The Gnome shell plugin The workspaces to be anchored (and thus the Ubuntu package gnome-shell-extension-workspaces-to-dock) crash on 19.04.

This Gnome shell extension (with the Dash to Dock extension) is for me what makes the Gnome shell tolerable as a replacement for Unity. Unfortunately, this extension (as well as others, including Dash to Dock) crashed on version 3.32 of the Gnome shell due to internal changes that were incompatible with the back-shell.

Some plugins have already released new versions or have patches in their main branches. But the manager of Workspaces to Dock said he no longer had the time to update the extension and that he was looking for a replacement. This means that it is not unlikely that no corrected version will be available when 19.04 is released.

What do others think of this situation? Does the fact that there is a package wrapping the Ubuntu extension mean that someone will intervene? Or does it all come down to a volunteer who is ready to take care of the maintenance of the extension?

Personally, I think it's a problem inherent to Gnome. The bare shell itself is a usability nightmare with no number of extensions (such as workspaces to dock, Dash to dock, and since Nautilus no longer supports desktop icons or desktop extension) , should be considered as hobby projects.

Crash the database if I try to add 44 wordpress images …

Hello, I run an apache + MariaDB VPS on which I installed some websites that I manage.
Today, I found something really weird.

I need to add 44 images to my article. If I add support, I select the 44 images, and then add them to an article when I click Add to Article, the database crashes.
That's the mistake I get on Maria DB
DBI connection failed: unable to connect to local MySQL server via socket /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (111)

It crashed 4 times in about 5 minutes. The images that I added to the text are somehow the problem! An idea of ​​what is happening and how to fix it? That's my VPS that's not strong enough maybe?

data recovery – Lost all Google Chrome tabs after a crash. Can I get them back?

After a chrome crash, I lost all open tabs. They were close to 100 tabs.

They are not in the story since I had the habit of deleting history.

In the "Recent tabs" option, only 3 or 4 tabs remain in the batch.

Is there a way to recover them?
Maybe a temporary backup file?

Asynchronous alternative to Thread.Sleep without application crash in C #

Define a Boolean variable:

wait bool;

Create an object Windows timer with nameexample) waitTimer, and in your Tick event, add the following code:

private void waitTimer_Tick (object sender, EventArgs e)
waitTimer.Stop ();
wait = false;

Create a method, here we call Expect:

public void Await (int interval)
wait = true;
waitTimer.Interval = interval;
waitTimer.Start ();
while (wait)
Application.DoEvents ();

To use it, simply type Wait (*), in parentheses, put the time you want to wait for the next statement in milliseconds.

// events

Wait (1000); // 1000 to wait 1 second

// events

A non-existent application continues to crash

I've deleted an app a long time ago, but when I unlock the phone, a message pops up: "The app" has stopped.

I had changed its internal location to external before deleting it.

Also, I have another application that does not stop, I changed it externally too.

I can not replace applications whose location I changed after updating the Android system

These two applications are not English

interpolation – Why do some uses of PropertyList crash the kernel?

A case of support with identification [CASE:4222617] has been created.

While looking at the question How to evaluate the "domain" of an object of interpolation? I noticed that the use PropertyList In a way, this seems to match the documentation, will crash the kernel for some objects. What is going on?

Let's just use the simple example of the documentation to produce a Interpolation function object:

points = {{0, 0}, {1, 1}, {2, 3}, {3, 4}, {4, 3}, {5, 0}};
ifun = interpolation[points]; (* creates the object InterpolatingFunction *)

PropertyList[ ifun ]

{Coordinates, DerivativeOrder, Domain, ElementMesh, Evaluate, GetPolynomial, Grid, InterpolationMethod, InterpolationOrder, MethodInformation, Methods, OutputDimensions, Periodicity, PlottableQ, Properties, QuantityUnits, Unpack, ValuesOnGrid}

But if we had instead executed one of the following expressions, we would have planted the nucleus:



(* PropertyList[ { ifun, 1 } ] *)

(* PropertyList[ { ifun, All } ] *)

Are some objects created differently from others?

