can we kick the cons out of the country once bunker boy loses the election?

No need. When Trump loses, all his supporters will use it as an excuse to start a race war. As a result the US military, which is 40% minorities, will be called on to suppress the pathetic rebellion and many of these clueless mouthy Red Hat Lovers will not survive. The future is looking good for decent Americans.

how can show a custom text or page to special country IP’s that banned by CSF or another tools


I banned special countries on my server by CSF firewall,

exist ways that can show a text or redirect to a page?

for example ” you are can not visit this site by this location, if you are using VPN please turn off and try again “

I want do this by this CSF, if this action does not exist on CSF, please intro tools that I can do this goal,


usa – Can you apply for UK Tier IV visa from outside your home country?

I’m trying to apply for a UK tier IV visa to start on a PhD course starting in October. While the UKVI office is taking applications, there are no visa application centers open (or any date given to reopen) in the US to collect biometric data. So, I have two questions:

  1. Can the visa office use previous biometric data for a new residence card?
  2. Is it possible to apply for a Tier IV visa outside of your home country while on a visitor visa to another country?

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usa – I want to get from Germany to the US, what country can I quarantine in?

I’m in Germany and I need to get to the US. Since I’m not a US citizen or permanent resident, I can’t travel directly because of the covid-19 travel ban. I want to find a country that

Does anyone know if such a country exists? Is there a list of different countries’ travel restrictions that could help me find out?

Alternatively, is there a way to spend 14 days at sea and then enter the US?

covid 19 – What does it mean for a traveler to be “from a country” for the purposes of travel to Spain?

Such statements must be taken in context in which it was made.

In this case, covid-19, it is assumed that after 14 days with no symptoms an individual is not infected.

It can also be assumed that the covid-19 virus does not check the citizenship of an individual it is infecting.

Based on these two assumptions, an individual (independent of their citizenship) arriving from an area with a high infection/active rate will be treated differently than someone arriving from an area with a low infection/active rate.

As to what action would then be taken (refusal of entry or quarantine) may be based on citizenship, since citizens (or residents) are generally not refused entry.

A universal definition of what is to be considered high does not exist. For the Schengen Area, this is presently being discussed.

Denmark is introducing a model that is more flexible and easily understandable:

Denmark to further re-open borders and ease travel advice
Effective 27 June, the Danish Government will implement a new model for opening the borders and easing travel advice for countries in the EU and Schengen area, as well as the UK.

To be “open”, a country must have fewer than 20 infected persons per 100,000 inhabitants per week. Once a country is open, the threshold for changing the status to “quarantine country” will be 30 infected persons per 100,000 inhabitants. This policy is designed to prevent opening and closing because of minor fluctuations from week to week. Requirements will also be set for the countries’ testing regimes.

As of today (2020-06-22), 2 countries inside the EU+ area do not fullfill these conditions

  • Portugal with 24 (yesterday 23)
  • Sweden with 43 (yesterday 49)

Should the Schengen Area decide to adopt the same model, then there would be many countries that would also not fullfill these conditions:

  • French Guyana with 408 (yesterday 345)
  • Chile with 393 (yesterday 363)
  • Brazil with 102 (yesterday 97)
  • United States with 55 (yesterday 54)
  • Russia with 38 (yesterday 39)
  • Mexico with 26 (yesterday 25)

Infections per 100k, last 7 days as of 2020-06-21


us citizens – Can I work on my projects (self-employed) while visiting another country?

I am self-employed as an indie game developer and would like to visit New Zealand and Australia to do some touristing.

  1. Can I work on my projects (programming/design/online marketing/support) while visiting another country, say New Zealand or Australia?
  2. Can I do that for a month-long visit? What about longer periods: 90 days, 6 months?
  3. Can I do that under a regular tourist visa or do I need a different visa?
  4. Do I need to worry about taxes?

Not as important, but:

  1. Does the answer change if I (a) take on any (online) freelance work or (b) hire out some (online) freelance work while there?

Note that I am a US citizen. Also, assume things will return to the pre-COVID normal and the travel will take place long after the pandemic is over.

Similar questions, but asking about the UK: Can a US citizen live and work remotely in the UK for a month? (answer is no?) and Japan: Can a US citizen work remotely for a US company while in Japan for sightseeing? (conflicting answers, but it also seems like a no?).

covid 19 – What does it mean for a traveler to be from a country for the purposes of travel to Spain?

As of June 21st, Spain has reopened its borders for the majority of European countries. On July 1st, it will be open to many more travelers. In articles, it usually says that travel will be open to travelers “from” country X or whose country of origin is country X.

What does this mean? Does it refer to a traveler’s country of citizenship? Their place of residence? If it is the latter, does it depend on legal residency status, or a certain time period? For instance, if someone from Brazil cannot travel to Spain, but they have been in Japan for a week (a month? a year?), and people from Japan can enter, would they be able to travel to Spain?

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magento2.3 – Region field is not working on country change

I am facing an issue in magento 2.3.4.Whenever I tried to change country, region field hidden and gives required error. Therefore, Place order is not happening. If i have not changed country and just fill other fields other fields and click on place order, Then it is working fine.

Checkout page image