google chrome – KDE/GNU/Linux: Unable to associate URL nsgcepa://nsgcepa with correct xdg-open config

I work at a global mega-corp that requires me to Citrix Endpoint Analysis (EPA) from Linux before I can use Citrix to connect to my Windows PC at the office.

Great debt is owed to this Q&A: How can I register a custom protocol with xdg?. And, also this ArchLinux page: They are helpful, but they do not fix my issue.

I downloaded and installed the latest available version here: (FYI: I am running Debian/KDE/GNU/Linux bleeding edge: cat /etc/os-release -> bullseye.) After installation, I made sure this command has no dynamic linker errors: ldd /opt/Citrix/Browser-EPA/nsgcepa. I am also using the latest build of Google Chrome: /opt/google/chrome/chrome --version -> Google Chrome 90.0.4430.93 unknown

My mega-corp’s remote login page attempts to open this URL: nsgcepa://nsgcepa. In practice, this can be tested using this command: xdg-open 'nsgcepa://nsgcepa'. However, I see this output:

command= "/opt/Citrix/Browser-EPA/nsgcepa" args= ("/opt/Citrix/Browser-EPA/nsgcepa", "nsgcepa://nsgcepa")
kf.kio.core: Protocol Class of url QUrl("nsgcepa://nsgcepa") , isn't ':local', cancelling job.
Copying QUrl("nsgcepa://nsgcepa")  to QUrl("file:///home/kca/.cache/kioexec/krun/44095_0/unnamed")
kf.kio.core: couldn't create slave: "klauncher said: Unknown protocol 'nsgcepa'.n"
All files downloaded, will call slotRunApp shortly
No files downloaded -> exiting

I found this error message here:

Some config files:

$ cat ~/.local/share/applications/nsgcepa.desktop 
(Desktop Entry)
Categories=Application; Utility;
Comment(en_HK)=Linux NSG EPA executable
Comment=Linux NSG EPA executable


$ cat ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list 

(Default Applications)


$ cat /usr/share/applications/nsgcepa.desktop
(Desktop Entry)
Comment=Linux NSG EPA executable
Categories=Application; Utility;

Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

Is this PDA correct for L = {0^m1^n | n ≤ m ≤ 2n}?

I have drawn this transition diagram for the given language. Is this correct?
enter image description here

pathfinder 1e – What is the correct way to play Degenerate ogre’s pummel?

There is a monster called Degenerate Ogre which has the pummel ability. however the ability has this odd bit (emphasis mine):

“If a degenerate ogre succeeds on both slam attacks against a single foe it may immediately pummel…”

however, degenerate ogre doesn’t have two slam attacks, but a single slam and a single bite attack. Should the ability work on slam+bite, should I replace the bite with another slam, or just simply add a second slam attack without removing the bite?

I have written the code correct previously it was working but now it’s not . it did solve earlier bu why it’s not working now

enter image description hereHere is the code in the image i m not able to write it here .Plz plz plz help me with it as fast as possible .Plz help me .
And if someone knows other program of newtons divided difference formula plz let me know

c# – Correct way to handle client request authentication

I would like to get your opinion on the problem I am having, my question on SO was closed so I think this forum might be more fitting.

I am currently developing a API using .NET 5 and C#. The problem I am facing is that the clients I need to GET/POST etc. to require different types of authentication, being:

  • API Key
  • Client certificate
  • OAuth

Each of the clients have at least one of these and maybe two (API Key + other). I am struggling to figure out how to implement these calls. I have thought of a few ideas but I am not sure if any of them will actually suffice. I am using HttpClient to make the calls to the external clients. These will all come from a single service or controller. I cannot split them out into a different service or controller for each type of auth.

Here is what I have thought of:

  • Using an if or switch statement, apply the necessary configuration depending on the required auth type. This is by far the worst idea, there will be so much repetition. No DRY here.
  • Using HttpClient handlers. In effect, creating three handlers (one for each type of auth) and letting the request activate the correct handler when it is being passed through.
  • Using a typed client. But this only allows one HttpClient to be related to a single service. I need all three to be available to any service.
  • Using simple middleware in the API to handle the requests and their authentication as necessary.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this and if any of the above methods would be preferable?

google sheets – Help Please? Pivot Table doesn’t seem to be correct way to fix? Add rows based on data type and return value?

