soft fork – Is there network split risk for Taproot activation with two releases (Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Taproot)?

Every soft fork or consensus change involves a (very small) non-zero risk of a network split. That risk is considerably lower for a soft fork than say a hard fork (where all nodes need to upgrade). That’s why soft forks aren’t attempted every month or year. All you can do is minimize that risk.

Aaron lays out some scenarios that are theoretically possible. Any incompatibility between “Bitcoin Core” and “Bitcoin Taproot” during the Speedy Trial deployment is in my view highly unlikely. If Speedy Trial fails to activate and we reach November 2022 (please note 2022 not 2021) without miners activating then we are in a similar scenario to the UASF in 2017 where it depends on what the economic majority is running. I can’t predict what the economic majority would be running in November 2022 but I highly suspect the delaying of Taproot activation would be at the top of everyone’s minds.

You do have to weigh up these risks of a network split with miners deliberately blocking Taproot activation potentially forever. If we were to say no more UASFs ever again because we don’t want to take any network split risk that would be handing miners a permanent veto to block the activations of soft forks that have community consensus. So you have to weigh up the risk of the latter which would be just as concerning (if not more concerning) to people.

So in summary these are subtle trade-offs. A number of developers have worked hard to minimize the risk of a network split. But it doesn’t get to zero unless you literally never try a soft fork again. And that would mean that Bitcoin would never seriously improve again.

WordPress Core: Call to Treat Google's FLoC as a Security Concern

The WordPress Core Development Team has called for Google’s FLoC to be treated as a security concern…

bitcoin core – Sweeping a paper wallet

I have a bunch of coin in BTC and BCH cold storage (paper wallets). And for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to sweep them out of there.

What is crazy is that DOGE has a spiffy site out there that makes this sort of thing super easy. As long as you have the private key, you can sweep the entire wallet to another wallet. Easy, secure, and reliable. It really makes me wonder how that joke coin meant to mock the entire crypto universe is the one that is best managed and easiest to use.

But I digress… This is about my holdings in these two paper wallets. The best attempt I’ve had so far was to download the app to my phone. There in the settings it allows you to sweep a wallet.

In both cases, I put in the private key, and it shows me how much is in the wallet. So it was able to unlock it. But when I “slide to sweep”, I get a simple toast message “Sweep Failed”. And nothing else. No help. No other information. No indication as to what the problem is. And doing a Google search on this has yielded exactly zero help.

So if anyone has any ideas, like something better, I’m all ears (eyes). core – Convertir un parrafo bs64 a string y leerlo linea por linea en C# .Net

Estoy tratando de convertir un texto en BASE64 a String , cuando se realice la conversión se debe leer este párrafo y separarlo linea por linea.

La conversion del parrafo a String ya la tengo y lo hago de la siguiente manera:

private string Base64ToString(string base64String)
    byte() data = Convert.FromBase64String(base64String);
    string decodedString = Encoding.UTF8.GetString(data);
    return decodedString;

Este me devuelve el siguiente String y este es el que tengo que leer linea por linea:

120210218007000009001562642PRUEBA A.P.S. S.A.                                                                            
6900838458       EUREKA GUAVIARE 000010078611837396     20210202000001860000000000036400001130000001                    
637239274        ARACELY QUINTERO000010078611849457     20210102000001860000000000113600001130000002                    
621672001        MARIA ROSMIRA GO000010078611437021     20210202000001860000000000113600001130000003                    
637800499        RAQUEL MEJIA DE 000010078611291574     20210102000001860000000000113600001130000004                    
670722724        JOSE HERNAN RAMI000010078611312622     20210202000001860000000000113600001130000005                    
652871276        NINI YOHANA VARO000010078611852353     20210102000001860000000000161300001130000006                    
6474084          PEDRO ANTONIO MO000010078611550549     20210102000001860000000000113600001130000007                    
621953789        MARIA YOLANDA CA000010078611375911     20210202000001860000000000113600001130000008                    
624322185        MARIA ARSENIA VA000010078611557697     20210102000001860000000000113600001130000009                    
61037322825      JUAN GUILLERMO H000010078611839077     20210202000001860000000000113600001130000010                    
693290752        ARTEMO JIMENEZ J000010078611375693     20210202000001860000000000113600001531000011                    
61042774280      CARLOS ARLEY OSO000010078611851292     20210102000001860000000000113600001531000012                    
6900101681       FUNDACION SOCIAL000010078611837963     20210202000001860000000000113600001531000013                    
612616960        LUIS EDUARDO FAN000010078611847568     20210102000001860000000000113600001531000014                    
613702117        HERNAN ALONSO GO000010078611498574     20210202000001860000000000113600001531000015                    
623779639        MARIA SONIA HERN000010078611838853     20210202000001860000000000128800001531000016                    
691510572        JOSE DAVID NIGRI000010078611840872     20210102000001860000000000113600001631000017                    

