Dark Mode 2 – a WordPress plugin 🌚 | Forum Promotion

I feel you on that. I do think you have a lot of potential to win the SEO game with this plugin, and I may have just found a lead for you.

When I searched “dark mode wordpress” I got this WPBeginner article:

In their tutorial they recommend this “dark mode” plugin:

…which, according to the most recent reviews, the authors just pulled a fake-out on their users and hijacked the plugin to be something else. So, WPBeginner’s article is technically outdated, and as an authority—they hate to be out of date. Your move here is to contact them, fill them in on this situation and request they change the links out with a link to your Dark Mode 2 plugin.

Maybe get an affiliate program setup too. It’s hard to get promotion for premium products from large WP outlets and you’ll need everything you can to convince these guys.

Next, and here’s where you can go bold—WP Tavern recently posted a series of articles about a similar controversy where another company acquired a popular plugin and did the same kind of fake-out on their users. You have an opportunity here to ride that wave of controversy—which got a lot of attention from the WP Tavern readers—and bring this story to their attention. Submit it as a tip and mention that you have your own Dark Mode plugin and any link back to your plugin would really help you as an independent plugin developer.

Strike while it’s hot my friend. :cool:

website design – How should I decide whether new users start with a dark theme or light theme?

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ux field – Synonyms for Dark Design Patterns

A design pattern is defined as “a general, reusable solution to a commonly occurring problem within a given context”.

Dark design patterns are considered “dark UX”, but since patterns have an element of reusability, it’s possible to create a dark user experience without a dark pattern.

“Asshole design” is an informal, pejorative way of calling out any design that seems intentionally harmful. For those whose second language is English, it’s important to note that “asshole” is one of the most offensive words in the English language, and is not appropriate in a formal business context.

Pics of my greeting cards in a photo booth, but they are always light on top and dark on the bottom

I take pics of my greeting cards in a nice photo booth, but they are always light on top and dark on the bottom. Using my cell phone camera and a light gray background.

dark pattern related terms

So there are many terms interrelated to dark patterns. I feel confused with the following terms:

  1. Dark design patterns
  2. Dark UX
  3. Asshole design

Do all of the above mean dark patterns? If not then what is the difference between them and dark patterns? Also are there any specific research papers that state the difference(if any exist)?

Dark Mode 2 for WordPress launched! | Forum Promotion

Hello all 👋

I’ve just launched a new plugin of mine; Dark Mode 2 which is a WordPress plugin that lets you turn the dashboard into a much nicer, darker design. I’ve kind of done a bit of a soft launch but I’m trying to get some exposure for it as WordPress plugins are notorious for being hard to market!

Please let me know what you think!


How to set dark mode except for text?

I like dark mode but the problem is that it is difficult to read text on a black background so that when I read in dark mode, my eyes become watery.
So, is there a way to exclude texts from darkmode, such that there is a white box behind texts..?

iO Dark Mode | NulledTeam UnderGround


iO Dark Mode
Create a dynamic forum with this minimalist, vibrant dark theme. With concepts from Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines, your forum will be sleek and captivating. Make iO unique with category strips that automatically change color based on your primary brand color.

  • Built with the UI.X 2 framework
  • Clean typography
  • Uses material line icons
  • Full page animations on page…


Drift Dark

Admin submitted a new resource:

Drift Dark – Control, on Nitrous

Drift Dark
Based off its XenForo 1 successor, Drift Dark brings it’s many features back to XenForo 2. From adding your own banner, choosing either a fluid or fixed website design…

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webview – How to detect if dark mode on/off in Android

I want to make a browser application that supports dark mode theme on android 9 and above. I give the option to the user whether to display the Webview in:

  • Light mode
  • Dark mode
  • System Default
  • Battery Saver (for Android 9)

Depending on the web setting supports dark mode or not, so I wrote code like this:

public void onPageFinished(WebView _param1, String _param2) {
    final String _url = _param2;
    int currentNightMode = configuration.uiMode & Configuration.UI_MODE_NIGHT_MASK; 
    switch (currentNightMode) {
        case Configuration.UI_MODE_NIGHT_NO:
            webview1.setForceDarkAllowed(false); // Night mode is not active, we're using the light theme
        case Configuration.UI_MODE_NIGHT_YES:
            webview1.setForceDarkAllowed(true); // Night mode is active, we're using dark theme
    super.onPageFinished(_param1, _param2);

But when I try to run it, it shows an error log like this:

WebviewActivity.java (at line 174)
    int currentNightMode = configuration.uiMode & Configuration.UI_MODE_NIGHT_MASK;
configuration cannot be resolved to a variable

I’m still a beginner in developing Android. And I don’t understand the article from https://developer.android.com/guide/topics/ui/look-and-feel/darktheme?hl=en, because the source code I took from there. Can anyone fix my code properly? And can anyone explain how that code and whatnot?