Traveling to Thailand, immigration and customs checks 3 times?

If this is booked on a single ticket, you will only go through customs and immigration to BKK and your luggage will go from SNA to BKK

If these are two separate tickets, you have a big problem and you should book again.

SNA to SEA is an internal flight. 90 minutes is sufficient provided that your first flight is not excessively delayed. SEA to NRT is international but the US does not have exit control and you will not enter Japan but will stay in the transit zone in NRT. The first time you actually enter another country will be at BKK>

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Customs and Immigration – Transit Visa for China: Flight from DPS (Indonesia) to Shanghai with a Stopover (2h) in Beijing

I travel from DPS to Shanghai with a 2 hour stopover in Beijing. Should I go through immigration in Beijing or can I do it in Shanghai where I want to stay for 5 days with a transit visa?

I just do not want any problems when I land in Beijing. I will not leave the airport during my two hour stay.

Customs and Immigration – Smell of secondary cannabis smoke on luggage during a trip to Japan. Will it be a problem?

It is likely to be a disadvantagebut it is unlikely to be a a major problem. The superficial customs controls, especially the opening of bags on arrival, are common, but if it is unlikely that the inspector will notice a smell, they are sometimes (but not always) accompanied by drugged dogs who can indeed capture the scent. However, if there are no drugs or other contraband in your bag, they have no reason to stop you and it never took me more than a few minutes to go, even when I was a suspicious student with long hair.

If you are already staying at your friend's house, it's a bit late, but keep your suitcase away from the smoke by sealing it into a large plastic bag (eg a garbage bag). But as it is late, to broadcast it (for example on the balcony) is probably your best choice. A quick scrub with water and soap would not hurt either.

Last but not least, if they make Find any medication, no matter how much, in a world of suffering: people have ended up having trouble staying because they have forgotten a joint in a back pocket.

Customs and Immigration – Ticket Standards for Schengen Visas

I am an Indian citizen. I will travel little in Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Poland and Germany. My entry will be via Vienna and will leave Berlin. After Schengen, my next destination will be Russia. I will have a one way ticket to Vienna and my exit ticket will be for Russia from Germany.I also have a Russian visa issued by India. Will I encounter a problem not to return directly to India? Secondly, when visiting Visa in Russia, everything is written in Russian, the content of which is difficult to understand. In such a scenario, I would encounter any problem from the point of embarkation, entry and exit from the Schengen area

customs and immigration – The wife is a Chinese citizen I am an American citizen. Should we pass Chinese passport control together or separately?

I recently married and my wife and I fly to China for a wedding reception. When we enter China, should we pass passport control together, because we are a family unit or separately because of our different citizenship status. And if we pass passport control together, do we enter the Chinese national line or the foreign line?

I did not know if the policy in China was the same as entering the United States, where we should enter together and use the US citizen line, and it is difficult to find information about it.

Customs and Immigration – BRP Card Lost! Can I return to the UK without it?

I lost my Biometrics residence permit card for the UK while I was traveling abroad, but my plans have now changed and I'm going home instead of starting to work in the UK . I am a citizen of New Zealand, so I do not need a visa to visit the UK. , (I just need one to work). Can I enter as a visitor because I do not intend to work and take the plane or do I have to apply for a new BRP card in order to return to the UK?

Customs broker

I do business in the United States and now, I'm looking for a reliable customs broker. Which companies are on the market?

customs and immigration – Can we ship rice to Japan?

To import rice into Japan, you must declare it on your custom form (rice is specifically listed as a "restricted item") and it will be subject to an inspection for pests. There is a special duty-free allocation for rice that will ensure that it is not taxed. However, a phytosanitary certificate may be required to allow them to enter the country, which could pose a lot of problems.

However, rice is an abundant staple in Japan. Especially if you are willing to accept rice varieties different from those you find at home, it seems much easier to buy locally than to take it with you, given the size and weight of this amount of rice. .

Customs and Immigration – Rights on Items Purchased in Australia

In general, the answer is no, the personal belongings that you take with you abroad are not taxed when you return to Australia (I guess you live in Australia). Most of the time, there will be no question of your personal belongings. However, if for any reason you carry several similar items (for example, 3 laptops) or expensive equipment (for example, a $ 20,000 video camera), you must inform customs of these items before leaving. l & # 39; Australia.

See the Crossing the Border page for more details:

If you leave Australia with expensive items (computers, cameras, cameras) and you intend to bring them back to Australia, save them on Form B263 Goods Exported in Passenger Baggage ( 633 KB PDF).

For the TRS portion of your question, the following page appears to explain: Return goods to Australia for which you have already claimed a TRS refund.

If the total value of the goods you bring to Australia that you bought abroad or for which you claimed a refund under the TRS is greater than your passenger concession:

  • you must declare all property
  • you will have to repay the GST rebate on the property you have claimed under the TRS
  • Customs duties and GST will apply to all items purchased, not just goods exceeding the limit of your passenger concession.

There is no mention of the depreciated value of goods imported into Australia, even if you bought them before leaving.