equipment protection – Are microwave ovens dangerous for digital cameras?

No, there is no danger. All EM fields on the outside the microwaves are very weak. There is no danger or risk.

Microwaves look like visible light waves, with the exception of the larger ones (the "micro" is in comparison with other radio waves). Both are non-ionizing radiation; they do not have the energy needed to move the electrons in the atoms. And, just like visible light, microwave radiation follows the law of inverse squares and decreases dramatically as you move away from it.

Microwaves use exactly the same radio waves as Wi-Fi, except with higher power and concentration. However, the microwave box keeps this confined. In the United States, federal regulations limit microwave leakage to 5 milliwatts per square centimeter to 5 centimeters from the box for microwave leakage throughout the life of the device (ie not only if they are new). For comparison, the FCC limits WiFi routers to 1,000 mW (or, you know, one watt). And you should not worry either.

[ Politics ] Open question: Do you agree with Schiff that Trump is the most dangerous and unethical president in history?

He tweeted this today.

C ++ – Visual Studio Error C4996: "Strcpy": This function or this variable can be dangerous

I wrote the following code and I do not understand what error occurred

char* getname(void)
    char temp(80);
    std::cout << "iput your name" << std::endl;
    std::cin >> temp;
    std::cout << temp << std::endl;
    char* ptr = new char(strlen(temp) + 1);
    strcpy(ptr, temp);
    return ptr;

i get the following error> .....
error C4996: "strcpy": this function or this variable can be dangerous. Remember to use strcpy_s instead. To disable disapproval, use _CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS. See the online help for more details.

why can not I use strcpy in this version, why should i use strcpy_s?
why should I?

Eyelid surgery is dangerous? All the rest prestigious eyelid removal in Hanoi – Everything Else

Eyelid surgery is dangerous?

In fact, eyelid surgery is only a small form of minor surgery that interferes with the upper or lower eyelids to create eye creases and eliminate eye fat, excess skin and loose skin caused by aging. … Cut the eyelids is dangerous?

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<p style= The eyelid removal method is quite simple, less invasive, so it has no effect on health. However, it depends on the eyelid surgery address you choose and the doctor's skills.

Address of prestigious eyelid cup in Hanoi

The Vietcharm beauty salon is a place that has more than 20 years of experience in the beauty industry and brings together leading experts in the fields of beauty, modern facilities and equipment. A complete choice. perfect for you.

203368.YT14L5d94693c84c04.jpg "data-ratio =" 133.15 "style =" border style: none; vertical-align: medium; "width =" 721 "data-src =" "src =" https: // topgoldforum. com / applications / core / interface / js / spacer.png "/>

<p style= The Vietcharm Beauty Salon is committed to proving that it is a reputable eyelid cup:

+ Help customers with beautiful eyes to attract all eyes.

+ No swelling, no pain, no rest time after surgery.

+ No additional costs incurred during and after the surgery.

+ Clear guarantee, fully meets the interests of customers in accordance with the law.

+ Competitive price compared to other aesthetic addresses of the region.

Therefore, customers can be completely insured when using the eyelid cutting service without worrying about safety issues or aesthetic effects. So, is eyelid surgery dangerous?

To use Korean eyelid surgery in the Vietcharm beauty salon, please contact us at the following number: 0941.939.393 – 0911.688.666 or directly at 305 Kim Ma – Ba Dinh – Hanoi. be enthusiastically consulted by our staff …

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<p style= See as well:

>>> Causes of drooping eyelids: The phenomenon of cutting eyelids with broken eyelids is not uncommon in recent years due to a surgical procedure at unreliable addresses. Cut the eyelid Make your eyes distorted severely.

>>> Source:

Is the chin implant dangerous? How much does the chin implant cost? – Everything else

1 Is the chin implant dangerous?

" Is the chin implant dangerous? "Or"Does the chin implant have an effect?? Is the question we always come across whenever a client intends to have an operation with a chin implant?

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<p>	In fact, chin implant surgery is only a very simple minor procedure and has little impact on the lining of the skin, it is not invasive and does not alter the function of the chin. surrounding areas.
<p>	The doctors will make a small incision in the inner lining of the oral cavity to insert the pad and make it beautiful, and then close the incision with an aesthetic suture – a type of self-target used exclusively in cosmetic surgery surgery .
<p>	The padded material used for chin implants is a high quality material, imported from abroad, which has a high level of compatibility with the body and has been certified for safety.
	<span><b>2. How much does the chin implant cost?</b></span>
<p>	Actual level <em>Cost of chin implant</em> VietCharm, like many other addresses, costs 25 million. If clients practice chin implant surgery at the time we apply the promotion, the cost that clients have to pay for a cosmetic surgery service is low. To find out where is the time to apply the super promotions, please contact directly the VietCharm beauty salon for questions about costs, promotions and related issues. service.
<div style=

As can be seen, the cost Padded Chin how much money At Vietcharm Beauty Salon, there are 3 main factors that are the surgical method, the condition of the chin and the timing of the surgery.

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<p>	In addition to the above factors, the Vietcharm beauty salon also takes the commitment not to give all the addresses to conquer the trust of all the customers who use the implant service for the chin, such as :
<p>	+ Help clients have a beautiful natural chin from all angles.
<p>	+ No pain, no swelling and no rest time after surgery.
<p>	+ The surgical process ensures safety, does not cause complications after surgery.
<p>	+ The less invasive surgical method does not affect surrounding areas and does not leave scars after surgery.
<p>	+ Long-term effect, permanent maintenance.
<p>	S & # 39; register <em>Beautiful implant surgery department of the chin</em> with extremely preferential prices, please contact the vietcharm beauty salon by phone at 0941.939.393 – 0911.688.666 or directly at 305 Kim Ma – Ba Dinh – Hanoi We advise wholeheartedly
<div data-id=

Is the chin padded dangerous? Standard Procedure for Chin Implant Surgery – Everything Else

1. Is the chin dangerous?

Is it dangerous to dab your chin? ? It is undeniable that widespread news in the newspapers or social networking sites about cases of broken chin causing dangerous complications is wrong, but we nevertheless affirm that chin implant surgery not as dangerous as many people think.


To avoid complications after surgery, you must ensure the following:

+ Select a reputable chin resting address:

The first thing to do to avoid complications after surgery with chin implant is to know the aesthetic address of your choice.

A reputable address for the chin with a team of modern, experienced and experienced facilities, the application of advanced technology in the beauty process and a high quality material for chin implant to guarantee the respect of standards Safety will help you have a nice chin shape without worrying about complications after surgery.

+ Learn more about the standard chin implantation process:

In addition, to avoid dangerous complications after surgery with chin implant, you must also fully understand the process of filling the chin of the address that you choose to see if it meets the standard.

If you do not meet the standards prescribed by the Ministry of Health, you can suggest to a doctor or find a more prestigious aesthetic establishment with a standard chin refilling procedure.


2. Standard procedure for chin implant surgery

To be able to have a beautiful, fine and well-proportioned chin and to ensure safety, clients must undergo a strict chin surgery procedure in accordance with the standards of the Ministry of Health:

Step 1: Visit and check

First, the doctor will conduct a direct examination of the client's chin to determine the condition of the chin that has advantages and disadvantages, thus providing the most appropriate remedy for each face.

Step 2: General Health Check

Prior to performing chin implant surgery, clients will be examined by the doctors by performing the necessary tests, drug reaction tests … to ensure that clients are eligible and meet health standards. scalable. secure surgery with chin implant.

Step 3: Measure and shape the chin

To get a good implant result at the chin, doctors measure the shape of the chin directly on the client's chin. This operation not only makes chin surgery fast but also extremely accurate.

Step 4: Local anesthesia

This operation is extremely important and not to be missed as it helps clients feel comfortable and not feel pain during surgery.

Step 5: Perform a chin implant surgery

The doctor will perform surgery based on the initial orientation and measurement to shape the chin V line in the most appropriate and harmonious manner possible for each facial frequency.

Step 6: End of the surgery

After creating a chin shape tailored to the client's face, doctors will use a cosmetic embroidery to close the incision and terminate the surgery.

Step 7: Re-examination and cutting only

Some time after the surgery, the doctor will schedule a follow-up appointment with the client to cut the lead and monitor the client's postoperative wound recovery process.

Above 7 steps in V-surgery procedure of the chin To find out what are the benefits of the V Line chin implant compared to conventional chin implant methods, please join us in the next section.


3. What methods of implantation of the chin?

Currently at Vietcharm Beauty Salon, as well as most prestigious chin The other has 2 chin implantation methods: the chin pad with implant and the chin implant with bone itself.

+ Padded chin material:

This is a simple and safe method of chin implant. The cushioning material used in this method is biocartilage similar to natural cartilage. It is therefore highly compatible with the human body, thus minimizing postoperative rejection.

The quilted chin with a quilted material is a method practiced in the oral cavity and less invasive, so it does not affect the other parts.

+ Padded bone with bone itself:

If yes chin padding method Using fillers using bio-cartilage as a filler material, the method of implanting chin with bone itself uses the cartilage of the jawbone on the client's body as a material . The use of autologous cartilage bone will help minimize the elimination and complications after surgery.

The cartilage will quickly adapt to a new position on the body to help you have a beautiful natural chin from all angles. It is a minimally invasive surgery that does not affect other parties so that you can be assured of the safety as well as the results obtained after the surgery.

Is the eyelid cut off dangerous? What is Korean pressing of the eyelids? – Everything else

1. Is the eyelid cut off dangerous?

Is the eyelid cut off dangerous? This is not only Ngoc Anh, but also the general question of all clients when they intend to undergo an operation of the eyelids. In fact, eyelid surgery is just a minor minor surgery that interferes with the upper or lower eyelid to create eye creases and remove eye fat, excess skin and loose skin caused by aging. ….

98bb6-1ixsckiqib7vleilwihsj9g Click on the Korean eyelid Help you have big, clear eyes with double eyelids. So, what are the advantages of this method?


Please join us in the following content:

– 2 eyelid eyes forming without surgery

This is considered one of the outstanding benefits Korean eyelid pressing method This is because for some people it is very difficult to touch the cutlery.

During the procedure, the doctor will perform anesthesia to minimize the pain so that the client feels no pain or discomfort at the same time as the non-invasive technique, after pressing the eyelid leave scars.

– eyelids natural beauty

The team of highly qualified doctors with skillful hands and delicate aesthetics will help you to have beautiful natural eyelids, symmetrical and in harmony with the proportions of the face.

– Create delicate shapes of eyelids

Thanks to the modern Korean technology of eyelid pressing and eyelid pressing techniques accurate to the millimeter, your eyelids are not only beautiful but also very balanced and adapted to your face.

– High security

As we mentioned above, press the Korean eyelid It is a technique that creates eyes without surgical intervention so that it does not affect the function of the eyes and does not affect the surrounding areas. In addition, in the pressure process, doctors will use painkillers, so no pain or health effects.

In addition, the implementation of the eye press according to the standard process recognized by the Ministry of Health also guarantees the absolute safety of customers.

– No need for vacation time

After the Korean eyelid press, guests can leave completely without needing rest and above all can still live and work as usual. However, after the press, customers must take certain notes specified by the doctor to achieve the desired cosmetic results.

3. How to make large natural eyes, big pigeon eyes?

Currently, there are many specialized eyelid jacks that you can easily make yourself. It only takes a few minutes and takes a few simple steps to make your big eyes look as big as you want. So how to keep your eyes big natural?

You can choose one of the following:

+ Eyelid patch use: This eyelid patch is made of clear silicone. It has an adhesive that adheres to the surface of the skin. The use is very simple, just take off the patch and give birth to the eyelid, gently stroking. If the new eyelid will form, big, clear and natural.

+ Use of eyelid glue: It has the effect of enlarging the eyes naturally but this product exists in the form of gel. Just draw a new eyelid with gel, let it dry for a few seconds and open your eyes, the new line of eyelids will form and never leave a trace. However, this product is not as safe as a patch for the eyelids.

+ Use only eye shadow: How to keep your eyes wide open naturally? The solution is to use the eyelid paste only to integrate the benefits of the patch and eyelid glue. The product has a small piece like a line and has an adhesive on the surface of the skin that is not exposed and firm, can create folds of the eyelid for a long time.

There are also a number of other natural enlargement measures of the eyes, such as makeup, contact lenses, large glasses, wool, eye massage, and so on.

