transactions – Pay anonymous with bitcoin on “non bitcoin pages” that only support PayPal, credit card, Paysafecard etc

Can I pay anonymously with Bitcoin on “non bitcoin pages” that only support PayPal, credit card, etc..?

So is there any legit service that pays with a credit card, etc.. for you if you pay bitcoin to that service?

Some sites are also offering payment with Paysafecard, so is there a way to purchase Paysafecard online via bitcoin?

pci dss – What is the difference between a multi-use and a single-use credit card token

We are a large e-commerce website trying to introduce a feature by which customers can save their credit card details securely. We are aware of the need for PCI compliance and working out the necessary security aspects. Will be great to know the difference between a single-use and a multi-use payment tokens. Examples of websites that use these types will be very useful.

Question about Virtual Credit Card | NewProxyLists

Hey, anyone know how to get virtual credit card? I mean, I’m from Indonesian. I’m already try Paypal, Skrill, Neteller and other. But, same answer, I can’t make it cause it’s
not available in my country. I want try to get from National Bank. But, it’s hard and I’m still student. So I can’t make it? Antone can help me about my problem or anyone can suggest me? Thank you


Cálculo de Balance (Credit – Debit) resultando em NaN

Sou novato e estou aprendendo o bootcamp da launchbase.
Ao fazer um JS que calcula crédito – debitos, está me dando NaN, apesar que o TypeOf está dizendo que é um número…

Podem ajudar com o que fiz de errado?

const user = 
    name: "Mariana",
    balance: 0,
    credit: (50, 120),
    debit: (80, 30),

function sumCredit(credit)
    const sumCredit = sumNumbers(credit)

    return sumCredit

function sumDebit(debit)
    const sumDebit = sumNumbers(debit)

    return sumDebit

function sumBalance(credit, debit)

    return sumCredit - sumDebit

function sumNumbers(numbers)
        let sum = 0;
        for (let number of numbers)
            sum = sum + number
        return sum 

const balanceCredit = sumCredit(
const balanceDebit = sumDebit(user.debit)
const balanceTotal = sumBalance(, user.debit)



Credit Card Processing Setup – Payment processors

Credit card processing is the easiest way to handle your customers. Your business profits improve if you use the POS machine for accepting payments. So, if you run a business, try credit card processing now. We can help you in easily setting up your terminal without any cost.

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web browser – Are web worker / service worker secure environments to store a password, credit card information, access tokens?

If there is a case where I wish to store sensitive data like a password, credit card information, or access tokens:

Are web workers / service workers a secure environment, where such data can not be compromised?
If so, what to do to really secure it?
If not so, why not exactly?

airlines – Credit Card Ticket Refund

Most businesses will only refund card payments to the card that was used for the original payment. This is to stop money-laundering.

If you have cancelled the credit card you used for payment the airline obviously can’t refund to that card. You will have to talk to the airline to find out what other arrangements they are willing to make.

Note that at present many airlines are not paying refunds because of the cash flow problems occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic. You might find that the only option they will give you is a voucher for a future flight.

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What do these credit security alerts mean?

A bank where I have an auto loan has a credit reporting feature. The feature shows that I have several “Dark Web Alerts” for “Compromised Email Address”. The alerts list the breached sites, for example and (and others). This doesn’t make sense. How was my email address breached at a website for party invitations and blogging?

I haven’t used either of those site in a long time. I assume my username is my email address. However, my email account not been breached (right?). The recommended action is to change my email password, but my email has not been breached, so why would I do that? Am I expected to change my email password every time some remote site that I’ve barely used is breached? Shouldn’t it be telling me to change my schmevite and schmafepress passwords?

NOTE: I have a different, and reasonably complex password for each site. The point being if someone has breached my scmevite or schmafepress password, which uses my email as the userid, why do I need to change my email password?

But then I have another of the Dark Web Alerts which says “Compromised Email Address”, but does not list a compromised website. Instead it says “Password: Exposed”. Now I’m really concerned. If someone gets into my email account, they can find all of my other passwords (including to financial sites) by requesting password changes.

But that alert was exposed on 4/18/20 and I haven’t lost my money yet. Should I be concerned about this? What do I do? (P.S. “Should I be concerned about this” is rhetorical — I am!).

Thanks for helping me understand.