networking – How to modify CSC file of samsung sm-j500fn?

My phone origin is the UK and I am in Sri Lanka now. My phone modemst1, modemst2 were reset and also I forgot to backup.

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/modemst1

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/modemst2

After reset it has asked to unlock the network.
I’ve tried many solutions such as flashing stock ROM of UK before I had custom rom(arrow os), zx3 tool pro. I could not do it. I don’t plan to buy a code since I think, It can be recovered.
I think it can be done via modifying the CSC file since it is specific to geographical region and carriers and it contains the software packages specific to that region, carrier branding and APN setting but I don’t have enough knowledge to modify the CSC file.
Another possible solution may be flashing the living country CSC file but I could not find CSC file only for my j5nlte phone with Sri Lanka.
Can anyone suggest how to modify the CSC file or provide any solutions to unlock the network in my device?
Thanks in advance………

8.1 Oreo – Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 forces CSC Fastboot mode

Alright so

It worked great, no viruses, no malware, played a fire emblem hero
I put it aside
I went to play danganrompa on my PC,
Then when I got back on my phone it was refused, there was a lot of battery left, it was weird
Then I turned it back on
And it launched in "csc quick start mode"
And it will not start normally
I also did not root my phone
Or even altered
Rn is plugges in the PC, it is in recovery mode, while the phone does not start on Android (for God knows what reason) it starts on recovery by pressing the launch
Also hold
There is this strange thing that makes
When it's plugged in (when it's turned off) whether on my PC or in a wall outlet
It turns on by itself!
I have already looked for similar options, but the message closest to my problem has not been resolved or I think so
What is CSC Fastboot mode and how to get rid of it?

$ sum_ {k = 1, k neq j} ^ {N-1} csc ^ 2 left ( pi frac {k} {N} right) csc ^ 2 left ( pi frac {jk} {N} right) =? $

It is well known that one can assess the sum

$$ sum_ {k = 1} ^ {N-1} csc ^ 2 left ( pi frac {k} {N} right) = frac {N ^ 2-1} {3}. $ $

The answer to this problem can be found here
click here.

I am now interested in the more difficult problem of evaluation for some $ j in {1, …, N-1 } $ the sum

$$ sum_ {k = 1, k neq j} ^ {N-1} csc ^ 2 left ( pi frac {k} {N} right) csc ^ 2 left ( pi frac {jk} {N} right) =? $$

Does this always allow an explicit answer?

Simplify $ frac {sin (x) -csc (x)} {cos (x)} $

I'm trying to simplify $ frac {sin (x) -csc (x)} {cos (x)} $Here is what I did:

$ frac {sin (x) -csc (x)} {cos (x)} = frac {sin (x)} {cos (x)} – frac {csc (x)} {cos (x)} = frac {sin ^ 2 (x)} {sin (x) cos (x)} – frac {1} {sin (x) cos (x)} $

Where did I get the last tie I multiplied $ frac {sin (x)} {cos (x)} $ through $ frac {sin (x)} {sin (x)} $ and used the identity $ csc (x) = frac {1} {sin (x)} $. Now that there is a common denominator, I can continue as follows:

$ frac {sin ^ 2 (x)} {sin (x) cos (x)} – frac {1} {sin (x) cos (x)} = frac {sin ^ 2 (x) -1} {sin (x) cos (x)} = frac {-cos ^ 2 (x)} {sin (x) cos (x)} = frac {-cos (x)} {sin (x)} = – baby bed (s) $

And so

$ frac {sin (x) -csc (x)} {cos (x)} = – cost (x) $

The Verdale Condo By Csc

Verdale is a new condo launch nestled in Jalan Jurong Kechil's D21 main district. People familiar with The Verdale will know that it is a quiet neighborhood close to nature.

The Verdale Condo should give a total of approximately 280 units. You have the choice between a room and five rooms. Based on Twin Vew's development history, the units will enjoy views of the Bukit Timah and Bukit Batok Nature Park. The facilities will be beautiful with swimming pools, children's dive area, gym, jacuzzi and tennis court.

The Verdale exhibition venue is located in Cheong Chin Nam, next to the Beauty World radio station. It is a 7-minute walk from the development. The nearest highway is Pan Island Expressway.

The Verdale price is expected to be between US $ 1,700 and US $ 1,900. It's almost the same price as the surrounding developments; The residences of Midwood and Dairy Farm. Comparatively, there are freehold developments such as View at Kismis and Mont Botanik which are offered at attractive prices.

Contact the new Singapore real estate launch at 6100 3447 or visit for more information on The CSC's The Verdale.

trigonometry – If $ csc theta = sqrt { frac {p + q} {pq}} $ where $ p> q> 0 $, then $ | cot ( frac { pi} {4} + frac { theta} {2}) | $ is equal to

Yes $ csc theta = sqrt { frac {p + q} {p-q}} or $ p> q> 0 $then $ | cot ( frac { pi} {4} + frac { theta} {2}) | $ is equal to:

What I've tried

Since, $$ cot ( frac { pi} {4} + frac { theta} {2}) = sqrt { frac {1+ cos ( frac { pi} {2} + theta) } {1- cos ( frac { pi} {2} + theta)}} $$
$$ = sqrt { frac {1- sin theta} {1 + sin theta}} $$
$$ = sqrt { frac {1- frac {p-q} {p + q}} {1+ frac {p-q} {p + q}}}} $$
$$ = sqrt { frac {q} {p}} $$

That's what I have but the answer is $ sqrt { frac {p} {q}} $. I do not know where I did wrong. Please help! Thank you!