customization – Create a library of custom functions

I've tried creating a library of custom functions that I could simply call at the beginning of each notebook.

For example, suppose I want the following functions to be part of the library, or even that Mathematica sees them as part of the built-in set of functions.

cofactor[mat_, i_, j_] /; (And @@ wire[{i, j} <= Dimensions[mat]]): = (-1) ^ (i + j) * Det[Drop[#, {j}] & /@ Drop[mat, {i}]]; reverse element[mat_, i_, j_] /; (And @@ wire[{i, j} <= Dimensions[mat]]): = cofactor[mat, j, i]/ Det[mat];

I have not been able to find clear instructions in the documentation on how to proceed. I've tried to create an .m file, but when I use Import to include it in the notebook, the functions are not recognized.

How to create a pie shape on

I would like to create or find this shape on, a pie shape that can be adjusted, size, length, etc.

Pie form

I could not find this shape in the list of shapes, so I think it should be created in one way or another, but I do not know how, especially with such a curved shape .

Product Photography – How can I economically create the white backdrop look?

I'm using a white sheet and a set of lighted clamps with daylight bulbs. (see What lighting material should I use with a very tight budget?)

It works best if you can put a little distance between the subject and the background, and the bottom line is that the background is well lit.

Basically, you are simply trying to expose for the subject and totally overexpose the background.

This photo was taken in front of an off-white wall in a dark room.

The bottle was sitting on a coffee can (you can see the lid) about 3 feet from the wall behind it. I pointed 2 lights toward the wall behind and used the punctual measurement on the bottle. The spot measurement has set the exposure on the front of the bottle and, as the background is brighter 2-3 times, it is completely overexposed.

As you try to get down to the ground, this becomes a bit tricky because you can not easily illuminate the background separately from the subject.

One thing to do is to use a white translucent Plexiglas sheet as a backdrop and to light it from the back. You will need brighter lights this way, but you should be able to achieve a similar effect with a flat surface.

web development – I am looking for ideas and suggestions to create the ideal programming company?

I am looking for ideas and suggestions for an ideal to create a programming business?

How to treat the programmer to put him at ease in the business?

Salary, commission, bonus, etc.

I'd like to know similar patterns in major Western and global companies and how they did it?

Please leave some ideas and suggestions 🙂

Best regards


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How to create a Lightroom Smart Collection containing all virtual copies?

I want to create a smart collection containing all the virtual copies I've created. Is it possible to do this in lightroom?

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How to correctly create a skybox in Unity?

I have trouble creating a sky box from a panoramic texture. Everything seems to work. However, there are artifacts in the same place. How can I get rid of them?

enter the description of the image here

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sql – generate a query or create an inventory book and a balance

This is the first time I do this type of work and I need a theory on how to start doing this project in sql then run my procedure and pass it to the company. 39; ERP.
I have the task of creating or generalizing an accounting ledger and balance sheets – statement of financial position.
but I do not know how to start creating such a project.
I need advice, theory and even courses to start and continue with other things like this.
I hope you can help me.
thanks in advance, a big hug and good day to all