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sharepoint online – Adding newly create group to “Site Permissions” section ( XXX/_layouts/15/user.aspx )

After creating a SharePoint group, you need to assign the permissions to it at site (web) level.

Add a new action ‘Send HTTP request to SharePoint’ and configure the action to use endpoint as below:

/_api/web/roleassignments/addroleassignment(principalid=<GROUPID>, roledefid=1073741827)

roledefid is for Permission Levels which are as follows:

1073741829 – Full Control

073741827 – Contribute

1073741826 – Read

<GroupID> is the id of the group.

Reference: SharePoint Group Operations in Microsoft Flow

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power automate – Adding newly create site to “Site Permissions” section ( XXX/_layouts/15/user.aspx )

Hope you are all doing well.

I managed to use Power Automate to create SP groups and add users to them using the HTTP request action.

The problem i have is the newly created groups are created at the “root” (in People and Groups section) level but not in the site in the “Site Permissions” section so user that i add to the group still do not have access to the site.

I created a flow that adds the group(s) to “site Pages” , “Site assets” and to the specific libraries but they don’t have access to the site itself since the groups are not in “Site Permissions”.

Does anyone know how to add a newly created group to “Site Permissions” ?

Thanks a lot in advance !!

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Create circle packing charts in google sheets

I am trying to find a way to add a circle packing chart to a Google sheet, using the data in a google sheet as its data source

The only possibility I have found is this from DHUMANITIES

But, either it no longer works or I am not configuring the data properly

Does anyone know how to do this, create circle packing charts in google sheets?

Thank you

wp query – How to create author.php with the help of wordpress pages feature

I need to create author posts archive with the help of WordPress pages feature. That’s why I created a page with the slug “author”. Now when I want to enter author page , it forward me to this page not to author.php. My problem is that I can get all author posts when I use author.php instead of WordPress pages feature But I can’t get author posts when I use wordpress pages feature. I mean main query does not work in this page.

But both urls are the same

when I use auhtor.php : http://website.com/author/anjelina      (main query works )
when I use wordpress pages : http://website.com/author/anjelina (main query does not work)

enter image description here

Is it possible to create custom post type inside another CPT?

I have two CPT:

  1. Teacher
  2. Student

As we know, one teacher can have more students. It is possible to assign the teacher to each student while creating CPT with the next steps:

  1. Create a Student
  2. Select Teacher inside Student post type
  3. Save the Teacher
    For example, it can be done with ACF:
    Choose with ACF

The question is:
Is it possible to create Student posts directly inside Teacher post?
It will be much easier for admin to create all this stuff in this way. I need a field that will allow to create Students and assign them to Teacher inside Teacher post type. Below is a screenshot of mockup what I need to achieve:
enter image description here

The Student and Teacher will have different HTML templates so there is a need for them be different post types.
I have not found any information about my issue and suspect that this is impossible to do in WordPress.
Any help is appreciated :]
Thanks in advance.