database – Bitcoin data by country?

I am a political science graduate student looking to do research on bitcoin and cryptocurrency. To do so, however, I need data. While many datasets provide wonderful histories of bitcoin price and trade across time, I need data across space too for the type of research I am looking to do. I have found a large cache of data by countries’ fiat currency used in transactions in the localbitcoins exchange here that does what I’m looking for, as an example: I have also found graphs tracking traffic for major exchanges from Statista, but I haven’t had any success finding or accessing the raw data. See here: (same thing goes for the data for the data for Bithumb, Huobi, and Upbit on this site).

It doesn’t matter to me so much what data exists (purchases, traffic, anything–I’m new to this stuff!) so long as there is some data out there on bitcoin by country. I also understand that this is a high ask considering the anonymity and decentralization of the blockchain, which are what attracted me to the topic in the first place. tl; dr where can I find bitcoin raw data by country?

air travel – How do the authorities know whether someone reaches a country?

The formal entering of the Schengen area will be in your first airport within the area, as usual.
But special rules will allow Poland to check and record your details.

The airline may well give details, they usually do for some countries, although not within Schengen as far as I know.

If countries feel there is a need, COVID 19 rules do allow other measures like quarantaine in apointed locations.

localization – Changing country in Android play store is not working, how can I change it?

I have moved from Hong Kong to the UK. I am now physically in the UK connected to the UK network with a UK number and a UK SIM. However, I can’t change my Play Store country to the UK.

Initially, in the Play Store app in Android, under country and profiles, there was Hong Kong and it suggested me to change to the UK, listing a few options how I can add a payment method, including adding credit / debit card, Three Pay, etc.

I tapped adding credit / debit card, and it showed a warning saying that I won’t be able to use my current balance, and I won’t be able to change again for 365 days. I tapped continue, the warning disappeared, and nothing happened.

I then used my computer to signed in Google Pay, created a UK profile, and added a UK debit card to it. Then under country and profiles, both Hong Kong and the UK appeared, with Hong Kong selected.

first step

When I tapped the UK, the same warning appeared, and after I tapped continue, the warning disappeared and nothing happened.

second step

I have two Android phones and they behave the same. I cannot delete my Hong Kong payment profile as I have a Developer account and an AdSense account tied to it. How can I change my Play Store country to the UK?

I have tried deleting storage and cache for my Play Store, and also tried removing the Google account and adding back in, but they didn’t help. Initially on the first day I landed the UK a box did appear for me to enter my account details, but I hadn’t got my debit card yet at that moment so I didn’t continue.

How do the authorities know wheher someone reach country?

In poland there is 10 days quarantine for people entering inside poland. Consider someone reached poland from istanbul through amsterdam. How do officers know about he reaches Poland since the passport control was in netherland and nobody checked the person in poland? Maybe klm gives the name to police? Possible?

json – filter tweets about a specific country in python

this is a python program that eliminates tweets from outside of a specified country that checks the contact details of each tweet received and whether it belongs at least to a rectangle in a bounding box it takes it and stores it in a text file if it does belongs to the coordinates , otherwise it rejects it. This is the following program:

import codecs
import json

f ="tweets.json", 'r', 'utf-8')
resultat = open('texte.txt', 'w')
cpt = 0
for line in f:
    if len(line) < 10:
    line = line.replace('n', '')
    status = json.load(line)
    liste = ('2.704,34.6152,7.9652,36.6056', '2.0228,32.7168,7.4818,34.7812', '- 1.3061,32.7534,2.0216,34.8177',
             '-0.8336,34.0182,2.494,35.6891', '-1.5478,33.597 6,-0.6151,35.2155', '0.1332,35.1851,1.9447,35.9295',
             '1.056,35.6663,2.8675,36.4372', '2.8797,35.9412,3.1202,36.7737',
             '2.8797,35.9412,3.1202,36.7737","-0. 8886,32.3935,7.4928,34.2722', '-0.64,22.87,7.95,32.51',
             '1.21,22.15,9.18,27.94', '1.21,22.15,9.18,27.94', '-8.5,27.43,-0.18,28.57',
             '34.6152,2.704,36.6056, 7.9652')
    if 'coordinates' in status.keys():
        if status('coordinates') is not None:
            coordinate = '%f,%f' % (status('coordinates')('coordinates')(0), status('coordinates')('coordinates')(1))
            for i in liste:
                x = coordinate.split(',')
                y = i.split(',')
                    if (float(y(0)) <= float(x(0)) <= float(y(2))) and (float(y(1)) <= float(x(1)) <= float(y(3))):
                        print("we get it")
                except Exception as e:

i have a problem There are no errors but when I compile the text file is empty, it’s supposed to have the json file containing tweets that have the following coordinates in the program
im new to python language i would appreciate some help thank you!

Country flag

TheProphet submitted a new resource:

Country flag – Shows a country flag in the message user info block.


Shows a country flag in the message user info block.

(Example of country flag)

“lightbox_close”: “Close”,
“lightbox_next”: “Next”,
“lightbox_previous”: “Previous”,
“lightbox_error”: “The requested content cannot be loaded. Please try again later.”,
“lightbox_start_slideshow”: “Start slideshow”,
“lightbox_stop_slideshow”: “Stop slideshow”,
“lightbox_full_screen”: “Full screen”,
“lightbox_thumbnails”: “Thumbnails”,
“lightbox_download”: “Download”,
“lightbox_share”: “Share”,
“lightbox_zoom”: “Zoom”,
“lightbox_new_window”: “New window”,
“lightbox_toggle_sidebar”: “Toggle sidebar”


(Example of Privacy page)


Read more

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magento2 – How to get country of origin of the store from configuration

magento2 – How to get country of origin of the store from configuration – Magento Stack Exchange

Will origin country of backlink affect how the page ranks in another country

My website ranks well in the US compared to other countries. Recently, a reputed website hosted and headquartered in the UK linked us from one of their articles. The link was do-follow. Will this link help rankings in the US?

Google play store available apps whilst on VPN vs native Google Play Store country

I’ve read a few threads as well as the Google requirements for changing the country in the Google play store. My question doesn’t pertain to actually changing countries, it’s about how the play store distinguishes the available apps to download.

For example, when using a VPN to the USA(current play store is UK) I am able to download Venmo(which is not available in native UK play store). However I am not able to download HBO GO(which is available in the native USA play store). Why?
I imagine some apps are only available if the native app store is the specific country (where a payment card is required, etc). Are there further aspects aside then IP that PlayStore looks at? Does the app developer play into the requirements?

sms – Would text messages be delivered to an iPhone with a SIM card from another country?

My friend will be staying in Turkey for 2 months and she’s thinking about getting a SIM card from the local carrier for her iPhone 12 and use it during her stay. Her primary requirement is to have access to her email/messages while not in a WiFi area.

Would she still be able to receive text messages sent to her US phone number if she uses a SIM card from the local carrier in Turkey? Or would she not get those messages because the SIM card from the local carrier will assign her iPhone a Turkish phone number?

I’m not sure how this works but I thought the phone number is essentially the address to which a text message is sent so with a new SIM card, the phone would practically have a different address and not receive text messages sent to the US number. Is this a correct assumption?

Has anyone tried this while traveling abroad?

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