When is trading crypto-currency NOT considered passive income?

This is a somewhat broad question. I found a lot of resources on this topic for the actions, but not for Crypto. FINRA explains the day trading pattern and, for the purposes of the IRS, the TDPs are taxed differently because capital gains from day trading transactions do not constitute passive income. What are the rules for Crypto? What restrictions do you have if, for example, I negotiate a cryptocurrency on Coinbase and buy and sell the same asset several times or convert arbitrary assets to Coinbase?

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Benefits of using the Oodlebit cryptocurrency platform

Your first step in trading in the cryptocurrency ecosystem is to find an exchange that will provide the best service. A cryptocurrency exchange is important if you want to deal with cryptocurrency activity. Of course, we have many cryptocurrency exchanges that provide services with unique features. Among these, the Oodlebit cryptocurrency trading platform is poised to revolutionize the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Brief on Oodlebit

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Oodlebit is a US-based exchange of cryptocurrency that should be unveiled in 2019. The platform aims to give users a total transaction experience while creating a quality customer support system. Oodlebit is the best choice among other cryptocurrency exchanges.

Features of the Oodlebit platform

If you consider the different features of trading in this unique exchange, the platform is worth investing. Here are some features of Oodlebit that deserve to be mentioned.

• Powerful APIs using algorithmic trading robots, monitoring tools, etc.
• Fast trading that has no turnaround time.
• High security cryptocurrency platform
• low trading fees for its users

Advantages of the Oodlebit Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Each exchange provider stands out. However, Oodlebit is a unique user-centric cryptocurrency platform. It is developed by a team of innovators, dreamers, investors and traders passionate about cryptocurrency. There has never been a cryptocurrency platform that has shaped the future, but Oodlebit is committed to doing just that. The following benefits of using the Oodlebit exchange for your trading activities are:

• Affiliate program: Oodlebit allows you to earn income or income while performing other trading activities. You receive commissions from every user who signs up via your link. This gives you 5 free OODL coins and when this user negotiates you receive 50% of his market value. The affiliate program is a way to increase your income without doing anything.

• Operational 24/7: The Oodlebit platform will be operational at any time. The OODL coin can be exchanged 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's very dynamic with instant exchange capability. There is nothing better than a time barrier when trading on the Oodlebit platform.

• decentralization: Oodlebit uses a decentralized database, which will be protected from any form of manipulation. In addition, currency transfers are recognized immediately without the need of third parties.

Oodlebit coin

You can use OODL to buy and trade with other crypto-currencies on the platform. Just like Binance's BNB coin with the main component of Binance's funding offer through the ICO, the OODL coin will be an integral part of the platform. Similar to the BNB coin, the OODL coin is based on the ERC-20 standard.

The coin works with the Ethereum blockchain and users benefit from reduced trading fees of up to 50%. Approximately 200 million OODL coins will be available, of which 50% will be allocated to the public, in the form of affiliation program rewards, registration rewards and other promotions.

Lukkx – Cryptocurrency Loan and Multilevel Sponsorship Program – MLM and Network Marketing

Lukkx is a Lukki Scholarship investment project that includes loan and referral programs that allow users to earn additional income. Customers receive profits in the native token of exchange – LOT.

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Loan conditions

LOT Lending allows you to buy and freeze LOT cryptocurrency, and receive dividends!

By using the loan function, users can purchase LOT for BTC / ETH / USDT directly from the foreign exchange account balance and freeze LOT on a special account for a period of 11 months. During this period, investors receive weekly dividends in LOT. If the user already has a lot, he can also use them for freezing.

The loans offer an interest rate of up to 9% during the first three months of freezing cryptocurrency and up to 6% over the remaining 8 months. At the end of the loan period, the investor receives his frozen funds, as well as dividends for the entire loan period. The minimum investment is equivalent to $ 25.

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The monthly interest rate is 5-9%.

In addition, when the user buys the first package, he receives a 0.5% bonus on the interest rate of a first package. In addition, all bonuses and promotions are added with investor dividends and credited to their portfolio after the end of the loan period. We have developed a system of levels that are awarded based on the LOT number that the investor has sent to the loan page.

