multilingual – Qt Installer Creator – Language selector

Is it possible to insert a language selector at the begin of installation with Qt Installer Creator?

I have already searched for a way in all possible pages, I beg you don’t say me “study the guide by yourself” or something similar, I really need help.

I need configuration (ini text) for wapka forumid/forum creator

I want a page where I can make a forum creator with an input for title and a textarea for message using “configuration (ini text)” and submit it to “forum “.. “forum” will be the page ID to get…

I want to use the following parameters:

NAME, PARENT, ERROR set forum name and parent forum id. ERROR is for custom error 
%notify% – show notification on success

Let me give a a sample of I am talking about…

What I Have Done With post lister and It Worked.
The below code listed my post..

Configuration (ini text)
”’limit = “10”
order = “new”
page = “:GET(page);”
url = “?page=” ”’

The code…
”’%title%By: %username%

I hope you understand..

c++ – QT Creator not finding file path

Recently I had to add another 500 hdd to my laptop because the old one was running out of space. One of the things I uninstalled from the c: Drive was QT Creator and reinstalled it on the newly acquired D: Drive. I also moved a lot of files over to the new D: Drive. When I used QT Creator while it was installed on C: Drive I had no problem of finding the file with the path included (i.e. “C:Documentsexample.txt”). Now though I can not get QT Creator to find a file on either C: or D: Drives yet if I add the file to the project build directory it finds it. I have tried the standard “D:Saved Documentsexample.txt” and the original C: location but QT just isn’t finding the file. Is there a setting in one of the options that I should change? I have tried a search on here but did not get this type of problem as a response. I got can not find header files and some other thing.

pathfinder 1e – Being the “creator” of many circlets of spell-eating without downtime

In D&D 3.5e, the wish spell can create any magical item. Pathfinder removed that ability from the “safe list” of wish effects, though, so ask your DM which version is in play in your game. Even with the Pathfinder version, it might still be possible as “greater effect,” but beware the dangers of using those—your DM will probably make you regret it, especially if they explicitly denied using the safe version from 3.5e. Even in 3.5e’s case, while the text of the spell explicitly uses the word “create” to describe what wish is doing, the subject of that verb is wish—not the caster. It is unclear if the caster has actually created the item, and is thus its “creator,” or if it is wish itself that is the item’s creator. Becoming the creator of a magic item (created by wish or not) might be a plausible thing to ask for as a “greater effect” in either system, but again, that’s extremely dangerous.

So far as I know, the 3.5e wish is the only spell capable of instantaneously creating a magical item. The true creation spell in 3.5e only handles non-magical items, and Pathfinder doesn’t even have that spell (despite its appearance on—that would be the 3.5e version of the spell, copied from a 3.5e Paizo product, and not actually a Pathfinder spell). Instead, Pathfinder caps at major creation, which definitely doesn’t handle magic items. Searching’s spell filters, nothing relevant turns up (I only searched on the sor/wiz list, but if it was going to be anywhere it’s almost certainly going to be there).

Beyond that, the only option I am aware of that might apply is Eberron Campaign Setting’s dedicated wright, which is a special homunculus that has the following ability:

Item Creation (Su): A dedicated wright can perform the daily tasks related to item creation on behalf of its master. The master must meet (or emulate) all the prerequisites to create the desired item normally, and pays the gold and XP cost himself. The only cost a dedicated wright can help with is time. The master spends 1 hour initiating the process, channeling spell prerequisites into the dedicated wright, and paying the XP cost to make the item. He may then leave, allowing the wright to carry the process through to completion.

(Eberron Campaign Setting pg. 285)

This description doesn’t clearly indicate who is the “creator” of the item, but since the master provides most of the resources and initiates the process, and further has a magic bond to the dedicated wright anyway, there’s a pretty good case to make for the master being the creator (or, at least, co-creator, which the circlet of spell-stealing doesn’t really handle).

Freelance PDF Creator Needed

Hi, Folks.

I’m not sure if this is the right forum, so please let me know if I need to post elsewhere.

OK, I have 4300 words of text that I want to convert into an easy-to-read PDF file, something like the attached image. I know how to convert OpenOffice and Word files, etc., into PDF, but I want something more polished. I guess that means a template of some kind with colors, boxes, a few simple graphics, and a format that flows. I also need to be able to edit the file for when I add…

Freelance PDF Creator Needed

Can I Use Auto Backlink Creator website

I have seen there are many auto backlinks create website. But I want to know is it safe to use auto backlink create website to improve SEO? Or is there any punishment to use this. Because i am afraid if google counts my website black SEO.

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Online gradient text and background creator, please check

Online gradient text and background creator, please check

I just finished coding this:

It generates degraded backgrounds, or degraded text, or both.
A sample of the two sets is visible by default when you click on the link above.
My choice of color combinations could help you switch to LMAO, so please excuse the default color combination.
Change them to something of your choice.
RGB and HEX are supported.

Normally, the solutions I found online divide the string into characters and change the color character by character.
They do not generate a smooth photoshop gradient effect on the text.'s online gradient tool tries to do what Photoshop does in its text gradient effect.
I don't know how much I've managed to get it right …
You will see a much better gradient effect on larger font sizes and longer chains.

By the way, the vertical gradient means from top to bottom, not a vertical line in the middle.
Likewise, the horizontal gradient means from left to right, or vice versa, not a flat horizontal line in the middle.

Repeat gradient means a gradient pattern that repeats over and over across the width / height.
The stretch gradient means 2 colors, one fading into another for the entire width / height.
Can reverse the direction of the stretch gradient, can also tilt it.

Tell me what you think.