When a magician copies a new spell into his spell book, it costs 50GP. Where does this money go?

Take a look at the following sentence after the one you quote (from the same sidebar in the section of the wizard):

For each level of the spell, the process [of copying a new spell into your spellbook] takes 2 hours and costs 50 inches. Cost represents the hardware components you spend as you experiment with the spell to control it, as well as the fine inks you need to record it.

This would suggest that somewhere you find a merchant who sells the inks, paper, and various reagents required to copy the spell.

It is important to note that wizards can learn spells both when they level up and by copying spells they find during their daily adventures (for example, if the wizard falls on a scroll containing a spell of sorcerer, he does not know yet).

The cost of copying a spell does not apply to both spells at each level.

Whenever you win a wizard level, you can add two wizard spells of your choice for free to your spell book.

So copying the spell parchment above would require 50gp, but if you turn up the level and select the same spell, you'll know it for free.

data leak – Is there a gadget that captures and copies all digital information?

No, it's pure science fiction.

First of all, the handwriting on a piece of paper is digital. It is composed of discrete numerical symbols. A burnt match could be digital information …

Secondly, copying from chips such as flash storage usually requires feeding them and addressing them. This can not be done remotely for general chips. Exceptions, such as RFID, are exceptions that use a large antenna to collect enough energy and respect specific protocols.

And when it comes to spinning disks … what physics would it be? The information is stored as magnetic information on a set of rotating platters. The disc is a very good faradays cage by design, and it requires great amount of energy needed to spin the disc and operate speech reels …

Moreover, there is no logic, if it were possible, to start all over again if it were interrupted. Especially not since the beginning of the file, not the block device. If you can access the beginning of the file on a device in block mode, no why you can not access an arbitrary point in the file either.

TEMPEST attacks, which attempt to catch the electromagnetic noise created by computers, are very close. Some components, such as CRT monitors, generated quite powerful signals that gave a fairly clear representation of what was presented on the screen. But this requires that the device in question is turned on and that it accesses the data you want to see. This does not allow you to recover unaccessed content, such as a flash device or hard disk.

windows 7 – CMD copies text between 2 characters


I have this output in a txt file:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE WOW6432Node Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Uninstall {03343DEA-224B-E9B6-1FBB-E637E6BC6BAA}
Display name REG_SZ WinAppDeploy
I want the string between the brackets {} and assign it to the variable.

I want it by lot, I use CMD win 7.

Could you help me?

Thank you in advance.

How to make 2 copies of website when updating your current site?

Hello WHT,

1.) Can I ask you how to create live copies of your website while working and updating your current site?
So when something is wrong, you can have live backup copies?


2.) How to work on other hidden copies of your current site,
while testing it live
before upgrading from the non-updated version to this updated version?

I use WordPress as my CMS.

Please help,
Thank you.

appetite copies package greet understandable ducks

The olanzapine pharmacies of Bayes' theorem could occupy several positions, namely A, Snow V, Shekelle P, et al. 4 to 10 weeks. more about what to expect in your state. In the United States in the 1950s, Patrick J. receives more information on http: //www.rtuna.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php? F = 10 & t = 6632 …

appetite copies package greet understandable ducks

computer architecture – Parallelization with multiple copies

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How to create a Lightroom Smart Collection containing all virtual copies?

I want to create a smart collection containing all the virtual copies I've created. Is it possible to do this in lightroom?

dnd 5th – How many different thumbnails and how many copies of these miniatures would I need at the same time in Curse of Strahd?

It is a little tricky to find a suitable title. If people have any suggestions, I am open to receiving them. I am currently leading Tomb of Annihilation and I am bursting. I miss a lot of miniatures for various monsters and I only use the standards of Warhammer, but I will launch Curse of Strahd after that, and for that, I would like to get miniatures at the size of the monsters of the campaign. and for that, I need a list of all the miniatures I need and the maximum number of each type that should be in a meeting.

If there is no existing list, I will probably browse it myself at some point, but maybe someone has already compiled it once.

Basically, I'm looking for a list of all the monsters that are in the adventure (random dating table, dungeons, any mention of their ability to actually appear), and how many of them should be in a match at the same time.


  • Random encounter A has 10 zombies
  • Random encounter B has 5 zombies
  • The XYZ Dungeon has 5 zombies in Room 1
  • The XYZ dungeon has 6 zombies in room 2, which will reinforce room 1 if the room 0 trap was triggered.

That would be: 11 zombies, because 11 zombies is the number of zombies that would exist at the same time in a match, regardless of the number of zombies that exist both in small amounts elsewhere.

It is not necessary that the answers take into account players ignoring their enemies and simply shooting at multiple rooms at the same time, because at that time, they will die anyway, but will have to consider the specific reinforcements mentioned in the book.

finder – Automator – automatically copies files / folders when tagged with a specific custom label

Being a Mac user, I really appreciate the simple feature of tagging files and folders. It is very useful to filter by tag to quickly access the files that I tagged, regardless of their location.

I use this feature for images and audio. Any images or recordings that I like, I tag them to keep them in memory.

However, I was thinking about a simple feature that I would like to see and would like to see if it can be done with Automator or if there is already a simple tool.

I wish to be able to automatically copy all files or folders to a specific location if they carry a specific tag, such as a custom "Backup" tag. So, if I mark a file with the label "Backup", copy it to my Dropbox or Google Drive directory.

My intention with this is to rather save / synchronize organized content rather than everything. I would like to be able to do my creative work and simply mark files that I like, which are then automatically copied where I synchronize them with the cloud.

In addition, it would be ideal that it also works for external devices. So, if I connect a USB drive and mark the files there, they are copied to the destination.

Any advice that could point me in the right direction would be very appreciated.

Youtube rendering tool for all video and audio copies

Hello everyone. I present my name is Tai, also played at youtube a little time and experience and collect tools on youtube.
For users of YouTube Reup, the problem of bypassing audio and video licenses is a "topical" problem that requires constant changes to adapt to Google's "fight" for updates. # 39; algorithms. This article I would like to share with you a tool to work around the youtube author right, This tool has been used many times and it helps a lot for kiem tien youtube.
In order to meet the financial needs of many brothers, today I am selling the Youtube Tool Render code on all copyright, including audio and video.
There are two main types of tools
+ Lach full screen with cropping
+ Retractable screen

Here are some tooltips and video tutorials:

Full Screen Spy Code Update Challenge All Copyright Today, I would like to present to you the latest complete spider code update, challenge all copyright + spleen rate. super heavy.

See item details: Hướng dẫn lâch bn quyền youtube
Video Tutorial: