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Cryptocurrency Product Review Blog with Great Brand Name

I’ve been in crypto since 2013, and created this blog a couple years ago as a hobby. I was too busy to continue with it shortly after. Now I thought someone else might be able to take over.

This is a starter blog with 4 unique articles and a custom logo. No traffic or earnings.
I wrote all the articles and designed the logo myself.
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How to develop a cryptocurrency wallet?

I have fullstack background, but lack of knowledge in cryptocurrency.

Where do I start and what should I learn to develop a cryptocurrency wallet where people can buy, sell and transfer cryptocurrencies?

Are you willing to embrace other cryptocurrency? [closed]

How about this this Firefox & Chrome extension that enables you to reward via tipping on social media platforms and websites, with HIVE token? Are you familiar with this? They say you will get FREE Hive Tokens when you download this on your browser. Have you ever experience receiving Hive tokens for free?

Why is it necessary to choose P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange for Crypto Trading? – Cryptocurrencies Corner

  • he peer-to-peer crypto exchange is a globally reliable trading platform. It enables buyers and sellers to negotiate and agree to a price before the transaction.
  • Simply put, buyers and sellers can perform trade directly between them without the intervention of a third party or governing body.
  • Rather than using an order book to pair buy and sell orders, and controlling the users’ funds on the platform, the P2P crypto exchange model enables the market participants to trade directly with each other without the need for a middleman to process their trades.
  • The exchange connects the two parties with each other and enables them to set the trades on their own terms and conditions.

Why choose P2P crypto exchange over regular exchanges?

Privacy and Anonymity :

  • If privacy matters to the user, then the peer-to-peer crypto exchange is the wiser option to choose among all. Some peer-to-peer exchange platforms make KYC mandatory, and therefore you can decide how much information you can provide to someone you are transacting with. 
  • You can make your public wallet address much harder to connect in a  peer-to-peer crypto exchange, offering a higher anonymity level.

Faster Trades :

  • There are lengthy verification waiting periods when using a centralized exchange, which you do not experience in a peer-to-peer exchange. Customer service is often better on a peer-to-peer exchange platform. P2P exchange is mainly focused on establishing trade directly between two peers and hence the trading process is much faster than a centralized exchange.

Bottom line
It is clear that P2P crypto exchange development offers you a very secure, private, and affordable trading experience.


blockchain – Providing Liquidity in CryptoCurrency Exchange!

To summarize the ‘liquidity problem’ as I understand it: A cryptocurrency exchange needs users in order to function, but it also needs liquidity in order to serve users, and users are the ones who provide liquidity!

So where does the liquidity come from in the first place? Why would ‘user 1’ join, if there is nobody else to trade with? This is a sort of chicken-and-egg problem, but the answer could come in various forms.

  • Maybe the exchange operator is very rich, and can act as a market-maker, until the point in time that a critical mass of users has been reached and the market can be self-sustaining.

  • The exchange operator could work with other wealthy individuals, and provide them incentives to act as market makers

  • The exchange operator could work with a mining pool, using them as a market maker (allowing the pool to exchange BTC for $, in order to pay their overhead costs).

Eventually, an exchange with a good base of users will have both market makers, and market takers present. To ensure there are enough market makers, the exchange may incentivize certain types of orders (eg market makers pay no fees, market takers pay a small fee).

❕NEWS – New app promises to improve cryptocurrency trading. | NewProxyLists

altFins is launching a cryptanalysis app that will help cryptocurrency traders and investors analyze, filter and trade cryptocurrencies on different exchangers.
The firm Glassnode reports that the demand for Bitcoin is currently higher than at any time in 2017.
In the last 12 months many venture capital investment firms have invested millions of dollars in upgrades to their crypto trading platforms.
A survey revealed that by 2022, 97% of companies that did not invest in BTC will go back to studying the alternative for that year.
The CEO of altFins assured that cryptocurrency traders can now easily examine more than 900 currencies and 4000 pairs and find trends and discover graphical patterns, as well as monitor their investments and performance on the different exchangers in which they have traded.


Have you ever got paid with cryptocurrency? | NewProxyLists

I am based in Europe.

It depends on whether people will push companies to do so. Without some sort of pressure, employers will stick to their archaic methods, not just in terms of paying employees.
I must add, that my payments were done by mutual agreement, it’s still not common to be paid out by cryptocurrencies.