javascript – Should I include copyright in a minified distribution of my js file?

javascript – Should I include copyright in a minified distribution of my js file? – Software Engineering Stack Exchange

copyright – Citing images on static pages

I know there are dozens of resources on how to cite copyrighted images for use on blogs. However, if one were to use images on core website pages (e.g., the home page, product/service pages), how would those images be cited? I don’t think providing attributions on the pages themselves is very “clean”.

I’ve tried Googling this but haven’t found anything that addresses this question. My thought would be to create a page called Citations and Attributions and then list all sources there. Thoughts?

development – Copyright claim to Bitcoin Whitepaper

As you might know Craig W.(rong) is currently trying to «get» ownership over the BTC Whitepaper. I know this venture might seem ridiculous and harmless, but I believe it can be dangerous because of it’s populistic nature. Alongside with the possible lack of understanding and/or caring of legal institutions it might have a considerable damaging effect. This is why I try to understand some more:

  1. As I understand it the Software has been published under an MIT public license – Doesn’t this affect the copyright situation of the Whitepaper as well?
  2. The Original Whitepaper lists «» on it’s first page – Doesn’t this mean who ever runs this domain, owns the copyright alongside with »Satoshi Nakamoto« (if there is a copyright at all)?
  3. Why does C.W. pursues his claims in England?
  4. Doesn’t mean the fact that the Whitepaper was published online and for free under a Pseudonym, that whoever published it, clearly has no intention of any copyright claim?
  5. Do Satoshis E-Mails contain any clue about his/her/their intentions regarding the whitepaper?

I am aware these are a lot of questions and I will research them myself as well, but maybe someone has an answer to one or more of them at hand.
Thank you in advance!

copyright – Website content copied – How can I prove that I wrote it?

copyright – Website content copied – How can I prove that I wrote it? – Webmasters Stack Exchange

I am being sued for copyright infringement by photography company

I need a legal advice because I think I am being sued for copyright infringement.

When i need images to use in my website I always use google search, and I understand as a website owner I have to deal sometimes with copyright complaints from many annoying photographers, so whenever i get DMCA letter, i always comply and I remove and replace the images, and this is always the end of the story, and I never had any troubles.

I got an e-mail while ago from some photography company “ / Photographer: Sam Mugraby” regarding an image that I am using in my website with the following demands: “Cease and desist demand and offer to settle copyright infringement claim”, they are asking 200$ for the image which they claiming copyright for it, and they say they wish to resolve this matter directly without a court action, I asked for a proof of copyright, and apparently they have own the image and it’s registered with the copyright office, so I have removed the image, but there no way I am going to pay this amount of money for a photo that I will not be using! so removing the image is the best they can get from me.

Few months later, I have received a “LETTER OF INTENT TO SUE” with more threats and demands, their settlement price has multiplied by ten because they say have a lawyer involved now, I read on some forums that the best way is always to ignore such letters, so I have ignored the letters.

Now, I just got served a (SUMMONS IN A CIVIL ACTION and COMPLAINT AND JURY DEMAND) notifying me that the complaint has been served and listing the date of the first court appearance for the lawsuit !!!!

Can they sue me for that?, I have done nothing wrong, it just a picture, there is no harm done here, it’s not my fault google images is showing the image, people can view and download images from google for free, they should go after big companies such as google, not me ! also was no copyright symbol on the image, and i have removed the image from my website when i have been notified, do I need to see lawyer now? is it safe to ignore the court summons and things will just go away?


history – In Crete, Greece around mid-late 1940’s photos with the stamped on the back “A M Crown Copyright Reserved”?

I have a few old photos from about the mid to late 1940’s in Crete, Greece (the civil war occurred during the time). There is a specific stamp on the back of two photos which is marked A M Crown Copyright Reserved. Any guesses why only the children were photographed by the British photographers?

One photo is a family (my relatives) who were kids and teenagers then, standing close together looking straight into the camera as if they were told to stand like that with their arms down next to their sides. They were not smiling. And a few looked “concerned” in the photos. Before recently, I thought it was a “family” photo. But now I am not so sure. Maybe it was a family photo.

Furthermore, the other small picture I have with the same stamp on the back is only of the small boy from the other photo. He is standing in front of some kind of painted or printed mural on a cloth backdrop that shows a scene of a column, stairs, stair rails, and a wooden look image in the back of a wall.

I did some research and all I could find is that the British forces and photographers were in Greece at that time and it wasn’t the best of times.

I found this info:
“The A crown M was the copyright mark of the Air Ministry, now ministry of Defence.
I was a photographer in the RAF and all photographs had to be stamped on the reverse…”

copyright – Storing song lyrics

I’m a guitar player and I built a web app that stores my song lyrics so I can view them on my Ipad when I play cover songs at pubs, etc. Until now, I’ve been the only user but I’d like to allow others to use it for free at first and then perhaps a small charge if people are willing. My question is, can I get in trouble if they store lyrics to cover songs that are copyrighted? A couple of things to note:

  1. Each user must paste in their own lyrics. My site does not provide any lyrics.
  2. Users must login to view their lyrics in the browser and none of the lyrics are publicly searchable.
  3. User might paste in lyrics they have written or lyrics to cover songs which are technically copyrighted.
  4. The users intention is to learn the music either for educational purposes or playing in bars and establishments where management is already paying the necessary fees to the music industry to have performers play in the first place.
  5. Each users songs are stored in a separate database record so technically 100 users may be storing the same lyrics of the same song.
  6. No public voting or viewing of the same version of a specific song.
  7. Site is clearly marked so users know not to attempt to share images of songs with copyrighted lyrics.

I’ve attached a screenshot (unbranded so as not to promote). And the lyrics shown are of a royaltie free song 🙂

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

enter image description here

Powershell script returns copyright information

I am executing a powershell script using python subprocess module.
subprocess.Popen((“powershell.exe”,”-ExecutionPolicy”,”bypass”,”-file”,{Powershell script}), stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.PIPE).communicate()(0)
When I am executing, Powershell script returns copyright information instead of actual output. So I would like to know , why am getting the output and how to rectify that.
Thanks in Advance.

copyright – How do you obtain official brand logos for design prototypes?

I need to use company logos as a part of my designs. These companies are institutions that are stakeholders for my client. Some sites have SVGs you can grab from the website but how does one go about getting those that are not available on the site in a useable format like a PNG or SVG?

Should I ask my client to ask these companies for design assets? Does my client need permission for these logos as well?

licensing – Can i add copyright and license to a web template with a license?

I downloaded this template for my website & built my website over it.
The template license says:

This Bootstrap template is 100% FREE as long as you keep the footer attribution link. You do not have the rights to resell, sublicense or redistribute (even for free) the template on its own or as a separate attachment from any of your work.

Following this, i have not removed the footer attribution link.
Now, i want to release my website & also open-source it on github (to host it with gh-pages).

  1. Can i add copyright notice in the footer along with that attribution link, in my html pages?
  2. Am i allowed to add a license (GPLv3) to my open source code ?

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