animation – What is the keyword for this effect: an animated person walks out from the bottom right corner of a website?

What is the keyword for this effect: an animated person walks out from the bottom right corner of a website? Better yet, any link to any provider that still exists today?

Anybody know this may feel old :]. It was very common in early 2,000s. There was even ready-made javascript I just needed to embed, similar to chatbot nowadays.





TrumpSwap has innovated on the basis of Uniswap and SushiSwap’s gameplay, and pioneered a shared incentive model. Users can get rich rewards by sharing. Will TrumpSwap become the next dark horse after Uniswap and SuhiSwap? Let’s wait and see!



Hayden Adams developed Uniswap with extraordinary creativity: “Liquidity pools allow users to easily switch between tokens in a fully decentralized and non-custodial way. Meanwhile, liquidity providers earn a passive income from trading fees that is based on the proportion of their contribution to the pool.” Uniswap is a huge innovation for the entire crypto economy, it has changed the way people swap cryptocurrencies. SushiSwap, MoonSwap, and other swaps have made further improvements to Uniswap.

These protocols are exciting. However, most of them are quite similar with limited innovations. They hardly survive 3 days on average. Why? The community is the key! We believe that the community is the most important part of the crypto ecosystem, and everyone within the community should benefit from crypto-economy growth. This is our mission.

Integrating Uniswap’s elegant core design, we created the idea of share mining, a community-oriented instrument, in TrumpSwap community. You share, you mine, you mine, you earn!

Protocol introduction

Token Distribution

The total amount of TRUMP is 14,286,000, which will be released in about 1 year.
1. 30,000 TRUMP will be pre-mined for initial liquidity providing, and all initial TRUMP will be destroyed.

2. 2,381,000 TRUMP is allocated for share mining.

3. 11,875,000 TRUMP will be distributed through mining, of which 90% will be distributed to users/miners and 10% will be reserved for the team.

Mining will be divided into 5 stages:

Genesis Mining: 50 TRUMP/block, total 50,000 blocks (~7 days)

Stage 1: 10 TRUMP/block, total 500,000 blocks (~75 days)

Stage 2: 5 TRUMP/blcok, total 500,000 blocks (~75 days)

Stage 3: 2.5 TRUMP/block, total 500,000 blocks (~75 days)

Stage 4: 1.25 TRUMP/block, total 500,000 blocks (~75 days)

When the Ethereum block height reaches 10906076, at about 14:00, 21 September (UTC), we will start the “Genesis Mining”. The initial set of available pools are:

TRUMP/ETH: weight 70%
YFI/ETH: weight 5%
MEFI/ETH:weight 5%
YFII/ETH: weight 5%
UNI/ETH: weight 5%
ABYSS/ETH: weight 2.5%
SUSHI/ETH: weight 2.5%
USDT/ETH: weight 2.5%
WBTC/ETH: weight 2.5%

More pools can be added and their weights can be adjusted later, which all depend on the community.

Share mining

In TrumpSwap, to motivate early farmers and participants who share TrumpSwap to a greater extent, we have set up a sharing incentive mechanism. Every participant who shares TrumpSwap can get “thank you” rewards. You don’t have to participate in mining, don’t have to provide liquidity for TrumpSwap, what you need to do? So easy! Just share TrumpSwap to your friends, after your friends start mining, you can earn TRUMP simultaneously.

The sharing incentive system will be divided into 3 levels:

1. Farmers who participating in mining through your sharing links. Your friends will be considered as “direct sharing friends” and we provide a “direct sharing reward”. You will get a sharing reward equivalent to 10% TRUMP output from your friends’ mining output.

2. Farmers who participating in mining through your direct sharing friends’ sharing links. They will be considered as “first-level sharing friends” and we provide a “first-level sharing reward”. You will receive a sharing reward equivalent to 5% TRUMP output from their mining output.

3. Farmers who participating in mining through your first-level sharing friends’ sharing links, which we call “second-level sharing friends”. Similarly, we provide a “second-level sharing reward” which equivalent to 4% of the TRUMP mined by your second-level sharing friends.

