cryptocurrency – binance macd script in python language

def initialize(state):
    state.counter = 0


if state.counter < 4:
state.counter += 1
state.counter = 0

 if counter == 4: (every four hours)

macd = data.macd(12,26,9)
signalLine = macd(‘macd_signal’)

- Check if bot has position

has_position = has_open_position(data.symbol, truncated=True)

import numpy as np

def initialize(state):

state.counter = 0

@schedule(interval="1h", symbol="BTCTUSD")

def handler(state, data):

angle = 0

macd_ind = data.macd(12,26,9)

if macd_ind is None:


signal = macd_ind('macd_signal')

has_position = has_open_position(data.symbol, truncated=True)

balance_base = float(query_balance_free(data.base))

balance_quoted = float(query_balance_free(data.quoted))

buy_amount = balance_quoted * 0.80 / data.close_last


if state.counter < 4:

state.counter += 1


state.counter = 0

if state.counter == 4:

lastsignals = signal(-4:)

# calculating the slope of last 4 candles

slope = (lastsignals(-1) - lastsignals(0)) / 3

angle = np.rad2deg(np.arctan(slope))

print("slope: ",slope)

print("angle: ",angle)

plot("angle of signal",angle,"BTCTUSD")

if angle > 30 and balance_base<buy_amount:


print("Checking for buying possibility of {}".format(data.symbol))

print("buy amount:",buy_amount)

print("buy price:", data.close_last)

create_order(symbol=data.symbol,amount = buy_amount)

elif angle < -30 and has_position:


print("Checking for selling possibility of {}".format(data.symbol))

print("sell amount:",balance_base)

print("sell price:",data.close_last)


The first state.counter = 0 should be indented. But aside from that I have this error message:

> Engine error:   File "", line 19.
> Engine error:     if state.counter < 4:.
> Engine error:      ^.
> Engine error: SyntaxError: invalid syntax.
>   File "", line 19
    if state.counter < 4:
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

The script is meant to be used on binance for automated trading. The point is to look at the slope of macd line on a 4 hour macd candle interval. This was given to me as a pseudo code so I guess there are some things that need to be changed. Thank you

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