video – Is it possible to create a self-managed call application that does not take the audio focus?

I'm building a video chat app. The video chat SDK that I use (OpenTok) mutes when it loses the audio focus. I implemented a self-managed call application using ConnectionService to integrate with the telecommunication system. The problem is that the "call" that I create with the help of ConnectionService requires the audio focus, which cuts all the sounds in my video chat.

Is it possible to create an incoming call without to remove the audio focus of my application?

How to create roles with an MVC model

I am working on a project in which I need to create a connection with roles but with an MVC model, and I do not know how to perform the validation to redirect it to the role-based page.

Is it possible to create back links from a domain extension .fr If we want to rank in the United States?

ttp: // "">

Is it possible to create back links from a domain extension .fr If we want to rank in the United States? | Talk Web Hosting

& # 39;);
var sidebar_align = & # 39; right & # 39 ;;
var content_container_margin = parseInt (& # 39; 350px & # 39;);
var sidebar_width = parseInt (& # 39; 330px & # 39;)
// ->

  1. Is it possible to create back links from a domain extension .fr If we want to rank in the United States?

    One of my friends tells me that if you want to rank in the United States (.com), do not create backlinks on domain names from other countries, for example, .fr, .de etc.
    Is it true?

    Guide me please …
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I will create a complete website using elementor page builder for $ 125

I will create a complete website using elementor page builder

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how to create an anonymous function and how to call Anonymous in postgres?

Please Any one helps the steps of anonymous function creation and how to call anonymous functions in postgres.

Thank you

php – large website the best way to create a multi-language?

I work in a final academic project, such as an admin panel with huge displays and processes, and one requirement is the need to support multiple languages. Spanish English.

The project is based on:

and the web server is LAMP, do not use the php framework, use pure php, html, javascript, jquery, mysql.

but I think this website is too big to use the normal way of translations, any suggestion ??

I am aware that the question is subjective but there are so many options that when I go to see it, it remains for simple things and not for an administrative system, the other disadvantage is that the screens viewed are managed by ajax, they are supposed to be translated from the server (executed by php).

php – Error trying to create a DateTime object from the date string

I have the following class, which must return the date correctly, I have to get and compare the date field: date_limit_discount_1 However, he enters a strange error and I do not know why he does not create the date from the string:

DateTime :: __ construct (): Failed to parse the timeline (Y-m-d) at position 1 (-): Unexpected

The model

class Application_Model_Service_Payment

    public function getPaymentStudent($school, $user = null)

        if ($user != null && mb_strtolower($user->role) == 'student') {
            $is_paid = ($user->date_payment != null) ? true : false;

            $school = (array) $school;

              $redirect = ($school('arvore_1') == "1") ? ARVORE_LOGIN : null;

              $is_active_promotion  = false;
              $limit_promotion = null;

              if (isset($school('date_limit_discount_1')) && $school('date_limit_discount_1') != null) {

                // echo '
                //     print_r($school);

                    try {

                        $currentDate = new DateTime('Y-m-d');
                        $limitDate = DateTime::createFromFormat('Y-m-d', $school('date_limit_discount_1'));

                        $is_active_promotion = ($currentDate <= $limitDate) ? true : false;
                        $limit_promotion =  $limit->format('d/m/Y');

                        } catch(Exception $e){
                            $is_active_promotion = (
                            'error_date' => $e->getMessage()



              $discount = ($is_active_promotion) ? $this->discount($school('percent_discount_price_1'), $school('price_1')) : floatval($school('price_1'));
                return (
                    'type_plan' => $school('type_plan_1'),
                    'price' => $school('price_1'),
                    'limit_promotion' => $limit_promotion,
                    'percent_discount' => $school('percent_discount_price_1'),
                    'discount_price' => $discount,
                    'redirect_arvore' => $redirect,
                    'date_payment' => $user->date_payment,
                    'is_paid' => $is_paid,
                    'id_transaction' => $user->id_transaction,
                    'transaction_type' => $user->transaction_type,
                    'is_active_promotion' => $is_active_promotion

        return null;

    private function discount($discount, $price)
         return floatval($price) - (floatval($price) / 100 * floatval($discount));


When I do a print_r, here's what's coming:

    (ID) => 939
    (scb_code) => 
    (owner_id) => 0
    (name) => ISJ - Salesiano Resende - 2018
    (cnpj) => 
    (zipcode) => 
    (neighborhood) => 
    (city) => 
    (state) => 
    (phone) => 
    (site) => 
    (number) => 
    (created) => 2018-02-19 00:36:02
    (updated) => 2018-02-19 00:34:37
    (plan) => 181
    (start) => 2018-02-19 00:34:37
    (end) => 2018-02-19 00:34:37
    (access) => 
    (domain) => 
    (disable_block_content_teacher) => 1
    (id_plan_1) => 181
    (titulo_1) => ISJ - Salesiano Resende - 2018 145
    (public_1) => 0
    (qtd_1) => 145
    (data_exp_1) => 2019-12-15 23:59:59
    (duracao_1) => 
    (price_1) => 0
    (school_id_1) => 939
    (type_plan_1) => family
    (percent_discount_price_1) => 10
    (arvore_1) => 0
    (mounth_1) => 12
    (date_limit_discount_1) => 2019-10-16
    (titulo_plan) => ISJ - Salesiano Resende - 2018 145
    (qtd_plan) => 145
    (data_exp) => 2019-12-15 23:59:59
    (registered_plan) => 145
    (qtd_teacher_plan) => 15
    (qtd_coordinator_plan) => 3
    (data_limit_discount) => 

