oracle – Hi everyone, Creating a table statement in SQL doesn't work!

I am a beginner at DBA and I am trying to create an array of suppliers and products. Vendor_Name in second line is underlined and when I hover the cursor over it, it shows me an error syntax window with different lines and I don't understand what they are. After execution I get an error from ORA-00906 "missing parenthesis left."

Create a table supplier (
Vend_ID VARCHAR2 (3) NOT NULL, primary key
Vendor_Name VARCHAR (50) NOT NULL,
I appreciate any help!

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opengl – Is creating Windows windows faster / more efficient than creating GLFW windows?

It depends

GLFW is just a wrapper around Windows API calls, so whether you create a window using GLFW or create one using GLFW API, the same calls are finally made.

However, you can expect a wrapper like GLFW to be robust, check for errors, select optimal formats, etc., which you might not do if you just wrote the code yourself. So your own code may be faster to create a window but may also be more likely to do the wrong thing.

At this point, you really need to read the OpenGL wiki start pages to understand the process of initializing OpenGL.

But ultimately, what does it matter? Creating a window takes a few milliseconds at the start of your application, and once the window is created, OpenGL takes over, so no matter how it was created – all else being equal (pixel formats, acceleration hardware, etc.), the performance of OpenGL in your program will be the same.

Tutorials for creating Unity 3D Platformer games?

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drop-down list – How to create a title selection menu when creating a new page / publication?

I am trying to write my own custom WP theme for a fitness organization.

When administrators create a new certification, the title of the event will always be as follows:
1. Kickboxing certification
2. Boxing certification
3. Pilates certification.

Is there a way to create a drop-down menu in the title AND allow the administrator to write his own title if necessary?

My code is so far

function isca_post_types(){
  register_post_type('event', array(
      'add_new_item'=> 'Add New Event',
      'edit_item'=> 'Edit Event',
      'all_items'=> 'All Events',
add_action('init', 'isca_post_types');```

This is a model of what I want. title dropdown

Is this possible in WordPress?

What is considered most important, creating content or creating backlinks?

What is considered most important, creating content or creating backlinks?

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  1. What is considered most important, creating content or creating backlinks?

    What is considered most important, creating content or creating backlinks?

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Creating a horizontal decision tree in Google sheets – Can this one reverse the default one?

I want to create a horizontal decision tree in Google sheets – the default one is vertical – moving up and down, I want mine to be like a decision tree from left to right.

How can I return / transpose it?

an sql script creating compatible sea tables

System users will need a registration, and it is necessary to store their personal information, as well as to connect to the environment. Moreover,

As part of the main functionality of the system, each user will be able to indicate the locations of possible dengue outbreaks, send photos, location, etc. Therefore, we need a database to store all of this data safely and efficiently. Its task then consists in carrying out an initial survey on the needs of the types of information which will be stored in the bank and in creating from this an entity relationship model (MER) describing how this information will be linked within the bank. Include entities, relationships (with their respective cardinalities) and attributes in the MER.

In a second step, after creating the MER, make a simple SQL script to create all the necessary tables, in accordance with the MER

Haskell creating a gourmet zip function

I am trying to implement a greedy zip method in Haskell where it does not delete the elements, instead it will use a default value. I appreciate any comments to make it more compact.

zip' (-1) () r = r
zip' () (-1) r = r

zip' () b r  = zip' (-1) b r
zip' a () r  = zip' a (-1) r

zip' a b r  = (xa, xb) : (zip' xsa xsb r)
    (xa: xsa) = a
    (xb: xsb) = b

main = do
  let l1 = (1, 2, 3)
  let l2 = (3, 4)
  print (zip' l1 l2 ())
  --  expected: ((1,3),(2,4),(3,-1))

What is creating a one-way link in Seo ..?

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