[ Other – Society & Culture ] Open question: is Coronavirus really as bad as people claim it is?

I do not really see why it is worse than the swine flu or Ebola, when we had never closed the business of these two flu.

Where does redneck culture come from?

Before there was American white garbage, there was European white garbage. White waste with silver, even old silver, is always waste. Trashy is like trashy.

Nice try, Moon Shot, but there are way too many working class whites who work outside and don't fit the "redneck" archetype. Even all those who fit the "redneck" stereotype were working class whites, it does not logically follow that every working class whites fit the stereotype.

Is the Technical Debt Management Problem More of a Culture or Insight

Warning: I do not expect zero technology debt. In this post, the technical debt problem refers to the gravity that had a negative impact.

Recently, I was thinking of creating a tool to automatically generate a technical debt report from tracking issues – introductory rate vs cleanup rate over time. In addition to the total, there will also be figures broken down by project team and by manager, so that managers can easily get an overview of the current level of technological debt, without delving into tracking problems and details (such a tool may already exist, I need research to avoid reinventing the wheel).

Wise motivation, technological debts have been snowballing for years. Whenever developers increase the estimate of the project to include cleaning up the technology debt, they will more often be asked to remove these figures from the estimate, so that the refactoring / cleanup work usually ends by being indefinitely postponed. I hope that the periodic report will help to improve the issue of technology debt management.

However, the second thoughtI wonder if increasing the visibility of the level of technological debt will really help to raise the priority. Generally, is the problem of technology debt a problem of organizational culture or simply a lack of tools / information? I guess there is no universal answer, I wonder what is the most common cause. What is your experience?

Why has American culture permeated Europe so deeply?

My family came from Munich and every few years, since the wall fell until I was tall, we went back there. The family takes us all over Europe. The last time I was there was in 2002.

From 1990 to 2002, Europe was culturally distinct. Foods were different, styles were different, music was different.

Now a dam near 40 and in the army, I'm in Europe traveling between countries and … it's totally different. America is everywhere now. Brands, stores, food, styles, music.

You hear English everywhere. What has happened? People are now telling me that all over the world it is Russian, American or Chinese influence.

What is going on?

[ Politics ] Open question: true or false: leftists hate Russia and Poland because they are white and proud of their culture?

Answer: true

Best quotes for inspiration, love, valentines, mothers day

Overall, we have this most beloved statement. Anyway, what makes some ways of expression so resounding?

As circumstances get difficult, many people turn to a persuasive statement for a touch of motivation. Some of these laconic truisms have become recommended parts of the dictionary of society. There are a lot of quotes about love.


There is also control in the words themselves, says Ward Farnsworth, a law clerk at the University of Texas and creator of Farnsworth's classic English rhetoric. Farnsworth says that people are "hungry for well-communicated, persuasive, or other knowledge."
"Latin studies see examples of maxims dating back 2,000 years, for example, ubi concordia, ibi victoria," where there is solidarity, there is triumph. " Usually, these idioms include some sharp understanding put into a remarkable formulation. These are small triumphs of speech, in the old and positive feeling of the word, "he says.
On Mother's Day, we can see that we are looking for a quote for Mother's Day.
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L & # 39; Love

Love is overwhelming. We cannot feel it through words or massages or anything. We have to take it down, experience it. But we can imagine it by quotes of love quotes for her, in love quotes for her, love quotes for her, romantic quotes, etc.
Love is a mind boggling set of feelings, practices and beliefs linked to strong feelings of love, defense, warmth and respect for someone else. Love can also be used to apply to non-human creatures, strict standards and beliefs. For example, an individual may declare that the person cherishes their dog, worships opportunities or worships God.

Love has been a favorite subject of logicians, artists, essayists and researchers for centuries, and various individuals and gatherings have regularly argued over its definition. While the vast majority agree that worship induces strong feelings of love, there are many differences as to its exact meaning, and "I love you" of An individual can mean something very different from that of another. Some potential meanings of worship include:
• An ability to organize the prosperity or joy of others in relation to yours.
• Outrageous feelings of connection, affection and need.
• Emotional and unexpected feelings of fascination and respect.
• A transient feeling of care, friendship and the like.
• A decision to focus on helping, respecting and reflecting on another, for example, in marriage or having a youngster.
• A mixture of the above feelings.
There has been much discussion as to whether love is a decision, is something that is perpetual or short-lived, and whether the affection between parents and life partners is organically altered or socially instilled. Love can change from one individual to another and from one culture to another. Each discussion of the condition could be specific at a specific time and place. For example, in some cases, love may be a decision while in others, it may seem wild.


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[ Other – Society & Culture ] Open question: True or false: you are very exotic, you eat every other day and you are so quiet?

[Other – Society and Culture] Open question: True or false: you are very exotic, you eat every day and you are so quiet?

[ Other – Society & Culture ] Open question: True or false: do you look weird in pajamas?

[Other – Society and Culture] Open question: True or false: do you look weird in pajamas?

sharepoint enterprise – Can not find appropriate resources for specified culture or neutral culture

I've inherited from a big SharePoint application that I'm trying to install on a system (I had to reinstall SP 2016 for some reason).

I have a WebPart that uses resource files for different languages.

When I open the page after adding the Web Part, I get an error on this line:

string InitialValue = GetGlobalResourceObject(resourceFile, "InitialValue_Choose").ToString();


Could not find any resources appropriate for the specified culture or the neutral culture.  Make sure "Resources.enUS.resources" was correctly embedded or linked into assembly "App_GlobalResources.ilmurq6l" at compile time, or that all the satellite assemblies required are loadable and fully signed.

When I did not change anything in the project, what could cause this error?