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pdf – Why is the copied text turned into a trash?

This is not the first PDF that I arrive where text can be copied successfully to the clipboard and pasted elsewhere, while other parts turn into garbage.

Here is an example:

enter the description of the image here

I've opened the same document with Adobe Acrobat, Foxit Reader and SumatraPDF and they all have the same problem.

Why is it happening? Are some pages handled differently by the original PDF producer application (here: "PDFCreator")? Could it be that different pages of the original document were built with different tools (for example, Word for some pages, PowerPoint for others)?

Can I try something?

FWIW, this is a Windows 7 host.

Thank you.

dnd 5th – Can a wild-form Druid be copied by Polymorph or Wild Shape?

Ironically, this is a very simple reason: a creature affected by polymorphous must have a CR or level greater than or equal to the challenge value of the creature being transformed; and the players do not have a challenge ranking. And since they do not have the same statistics as what they've processed, it's not appropriate to just stick the CR of the form on them.

So, a druid who took the form of a black bear, without challenge rating, would not be eligible to be the type of animal that a creature targeted by polymorphous could turn into.

The main restriction on polymorphous is "a beast with a CR equal or inferior to that of the target", without the same stipulation found in Wild form that this must be a beast the caster has seen before. As the druid's NPC has a CR (and it was probably calculated with alternative forms that he might take into account), the real question is whether

  • The Druid NPC counts as a beast in this form, and
  • the polymorphous the spell allows the target to be polymorphic in a "specific" version of a beast, and not just in the platonic ideal of a beast, and
  • The druid NPC of changed form represents a specific version of a beast and not their platonic ideal.

For the first question, I think the answer is yes, they do indeed count as a beast, given the answers to questions that are based on a similar logic.

For the second question, I think the answer is also yes, it turns the target into a specific animal. There is no text to contradict this, and even the specific non-demoniconic beasts found in the Adventure modules have a challenge level associated with them, and are generally valid targets for Wild Shape and polymorphous.

There remains the last question: does a NPC Shauide Druid represent a specific version of the beast they took the form or a generic version of the beast they took shape? And I think the answer is also yes: they represent a specific version of the beast. They are a beast with the same statistics as the form they took, except with (probably) higher mental statistics.

So, as far as I'm concerned, it's legal to polymorphous a creature transformed into a druid of altered form or wild form (NPC), and doing so will result in the polymorphic creature inheriting the druid's mental statistics.

At my table, because of that decision, I think I could then extend it to allow that to be valid if the druid is a player character; but as I said, I do not believe that the rules as such are valid.

security – How to detect that the internal hard disk is deleted and which files have been copied?

Encrypt the entire hard drive, the copied data is useless.

But if a malicious has unlimited access to your equipment, you still lost the game of security. They can install all kinds of spyware or even hardware bugs. Then encryption will not help you either. See Evid Maid Attack.

Securing your hardware is the first and most basic layer of security. If you can not do that, all the rest is a little useless.

updates – Description of the page copied to all advanced field descriptions

I've updated my wordpress version from version 4.9 to version 5.2. After updating all the data from the page description field copied into the page sub-section, the custom field description advances. I tried to delete this data from the description but when I saved them. It comes back in the same field.
The red line in the description section is the text in the description.I do not know why the text is in color writing.And every time I delete the text and save it.It reappears.

The red line in the description section is the text in the description.I do not know why the text is in color writing.And every time I delete the text and save it.It reappears

plugin – Unreal: Where should I put a DLL to be copied when it is compressed or compressed?

I am currently using the FPaths::ProjectPluginsDir() directory to store a custom DLL for Unreal. However, when I build or compress the project, I have to manually create a Plugins folder and copy the DLL in this file.

Is there another folder that would be a better directory to store my plugin in order to have my DLL copied automatically when it is compressed or compressed?

Content copied (stolen?) – what can I do?

I have found a website that copies / pastes the content of my website.

In the content, I put some hyperlinks to other pages of my website.
However, it seems that I have marked a space before a linked target word in a paragraph. They have removed all my hypertext links, but this empty space that connects them has remained.
Therefore, their website contains exactly the same text, as well as a link to my website (as on the original) displayed in the source code of the page. As:

Blah blah blah my exact wordsEMPTY SPACEtarget word, blah blah blah, my exact words …

Is there a way to report that?
This sounds like a clear copy example, especially with the link that remains left – there is no doubt that it had to be copied.

The page also contains images extracted from my site and others that are not, but the writing is copied / pasted into the letter, paragraph after paragraph.

seo – 100% of articles copied with original articles

One of my clients has to publish about 1,000 items and more than 100% copied on his website. Legally, it has already obtained the permission of the owner of the article.. The purpose of these articles is to keep users on the site for a long time.

He does not want organic traffic for these copied items. But I said that these items can be affected to reduce the organic traffic of your original articles. he asked me to find a solution.

How can I put more than 1000 articles copied on the site, but without negative effect on the original articles (SEO Wise).

finder – How to move a file from my hard drive to a flash drive (not copied)?

I have some movie files that I want to move on a flash drive. I do not want the file to be copied.

Once they are moved to the flash drive, I do not want a separate copy on my hard drive.

If I do a simple drag and drop in the Finder, it copies the files.

When I right click on the movie files, I do not get the option to simply move.

I'm trying to move from _temp at _M.

enter the description of the image here

The menu I get when I right click looks like this:

enter the description of the image here

how to get the date a file was copied to a folder

How to get the date a file was copied to a folder?
I still have creative dates, but that's not what I want. I want the time at which the file arrived in the folder