Business opportunity

Lukkx is useful and already working, which is a comparative advantage over its competitors. A friendly interface is another benefit because it's easy to get started and attract new people without additional training.

Lukkx offers the following benefits to its customers:

Minimum entry threshold. It is not necessary to go through a long period of training to attract users. Lukkx makes the input process as simple as possible. There is also a chance to attract people online.

Maximum profit with minimum investments

– Instant payment

– One-time payments to foreign exchange portfolio in BTC / ETH / USDT / LOT

– Active marketing support. Lukkx regularly organizes events, webinars and meets with opinion leaders so that the product can be easily sold

Conditions of transparency. Lukkx creates a simple and transparent linear referencing program without traps, conflicting rules or ambiguities in the system.

Conditions of the reference program

As for the participants in the program, the referents are members. A reference is a user of the guest system by the referrer, while a referrer can only be a user with an investment in the system. A sponsor may start inviting users if he has lent a minimum amount of LOT (equivalent to $ 25).. An invitation is to save a reference in the system using a unique reference code for each referrer. References to the reference are divided into 5 levels. A

All users directly invited by the sponsor are level 1 referents. The users invited by a reference of the first levels are level 2 references with regard to the referent, etc. The sponsor receives bonuses for the placement of his references, whatever their amount.

Overall, there are 2 types of bonuses:

REFERENCE BONUS. The bonus constitutes 12% / 8% / 5% of the investment level 1/2/3 reference. The currency of the bonus is the same as the investment currency. It is credited to a separate user account and can be withdrawn at any time in the currency wallet.

BONUS OF TOKEN. The following bonus type is credited to the account and is frozen until the end of the 11 month loan period at the time of return. The reward amount is 3% / 2% / 1% / 0.5% / 0.5% for level 1/2/3/4/5 referrals. In case of cancellation of the loan package, the token bonus l is withdrawn from the sponsor.

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Win-win investment solution

Overall, Lukkx offers a win-win solution for investors and sponsorships:

From the investor side. The investor receives 70% of the chip with real volatility and huge growth potential. The number of chips is limited and the loan will work until the token is fully distributed.

On the reference side. A sponsor gets good bonuses and can invite other referrals through the well-developed multi-referral system. The chances of making a profit are maximum as long as the entry threshold and the risks are minimized.

Follow us on social networks:

Website – https://lukkx.com/

Telegram – https://t.me/lukkx

Medium – https://medium.com/@lukkx

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/LukkxProject/

JIn us now and get an extra bonus to your first investments!

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How has the scenario changed for cryptocurrency miners? – The corner of crypto-currencies



Cryptocurrency trading is a growing business that allows investors, entrepreneurs and businesses to trade cryptocurrencies against assets such as fiat money and other digital currencies. Blockchain developers are fusing artificial intelligence (AI) with cryptocurrency trading platforms to enable efficient and secure transactions.

The AI-based cryptocurrency trading platforms enable investors to identify profitable unique models and to trade accordingly. Brokers and traders can reinvest their savings in viable cryptocurrency projects using such platforms.

Let's take a closer look at the benefits of AI-based cryptocurrency trading platforms

Forecasts and forecasts

Cryptocurrency trading platforms based on AI can accurately predict the value of an asset. Artificial intelligence neural networks constantly correct information on crypto-currency exchange rates to adapt to market fluctuations in minutes, hours and days. It provides users with accurate inputs to better manage their cryptocurrency investments.


Cryptocurrency trading platforms based on AI allow traders to efficiently trade in the cryptography market. AI accurately forecasts the risks and uncertainties of encryption to minimize losses. It provides a complete market analysis to channel direct operator investments towards greater profitability.

Analysis of feelings

Artificial intelligence influences crypto trading via the analysis of feelings. The IA-based opinion analysis includes technologies such as NLP, biometrics and computer linguistics to assess the market sentiment of financial assets in order to make informed decisions. enlightened investment.

For example, Napoleon X is an algorithmic manager of crypto-assets that collects data on the emotional state of investors and the mood of the markets. His artificial intelligence predicts various emotions such as surprise, anger, sadness, enthusiasm and fear. Napoleon X predicts the future value of cryptographic assets. It allows traders to accurately assess market volatility.

