Creating English-UK sites via Sharepoint Rest API

I am trying to create a new SharePoint Site collection via the REST API and trying to have that site be created using the English – United Kingdom Language rather than English – United States

I thought that to make this change all I would need to do would be to enter the LCID for en-GB which is 2057 as shown below, however when I try to run this action it fails to create a site though the action is successful.

enter image description here

Is there a way to create an English -UK site rather than an English -US site via Rest or is there a subsequent request I can make to change the language/regional settings of the site after it has been created to get the end result.

user expectation – Can we create Empathy Map without creating Persona?

I am new to this UX industry. I have a task with a brief to create an Audiobook app experience & to map out and simply describe what will be your end-to-end design process to tackle this problem.

As of now I am not able to find out Prospective users to interview for this concept so , I’m thinking that I can create Empathy map by visualising as a User & move forward with User flow diagram.

So here are 2 questions:

  1. What’s the best creating combination of Artefacts to describe End-to-end design process ? Like , Problem statement, Solution , Empathy map , user flow diagram , IA etc ?
  2. Can I directly create Empathy map without creating Persona ?

Any help would be appreciated!

I am creating backlinks with gsa SER but most are redirects from google, how do I uncheck that? — 👉 GSA SEO and Marketing Forum 👈

Estoy empezando a crear campañas, buenos proxies y captcha buenos. El problema viene que todos los backlinks tienen un redireccionamiento a la URL de destino. ¿Se debe a que el indexador rápido está activo o al tipo de enlace que estoy creando?
¿Cómo puedo solucionar eso? Gracias

iphone – Creating a copy of an ITunes backup using Apple ComputerMobile SyncBackup folder

Instructions found on internet says that I need to edit the:
“Info.plist” file.
Here is where the backup folder was found: “C:Users%username%AppDataRoamingApple ComputerMobileSyncBackup” folder, where “%username%” represents your Windows username

Proceeding with the instructions: 1) I copied and pasted a copy of the backup folder.
2) Renamed the copy with date, time and “nickname”.
3) opened the copied folder and found the Info.plist file.
4) Used Windows Notepad to open the Info.plist in order to edit it.
5) as directed went to the bottom of the file for the purpose of finding “Yourname’s iPhone” per this instruction: “Edit the last line, which should look similar to ” Yourname’s iPhone”. Change it to something like “Yourname’s iPhone – Dec 12, 2013″ so that you can easily identify the date of the backup.”
6) there was no such ‘last line’.

So my questions are: A) how can I edit the copied backup folder’s Info.plist since I did not find that line?
B)The instructions indicate that the purpose of changing the last line is to differentiate it from all other backup folders. However, in the Library listing where I found the original file, I did change the name of the copied file so from that I can differentiate it from all others. So the question is: do I really need to change the last (non-existant) line of the Info.plist file when I can easily differentiate the copied backup folder by the name change I performed?

Any help is, of course, gratefully appreciated.

8 – Creating an API via module routing files that includes csrf verification headers

I am working on migrating a custom API from D7 to D8 and am doing so by using module routing. I have a routing.yml file that looks like so:

  path: "/api/v1/user/login"
    _title: "User API Login"
    _controller: 'Drupalytp_userControllerUserAPIController::login'
  methods: [POST]
    _csrf_request_header_token: "TRUE"
  path: "/api/v2/user/me"
    _title: "User API Get Current User"
    _controller: 'Drupalytp_userControllerUserAPIController::getCurrentUser'
  methods: [GET]
    _custom_access: 'Drupalytp_userControllerUserAPIController::authorize'

In the first route, I am trying to validate a csrf token provided in the headers, via the requirement _csrf_request_header_token: "TRUE", however, this does absolutely nothing. It doesn’t validate or even check that the header exists as the documentation suggests it should.

I’ve tried replacing this with _csrf_token: 'TRUE' which at least checks that the token exists in the query, but I can’t get a valid token!!! If I grab a token from /session/token and then pass it along in the query as ?token=<token-from-session/token> then I just get an error saying the CSRF token is invalid.

