windows – How do you create a batch file that creates a new folder and names that new folder after an image in the current folder?

ok this sounds confusing but. I want a script that creates a new folder and makes that new folder named after an image in the current folder.
The code that I have so far is “md test” which only creates a new folder and names it test. But I don’t know how to rename it to an image on the current folder.


javascript – creates a perimeter function and a zone function

How to create a perimeter function which indicates the perimeter when the radius is given as a parameter.
Also the zone function which gives the zone when it receives the radius as a parameter.
use the value of 3.14 in place of π.
I did not do it well
perimeter of the function (department)
radius var = 5
{return 3.14 * radius * 2;}
function area (radius)
{return 3.14 * radius * radius;}

Unity: Exporting the game creates texture flaws

In the editor, the textures are good, but when exporting, I am constantly faced with problems like these:

enter description of image here

I mainly use the built-in standard specular shader and the texture that slides is always the detail texture. When you re-export the game several times, the texture is glitched in exactly the same way in the same places.

So far, this has happened in almost all of the scenes.

enter description of image here

azure – azcopy – first creates and deletes folders when copying

The f: foo folder contains about 50k files and a bunch of non-empty subfolders. Try to copy from the local machine to the blob using this command:

copy f: foo "SAS URL to blob" – recursive

copy some folders first, but as copying progresses, all folders are lost and all files live directly under the destination blob.

All of the old jobs have been deleted and I have tried to do this multiple times in new blob folders and the result is the same.

Azcopy version – 10.4.3, Windows 54 bit.

Interestingly, I find the same behavior when you drag and drop the source folder structure in Azure Explorer! Is this a bug with Azcopy?

Glideapps creates a date stamp in Google Sheets when the check boxes are TRUE using the onChange function

I use Glide Apps. I need to record the date and time when one of the 6 different check boxes is checked in Glide Apps. I have used an onEdit function successfully when changes are made to the sheet, but it will not save posts from glideapps, only changes that I make to cells inside my sheets.

I want to enter a date and time in the next column to the right of each checkbox when the checkbox = TRUE with all updates made by my users in Glideapps. I have multiple instances in different sheets which all have a required date and time when the cell = TRUE check box. I understand that I cannot use onEdit because GS does not see past changes from Glideapps when the checkbox in the application is TRUE even if the cells in my GS update correctly.

I would also like to enter a date in the 2nd column of the checkbox = TRUE cell and this date and time will be updated each time the box is checked, but the first check box should only change the first time the box check = TRUE.

Can i use onChange to get the desired result and how could i write the script. Thanks in advance 🙂

Here are two examples of the code I have used successfully and there is a much larger script (not here) than I used which was more detailed but more specific to the lines in which the changes were made.

onEdit (e) function {
if (e.value == "TRUE")
e.source.getActiveSheet (). getRange (e.range.rowStart, e.range.columnStart + 1) .setValue (new Date ());


onEdit (e) function {

if (e.value == "TRUE")
e.source.getActiveSheet (). getRange (e.range.rowStart, e.range.columnStart + 2) .setValue (new Date ());
otherwise if (e.value == "")
e.source.getActiveSheet (). getRange (e.range.rowStart, e.range.columnStart + 2) .setValue (new Date ());
otherwise return;

macos – Creates a bot displaying mac notifications

Hello sir.
I need to create a bot on my mac that automatically opens an app that shows up in my notifications, then closes it. It also controls the click and timing to configure my schema.
I tried automation but I am on High Sierra OS and notifications are only available on Moyave and Catalina.
So I asked myself if you can create a bot by coding it with AppleScriptEditor to control the system and create a bot as I wish. Is it possible?

entities – Drupal 8 creates several types of relationship content

I will explain my situation to you.

I have 3 types of content.

Content type 1: create a field Pool nameand other areas. Simple here.

Content type 2: to have field referenced Pool name created in content type 1, and Pool type area, many other different areas. Here as simple.

Content type 3: to have field referenced Pool name created in content type 1, and many other different areas and here is my problem I need fill in automatically a Pool type field also from content type 2here content type 3.

I don't know how to make this reference work.

Thank you.

SQL Server Management DataWarehouse Creates lots of user connections. About 2,500 sleeping connections

I wonder if anyone already knows this strange scenario regarding my SQL Server DataWarehouse server management creates a lot of user connection. About 2,500 sleeping connections.

When I turned off the data collector, all connections were disconnected, but I wonder what the problem is

My MDW Repo works under SQL 2014 and gets around 100+ instances
Server experiencing a problem is running SQL Server 2012 SP2 CU 12

Thank you

SharePoint Designer creates duplicate tasks

I have a workflow that will create a task when a new list item is created. This task is then sent to users according to the group to which they belong.

The problem I have is sometimes I have to select multiple groups and then if a user is in both groups they get 2 of the same tasks created.

Is there a way to stop the creation of duplicate tasks?

The Magento2 administrator creates an order. Can we add the variable Js to the command object using the configuration provider like the frontend?

I am working on the customization of order creation in admin and I want to access a product attribute in JS. I am looking for a model from which I can define command object data and get through window.order.myvariable. Similar to window.checkoutconfig in the frontend.