where CopySwiftLibs gets run and copies the standard Swift libraries? is there a way to avoid it?

Where CopySwiftLibs is running?
I'm trying to avoid getting libswift * .dylib, which is copied via CopySwiftLibs,
I see an option in xcode, which is "Always integrate standard Swift libraries",
but it is set to "No", but libswift libraries are always copied to Contents / Frameworks / of app.
Is there a way to avoid it?

Prevent Google Photos from deleting local copies of media files

I have a lot of cool projects that I like to show when I am on the road. On my phone, I have a "demo" album created in Google Photos.

It's the most used album on my phone, which I usually show once a week.

The application continually deletes local cached copies, which means that whenever I try to open my demo album, it must download the remote support.

My phone has 128GB of storage and over 100GB free.

How can I prevent the Google Photos app from mistakenly deleting local media?

Make sure the application copies the text in plain text

Is there a way to make the Notes application on Mac copy text in plain text? I use many Notes but it copies the text as rich text. This can cause problems when pasting text in certain applications that detect Notes's unwanted font properties.

mobile – A Bot telegram that copies and transmits messages from a chat or group?

I do not know if it's the right community, so if I'm wrong, tell me where I should write …

However, I would like to know if there are robots telegrams that automatically copy and transmit messages in a discussion (in a channel or group) and transfer them elsewhere (in a discussion, a channel or a group) .

I am asking you because I would like to create a paid bot that sends notifications, so any user wishing to use the bot has to pay.
However, I would not want in the same chat, group, channel where the "my bot" is, there is another bot that copies "my messages" by transferring them elsewhere.

This way, other users use my service without paying …

vba – I need a code for Excel that copies the name of the folder in which it is located

I need the file generated in Excel to have the same name as the folder in which it is located.

I used a program to scan documents in my company and I had to make this change so that when I scan a new document, it is named after the corresponding folder.

Thank you in advance.

mouse: Macbook keyboard removes and copies random text; chooses too much

Sometimes, when I select text – even just a letter – and press the Backspace key, the cursor removes the text from a long way. It is also reproducible when I select the same text again and the same thing happens. Unfortunately, when I change the program (I want to save it), the problem disappears.
This occurs mainly in chrome – probably because I use a lot of chromium.

In Intellij Idea, I mostly encounter a selection bug, in which I only select a word with a mouse and suddenly select the upper and lower rows.

The selection works funny in the macos? I still have this problem.

When a magician copies a new spell into his spell book, it costs 50GP. Where does this money go?

Take a look at the following sentence after the one you quote (from the same sidebar in the section of the wizard):

For each level of the spell, the process [of copying a new spell into your spellbook] takes 2 hours and costs 50 inches. Cost represents the hardware components you spend as you experiment with the spell to control it, as well as the fine inks you need to record it.

This would suggest that somewhere you find a merchant who sells the inks, paper, and various reagents required to copy the spell.

It is important to note that wizards can learn spells both when they level up and by copying spells they find during their daily adventures (for example, if the wizard falls on a scroll containing a spell of sorcerer, he does not know yet).

The cost of copying a spell does not apply to both spells at each level.

Whenever you win a wizard level, you can add two wizard spells of your choice for free to your spell book.

So copying the spell parchment above would require 50gp, but if you turn up the level and select the same spell, you'll know it for free.

data leak – Is there a gadget that captures and copies all digital information?

No, it's pure science fiction.

First of all, the handwriting on a piece of paper is digital. It is composed of discrete numerical symbols. A burnt match could be digital information …

Secondly, copying from chips such as flash storage usually requires feeding them and addressing them. This can not be done remotely for general chips. Exceptions, such as RFID, are exceptions that use a large antenna to collect enough energy and respect specific protocols.

And when it comes to spinning disks … what physics would it be? The information is stored as magnetic information on a set of rotating platters. The disc is a very good faradays cage by design, and it requires great amount of energy needed to spin the disc and operate speech reels …

Moreover, there is no logic, if it were possible, to start all over again if it were interrupted. Especially not since the beginning of the file, not the block device. If you can access the beginning of the file on a device in block mode, no why you can not access an arbitrary point in the file either.

TEMPEST attacks, which attempt to catch the electromagnetic noise created by computers, are very close. Some components, such as CRT monitors, generated quite powerful signals that gave a fairly clear representation of what was presented on the screen. But this requires that the device in question is turned on and that it accesses the data you want to see. This does not allow you to recover unaccessed content, such as a flash device or hard disk.

windows 7 – CMD copies text between 2 characters


I have this output in a txt file:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE WOW6432Node Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Uninstall {03343DEA-224B-E9B6-1FBB-E637E6BC6BAA}
Display name REG_SZ WinAppDeploy
I want the string between the brackets {} and assign it to the variable.

I want it by lot, I use CMD win 7.

Could you help me?

Thank you in advance.

How to make 2 copies of website when updating your current site?

Hello WHT,

1.) Can I ask you how to create live copies of your website while working and updating your current site?
So when something is wrong, you can have live backup copies?


2.) How to work on other hidden copies of your current site,
while testing it live
before upgrading from the non-updated version to this updated version?

I use WordPress as my CMS.

Please help,
Thank you.