An iterative solution method causes the kernel to crash

I use the following code to iteratively find functions $ Sigma (r) $, $ h (r) $ and $ T (r) $

Erase everything["Global`*"]
Md = 10 (-9);
P = 10;
R = 10 ^ 4;
[Alpha] = 10 (- 2);
[Epsilon] = 10 (- 4);
[Gamma] = 10 (- 2);
ke = 0.02 * (1 + 0.6625);
k0 = 5 * 10 ^ 20;
[Sigma] = 5.67 / 10 ^ 8;
Rg = 8315;
c = 3 * 10-8;
G = 6.67 / 10 ^ 11;
M = 2.8 * 10 ^ 30;
[CapitalOmega]k[r_] : = Sqrt[(G*M)/r^3];
[Mu] = Md / (3 * Pi);
[Kappa] = ((27 * ke) / (2 * [Sigma])) * (Rg / [Mu])
Co[r_] : = 1;
[Beta][r_]    : = 0;
Make[[CapitalSigma][r_]    : = ([Mu]^ (3/5) * [CapitalOmega]k[ r]^ (2/5)) ([Kappa]^ 5 ^ (- 1) * [Alpha]^ (4/5) * Co[r]^ 5 ^ (- 1));
h[r_] : = ([Kappa]* [Alpha]* [CapitalSigma][r]* Co[r])[CapitalOmega]k[r]^ 5;
T[r_] : = (1/2) * [CapitalOmega]k[r]* h[r]^ 2 * ([Mu]/ Rg) * (1 / (1 + [Beta][r]));
Kkr[r_] : = (k0 * ([CapitalSigma][r]/ h[r])) / T[r]^ (7/2);
[Beta][r_]    : = ([Mu]/ Rg) * ((4 * [Sigma]) / (3 * c)) * (T[r]^ 3 / ([CapitalSigma][r]/ h[r]));
Co[r_] : = (1 + [Beta][r]) ^ 4 * (1 + Kkr[r]/ ke), {2}

The problem is that the last line Co[r_] : = (1 + [Beta][r]) ^ 4 * (1 + Kkr[r]/ ke) kills the kernel and I do not understand why.

I'm using version 10.0.

grub efi – A terminal crash during apt-upgrade under ubuntu and now the upgrade fails

I was updating Ubuntu with

sudo apt-get upgrade -y 

But, the terminal has crashed between the two. When I tried to run the same command again, an error related to locking on dpkg was generated. I have deleted the lock files.
Now, when I run the command, I get the following error

1 not completely installed or removed.
After this operation, 0 Bb of additional disk space will be used.
Setting up of shim-signed (1.33.1 ~ 16.04.3 + 15 + 1533136590.3beb971-0ubuntu1) ...
Installation for the x86_64-efi platform.
grub-install: error: can not find the EFI directory.
dpkg: error handling package signed by shim (--configure):
the installed post-installation script of the subprocess returned the error output status 1
Errors were encountered during treatment:
E: The / usr / bin / dpkg subprocess returned an error code (1)

I'm not sure what's wrong here. Can someone help me here?

How to get crash reports from the Unity3d game

I am working on a project and I need to gather CrashReports, the messaging incident log and allow the user to describe the unfolding of the incident. I can not find anything on how to do this, anybody has any ideas? Thank you!

-Learning Unity User

mysql – MariaDB 10.2 crash on innodb table corruption

I'm running MariaDB 10.2 on Windows and some corrupted hard drives on my server have damaged innodb tables. Unfortunately, this has also affected backups. I'm trying to empty the tables and restore them. The problem is that even if forced recovery is set to 6, the server will crash when it reaches a corrupted line. The emptying of the table with asc and then desc worked for one table, but not for another and any attempt to skip the line with limit and offset always has the effect of blocking. I saw that there was an option innodb_pass_corrupt_table_action = salvage in 10.1, but it is deprecated and ignored with 10.2. Is there a similar parameter for 10.2? Are there any other options to force MySQL to empty tables? Thank you!