nothing matches, even by far, the font file name.

Am I missing something?

Calibrating the display – What configuration of a camera + monitor would have, if repeatedly copied to another, the least color change from one generation to the next? # 39; other?

It's half theoretical, but I find it interesting because there might be quite a few eurekas in the answer: how does color management really work …

The idea is to repeatedly take a picture of a monitor, then display each result, to photograph it again …

Which configuration (not a specific device, but a color management and equipment settings) would take the most iterations before being completely unbalanced?

Need a copied and modified website

Need a website copied and modified for paypal

You will also need to download the new website to my hosting account.

Contact me with a quote or more information!

java – How to respect the jumps of text lines copied to the clipboard

Hi, I have a little code that manages to copy text that is in a webView that loads a web page. The problem is that I do not understand that when extracting text from the clipboard, this does not respect line breaks.

final ClipboardManager clipboard = (ClipboardManager) getSystemService (Context.CLIPBOARD_SERVICE);
clipboard.addPrimaryClipChangedListener (new ClipboardManager.OnPrimaryClipChangedListener () {
public void onPrimaryClipChanged () {
ClipData clipData = clipboard.getPrimaryClip ();

ClipData.Item item = null;
if (clipData! = null) {
item = clipData.getItemAt (0);
if (! mPreviousText[0].equals (item.getText (). toString ())) {

mPreviousText[0] = item.getText (). toString ();
myEditText.setText (mPreviousText[0])


Assuming that the text you copy is the following:

"A word from the translator to his friends

J & # 39; offer

naked, virgins, intact and simple ".

what he returns to me would be:

"A word from the translator to his friends that I propose naked, virgins, intact and simple."

And I do not know what is due, thanks in advance.