I’ve added a new sheet (“Erik Help”) with two options for you. However, here I will only post the option that matches your exact request. In B1:

=ArrayFormula({"ID","Type","Value";QUERY(SPLIT(FLATTEN(FILTER(Sheet1!A2:A,Sheet1!A2:A<>"")&"|"&Sheet1!B1:E1&"|"&FILTER(Sheet1!B2:E,Sheet1!A2:A<>"")),"|"),"Select * Where Col3 Is Not Null")})

This formula creates the three headers (which you can change as you like), and then does the following:

1.) concatenate all non-blank entries in A2:A, a pipe symbol, each header in B1:E1, another pipe symbol and each element of the B2:E grid where A2:A is not blank. This will form a grid of results the same size as B2:E where A2:A is not blank, each in the format X|Y|Z.

2.) this grid of results is FLATTENed into one column.

3.) that column of results is split into three columns at the pipe symbols.

4.) QUERY weeds out any entries where the value is null.

flutter – Android Simulator Does not display the correct image during Landscape mode

Good day.

I am taking up Udemy Flutter course and have been following the turorial in creating the app within the lecture when I have encounter a rendering issue with the Android Simulator:

Portrait Mode

Landscape 1

Landscape 2

As you can see the issue occurs only on Android simulator (downgraded from Android 8.0 Oreo Api 26) while there are no reported issue on the iOS simulator.

I have place my github reference here:

Some Additional Changes were made in this tutorial, I have upgraded my Flutter to 2.0 when it was release and some of the materials were not yet updated. Perhaps it might cause issue with android.

I have not yet tested it on an actual Android phone as it is unavailable as of writing.

Any information that could help me resolve this isssue is welcome.

Thank you

signal processing – Is this notation$~X(z)=Zleft[xleft[nright]right](z)$ of Z-transform correct?

The textbook which I have wrote the below equation of Z-transform.


From the definition of Z-transform, the rightmost term of sigma is held.

$$X(z)=Z(x(n))=sum_{n=-infty}^{+infty} x(n )cdot z^{-n}$$

Of course the result of the computations of sigma only has $z$ as a variable so I thought the middle term can be rewritten as below.

$$X(z)=Z(x(n))(z)~~leftarrow~~text{Added (z) to emphasize that the function has variable z}$$

Is this notation not general or weird or can be subtracted of score of test?

8 – What is the correct order of disabling the default contact form on Drupal?

Drupal comes with a default contact form on each site we install. And while we already have the webforms and recaptcha module installed, some of our site owners still use the default contact form found in

I need to remove them because when they are enabled, the site is prone to spam attacks. I’ve had a few instances where some of the sites had form submissions with PDF file uploads of inappropriate content. So you see how this is a security risk for our organization.

I removed that contact form in my local site by disabling the following modules in this order:
contact form
contact storage

But I need to do this for all our sites now, so I wrote the following in my profiles_update() function:

function my_profile_update_8011() {
    $config = Drupal::configFactory();
    $moduleHandler = Drupal::service('module_handler');

    if($moduleHandler->moduleExists('lightning_contact_form')) {
    if($moduleHandler->moduleExists('contact_storage')) {
    if($moduleHandler->moduleExists('contact')) {


When I deploy this update to our dev environment, it would work on most of the sites, but fail on the rest. They all have this same error message:

The error output from the server was: > (notice) Update started: my_profile_update_8011

(error) SQLSTATE(42S22): Column not found: 1054 Unknown column ‘id’ in ‘where clause’: SELECT 1 AS expression
{contact_message} t

(error) Update failed: my_profile_update_8011
(error) Update aborted by: my_profile_update_8011
(error) Finished performing updates.

All our sites share the same codebase, so I don't know where my update hook went wrong.
Is there a better way of disabling these modules?