Customs and Immigration – Importing Wooden Trinkets in New Zealand and Australia

I traveled and I picked up wooden trinkets.

I will spend a holiday in New Zealand before returning to Australia.

I know both countries have restrictions on these products.

Obviously, I should declare such items, but I want to avoid losing them at the border.

What are the special customs and how can I avoid confiscating them?

Air travel – Is it necessary to declare food for personal use at customs? (in Norway)

TL; DR: Can I bring food for personal use to Norway without having to declare it at customs?

I will be going to Norway for a 14 day hike during which I will bring the essentials of food.

Any rules that I could find mention a maximum of 10 kg for all foods and the requirement that products of animal origin must come from the EEE.

But now I've found the page on "Importing Foods" which says:

If you intend to import foods and beverages (food products) from abroad, you must always pay VAT. Some goods are also subject to customs duties and special taxes. Do not forget to always register as a food importer with the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

This continues by explaining how much it costs and giving examples of calculations.
Do these import costs only occur if I want to import the products for commercial purposes or also when I import them for personal use?

  • All the food will be in my luggage
  • The food will be less than 10kg (~ 8.5kg)
  • I will not have potatoes
  • All the food will come from the EEA
  • I plan to put the weight on all foods in English and Norwegian because a bag of 1 kg of white powder (milk powder) with a zipper may seem fishy and I want to avoid the heavy weighing of my things happen to inspect my luggage.

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Customs and Immigration – Short Term Visa Refusal for a US Citizen

I am 20 years old, I am American citizen but I live in Jordan. I graduated from high school two years ago. I attended a short course with a short-term internship visa, then a full-year basic course with a level 4, then two other two short-term courses with a visa short-term internships, each lasting three months.

The last time I was at the border, they held me back for a long time and everything was complicated because they found that I had many successful visits with student visas. They left me in the UK and the policeman said that I was very lucky and that I could never get another student visa. I have attended all these courses because my goal is to enter Saint Martins, where the acceptance rate is 1%. I want to graduate. So I prepare my portfolio with these short courses.

Now, I left the UK and I'm back in Jordan. All this goes back to a year and a half and I now want to take another course in the UK. I do not know what to do since the agent told me last time that I will not be able to get another student visa. I have a Jordanian passport: can I apply for a student visa with my Jordanian passport rather than leave with my US passport? Will they know that it is in my file that I am no longer allowed to take another short course? Are they going to make stories like last time? Do I apply for a short-term study visa via my US passport?

Customs and Immigration – What questions should I be able to answer when I want to enter the United States for the 4th time?

On my third visit to the United States in June, I went on a second visit and the immigration officer asked a lot of questions. In fact, the first trip took place last January for just one week, the second trip in March lasted two weeks and my third and last trip took place in June for 13 days. Same point of entry, Las Vegas. I am worried because I will come back for thanskgiving and I forgot the answers I gave him. I've said nonsense things like I want to blog, but I have not started them yet and asked for deeper absurd things and he was typing on the computer while I was asking him. Do you think that after 5 months, when I come back to the United States, especially to Las Vegas, will the agent ask me about the answers last time?

customs and immigration – US citizen traveling with a Peruvian passport

A US citizen can not be denied entry into the United States, but you can expect to be detained at the border for a while while your citizenship is verified.

It does not matter, because no airline will allow you to take a flight to the United States with only a Peruvian passport if you do not have a visa.

You should go to the US Embassy in Quito, which will be able to issue you an emergency travel document allowing you to get home.

Customs and Immigration – Introduction to the United States of Alcoholic Beverages Containing Coumarin

I am currently in Poland for a conference and I had the idea to bring żubrówka (vodka to bison) back to the United States with me as a unique souvenir. However, the linked Wikipedia page above indicates that the import of this spirit to the United States is not allowed due to its coumarin content.

Do these regulations apply only to commercial imports for resale, or are tourists also prohibited from bringing alcohol home for personal use? If I have a bottle of żubrówka in my luggage when I return to the United States, can I have it confiscated? To be fined? Imprisonment? (OK, I do not really think the last option is really on the table.)

customs and immigration – Can I import these foods from the United States to the Netherlands? And do I have to declare it?

First of all, I am so confused by this whole process. A year ago, during my visit to the Netherlands, I brought nothing, but when I came back, I brought alcohol and cheese, but I did not bring it back. I had never stated and I had no problem.

That being said, this time I will travel from New York to Amsterdam in a few weeks. I want to take Indian spices with me. I do not need them in my luggage, I would like to save them. First, are there any restrictions on that? I already have the spices and the containers were opened, would I need to put them in a specific container type? In addition, do I have to declare these items on the customs form in the Netherlands?

What about fish sauce, oyster sauce, soy sauce or Indian chutneys? Can I still pack the package even if the package has been opened? Will I have to put it in a special container and do I have to declare it to customs?

And last thing: can I bring sugar on checked baggage and do I have to declare it? And again, is it important if the package has already been opened?

customs and immigration – entry / exit by train – UK / Schengen

I am not a citizen of the European Union, I will travel from Paris to Manchester next month. I was wondering therefore, since most countries follow the dates of entry and departure, if I use the train to change country and that they do not control it, my Schengen visa will look like an entry YES but no departure. Same for the UK, I will not have a date of entry but I will leave,

Will it be problems later? Do they control that in the trains? If not, is there anything I should do before?

Customs and Immigration – Second Recent Canadian Citizenship Traveling to the United States

Whatever you are asked, answer honestly. Never lie to immigration. If you are caught, you will enter a world of pain.

"Do you have or have you had another citizenship in the past?" – The answer is yes. Prepare to give details, but never lie. If you do not have anything else to arouse their suspicions, you will probably be fine.