How to create an awesome TopGoldForum profile [TUTORIAL] – Newbies Lounge

Hello TGF members,

In this tutorial, I will show you how to get the most out of your TopGoldForum profile. You will be able to get more views of your posts, links, friends on social networks and be considered an expert in your niche.

It does not take more than 20 minutes to complete it. For example, I opened an account for one of our editors to CyberSecurityMag.

Step 1. Add a profile picture

You must add an avatar or a profile picture and a cover photo of you and / or your company.

Access your profile by clicking on your username in the upper left corner, and when you tap your profile photo, a small image icon appears that you must click to add or edit.


Step 2. Add a cover photo

By adding a cover photo, you further personalize your account, which puts it out of the crowd.

Click the Cover Photo button, and then click Upload a photo. Select a suitable image (no nudity, abominable or hate please) and download it.


After that, you can drag it and position it as you wish. When you are satisfied with the result, simply click Save Position or Cancel if you want to start the process again.


Step 3. Fill in your social media accounts

By adding your social media accounts, you prove to the community that you are a real person and that you are serious about what you are doing.

Go to your profile and click Social Info under the Settings panel.


Here you can add your social accounts. In addition, go to the Other tab and add the URL of your website or that of the blog, if any.


Step 4. Fill in the details of your profile

Take a minute or two and fill in your profile information such as your date of birth, contact information, interests and your section.

Visit your profile and click on the edit profile button. A pop-up with profile details will appear.


Fill in all the details you are sure to share. When you're done, just click Save and you're done.


Step 5. Define a signature

The installation of a signature has many advantages. You get free backlinks every time you post something new and it's free advertising for your business.

Click your user name, and then access the account settings.


In the settings pane, navigate to the Signature tab.


With a standard account, you will be able to add up to 3 lines of text and 3 links. If you want to add banners and images, you need to buy a PREMIUM subscription.


Step 6. Synchronize your account with Fb, Twitter

If you sync your account with your social profiles, you'll be able to login faster and share updates on TGF.

You can choose to update the profile picture and the cover photo.


Step 7. Make an introductory post

Now that you have a great profile, come greet our community.

Go to Introduce yourself forum and make a short introductory post about you, your passions and your goals.


Do not forget to check the post from time to time. As we have more than 37,000 members, you will get answers and requests from friends who are interested in what you do.


Finishing …

That's all. You are now a full member of the Top Gold Forum. You should Like us on facebook and follow our Twitter account stay up to date with everything.

Questions? Let me know by doing a post.

physics – Create water in 3D Unity

I want to implement 3D water in my game similar to this 2D plugin.

I know that generally water is implemented using plane deformation. I can not use this approach because I want to implement realistic simulation of water similar to the 2D plugin above. I've tried to implement the water using metaballs but the performance is mediocre because I need thousands of metaballs.

I'm looking for suggestions on possible approaches using 3D water that can be implemented. Also, how fluid in this plugin is implemented?

r – How to select an object from the results of the localKcross function and create its envelope

I have two types of points (marks = 1 or 2) and I want to use the spatstat package of R to do a cross-locale analysis. The result of the function is drawn with several curves (each representing a point marked 1) .How can I use a loop? to choose one and make an envelope for each size?

I tried to write code, but the results were not satisfactory.


# Load points
points <- read.csv("E:/test_1.csv",sep = ",", header = TRUE, fileEncoding = "utf-8")

#Ripley k
localk <- function(x,y,codes,place) {
  p <- ppp(x, y, c(4000, 6000), c(-4500, -3000),marks = factor(codes))
  #lks <- localKcross(p,i="1",j="2",rmax = 100,correction='Ripley')

  kmult <- envelope(p, fun=localKcross, nsim=10, i="1", j="2",r=s,correction='Ripley', simulate=NULL)


  # setwd("E://kpic")
  # for(i in 1:900){
  #   idx = sprintf("%03d", i)
  #   pic <- paste("iso",idx," ~ r", sep = "")
  #   picname <- paste("iso",idx," ~ r",".png", sep = "")
  #   png(file=picname, bg="transparent")
  #   plot(lk,pic)
  #I don't know how to select one carve to do envelope
  #   kmult <- envelope(p, fun=localKcross, nsim=100, i="1", j="2",correction='Ripley', simulate=expression(rlabel(p)))
  #   plot(kmult)
  # }
res <- localk(points$X, points$Y,points$type,points$name)  

I'm waiting for every marked point 1 to make a Ripley curve and its envelope and save it in the image.

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