Hudson Valley Host lost approximately 7 months of data on the server

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Best Chicago Data Center

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SEO – product identified as article in structured Google data

I have fixed all the errors and warnings of my website with Schema & Structured Data For WP.

the problem is that the product pages defined as article therefore have a bad ranking.
I am not very familiar with coding.

is there a simple way to fix this problem?

google structure data tester

google structure data tester

please tell me if need more information.

[ Law & