angular – The Docusign authentication cuts a part of the URL after hashing (#)

I have a frontend application that looks like the URL http: // localhost: 4200 / # / dashboard -> this should also be called a redirect URL when authentication is done. Unfortunately, when the application redirects to the login page to DocuSign, I noticed that part of the redirection URL that is after # is cut off. Is this a bug? How can I omit it?

In the DocuSign panel, I set the redirection URL as follows: http: // localhost: 4200 / # / dashboard
My URL that redirects to DocuSign to connect looks like this:{integrator_keyName&redirect_uri=http://localhost:4200/#/dashboard
The DocuSign build URL (including the redirect URL) is as follows:{integrator_keyName&redirect_uri=http://localhost:4200/piggyagent#/username without things after # that ends The supplied client ID is not registered in the DocuSign service.

real analysis – Multiplication of cuts Dedekind, W. Rudin

mathematical book of walter rudins mathematical analysis, page n ° 19

here in this book the definition of the multiplication of two cuts is given as
shown in the picture but by this definition,
How can we prove the third cutting condition?

third condition is the cup does not have the greatest number.

because here in the definition given that

$ p <= rs $ . and who follows that $ rs $ is the biggest element of the cup $ alpha beta $. so what would we do for that? ???

Randomized algorithms – How can a maximum number of minimum cuts in a graph be exactly $ n choose $ 2?

According to my instructor, $ n choose $ 2 is the maximum number of minimum cuts that we can have on a graph. To prove it, he showed the lower limit using an n cycle chart. To prove the upper limit, he drew the argument of two facts:

  • Probability of finding $ i ^ {th} $ min cut $ geq frac {2} {n (n-1)} = frac {1} {n choose 2} $
  • Event to find $ i ^ {th} $ min cut is disjointed.

So, by adding the probabilities, he proved the upper limit of $ n choose $ 2.

Now, if we look at a tree, graphically, with $ n $ nodes, then we will be able to conclude $ (n-1) $ cuts min which is less than $ n choose $ 2 cuts ($ n geq3) $. Did I miss something?

Perfect Matches and Cuts in Cubic Charts – Part 1

Let $ G $ to be a cubic graph without a bridge (simple) and let $ M $ to be a perfect match in $ G $. $ G-M $ will necessarily be a set of circuits. For example, if we remove a perfect match from $ K_ {3,3} $ we end up with a circuit. If we remove a perfect match from the Petersen graph, we end up with two circuits. And in general, we could have several. The next question comes to mind.

Question Let $ G $ be a cubic graph without bridge (simple) that is cyclically connected to the periphery, and let $ M $ to be a perfect match in $ G $. Is there a subset K $ edges in $ M $ such as $ G-K $ exactly two components, so that neither of the two components is a circuit, or both are circuits?

For example, any perfect match in the Petersen chart is an example of such an edge cut.

A graph $ G $ is cyclically connected to the edge 5 if no set of less than 5 edges is a separate cycle. A set K $ edges is separation cycle if $ G-K $ is disconnected and at least two of its components contain circuits.

Kohls cuts them to the car

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android – How to make sure that the indication goes to the top of the editex and cuts the edge?

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functions – Question on cuts and branch points

Is it possible to determine branch cuts and branch points for complex functions with the help of mathematica

I'm trying to determine the brnach cuts and the branching points of this complicated function

$$ sqrt {( tanh (z) – tanh (2z)) ^ 2 + ( tanh (z) * tanh (2z) +1) ^ 2-1-2 tanh (z) ^ 2 tanh (2z) ^ 2} $$

I've tried mathematica but it's not obvious to me where are the branch cuts?
enter the description of the image here
enter the description of the image here

[ Politics ] Open question: Why did Trump tax cuts not help the economic reality?

Only share repurchases from companies. .

jpeg – My scanner cuts my A3 leaving it black

but only at 2400 dpi.

I had fun with a project of analysis. Running a 16GB Mac2012 & i5 SSD.

an A3 Mustek S 2400 more capable of TADA! 2400 DPI @ A3 format
At maximum resolution, my scans are cut halfway. 🙁

ALL 2400 resolution scans are cut off. even those who are not so broad. but still A3 long.
Of course, not at the same length of data either …
Very frustrating!

Works at 300, runs at 600, 1200 and fails at 2400 …
Any thoughts some?
br /JPEG clippings

[ Politics ] Open question: Are tax cuts really profitable?

Does the data not say that companies hire people only when there is a demand and not because they have more money? Anyway, most of the big companies that benefit from these tax cuts, like Amazon, Walmart and McDonald's, do not pay terrible salaries. CEOs and company executives are infamous for their sense of greed. Most of them will not go into some overseas bank accounts anyway.