magento2 – Magento 2 Adds a custom CSS class to bread crumbs

Start by creating a new module for breadcrumbs.
you must rewrite the css file with your custom module using di.xml from your front-end scope:


Then, in your custom phtml file like namespace / module / view / frontend / templates / html / breadcrumbs.phtml, you can add your class:

and your personalization css file: _breadcrumb.less will go to
namespace / module / view / frontend / web / css / source / where you have your changes css:
_breadcrumb.less content:

.breadcrumbs {color: somecolor;}

Please see the complete example on this resource.

Best way to implement bread crumbs on mobile

I would like to know about the use of bread crumbs on the mobile, is this a feasible practice today?

Should the steps of an assistant be displayed in the bread crumbs?

The application I'm working on displays the history of the bread crumbs. A section of the application uses a wizard. Should the steps of the wizard also be displayed in the bread crumbs or only the page in which the wizard resides?

Here is a screenshot not including the steps of the wizard in the Ariane thread.

enter the description of the image here

[ English Football ] Open question: CAR 1 – MUN 4, the city of Cardiff in crumbs, a good start for Acting Director Ole Gunnar Solskjaer?

It's always nice to see a legendary player come back to his club and give some fans some joy as a manager, but wow, the fact that he's acting as interim manager for them.

thoughts? If he starts to win United by big scores at home and away, and reduces the losses and the draw – should the board surely consider giving him the chance to become a manager? full time at MUFC? .