4. You can also bind your referrer when you are mining. You will get an additional 1% reward of TRUMP output.
In order to receive the sharing rewards, you need to share your links with your friends. They can log in through the link. They need to bind their Ethereum wallet (e.g. MetaMask ) and select the liquid pool to participate in the mining. You will start to receive sharing rewards when they start mining.

Please notice, you will not receive the sharing rewards only after your friends participate in mining and have TRUMP output. Also, all your sharing relations will be recorded on the Ethereum chain.

Multiple incentives for liquidity providers

We agree with NomiChef’s view that in traditional AMM,“Liquidity providers only earn the pool’s trading fees when they are actively providing said liquidity. Once they have withdrawn their portion of the pool, they no longer receive that passive income. Moreover, as protocol gains traction, despite being early liquidity providers, they risk getting their return diluted as (bigger and wealthier) stakeholders such as venture funds, exchanges, mining pools join the protocol with a huge amount of capital.” We used part of SushiSwap’s design, and we could give our LPs multiple incentives at the same time.

1.Feel free to enjoy your share mining
2.Become TrumpSwap LP and earn TRUMP
3.Become TrumpSwap LP and earn tokens from TrumpSwap partners
4.Join our FOMO campaign
5.When the community grows, we will open new incentives, which will be announced at that time.

Security Audit

Security means everything to us, we have carried out very detailed testing. Also, we have invited Chaitin, PeckShield, Slowmist to conduct a third-party audit of our code, which will probably be completed in a few days.




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Rfinance Next Generation Defi Announces First Community Contest! Of RFI Token – Cryptocurrencies Corner

Rfinance (RFI)


Rfinance Next Generation Defi Ecosystem

Thanks for being a part of The Rfinance’s community. Today The Rfinance Team is pleased to announce the first community contest! Of RFI Token.

How to participate:

1- Follow on Twitter.

2- Create a tweet and explain some benefits of Rfinance with the $RFI cashtag and #DeFi hashtag.

3- Join our Telegram group

4- Minimum 5 RFI token For each participant for first 500 Entry

5- Fill out this Google Form:

The contest winner will be announced after the presale

The prize for Contest Winners:

1ST Prize: 80 RFI Token

2nd Prize: 50 RFI Token

3rd Prize: 30 RFI Token


In order to qualify for the contest prizes, all above steps must be followed. Goodluck!







Introducing The Rfinance:

Presale FAQ:

RFinance (RFI) Presale Date:

Do you any Question You can ask at:

Your next ticket for a x100 Defi gain? – Cryptocurrencies Corner



Open Structure and updatable, so they will add more features in the future. Every profitable feature will be added.

First updates:

staking: stake your earned USDT/USDC/ETH/RCXA tokens to increase your apr by earning $RcXa tokens.

Farming: stable-coins pool which allow even small players to join the DeFi farming.

Token Type: ERC20

Total supply: 4,200,000

Current Circulation supply: 400,000 RcXa

Presale: open now with 400,000 RcXa



Telegram: /rockxa

Twitter: Rockxafinance


earn bitcoins through – Cryptocurrencies Corner

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Tolerant Planet LTD – A Platform to Get Inspiration About Issues of Life – Cryptocurrencies Corner


Are you looking to take courses on financial freedom, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, investment schemes or music? Then look no further than Tolerant Planet LTD. 

Tolerant Planet LTD is one of the leading platforms in the world designed for entrepreneurs, inspired writers, and researchers to share their wealth of experiences and knowledge in the form of courses, eBooks, podcasts, children books, coaching, and music to inspire creative thinking. The goal of the company is to give everybody an opportunity to learn inspiring subjects through self-education. 

What Courses Do Tolerant Planet LTD Offers?

The following are some of the courses you will get on their website:

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Wondering how to join Tolerant Planet LTD and place an order? Just head to their website: The company actually has a simple and straightforward registration for you to go through. 

Simply visit their website, and you are good to go.

Friendcoin007 – Global Cryptocurrency – Cryptocurrencies Corner


Friendcoin007 is a global cryptocurrency that people can use for their everyday needs and is a new global payment system.


