messages – reactive problem of the wordpress quiz creator

I use a quiz creator built into the wordpress theme. in this creator, I add answers to the questions but seemingly desktop, as image below

And I want that on the mobile appearance, it looks like the computer, but in the mobile responses, it is sorted by 1 column. How to sort responses in a row?

The problem is

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Annil Chauhan

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What is biometric technology

Every human being in the world has unique identity characteristics based on their biological profile.

Biometric technology tracks these biometric markers to create a unique identity profile of a person that is almost impossible to simulate or forge by online identity thieves.

How does biometric authentication work?

Biometric authentication technology works in many ways, but the type of equipment required for biometric authentication depends primarily on the type of biometric information used for the verification. A business that uses a fingerprint reader will need a different type of biometric technology to check users.

The company that opts for face verification as the source of identity verification is best placed to benefit from biometric verification. Just receive a live selfie or a live stream of a few seconds from the end user for verification purposes. Facial verification services will authenticate the biometric characteristics of the end user through assistive technologies such as facial recognition, 3D in-depth analysis and liveness detection. Some companies even use a retinal scan for biometric identification and authentication, but such KYC software is not feasible for online identity verification services.

Ideal biometric verification

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Java Cocos Creator

Is it possible to call a java function from an external java file for android?


Is it possible to export to android studio project rather than .apk?

Same multi-page publication with the help of Facebook Creator Studio

Is it possible to post the same message on multiple pages of Facebook Creator Studio? I can see that it's possible for videos, but I'm talking about normal messages.

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