The US Supreme Court ruled that Apple customers could sue the monopoly of the App Store

"Apple's line art does not make much sense, otherwise as a way to gerrymander Apple from this pursuit and the like."

Charleston man and company indicted in Federal Court for fraud over $ 9 million

Charleston, South Carolina US lawyer Sherri A. Lydon announced today that Amir Golestan, 36, of Charleston, South Carolina, and Micfo, LLC, had been charged in federal court under a federal court. An indictment laying down twenty counts of indictment. The indictment relates to twenty counts of wire fraud, each of them being punishable by up to 20 years imprisonment.

The indictment alleges that since February 2014, Golestan and Micfo have created and used "distribution partners", supposed to group together several companies, all of which have acquired the right to IP addresses from the American Registry of the Internet (ARIN). Numbers). The indictment alleges that Golestan and Micfo invented the true nature of the distribution partners, including creating fake officers and misleading websites for the companies, which were in turn used to deceive ARIN and obtain fraudulent IP address rights. The indictment accuses Golestan and Micfo of having obtained the rights of approximately 757,760 IP addresses, with a market value of $ 9,850,880 to $ 14,397,440.

The charges result from an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. United States Attorney General Nathan Williams of the Charleston office is pursuing the case.

The US Attorney stated that all counts in the indictment are only charges and that the accused are presumed innocent until proven guilty.


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Will Ruth Bader Ginsburg join the other judges in court again?

No, she is in a coma and is kept alive by machines in the hope that it will last until 2020, when the evil will defeat Donald Trump. Only then will they let her die.

It sounds like a horror movie, but I would not say it's incredibly pervert left to do it.


Why is Ruth Bader Ginsburg still in the Supreme Court?

The founders wanted the judges to be dismissed "for misconduct". She swore to respect the US Constitution, but said the South African Constitution was superior. Not only should she be fired, but she should retire to South Africa and see the effectiveness of her constitution.

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Trump's speech in prime time on the government's closure

President Donald Trump will hold court in court tonight as he delivers the speech of the Oval Office of

hope to convince the American public and skeptical lawmakers that there is a crisis on the southern border. latest avant-garde news

His goal: to get billions of dollars of funds to build the "big, beautiful" wall he promised in a context of partial closure of the government that has no end.
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This guy got custody of the family court and wrote a $ 5 book on how. READ & THE BEST $ 5 I NEVER SELL! – Advertising, offers

Do you want to let people know that an excellent book is for guys who are divorcing and / or fighting for custody? He gained custody, the house and did not pay anything and wrote a book on the subject. Short reading but very good and easy to follow. Worth 5 dollars and is definitely worth reading.

We. Court decision to support legal sports betting

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Opportunity is waiting! US law and decision-makers are working on frameworks to introduce and support the legalization of sports betting.

Last week, the United States rejected a 26-year-old federal sports betting ban, giving the 50 states the opportunity to rebuild their policy of legal betting on popular competitive sports. Nevada, the only state to serve this market for nearly 26 years, said Nevada Sports Books had collected $ 4.8 billion in bets in 2017.

Other reports from the American Gaming Association have estimated that illegal sports betting in the United States brings in $ 150 billion worth of bets each year. Since the recent change in legislation, gamblers will soon have the opportunity to participate in the excitement of sports betting in a safe and open environment.

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Legalizing sports betting will help the gambling community appreciate betting activities, but how are we going to preserve the integrity of accounting? While online sports prediction industries have experienced rapid development, all of today's underlying technologies rely on centralized algorithms, internal computer systems and the announcement of winners.

Traditional online sports prediction platforms are facing a number of problems, such as unfairness suffered by customers due to altered algorithms, fraudulent behavior of sports organizers (especially for small prediction platforms), as well as hacking attacks and false information provided by credit card transactions. .

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The solution? Blockchain technology.

With its experience in the sector, the UniGame team is a pioneer in the use of blockchain technology in the field of sports forecasts and is dedicated to solving the problem once and for all. By storing platform data on the blockchain, all users can be assured that the data is credible and traceable, verifiable and can not be falsified, eliminating behind-the-scenes manipulation.

In this multi-billion dollar industry, UniGame is strategically positioned to become a market leader.
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Through strong partnerships with IP holders at major global events, experienced team members and gaming licenses in multiple countries; UniGame has taken the forefront of blockchain-based sports prediction and laid the groundwork for launching its real-world application.

The global sports prediction platform based on a block chain of UniGame covers kickboxing, football and basketball events. It is exclusively licensed with the International Boxing Federation (IBF), Kunlun Fight and Glory of Heroes (GOH).

Participants may use Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) in exchange for the UniCoin UniCoin token (UNC). UniCoin (UNC) is now trading officially on HitBTC.

For more information and to view a copy of the white paper, visit

Procedures of construction of a tennis court!

Hey, my grandfather bought an acre of land near Mississauga a decade ago. He planned to set up a breeding farm there after his retirement. He was an army man. Then he abandoned his plan and rented this property. Two years ago we reclaimed the land and started a small farm. We also have tomatoes, grapes and some other plants. Much of the property is still empty. We made sure to spend at least three weekends a month. My sisters and our kids love tennis, we are thinking of setting up a tennis court. There is an hour's drive from the house to the farm. It's kind of a rural area, none of us wants to ruin its environment, so when I suggested this plan, we had agreed to build a clay tennis court. We do not have any professional requirements, although we are willing to spend if necessary! I have already consulted a company to discuss it, but because of my busy schedule, I could not meet them in person. I had a phone conversation with them. They are ready to start work. But most of us are busy because of Christmas and everyone. But I had just discussed our New Year's plans with my friend and he said we needed to get a building permit to build a yard in a rural area! Does anyone here have an idea about this?
Do we need a building permit for a yard? I am on an extremely tight schedule to meet a professional! If you are aware, please contact me here. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance!
Thank you so much.

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[ Politics ] Open question: I like farting the liberals in the mall while they eat in the food court. I tear hot farts on their food then I run away. Is it illegal?

[ Politics ] Open question: I like farting the liberals in the mall while they eat in the food court. I tear hot farts on their food then I run away. Is it illegal? .