This Platform is Like Face Book where you can post anything you would like BUT unlike Facebook, You can share your post from within it to other Social media AND also pays you in FriendCoins007.

1. For Posting – You earn 15 Coins
2. For Commenting – You earn 10 Coins
3. For Reacting – You earn 5 Coins

So, your post here can be shared from here and you will have earned 15coins for each post.

At the same time, it pays those that engage with your posts. So like You tube, it pays the owner of the Content BUT unlike YouTube it pays those that visit and that comment or react to your content!

It is also like Amazon in that it allows users to sell their products from within it!

Most importantly – it pays to be involved with this Platform.

When You invite a sign up, you earn 50 coins for each of them.

The earlier you sign up the better

sign up –

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Earn Free BTC in every 20 MINS. !!!! 100% Legit Lifetime BTC Dividends! – Cryptocurrencies Corner



Few Days ago I came to know about a website “BETFURY”, It’s a first social Crypto I gaming Platform in the world! It’s also has a Dividend system with the first BTC pool in the i-Gaming industry
It’s a gaming website where you can spend BTC, TRX, USDT & BTT to earn profits!
So recently they have started a faucet , Totally free of cost , Where you can claim 25 satoshis every 20 mins. , That’s 1800 Satoshis a Day!!!!!
It may sound less , But remember you can claim this every 20 seconds!!


So that’s around .18 cents per day and if you do this regularly you can make around

.18×30 = Around a 5 Dollars for a month and yes , that’s free!!!!

So may Gambling and gaming not your thing buy you can still claim this BTC .

Who knows how much it will be in the near future?



So Instead of this free box , there are more options available .

It’s more like a “bitcoin farming” , So you have to buy these boxes and you get paid 11-15% interest on your bitcoin. You don’t have to do anything, You just have to keep your btc there and you will earn more btc . There are three Types of Boxes available.

  1. Ruby Box – Price – 0.00100000 BTC

  2. Emerald box – Price – 0.01000000 BTC

  3. Sapphire Box- Price – 0.05000000 BTC

    You can withdraw Your BTC after 7 days or 30 days period whichever you will select while Buying.

So even if you are not interested In playing games, this is a good opportunity to multiply your BTC.

Please note that you have to become rank 2 to buy these boxes and there only limted of them available at a time.


There are more advanced ranks which you can check on their website.


If you decide to Play games on this website , you can even make more , You will have to send BTC , TRX , USDT or BTT to your linked wallet.

When you play games on the website you mine BFG token and you can receive dividends every day by holding BFG tokens.

There are two types of tokens you can mine .

BFG BTC – it is mined when you use BTC while playing games

BFG TRX – it is mined when you use TRX , USDT or BTT


*Dividend Pool

Betfury pays dividends everyday from their dividend pool , Once you start mining BFG tokens you will get daily dividends.

*Strategy to Mine BFG

So I have done a lot of research and I found a simple and easy way to mine BFG Tokens.
If you click on “All games” button you will see a game by the name of dice.
You just have to place a bet , Minimum bet is 01 satoshi.
So what you have to do click the Roll over button and take the bar to 4 , this way you will have 95% chance of winning and just select auto and start betting. This way you will start mining the BGF tokens.


There are hundreds of games you can choose , but I would recommend Dice only if you would like to mine BFG and get dividends only.

Please Note- This way your BTC will get spent eventually but you will mine BFG tokens which will get you dividends daily in BTC.

So basically this is gamble! But this is the only gamble in the world which will pay you in BTC in return.

And if you are not interested in mining BFG , You can always go to the website and Get FREE BTC every Mins.

It’s a totally Legit website with a Great team and support and an awesome Roadmap!

Asmore and more users get to the platform the BFG token will get more expensive to mine so this is the best time to enter this Website and Get lifetime dividends in BTC , TRX , USDT and BTT.

This is not a financial advise , DYOR!

You can Register using my link to get Free joining Bonus :-

You can join their Telegram if you have any questions.