I need 10 sign up for CPA offer for $1

I need 10 sign up for CPA offer

Necesito al menos 10 inscripciones para la oferta de CPA

. Estoy buscando proveedores experimentados que puedan generar registros de calidad para mi oferta de CPA. La oferta será:

– CPL con confirmación por correo electrónico.

Requiere que se cumplan las siguientes reglas:

– ¡Solo correos electrónicos y direcciones IP de EE. UU.!

– ¡Todos los registros DEBEN ser personas REALES!

– Direcciones únicas de correo electrónico e IP (actualmente solo en EE. UU.)

– SIN duplicados,

– SIN registros fraudulentos

– SIN BlackHat

– SINspam deCraigslist

– No se permiten servidores proxy (¡podemos verificar esto!)

– No hay tráfico de incentivos

– Leads e IPS: serán de EE

.UU.- Cada registro / acción completado DEBE venir de una IP única para calificar

– NO Spam, Bots AUTO o software.

– SIN incentivos

Antes de dar el trabajo, necesito una prueba para verificar la conversión.

Si el trabajo es exitoso, no dudaré en contratar sus servicios nuevamente.


Lock and shorten URLS EARN MONEY – URL shortener with CPA – Other opportunities to earn money

Lock.ist is a URL shortening service combined with content locking. The revenue model for this network is the CPA. You will therefore not be paid for clicks and impressions. Users need to take action such as installing software or filling out a simple form.

How do I get started with Lock.ist?

When you shorten the link using Lock.ist, it will lock automatically. The visitor must perform a simple task to unlock the link. For each task, you receive a commission of $ 0.10 to $ 10.


You are paid in 2 working days when you reach the minimum payment. The payment option is only Bitcoin. The minimum payment is $ 20.

Reference program

Publishers can earn extra money by referring others to this network. The commission rate is 10% for life.

Best features

-This network accepts members from all over the world.

-You do not need a website or blog to use this service.

-Tools (Website Widget, Browser button and API)

-Reference system

-Members always receive payment on time.

– Dedicated support

For tips and ideas: https://lock.ist/pages/tips-ideas

Reference link: https://lock.ist/ref/MomMoney12

Link: https://lock.ist/

Armorica – E-commerce Affiliate Network | CPA, RS | Smart tools for webmasters | High Payments | Forum promotion


Armorica is a affiliate network with a great diversity of CPA, CPS and revenue sharing offers in the most popular areas of E-commerce with CBD and nutrition. All our offers are carefully selected and integrated to give our affiliates the opportunity to work with the best offers from around the world.
Payments can be made via Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney, Bitcoin, Paypal, Bank transferand all the other most popular systems. The minimum payment amount is $ 100.

Valuable smart tools will help you discover the best ways to monetize traffic.
⭐ With the help of Onelink tool, you can promote a large amount of offers using a particular link. It is a practical solution for traffic with mixed GEOs. By defining the user's GEO, this leads to an offer now that defined GEO.
AD Rotator or Banner rotator Is usefull smart tool for each website owner. It supports the ability to add different banners from multiple offers in a particular banner space. When analyzing the visitor's GEO, it displays a banner of an offer that accepts it.

Your Affiliate Manager will help put everything in place and provide all the information you may need. Do you need specific landing pages or banners? Do you want to promote special offers who are not yet integrated? Feel free to contact your personal affiliate manager – we're here to help!

Increase your monthly income with Reference program for Armorica by inviting your friends, partners or colleagues with traffic to get up 3% of their income.

Sign up and increase your profits with Armorica network!

Armorica – Leading CPA and Revenue Sharing Offers for E-Commerce | High Payments | E-commerce, Nutra, CBD, Health, Fithess and even more offers!


Armorica Affiliate Network is a platform suggesting a wide variety of the most E-Commerce, Nutrition, CBD and Wellness offers.

Here in Armorica, we have offers of cost per action and revenue sharing models. Payments can be made from $ 100 and comes with popular systems such as Webmoney, bank transfer, Bitcoin, Paypal, Neteller and Skrill. You can choose the one that suits you best.

Our smart tools aim to improve your working conditions. Meet AD banner rotator and Onelink tool.
Ad Rotator is an excellent decision to monetize banner spaces. This innovative tool rotates the banners by the chosen vertical, by modifying the localization of the banners in the language of the spectator and displays the banner of an offer according to the user's GEO.
A link is a tool similar to smartlink which will rotate the chosen offers based on the user's GEO. The location of the landing will also be set automatically.

Our highly qualified managers carefully selected and integrated the best conversion offers to make traffic monetization clear and profitable for our affiliates.
Your personal manager will contact you after registration, provide you with all the latest and necessary information, and recommend the offers that best suit your traffic.

