Chatbots – Where should I position CTA or a link to end the conversation?

Two suggestions:

1- You do not need the "Zavrsi" link to ask users to give their opinion!

You mentioned that you have a To close button in the header! That's all you need. Close the chat and post the answer questions!

2- If you really want to explicitly ask users to click on a link to give their opinion, check out this design from the Bank of America mobile app. They add a small link "Return of information" of blue color (notice it under Hello!)if you click on it, the user will be redirected to a comment page, as follows:

enter the description of the image here enter the description of the image here

uk – What should non-EU / Schengen citizens do when traveling in the common travel area (CTA)?

Some basic facts:

The Common Travel Area (now CTA) includes the United Kingdom, Guernsey, Jersey, the Isle of Man and Ireland.

Between the UK, Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man, the border is fully open without immigration control. In addition, Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man apply the UK entry rules and issue UK entry stamps on passports. As a result, the UK is now required to include these territories.

With Ireland, the situation becomes more complicated as Ireland is do not fully in line with CTA's concept of open borders.

More specifically, non-EU / Schengen citizens must receive an Irish entry stamp, even if they arrive from the UK. For visa-free nationals, this will allow them to stay in Ireland for up to 3 months, while for Irish visa holders visa requirements apply.

On the contrary, those arriving from Ireland to the United Kingdom are do not receive an entry stamp in the United Kingdom. Non-visa third-country nationals who have entered the CTA by Ireland are allowed to remain in the whole of the CTA (including the United Kingdom) during the period allowed for entry into Ireland. British visa holders being subject to the visa requirements in force in the United Kingdom.


Travel Ireland-United Kingdom

If you enter the CTA via Ireland, non-EU / Schengen citizens receive an Irish entry stamp. If they also hold a British visa (or are exempt), they can then continue their trip to the UK without any formalities. Although on-the-spot checks take place at British seaports and at the Irish land border, no British entry stamp is issued and none are required.

On the other hand, this means that the time spent by travelers without a British visa in Ireland is also allowed to stay in Ireland, which also includes the rest of the CTA. For travelers exempt from the visa requirement for the United Kingdom and Ireland, this exemption is 6 months in the UK, but only 3 months in Ireland; as such, if for example A US citizen visitor enters the CTA via Ireland; they only have three months in the whole CTA.


Travel United Kingdom-Ireland

By plane

In Irish airports, all international arrivals will pass control of the Irish border. As a result, passengers arriving from the United Kingdom requiring an entry stamp will receive one without difficulty.

By the sea

Arriving by sea from the UK, border checks are often done, but not always. If there is no check, pedestrians and passengers by car should go to INIS (in Dublin) or Garda (in Rosslare) to receive an entry stamp. If you are traveling by bus, they must contact the border control in advance (for Dublin,; for Rosslare, +353 539 133 204), indicate to them the bus in which you will take and tell them that you need an input stamp. .

By land of Northern Ireland

As also stated on the INIS website, non-EU / Schengen citizens who enter Ireland via the land border must go to the INIS (in Dublin) or local authorities. Garda station (elsewhere) as soon as possible to get an entry stamp.

Do the undersigned not know if all Garda Stations process foreign entries, or only dedicated entries – this is verified with Garda.

How to represent several positive buttons as CTA

We have an extension that has two different actions: Yes and No. But these two actions are of two different types. Yes for the current page and Yes for the whole domain, which means Yes for the current page and treat it as a Yes for all future pages in this domain. Similar No for the current page and not for the entire domain.

  1. I use the checkmark icon for Yes, cross for No and prohibit icon for No
    for the whole domain. I am stuck to what icon might be the right choice for Yes for the whole site.
    current icons and their meanings

  2. In addition, I currently show Yes for the current page as the primary CTA. I want to change the behavior and do yes for the whole field as well.

I plan to use a double tick (like WhatsApp_ for Yes for the whole domain option, but I'm not sure that it actually conveys the meaning.

Any suggestions on how should I do it?

PS: This user interface is a menu popped up by the browser extension.

Website Design – On some screen sizes, the CTA goes below the fold

I design a website and I have two buttons one below the other on the landing page. One is a main button and the other is a secondary button.

The structure of the page includes an image that will occupy about 40% of the screen. The title and a brief description will follow. The two buttons above will follow, as you can see in this picture.

The problem I encounter is that for the smallest possible screen size (iphone 5) where the height is insufficient, the second button will only be visible in scrolling, as shown in this picture.

I wonder if this could be a problem for users, because this structure would confuse them by dividing a kind of section between them.

I understand that users scroll and I wonder about the consistency of the structure rather than fear not to see the button. One possible solution would be to reduce the description text or reduce its size, but I would like to avoid it if possible.

Wondering if anyone has faced this problem and has already addressed it before. I do not have data to confirm my thought

interaction design – CTA label to start an online interview

I think it depends, I do not think anyone here can give you an accurate answer if your users (!) Will be able to understand the text, let alone if it will prompt them to act.

"to start answering", that 's fine, but in my experience, it is usually better to focus on the outcome of the action when choosing a label. In this case, it seems that the interview will begin after clicking on this button. Maybe a more appropriate label could then be "start the interview" (It aligns the expectations of the user and is more concise). Other elements of the page can also determine the appropriate label, for example: a big headline saying "Ready to start?" then the call to action may be "yes, bring me to your interviewer" or the tone of voice that matches your brand.

potentially presenting a personal value / impact would have a better impact. If users are paid, a more appropriate label could be "5 minutes of your time, win $ 20"

Other text considerations that support this page's call to action should address users' fears and set expectations, for example: "How long will it take?" "Can I stop when I want?" "What kind of questions will I be asked?"

In short, there is no single solution and nobody can tell you better than your users what works for them. So why not just test it?

Good Article Describing Different Ways to Test Your Microcopy: Test for UX Authors: Know When Your Words Work

Lists – Accept / reject CTA buttons on cards

I need to design a dashboard to help sellers manage the invoices they receive during the month. Invoices will arrive in the "To Do" tab. For each invoice, we have two choices: "Accept" or "Reject" the document. When a document is rejected or accepted, it goes to the appropriate section ("Rejected" or "Accepted" tab).

In the "To Do" tab, I have no problem, I put two CTA buttons in each card ("Accept" and "Reject") with emphasis on the "Accept" button (which is positive and requires common action). .

enter the description of the image here

My problem is for the "Accepted" tab (and the same for "Rejected"). The seller can see a list of accepted invoices, but he can reconsider and reject an invoice or simply delete the Accepted status. For these cards, I do not know how to design the buttons. I've put 2 sketched buttons (without any significant emphasis) and I do not know if it's understandable. Should I change and put the content button for one of the two?

Help me, please!

enter the description of the image here

Dashboard – Best approach to place a CTA, search and filter option with navigation tab

You're right regarding the alignment of the search and filter icons in the same line of tabs at the end, but the OTC should be placed after the body content of this tab; given that The CTA belongs to the menu 3because that's what you want your users to do: first consume the content, then act; which basically goes in the flow.

Currently, CTA seems to be one of the main actions of this whole section.

Reading your comment: let the CTA be present, but consider placing the search and filter icon in three vertical points (only if these actions are not too frequent), in order to avoid any conflict between the same icons nearby.

enter the description of the image here