Am I missing another step or is the documentation just straight up incorrect? I have been searching for hours and everything suggests that what I have should work, so why is the CSRF token not being validated properly?

database – Need help for creating nodes but only if they not exist

I have Company data in external database. The first column of the data contains the id of different companys.
I will create nodes for every company but only if they do not exist identified by the id in the first column.

// Get Data from external DATABASE
  $result_wirdfit = db_query('SELECT * FROM wirdfit.wirdfit_data');
  $result_drupal = db_query('SELECT * From drupal.field_data_field_id');
  $wirdfit_id = array();
  $drupal_id = array();

 foreach ($result_wirdfit as $row) {
  $wirdfit_id= $row->id;

  $node = (object) array();
  $node->language = LANGUAGE_NONE;
  $node->type = 'page';
  $node->title = $row->id;
  node_object_prepare($node);  //Set some default values

   foreach ($result_drupal as $row1) {
   $drupal_id = $row1->field_id_value;
if ($wirdfit_id != $drupal_id){
  $node->is_new =TRUE;

There is a failure in the loop i think i missed some conditions and don´t get it. It creates a node that is already available.


Creating a regex to get multiple values and print

I'm looking for any help with the code below. Basically the ip:port string keeps changing and may contain more than one true value in str and i wonder if is possible to use a regex using the search function to get the all ip:port and print in demo.

<p id="demo"></p>

var str = "Please locate where occurs!";
var pos ="b(?:(?:25(0-5)|2(0-4)(0-9)|(01)?(0-9)(0-9)?).){3}(?:25(0-5)|2(0-4)(0-9)|(01)?(0-9)(0-9)?):d{1,5}b");...
Code (markup):

Creating a regex to get multiple values and print

unity – Creating the Vertices and Triangle Indices for Voxel Generated Mesh

I am running into a problem with a compute shader I am writing to generate the vertices and triangle indices for a voxel generated mesh.

Currently, I am creating an AppendStructuredBuffer of triangle structs which just have the three vertices of a triangle and reading from the AppendStructuredBuffer to the CPU. When read to the CPU, I then read from the buffer and set it in a RWStructuredBuffer in the GPU. Following that, I run a compute shader kernel to parse the triangle buffer.

Obviously if I can do this all on the GPU I should since reading and writing between the CPU and GPU is expensive.

When trying to put it all in one kernel I run into problems however. Each voxel has a range of possible triangles (0-5) that can form in it. Because of that, I can’t simply use the dispatch id to put it in a RWStructuredBuffer (at least I don’t think so). That’s why using an AppendStructuredBuffer seems natural; it allows for the variable amount of triangles.

After getting the array of triangle vertices and array of triangle vertex indices, I bring them back to the CPU and set them to a mesh and render it. In the future I want to use a geometry shader to render the mesh since that is most likely more efficient, but I’m trying to take this one step at a time, and geometry shaders are a whole ‘nother beast I know nothing about.

Error when creating custom form

I am trying to create a custom form in drupal 8. for that I created my custom module called hello , and i’ve put inside the hello.routing.yml file the folllowing route:

  path: '/my-form'
    _title: 'My new form'
    _form: 'DrupalhelloFormTest.php'
    _permission: 'access content'

Inside Test.php ,
I have only written :

 * @file
 * Contains DrupalhelloFormTest.
   namespace DrupalhelloForm;
   use DrupalCoreFormFormBase;
   use DrupalCoreFormFormStateInterface;
   class Test extends FormBase {

I have no errors in my recent log messages, but when I clear cache , the website crashes.I have no idea why specially that I have not written anything yet.

Debugging: If I comment all the Test.php file, the clear cache works fine ! In addition to that, If I only comment the class Test extends FormBase line , the clear cache works as well. so the problem is in the class declaration. Any idea why?

Gmail: forward an email without creating a new message in the thread about the email being forwarded

I’m automatically forwarding all my emails from my secondary GMail account to my main one, using the feature in the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” setting page.

My secondary account received a few emails in the spam folder and those emails didn’t get forwarded to my main account. I marked them as non-spam, but they didn’t get forwarded either.

Is it possible to forward those emails “seamlessly” like it happens for the emails forwarded automatically?

If I try to fordward them manually, the forwarding creates a new mail in the thread.