We can also offer you to try Reference program for Armorica if you have partners or colleagues or can simply attract new affiliates. Give them an invitation through your referral link and 3% income from their earnings on our affiliate network.

Join Armorique and hit new ground in traffic monetization!

Armorica – E-commerce Affiliate Network | Best CPA and RS Offers for WW Traffic | Smartlink | Monetize your traffic! | NewProxyLists


Access a great abundance of e-commerce, nutrition, well-being, CBD and even more popular cost per action and revenue sharing offers with Armorica Affiliate Network.

Get weekly or monthly payments which can be made using the most popular payment systems: Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney, Bitcoin, bank transfer and Paypal. The earnings of our affiliates can be withdrawn from $ 100.

Our affiliate managers will answer all questions, keep abreast of technical aspects and keep abreast of the latest developments. We are also able to find special offers for you and to offer you offers focused on vertical sectors that are of particular interest to you. So keep in touch with your personal manager via the most popular messengers and be aware of the regular distribution of emails.

Armorica Affiliate Network suggests the use of user-friendly advanced smart tools aimed at simplifying the work of our affiliates. It is an amazing design for website owners. We provide the following: Banner rotator and A link.

⭐ Banner rotator or AD Rotator allows the rotation of the banners of the chosen vertical. Choose a vertical banner resolution and paste a piece of code on your website. AD Rotator analyzes the visitor's GEO and displays an offer banner that accepts it.
⭐ A link gives the possibility of generating a particular link for several offers which will rotate taking into account the GEO of your users.

Here in Armorica, we also offer reference program. Invite your friends and partners and get up 3% of their earnings.

Sign up to get more details and start earning on your traffic with Armorica network!

Betwinner Affiliate Program | CPA and Revshare up to 50%

We offer you:
-Quick approval
-Fast payments
-High quality ads
-Real-time statistics
-Several ad formats
– Personal manager

We are looking for global gambling traffic

Contact us
email: kk@betwinneraffiliates.com
Telegram: katkatkattt

How To Make Money In Affiliate Marketing For $ 15

How To Make Money In Affiliate Marketing

I can show you how to drive free traffic to your affiliate link
this method has been tried and successful
With this method, you can earn thousands of dollars per month by working from your home.


How To Make Money In CPA Marketing For $ 18

You can earn hundreds of dollars a month with CPA marketing using my free traffic method
you must do it step by step after receiving the service

easy enough

Best regards

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I will promote the CPA affiliate offer with Google or Bing Ads for $ 20

I will promote the affiliate CPA offer with Google Ads or Bing Ads

Thanks to my creative approach and my in-depth research and analysis, I have an interest in growing the business by improving customer acquisition and talent to improve the performance of organic Google Ads traffic and of PPC promotion.
I am currently working to increase the revenue of our clients and the recruitment of affiliates.
As a certified Google advertising expert, I can give you a lot of winning keywords and give you data on competitors and configure Google and Bing Ads for you.
Also, I will give you an audit which will help you spy on your competitors. Spying on competitors is the most important to reduce your advertising costs and increase your sales via PPC.
I can help you with detailed data with competitors and can create effective advertising for you. What I can do for you:

  • Set up and optimize Google ads and campaign
  • Determine which campaign is best for you
  • Keyword research and optimization
  • Exceptional ad copy
  • Write relevant and engaging ads
  • Auction management
  • Target your audience
  • Improve ads
  • Configuring geographic targeting
  • Implementation of negative keywords to exclude irrelevant traffic
  • Good conversion rate
  • Landing page optimization

** Please contact me for a personalized quote **


CPA Kitchen – CPA Play Network | Direct CPA and revenue sharing agreements



CPA Cuisine is an innovative CPA Affiliate Network in gambling and betting niche with dozens of decent CPA and revenue sharing. You'll get the most out of your traffic with our unique tracking mechanism, smart AD Rotator and One Link tools, full publishing support and the detailed reporting section.

Each partner can withdraw their winnings from $ 100. In addition, we have a financial cushion in case of an emergency on the advertiser side, so we can always pay our partners in any case.

In addition, we have smart tools for webmasters to hit new ground in monetizing website traffic.

▶ ️ A link is a SmartLink that you can generate for the offers you want. Users will be directed to offers that work with this user's GEO. The location will be changed automatically.
▶ ️ Ad Rotator will change their mind about monetizing banner spaces. Choose a vertical that you want to promote, the resolution of your banner space. A small piece of code will be generated. All you need to do is add this code to your website – our smart tool will rotate the banners of the included offers showing those that accept the visitor's GEO.

Last but not least. We have an reference program here at CPA Kitchen. To win 3% commission income from your referrals.

The best conditions on reliable offers, smart tools and much more await you on CPAKitchen.
Join and win big!