Customs and Immigration – Importing Computer Parts into Iran

I'm going on vacation to Iran and an Iranian friend has asked me to bring some computer parts with me from Australia, the total value is about $ 700.

I will take a motherboard, an AMD processor and memory.

Will this be a problem during the passage of the customs in Iran?

Customs and Immigration – Is my name on my wife's passport sufficient to establish a relationship with her and take her to Saudi Arabia on a family visit visa?

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Customs and Immigration – I have a visa for spouse type D France (except CTOM). Can I land at the Euro Europort Basel?

with this visa, I can not transit through any other Schengen country because my point of entry must be France. Is it correct?

No. You can transit through any Schengen country or to go to France. This is explicit in the Schengen Borders Code.

Article 6 [5] [a]:

  1. By way of derogation from paragraph 1:
    [a] third-country nationals who do not fulfill all the conditions set out in paragraph 1 but who hold a residence permit or a long-stay visa are allowed to enter the territory of other Member States Member States for transit purposes, in order to: reach the territory of the Member State which issued the residence permit or long-stay visa, unless their names appear on the national list; alerts from the Member State they are seeking to cross the external borders and that the alert is accompanied by instructions for refusal entry or transit;

This means that if you do not meet the requirements of paragraph 1, you will be allowed to transit in France unless an alert message prevents you. If you make fulfill the conditions of the first paragraph, you can even visit other countries of the Schengen area up to 90 days before setting foot in France.

Can I enter through Basel Airport?


What I mean is if the immigration authorities will represent France or Switzerland?

It does not matter.

In a comment, you ask

By transit, can I get a stopover in Amsterdam or Frankfurt?

Yes. If you do that, you will remove immigration controls in Amsterdam or Frankfurt rather than in Switzerland or France, but as stated above, it's perfectly fine.

Customs and Immigration – transit visa from narita to haneda

In two weeks, I will land at Narita Airport on October 22nd at 3pm, and then go directly to Haneda Airport to catch a flight to Manila on October 23rd at 9am with a stop of 9 hours. I've noticed that the information here may be out of date? The Embassy has said to obtain a transit visa, but is this applicable in my situation? or is there an exemption? I am a Filipino citizen.

Customs and Immigration – Visa issued with my NzETA traveling with a Spanish passport

I will travel with my Spanish passport. I have already issued my NZeTA authorization to travel to Auckland.

I travel to Santiago de Chile with a Copa plane ticket and the next day I travel with a plane ticket from Lan Chile Latam from Santiago, Chile to Auckland.

The only thing I need is to have my NZeta visa issued? How can I check that my Nzeta visa is correct with my information in the passport?

Value of clothing for customs in Canada

When I move to Canada, what is the value of the clothes I have brought and imported into Canada?

USA – How should I answer customs and border protection questions if I am a returning citizen who has not been in the country for almost 10 years?

I am a young graduate of the HS who makes his first international flight alone in the coming days.

I return to the United States after almost ten years to immigrate and finally find a place to work. I pointed out how I should respond to customs / border protection when they ask, "What is the purpose of your trip?" should I answer with "business"? I do not really know how to follow up when they ask me questions about "what kind of business do you have" or about a similar type of question?

Customs when returning to Canada after moving to the United States

Next week, I will return to Canada for a brief visit after a permanent move to the United States. I live in the United States for 4 years now and am now a permanent resident.

When I declare my customs form (Form E311), am I a visitor to Canada? I wonder, because I wonder if I have to say that I bought for products over $ 800 CAD outside of Canada, so I would have to pay for it. large amount of taxes on these products.

I imagine that I am do not a resident of Canada, because, well, I do not live there. But I can not find the definition of "resident", so I do not know if I am a Canadian citizen, I am a resident for their needs.

Newark to Oslo to Bergen: where do I go through customs and immigration?

I have an upcoming itinerary where I will be flying SAS from Newark [New Jersey] to Oslo [Norway], followed by a connecting flight to Bergen. Both flights are part of the same booking. I just realized that I had never done this particular combination before, where an international flight is followed by a domestic flight.

Does anyone know how Customs and Immigration will work for this? Will I spend immigration in Oslo before going to the national terminal or do I have to wait until Bergen? If I pass the customs in Oslo, do I have to pick up my luggage and double check them, or can I check them directly up to Bergen, since this is the same route?

How are customs fees calculated when shipping United States – Canada goods? [on hold]

Let's say my uncle wants to send me one or two phones of the occasion (about 400 dollars each) from the United States. How are customs fees calculated at the border? Same question for Canada in the United States.

And what about books?