Fundamental analysis

The implementation of fundamental AI-based analysis in the cryptocurrency trade allows traders to evaluate the health of the cryptocurrency market and the companies that operate there. their activities. He plays a vital role in evaluating the value of stocks in order to make better decisions.

The AI-based cryptocurrency trading platforms increase investment decisions and provide inputs to diversify risk. Investors can effectively monitor the value of assets and accurately assess market forecasts. Another benefit of implementing AI on the cryptocurrency trading platform is that it quickly sort chunks of data so traders receive timely alerts. real.

Would you like to improve your existing Cryptocurrency trading platform with artificial intelligence features? Contact Oodles Technologies, a cryptocurrency exchange software development company in India with more than 10 years of experience in next generation technologies. Our cryptocurrency developers and researchers create efficient AI-based cryptocurrency trading platforms to help clients serve their investors with real-time global analytics and analysis. Contact us today for more details!

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Crypto_rand has released a chart that promises the continuation of the bullish scenario for the price of Bitcoin in Q4. The graph shows a downward trend, indicating that "the upper break of a trend line" is confirmed.

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Instant transfer to Fiat of your cryptocurrency

https://aml24.com/en – an online service available 24 hours a day that allows you to instantly make an exchange between different payment systems (PayPal, Perfect Money, Advcash, Payeer, Webmoney, Yandex.Money , Qiwi, Skrill, EXMO, …), bank cards (VISA / MasterCard, Tinkoff, Sberbank, Privat24, Alfa-Bank, PaySafeCard, …) and cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Dogecoin, Tether, …).

Benefits of our service:
• Automatic execution mode of the application
• We work online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
• course in progress
• lack of verification
• Minimum commission
• We cooperate with all major banks and payment systems
• We buy / sell any cryptocurrency
• 24/7 online support
• supplies regularly replenished

We are in social networks:
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Our contacts for communication:
WhatsApp +79068467509
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Telegram @ aml24com
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OkEx Enhances Customer Safety as They Are Named the World's Largest Derivatives Exchange – Cryptocurrency Corner

OkEx, which has recently been named the world's largest stock exchange for derivatives trading, has had even more good news this week, announcing partnerships to improve the security of their users in exchange for their native chips.

Security is extremely important, especially in the field of cryptocurrency. Exchanges, with their many assets, are often affected and, unfortunately, their users are usually victims of security breaches.

In order to restore balance and give its users the opportunity to place security in the foreground, OkEx is associated with many security companies. OkEx customers can use the exchange's native token, OKB, to purchase services and protection for three different companies.

Jay Hao, CEO of OkEx, announced on Twitter the news of security partnerships. His tweet said:

"So much to announce for $ OKB this week! In addition to the upcoming launch of #OKChain, we have just added many use cases for the
Token native @OKEx. I will announce the first 3 here today, others coming this week! "

So, which companies OkEx is associated with?


Slowmist is a company designed for cybersecurity. With members of his team from Google, Microsoft, W3C, and the Ministry of Public Security in China, you are clearly in good hands with Slowmist. The company has a project with OkEx called "Security Bonus and Threat Intelligence Program", which you can buy to preserve your assets.


For the blockchain side, Beosin is the security company. They have worked with more than 1,000 blockchain projects and this number continues to grow. Make sure to buy Beosin for your peace of mind.


Certik is the company to which the cryptocurrency space has been called. As hacking is a recurring problem for many industry players, Certik seemed to have found the answer. Certik would be the creator of the world's first hacker-resistant system. They performed more than 200 audits and obtained up to $ 6.23 billion. Maybe Binance, the exchange that was the victim of two hacks this year, should also look at Certik.

OkChain is coming

In other OkEx news, the exchange giant also adds to its functions. The company is launching OkChain soon. According to the white paper, OkChain, "is a new blockchain network that fully supports state fragmentation and rapid consensus.

"In OKChain, the entire network is divided into several fragments. Each fragment maintains an independent log and can handle conflict-free transactions in parallel. a fast consensus algorithm based on a threshold signature is used in a fragment, allowing efficient block production without forking. "

Watch for this space when the highly anticipated OkChian drops and more news on OkEx.

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