timer – Create a timer in C #

I create a program in C # to help me remember when to take my meds. For that, he asks me if I took the pill and if the program is restarted 48 hours later.

At the present time, I have created a 2-second timer to check if the function works, but I can not go beyond this time.

I hope you can help me. For the moment, my code is:

using the system;
using System.Timers;

ConsoleApp1 namespace
class program
static void Main (string[] args)
Console.WriteLine ("Have you taken the pill?");
string x = Console.ReadLine ();

if (x == "yes")
Console.WriteLine ("Very good");
Timer = new timer (172800000); // create a 48-hour timer

Console.WriteLine ("Perfect");


design – How to create a good structure for a multibrand project on vue.js?

I want to create a multi-brand Vue.js project. There will be common components, but there will also be exceptions. I want to find a good structure for this question.

All brands will use the same routes. After placing an API (or domain-based) call, we will determine the brand. Depending on this brand, we need to import / display only the required and relevant components / files.

I thought of using a similar structure to that of Magento. Depending on the brand, we can check if a file exists in the brand folder. Otherwise, we can use the default file. So we can create default components, but also create folder-grouped exceptions with the brand name. I think that it is not possible to access the file system to check whether a file exists or not (outside the public folder). That's the problem.

What would be the best way to do this?

Create a form with excluded fields to search for flights (iOS app)

I am currently facing a UX situation that I do not know how to solve.

I have a place on my app where I can search for flights by entering either the airports of the airlines, the airports of departure and destination, or the flight number.

It was thought to separate the airline, departure and destination fields from the flight number by an OR. I do not like this one too much, as it can be confusing if someone has filled more than one field.

Another option could be a selector that selects the type of search (Dep / Dest airports or flight number).

What are your thoughts? What other ideas might be better?

Chatbots – Create a custom in-app chat or use third-party chat apps (Messenger, Whatsapp, etc.).

I am interested in your opinions on the subject.


I am not talking about using a SaaS chat (Sendbird, Pusher, etc …) BUT using existing chat applications, installed.



  1. Engagement commitment / retention
  2. Less congested user interface (more dedicated to the case of using an application)
  3. Customized features adapted to use cases of applications
  4. Some users do not want to share their Messenger / WhatsApp ID (??)

The inconvenients

  1. Development time / cost
  2. Must match the user's "Cat Expectations" (UX of First Order) – Hard to match
  3. "Another cat application" to manage



  1. The user is already accustomed
  2. First-time user experience (most of the time, LINE, cough, cough …)
  3. The user can choose which chat application to use
  4. Users are more likely to get / see notifications – especially on Android with custom battery settings for sellers and users
  5. Can use a third party chat bot for integration of targeted / personalized notifications (with "Actions")

The inconvenients

  1. The user exits the application
  2. Can not create custom buttons / features in chat
  3. The "first message" can be lost (when the user adds a new contact) – Some chat applications treat these "first messages" as almost SPAM (Messenger is called "requests").
  4. Unable to "bridge" users if they do not use the same chat application – could actually go through a bot
  5. Some users do not use chat applications (???????????????????????)
  6. Can not create an in-app community newsgroup – although you can create them manually or via a discussion API if possible

guidelines – Should we create our own framework or opt for an open source such as Material Design?

I work in a small business specializing in software intelligence. I struggle to convince them to bring consistency to their products with their own front-end infrastructure.
Some of the key leaders get along with Material Design, given the budget, resources, and time they have. Some are not. They want to build their own framework, but in the least amount of time, with fewer resources and making the components reusable.

What technology should we use if we choose the second option (Create our own framework). They are afraid to invest more time, which would affect their business. On the other hand, they also want to create a visual signature.

What other open source framework can we use outside of Material Design?
Some people have suggested Bootstrap, where you can use your favorite components to design the front end. Is not like building your own library in terms of time, resources. Would it be a reusable component and easy to maintain?

If you create your own room, what would it take to exchange one for bitcoin?

What makes your room exchangeable?

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mysql – How to create a formula with the data of a query?

I make a formula with a mysql query but that does not give me the result that I should not know in which part I'm wrong and hope you can help me it's an image of data: enter the description of the image here

the formula would be = ((300 + 21,000) / ((80,000 – 4,000) / 600 * 1,000)) * 60% the result you must give is 0,2773 provided that my request is good until This part:

SELECT the network name (Date_bio) as a month,
Sum (case where Thermodyne = 0 THEN 1 OTHER Thermodyne END)) /
(sum (case where DQO_entry = 0 then 1 ELSE DQO_entry end) -
sum (case where DQO_out = 0 then 1 ELSE DQO_output)) AS Result
GROUP by year (Bio_date), month (Bio_date)