requirejs – Blank-Theme Customize: How duplicate and customize Toggle-nav action

I just create a new theme based on theme_frontend_blank and i now would customize navigation menu on mobile device. I would create this kind of scenario:

enter image description here

I had create Account right icon modifing ./mytheme/Magento_Theme/template/html/header/logo.phtml.

<span id="menu-toggle" data-action="toggle-nav" class="action nav-toggle"><span><?= $block->escapeHtml(__('Toggle Nav')) ?></span></span>
<span id="account-toggle" data-action="toggle-nav" class="action nav-toggle"><span><?= $block->escapeHtml(__('Toggle Nav')) ?></span></span>

I add in my ./Magento_Theme/wiev/layaout/default.xml this declaration for create a new navigation block (i just copy and paste the original “navigation-section” from module_theme layout xml and rename it “navigation1-section”) and move block “store.links” in there:

<referenceContainer name="">
        <block class="MagentoFrameworkViewElementTemplate" name="navigation1.sections" after    ="-" template="Magento_Theme::html/sections.phtml">
                <argument name="group_name" xsi:type="string">navigation-sections</argument>
                <argument name="group_css" xsi:type="string">nav-sections</argument>
    <move element="store.links" destination="navigation1.sections" after="-" />

At this point i don’t understand how on click icon make open one or other nav-section

Can someone help me

theme – What’s the best way to customize the css in Magento 2?

I created my theme as Luma child but I cannot really understand what’s the best way to customize the css. Until now I just wrote all of my styles in _extend.less file but it’s a lot of stuff for just 1 file I think! So…

What’s the best way and upgrade-proof to extend the Magento Luma theme?

  • Should I use Magento UI Library?
  • Should I write all my styles in _extend.less file?
  • Should I overwrite _theme.less file and customize it?
  • Should I mix all this up?

Where can I find a specific tutorial or course which clearly explain this? I tried to read the official doc but it’s not clear to me.

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Header builder etc. options missing from customize area

I wish to edit my default theme header, change the logo etc.

When I click customize there are almost zero options for this. I have a few basic plugins installed but I cannot see how that would affect this.
What should i do?

enter image description here

sharepoint online – My Create & Edit list forms are rendering using the modern UI although we have customize them using Script Editor web part

We have migrated 3 custom lists from SP 2013 to classic team site inside SP online, now the 3 lists have the following main settings:-

  1. we have customized the list forms (Create & Edit) using Script Editor web parts, as follow:-

enter image description here

  1. for the list settings >> we define to render based on the site settings (which is to use modern UI):-

enter image description here

so now the expected behaviour is that the list views will render using the modern UI + But when we create/edit the list items the Create & Edit forms will render using the classic experience. Now this is working as expected for 2 lists. but is failing for the third list.. where on the third list the Create & Edit forms will render using the modern UI, although they have customized the forms using script editor web parts.. any advice on this?

webforms – How can customize the form display in mail

Right now I m receiving this mail format i want to show all data in sort form Please any one support me
(Submitted on Tue, 03/30/2021 – 10:23 Submitted by: Shabana Submitted /values ar/e: I want to register for: Yes *Company * Oratione *Name * Loremipsum *Phone Number * 5 Email (1) *preferred contact method * Phone CMS software jumla (1)

unity – How to customize player script with different abilities in each scene?

I’m making a game with Unity. I wanted the player script to not have some features in some scenes but couldn’t remove them from the script because I needed them for other scenes.

So far, I just unpacked those player prefabs, created new scripts for each of them and removed the lines that I didn’t want to have. I know this was not the best idea but I don’t know any other way. One of its problems is that it makes managing the scripts hard and confusing.

Is there a way that I can change them without creating new ones? Since I’m going to switch to the new Input system, I want to avoid the possible problems and headaches around these scripts. I also did this (creating a new script) for pause menu script as well. I provided two examples below to make the situation more clear.

Example A) The player can use a shotgun in one of the scenes and I chose to not let him to use the knife in there. So I created a new script for that player and copied and pasted the original script (which had the melee attack ability) and then removed those lines from the new script.

Example B) Pause menu can disable the health bar game object whenever the escape button is pressed. But for one of the levels, I don’t want to use the health bar, so I pasted the code in a new pause menu script and removed the line that disables the bar.

powerapp – Customize SP list with Power apps

I have created a SP list and customized with Power Apps.
I have look up fields, which I changed to Dropdowns.

When I am trying to Update datacards, I do not seem to get form to fill columns.
Can anyone assist?

Datacard formula:
‘Update’= Dropdown1.Selected.Result

see picture to see image with error.

error picture

Is it possible to customize the user database and authentication methods for OpenID Connect?

We are evaluating OpenID for our needs, and I am having trouble finding concise answers to a few questions. We have a current user database with all pertinent info, including hashing mechanisms for passwords. The current app uses this database for simple authentication.

  • Is it possible to import the current user database into a new OpenID?
  • Is it possible to customize the authentication method to use our hashing method to match against password hashes in the database?
  • We will also need to provide a bit of extra information from that database. Can we customize the data that /userinfo returns?


web part – “Customize this page” option in SharePoint Online

I wonder if the option “Personalize this Page” which can be found in SharePoint Server 2016 (and lower I believe) to customize Web parts on the landing page does also exist out of the box in SharePoint Online (MS 365).

I couldn’t find any article from Microsoft for this topic. I’m grateful for any answer.