seo – Spam, captcha – limit Contact Us page to country where you’re doing business

I do business only in the USA, however my content is relevant in just about any region of the world. I routinely get spam via my Contact Us page, almost all of which comes from outside of the US. While I do have Captcha enabled, it obviously isn’t perfect, especially when spammers hire cheap labor to manually do their work.

So, this made me wonder, what if I limited my Contact Us page to just users coming from the USA? The rest of my site would still be available.

I’m guessing I could do this with .htaccess, but would this hurt my SEO?

air travel – Booking flight tickets for someone in another country? First time flying

The main catch for buying tickets for other people is credit card requirements: if the credit card holder’s name doesn’t match the booking name, quite a few airlines require either that they present the physical card at check-in, or a specific authorization from the credit card holder (you). So if possible, it’s easier to let them pay (or book yourself using their credit card), then reimburse.

Other than that, it’s the same as booking any other ticket. You need to provide their details (passport etc), of course, and should provide their telephone/email as at least one contact point. For most airlines all you need these days is the booking reference (PNR) and matching ID, but carrying a print-out never hurts.

magento2 – How to validate the Tax / VAT Number field depending on whether it is a European country or not

I have a question about how to make the Tax / VAT Number field validate depending on the selected country in the the registration page and the configuration page.

Is there a way to do it in the admin configuration or should it be done with javascript?

Greetings and have a good day!


google sheets – SUM all the Origin of Country

I need a formula that can add all the countries with that is in a column.

in Sheet ‘Export’ I have below countries of origin:
enter image description here

And in other sheet I need to add all the countries of origin and change the name from RO to Romania or SK to Slovakia, etc…

What I have until now is the formula: =TEXTJOIN(“, “,TRUE, IF(left(Export!Q1,2) = “RO” , “ROMANIA”, IF(left(Export!Q1,2) = “US” , “USA”, IF(left(Export!Q1,2) = “PT” , “PORTUGALIA”, IF(left(Export!Q1,2) = “FR” , “FRANTA”, IF(LEFT(Export!Q1,2) = “SK” , “SLOVACIA”))))))

But is not working. It only add the first country found, not all of them.

Can anyone help?
Thank you

Websites to Search rental cars in an entire country or mutiple countries?

Do you know any website that allow to search car rentals in multiple destinations, in a single action?

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I changed Mainboard in S6 its wrong country code and does not work now what?

As above the board was locked to AT&T but i got the code for that I put my open sim card in it , it picks up wifi and looks like network signal but when i try to phone with it is says dialing …dialing and hangs up. any help would be great !

schengen – More than 90 days in 180 for Host Country (Italy)

I originally was going to post a follow up question on this question / answer but wasn’t sure if that was bad etiquette. What does the spouse of an Italian citizen need in order to stay in the Schengen area for more than 90 days?
Our situation is very similar.

I am hoping to travel this May to Europe with my EU spouse (Italian / British Citizen) returning in October.
I am a British Citizen.
Subject to Covid restrictions being lifted we would like to travel by car from the UK to Europe in May this year. We would proceed directly to Italy, passing through France, and Switzerland. We would like to spend up to 90 days in Italy, leave for a another EU country (likely Spain), then return to Italy, for up to 90 days before returning to the UK.
My questions are

  1. Provided we do not exceed 90 days in any single EU country can i travel visa free in Schengen area for circa 7 months, or do i need to apply for a visa?
  2. Does this still apply in Italy given that my spouse is an Italian citizen? And
  3. How long would we need to spend outside of Italy before we are able to return?

If there is any feedback from the original poster on how their travel worked in practice that would be great to hear about. Was she able to travel in this way? Did she encounter any problems?

Binance stops depositing in the country after Nigeria's ban

Binance has temporarily suspended deposits after the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) ordered all banks to close the accounts of those who trade in cryptocurrencies. In the statement made by Binance, it was stated that Nigeria’s official currency Naira has suspended the deposit services of its payment partners until the next announcement, and the Nigerian Naira deposits have been temporarily suspended.
Do you think the government will insist on this step?

8 – How to display a message according to the country of the store?

On Drupal 8, I installed Drupal Commerce 2

I want to modify the TWIG file of the products to show “Made in France”, if the store country is France and made in Belgium, if the store country is Belgium.

How to display a message according to the country of the store ?

I would like to do this in the products TWIG file and in the stores TWIG file.

There is certainly a condition to be met but I do not know which one.