currencies – BitcoinAverage just stopped offering free access to its API. And now?

Today, BitcoinAverage has silently stopped supporting "unauthenticated" requests to its API, unexpectedly breaking my entire system that relied on this data. I have used them for a long time to get the current price of Bitcoin in various fiat currencies. The requests now come back all:

Unauthenticated requests are not allowed. Sign up for a new plan or get started
a free trial at

I am not creating an account to benefit from a "free trial". They want now at least TWELVE BUCKS PER MONTH so I can just freak out keeping track of Bitcoin value:

I don't even pay nearly $ 12 in total each month for all of my "crucial Internet services" … What do they think I am? Some kind of rich person? If I were to bring in money, it would be a whole different matter – then I would be happy to buy their most expensive plan and not think twice about it. But this is not the case. I don't make a dime. Unfortunately.

Is there a stable and non-greedy API from which I can freely enter the current value USD => BTC (or EUR or GBP, etc.)?

currencies – What happens to bitcoins that are in a ponzi scheme?

I bought bitcoins stored in the Cloud Token wallet. I later found out that this cryptocurrency was part of a Ponzi scheme (shame on me). Currently, I have had trouble removing my pieces, and probably their support is gone.

I would like to know if there is a way to recover these parts or will they just disappear? And is this also the case for all bogus cryptocurrencies?

radio buttons – Generic terms for currencies and cents

I am building a website that calculates the cost of owning a vehicle.

Among other fields, I have to ask the user to enter:

  1. Vehicle cost
  2. Fuel price per liter

The app must be independent of the user’s currency. So, for the first question, I can just ask the “amount” or “price” of the vehicle without showing a dollar / pound / euro / symbol whatever.

Now when entering the fuel price, I have to give the user the option to enter the value in the same currency as the vehicle price, or 1⁄100 of the monetary unit (cents for example).

For example, if the user is in Australia, they will enter the vehicle price in $, but they can enter the fuel price at 150.9 cents per liter. Or they can enter $ 1.509 per liter.

What would be a generic term for "cents", that each monetary person would understand that I am referring to 1⁄100 of the monetary unit?

In other words, what should the radio buttons say while leaving the user the choice of entering the fuel price? If I did it just for Australia, the radio button 1 would say "$ / L" and the button 2 would say "cents / L" or "c / L".

Duplication of website on country subdomains with different prices and currencies OK for SEO?

I have an online course website.

I designed my website on 5 subdomains for different countries for price change, currency change and tax change. The content is the same on the subdomains.

Will it affect SEO or not?

In what currencies can I pay the visa on arrival for Mauritania by entering by land?

I am currently in Agadir, Morocco and am planning to enter Mauritania by bus. Opinions on the possibility of obtaining a visa on arrival at the border differ, but I have not found anyone who has been referred there so far. Online, I can find the prices of the visa on arrival at 55 euros / 65 USD.

Does anyone know if he also accepts the Moroccan dirham?

historical data on trade – What are the other digital currencies like Bitcoin?

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currencies – A non-custodial wallet to store and trade bitcoins?

I will share my list of apps that I use at the moment, next to the stock market, that is Coinomi and Trustee, that I use Coinomi since the beginning and recently discovered curator wallet.


  • wide variety of coins and tokens

  • store your private keys

  • portfolios for import / export

  • Changelly and Shapeshift integrated exchange services

  • minimal fee (manually adjusted)

  • possibility to buy with a credit card using Simplex service

  • available for iOS, Android, Mac, Win, Linux

  • FP / PIN / secure password


  • most popular currencies

  • store your private keys

  • portfolios for import / export

  • not deprived of liberty

  • Changelly integrated exchange service

  • minimal fee (manually adjusted)

  • opportunity to buy and sell with your credit card (limited countries)

  • Cashback (up to 30%)

  • available for iOS and Android

  • Secure FaceID / TouchID / FP / PIN

In general, both portfolios are convenient: Coinomi for a wide variety of currencies, availability for any operating system and other useful features; Trustee is a pretty similar application, but young, but productive enough to use bank cards, without kyc, no cash back and cashback.

Coinomi GitHub

Trustee GitHub

How to remove custom currencies from Google Sheets

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Basically this, but from the creative screen where you create the parts

enter the description of the image here

This is possible?

Transactions – Where can I get a good overview of the technical differences between different digital currencies?

There are many digital / encrypted currencies, and probably new ones appear from time to time. I just started out on the field, finding it interesting only by technological curiosity. However, I quickly reached a threshold where most of the information I find is either:

  • to project investments in cryptocurrency, or
  • giving a very popular scientific introduction of concepts such as blockchain to the masses, which do not tell me anything new

I am mainly looking for articles / books / other resources which dive deeper into the technical differences between the main crypto-currencies, in terms of security and implementation. Are there any good resources on can read about?

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