dart – My Flutter app does not connect to the Internet

Hello, I am developing an application on drug control and dating appointments. This application has an identifier and is connected to my server. The problem is that after having installed the apk file but not connecting to the internet, I can not connect when I was debugging in Debug if I could log in and everything but now that i was I apk, it did not work.
What could be the problem?

5th dnd – I have 2 attacks. Can I fire a light / heavy crossbow and throw a dart in the same turn?

Heavy and light crossbows have two-handed ownership, so you must get the sting with your free object interaction. After use, you can not reload the crossbow.

The arches are much better

If you do do not Have the crossbow gift, even a short bow deals more damage in two rounds than a crossbow or a crossbow + a dart.
If you make have Crossbow Expert, a hand-held crossbow provides the best DPR.

There is no situation in which a handless crossbow is a good option for the DPR if you have Extra Attack. I would say even if you do not have EA, hand crossbows are the only good crossbows.

dart – How can I have each card in the GridView flutter, can I open a specific link?

I need to know how to differentiate one card from the other in the flutter's GridView? because I have to open a specific link for each card as soon as you click on it. I have a code that opens a specific website, but the fact when we click on a map, I have to do it, as previously stated, to open a specific link for each map.
Here is the code that requires the fix:

import & # 39; package: flutter / material.dart & # 39 ;;

import package: url_launcher / url_launcher.dart & # 39 ;;

The parameters of the class extends from StatelessWidget {
Building the widget (BuildContext context) {

    back scaffolding (

body: GridView.count (
// Create a grid with 2 columns. If you change the scrollDirection to
// horizontal, this would produce 2 lines.
crossAxisCount: 2,
// Generate 100 widgets displaying their index in the list
children: List.generate (6, (index) {

returns InkWell (
onTap: () async {
wait for the launch (& # 39; http: //tigreadvocacia.com.br');
child: card (
color: Colors.white,
Child: Padding (
EdgeInsets.only (left: 10.0, right: 10.0, bottom: 10.0, top: 10.0),
child: Container (
alignment: Alignment.center,
child: column (
crossAxisAlignment: CrossAxisAlignment.start,
the children: [
AspectRatio (
aspectRatio: 1.3,
child: Image.asset (images / image $ index.jpg & # 39 ;,

Expanded (
child: Container (
padding: EdgeInsets.all (7.0),
child: column (
crossAxisAlignment: CrossAxisAlignment.center,
the children: [
Text (
& # 39; Title $ index & # 39;
style: TextStyle (
fontWeight: FontWeight.w500
textAlign: TextAlign.center,


dart – flutter – firewall messaging does not show up on mobile phone

I'm trying to set up push notification to my mobile apps using Flutter Firebase messaging.

I have to do below things:

  1. firebase configuration
  2. download google-service.json in the Android / app folder
  3. initialize firebase messaging at the home screen

However, when I try to send a message from the Firebase console, my mobile phone do not show the notification.

by debugging I can see my mobile phone receive the notif push:

I / flutter (17004): on message {notification: {body: message 18, title: test 18}, data: {}}
I / flutter (17004): The message {notification: {body: message 19, title: test 19}, data: {}}
I / flutter (17004): The message {notification: {body: message 20, title: test 20}, data: {}}

but it shows nothing on my cell phone.

my floating code on the home screen:

the HomeScreen class extends StatefulWidget {
_HomeScreenState createState () => _HomeScreenState ();

_HomeScreenState class extends the state {

FirebaseMessaging _firebaseMessaging = new FirebaseMessaging ();

void initState () {
// TODO: implement initState
super.initState ();

_firebaseMessaging.configure (
onMessage: (Map message) {
print (& # 39; on message $ message & # 39;);
// _ showItemDialog (message);
onResume: (Map message) {
print (& # 39; s resume $ message & # 39;);
// _ showItemDialog (message);
onLaunch: (Map message) {
print (& # 39; on launch $ message & # 39;);
// _ showItemDialog (message);
_firebaseMessaging.requestNotificationPermissions (
const IosNotificationSettings (sound: true, badge: true, alert: true));
_firebaseMessaging.getToken (). then ((token) {
print (& # 39; >>> token = & # 39; + token);



an idea how to solve?

Error returning the dart / flutter value

Good evening guys.
I'm trying to learn how to use the block with rxdart. I can not recover the value of the API
When debugging, I do not know if an exception follows the image, but has more results when presenting the error.
insert the description of the image here

follow the complete code
insert the description of the image here

insert the description of the image here

insert the description of the image here

insert the description of the image here

Thank you

DART 2 WEB – Customize the web of material components

I am new to dart, and I try to personalize the colors of the theme …

For starters, I created a very simple application for drawers and top bars, here is my model:

menu Removable drawer
Content of the application

And I just copy / paste the vars of the SCSS material component to my .scss file to try to customize it …

here is my SCSS file.

$ mdc-theme-primary: # fcb8ab;
$ mdc-theme-secondary: rgb (66, 189, 189);
$ mdc-theme-on-primary: # 442b2d;
$ mdc-theme-on-secondary: # 212121;

// @import "material-components-Web / material-components-Web";
@import & # 39; https: //unpkg.com/material-components-web@latest/dist/material-components-web.css&#39 ;;

If I import the second line, all the default templates will be imported, and ok … But if I try to import only the first line, it gives me the following error:

[INFO]    Start the construction
[INFO] Update of the completed asset graph, took 3 ms
[SEVERE] sass_builder on web / styles.scss:

Error: Can not find the style sheet to import.
38 │ @import "materials-components-Web / materials-components-Web";
- 38: 9 root style sheet
[INFO] The current construction completed, took 348ms
[INFO] The cached finalized dependency diagram is complete, takes 333ms
[SEVERE] Failed after 690ms

j & # 39; uses Dart 2 and just tried to run npm i material-components-web also without success …

So, currently, I can only use the default template imported from unpkg url, and I can not customize without performing a hard-coded CSS substitution.

And here is my pubspec.yaml

name: angular_app
description: a web application using AngularDart
version: 0.0.1

sdk:> = 2.2.0 <3.0.0 & # 39;

angular: ^ 5.0.0
angular forms:
angular_router: ^ 2.0.0-alpha + 19
http: ^ 0.11.0
stream_transform: 0.0.6
angular components:
mdc_web: ^ 0.4.0

test_angular: ^ 2.0.0
build_runner: ^ 1.0.0
build_test: ^ 0.10.2
build_web_compilers: ^ 0.4.0
test: ^ 1.0.0

All the clues on how to import / customize using SCSS?

Is a dart a tiny object for the purpose of the Magic DIY function of the Artificator UA?

I create a character with the help of the revised artificer of Unearthed Arcana, released just 4 days ago.

The 1st level Magic Tinkering feature indicates that you can enchant any non-magic, tiny object with various small effects. Can I apply these effects to a dart? Or would I be better off using a sling and enchanting the pebbles I throw?

How to take the cell date in dart?

What I need to know, is how can I save in a variable, the updated date … The one that saves me today, tomorrow the one that matches, and so on.

This is for an application that says pharmacies on call. Then save a date string in the database.

In the database, I will keep all pharmacies with the corresponding date.

How can I check every time the application will have the date?

android – How to use multicolored icons in my application? Use Flutter and Dart

Galera, I am with a project and in my manual xml I used the lens:


However, this pullable folder icon is a colored icon, and when I send a notification to my emulator, the icon that arrives is a white ball, not the colored one I sent, I use Android 6 in the emulator and in the personal phone, I use Android 9, which apparently does not work on the cell phone.

Print how the API emulator icon gets 23:
Get this ball in the emulator

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