DSLR lifespan vs shutter count when shutter is replaced

I know the lifespan of DSLR largely depends on the shutter count. But I want to know how does the lifespan of DSLR is affected when the shutter is replaced. If we install fresh new shutter in a used DLSR does this mean we can expect double life under normal using conditions, given that there is no other failures in the system.

Does the sensor life depends on shutter count? or can we expect to use camera according to new shutter life?

[AP] Minimum Characters for Post Count | NullScripts

This addon will stop users post counts from increasing, unless their message length exceeds a number which you can configure in the Admin panel (by default it’s 75).

This can be useful if you hire paid posters or do post exchanges, and don’t want people to cheese their way with low effort posts.

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performance – RHEL8: Does NFS I/O count as part of “%iowait” calculations?

Customer telling us that they see high %iowait in top and iostat output on a busy RHEL8 NFS client.

iostat man page clearly says that iowait is related to % of time kernel is waiting on “disk” I/O

Question – does NFS I/O count as “disk” I/O in %iowait calculations?

google sheets – Count cells across columns based on one column

Try this formula. I created a new sheet to view the results – that’s why the ranges reference “Sheet1”.

=query({Sheet1!A2:C21;Sheet1!A2:A21,Sheet1!D2:E21;Sheet1!A2:A21,Sheet1!F2:G21},"select Col1,Col2,Col3,COUNT(Col3) where Col2 <>'' group by Col1,Col2,Col3 label COUNT(Col3) ''")


(Note: the header line is entered manually)


google sheets – Formula to count the number of different letters in a word

In sheets, suppose cell A1 contains the word CABBAGE.

I want to put a formula into, say, cell B1 that will count the number of different letters. So the output should be 5, because there are 5 different letters in CABBAGE.

I have a formula that will do this, however it is cumbersome and I bet there is a way to do it more concisely.

The formula that works is:

=if(isnumber(search("A",A1)),1,0) + if(isnumber(search("B",A1)),1,0) + ... + if(isnumber(search("Z",A1)),1,0)

The formula adds 1 each time a letter is present in the word. I’m just not sure of the best way to consolidate the 26 terms into something more manageable.

virus – launchctl print system printed “external activation count = 1” and “in-progress bootstraps =1”

I’ve been investigating an interesting user account that showed up after installing Red Giant Software called _redgiantservice. I used the following command to investigate the user id:

launchctl print user/1001

and I received the output below. I cannot find any information about the fields contained by this output in man or online. I am most concerned about the external activation count (assuming what it could mean) as well as the in progress bootstraps… I admittedly know nothing about this output though:

com.apple.xpc.launchd.domain.user.1001 = {

type = user
handle = 1001
active count = 36
on-demand count = 0
service count = 35
active service count = 0
activity ratio = 0.00
creator = launchctl.7746
creator euid = 0
external activation count = 0
session = Background
security context = {
    uid = 1001
    asid = 100072

death port = 0x0

in-progress bootstraps = 1
pended requests = 0
pending requests = {
subdomains = {
pending attachments = {

environment = {

services = {

unmanaged processes = {

endpoints = {

externally-hosted endpoints = {

task-special ports = {
         0xbc96b 4       bootstrap  com.apple.xpc.launchd.domain.user.1001
          0xf703 9          access  com.apple.taskgated

disabled services = {{}}

properties = {
    shutting down = 0
    slain = 0
    uncorked = 0
    origin resolved = 0
    deactivated = 0
    inactive = 0
    in initial on-demand = 0
    audit check done = 0
    bootcache hack = 0
    cocooning = 0
    gui = 0
    gui login = 0
    exec hack = 0

I am very grateful for any help provided!

Count a cell based on if a cell in the same row has a checked checkbox

enter image description here

I want to write a formula to count the Total Cost cell in column F, only if the cell in H is checked. I’ve approached it a few ways, but the Countifs formula isn’t computing it.

macos – Where to find the unread message count in chat.db for messages.app

I’m trying to find the number of unread messages in messages.app. The number should match the number on the badge of the app.

I’ve approached this by accessing chat.db, a sqlite db which lists all data presented and used in the app.

Upon executing select count(*) from message where is_read = 0;, it returns 3694. Checking for 1 returns 3835. The number of unread messages in the app at the time of execution was 0.

Evidentially, I’ve approached this incorrectly. I would appreciate any leads on determining the number of unread messages from the cli, accessing chat.db or not.

Is HostSolutions Down for the Count?

hostsolutionsOn LowEndTalk, there has been a great deal of discussion about the fate of HostSolutions:

In a nutshell, HostSolutions suffered some sort of massive disk array failure which wiped out service to 3,000 users.  You can read the history in those threads, or in these alternate forms:

There has also been talk of a movie being made about it.  We also previously interviewed Marius, HostSolutions’ owner.

Updates have been scarce but there have been various developments since our last update:

So HostSolutions, what’s going on?  The community is very disappointed at the poor way in which this has been handled, where a provider suddenly goes silent and now appears to be going out of business, owing a good deal of services unrendered to our readership.

We urge Marius to give folks an update, either here, on LowEndTalk, or your own announcements page.


I’m Andrew, techno polymath and long-time LowEndTalk community Moderator. My technical interests include all things Unix, perl, python, shell scripting, and relational database systems. I enjoy writing technical articles here on LowEndBox to help people get more out of their VPSes.

Does work stay in Germany count as travel history for UK work visa?

I am applying for UK skilled worker visa and I need to fill travel history for myself and my family.

I have been staying in Germany on long term work visa for last 1-3 years. Shall I include my stay in Germany in travel history?

I went to Switzerland on vacation and I do not need to apply for any visa due to my German residence. Shall I include that travel as travel history?