See more:

plugins – How to make it safe when Google has marked the WP site as being This site is dangerous?

Google said:
Actual status
This site is dangerous
Https:// contains harmful content, including pages that:

Try to encourage visitors to share personal information or download software.

The question is there is no such thing to download from this link, why did google labeled it as dangerous and how to get rid of this?

The Chrome browser indicates that it is dangerous.

Build iron fences, erect the sea in warning of the dangerous subsidence of embankments and trails of Ho Guom Lake

In the morning of August 1, ask the People 's Committee of the People' s Committee of the district to return to taboo (Hanoi), to the Board of Management of the region to repay the agreement and to install a tank of water. warning and security system The District People's Committee has nevertheless invited the management committee of the service area to receive guests while the project is in progress. twisted to hurry.
fences in these areas because the weekly location, the distance around the ring, is about to decrease rapidly.
The People's Committee of Hoan Kiem District said that the phrase "strange renovation" had still sent me to participate in the project of investment in the construction, renovation and beautification of the area surrounding the service to be reimbursed.

believe well – build iron fences, set up warning pools to run in danger of the embankment, the line of restoration of the sword (photo 3).
It is expected that the loss of investment and development of the building races will be completed in the precious IV-2019.

believe in. # thick – Build iron fences, set up warning signs to avoid dangerous areas, find a way to find the sword (photo 4).
Trustworthy – Build iron fences, install warning ponds on the edge of the shore, almost lower the sword (Photo 5).
At present, the footbridge around the sword's sword is made up of incomparable pieces connecting reinforced concrete and rubbing shores.

Trust # # tight – Build an iron fence, build an alert tank to endanger the edge of the palm, bypassing the sword (picture 6).
However, it is very rich and the current part is flat, firm and flat. Rich in other songs, broken and laid on the ground, the line is in a short line from the bottom to the rope.

believe in. # thick – build iron fences, erect warning pools to wear on the flat bank, to refrain from lowering the sword (Figure 7).
News – Build iron fences, install warning signs to cover patrols patrols, the path around the sword (image 8).
The total length of the school surface was about 200 m. Currently, the Saber Service Management Board is holding a fence before the storm of Fate Number 3 is pouring into the continent.

trust # jack # – Build iron fences, warning signs that pose a dangerous danger to the cleaning areas, around the restoration of the sword (Figure 9).
The installation of iron barriers to alert and ensure the peace of mind of people and guests who come back should not abuse the sword area. However, it is only an emergency plan before modifying many building measures. to build, the pulse to completely overcome any situation is.

Collected News – Build iron fences, set up signs warning of the possibility of dangerous shocks on the flat bank, waiting to serve the sword (picture 10).
40 cm high iron fence, is the opportunity to win the tower together.

New thick – Build iron fences, install warning signs to endanger the edge of the brush, cut the skewers of the sword (Figure 11).
Ms. Pham Bich Van (Bach Ball, Hanoi) said, "We have to retire, all right to serve our children, and two parties today are also more likely to bear fruit. are rushed to improve the help of the sword, which is more beautiful and safer, the province is green – big – beautiful. "

News – Build iron fences, warn the sea to prevent the danger of sinking the shore of the week and abstain from Ho Guom Lake (Figure 12). Print the printer 1
Rich in young people playing with the sword, but finishing the stealthy road, will probably be a dangerous gecko that grows in any layer.
trustworthy – Build iron fences, establish a danger warning sign for the patrol zone patrol, which helps retain the sword (Figure 13).
The request was quite simple, so he tried to wash his hands.
Trust quickly – Build iron fences, install warning signs in case of a fall in the cleaned area, on the sword roads (picture 14).
Previously, such as the opening of trust. #, The flat system around the ring to return to the search for a long time to invest in the renovation, so that the net is nowhere appeared before 2017, happenings faster than the school in 2018 to ni. In particular, the number of people willing to die was monitored by the patrol, putting people and visitors at risk.

Is it dangerous to enter administrative Windows credentials when logged in as an ordinary user?

I've recently been informed that when a user is logged in as a standard user and that he needs an administrator to perform (for example, install an application) that Entering administrator credentials while the logged on user is still logged out paves the way for login information. The recommended procedure is to log out as a normal user and log in as an administrator. Is it correct?