He intentado lo siguiente, para leer el texto linea por linea, pero no se el por que no realiza la separación:

En la variable lstBs64 llega el texto en BS64:

 string() lineas = Base64ToString(lstBs64).Split(Environment.NewLine);

Como pueden ver tengo un método Base64ToString el cual convierte el string Bs64 a string y a la vez trato de separarlo linea por linea con Split(Environment.NewLine) pero no funciona.

Quisiera saber si hay otra forma y que estoy haciendo mal.


Default address in a Bitcoin core wallet

Can anyone tell me what a default address is in a wallet I have dumped with pywallet? What is it’s purpose and why that one address. It is an older wallet.dat.

custom field – Avoiding ACF get_field and returning to core WordPress function

function slb_subscriber_column_data( $column, $post_id ) {  
  // setup our return text
  $output = '';  
  switch( $column ) {    
    case 'title':
      // get the custom name data
      $fname = get_field('slb_first_name', $post_id );
      $lname = get_field('slb_last_name', $post_id );
      $output .= $fname .' '. $lname;
    case 'email':
      // get the custom email data
      $email = get_field('slb_email', $post_id );
      $output .= $email;
  // echo the output
  echo $output;  

function slb_register_custom_admin_titles() {

function slb_custom_admin_titles( $title, $post_id ) {
    global $post;  
    $output = $title;   
    if( isset($post->post_type) ):
      switch( $post->post_type ) {
        case 'slb_subscriber':
        $fname = get_field('slb_first_name', $post_id );
        $lname = get_field('slb_last_name', $post_id );
        $output = $fname .' '. $lname;
    return $output;

The above is the code from a plugin. I was going through a course on
The author is not responsive.

Although the whole approach was to create a setting without any third party, the author seems to have made the code dependent on the ACF plugin somehow. as soon as I disable the ACF plugin the screen goes blank:

enter image description here

I feel that the culprit is this part: get_field How can I get rid of this. what in general may be used from WordPress functions to extract this information without this?

enter image description here

bitcoin core – BitClout Opensource (REST) APIs for Blockchain queries. Share your talent. Help our Community

BitClout Blockchain Explorer: Paired with Bitcoin

I’m gathering a list of Bitcoin /Blockchain APIs/Web (REST) APIs that allow you to do basic blockchain queries through http(s) API calls, such as: getting the balance on an address, getting a list of transactions from or to an address, getting the details (i/o) etc. Where can I find more data? Github?

Is Intel Atom Processor better than dual core and Core2Duo

Just like what Kerosene said, better in term of what?

Intel Atom is a low-powered processor with a single core. Its prime advantage is that it uses less power than the Core 2 Duo chip that will enhances battery life. It is normally found in Netbooks as well as small form factor desktops.

A Core 2 Duo processor, has two processing cores for better performance, though it sucks up much more power than its Atom equivalent. For simulations and program intensive tasks I suggest you stick to go with a Core 2 Duo chip.

– Dynashox –


bitcoin core – the two miner type of reward

the definition of a block in the blockchain is
“A block records some or all of the most recent Bitcoin transactions that have not yet entered any prior blocks. Thus, a block is like a page of a ledger or record book. Each time a block is ‘completed’, it gives way to the next block in the blockchain.”
this is acceptable miners get a reward for proof of work(confirm transactions)
but what exactly do miners when say they have a process for creating a block(and get a reward for them)?
(In other words what exactly this process? Is it possible to remove it?)

c – freeing SDL_Surface *personnesurface causes Segmentation fault (core dumped)

am using sdl 1.2 for my game project i want to move my surface so i need to free it and re blited with a new position but i everytime i try it with a pointer i get segmentation fault

typedef struct{     
SDL_Surface *personnesurface,*score,*vie;
SDL_Rect position,posscore,posvie;
int scoretext;
int vietext;
TTF_Font *font;
SDL_Color white;
char scoretextt(100);
char vietextt(100);
double vitesse,   acceleration;
void deplacerPerso (Personne *p,  Uint32 dt,SDL_Surface * screen){
SDL_Event event;
int dx;
if(event.key.keysym.sym == SDLK_d){
    }//if key d
else if(event.key.keysym.sym == SDLK_q){
}//if key q
else if(p->acceleration>0){

    }//switch event type
        }//while pollevent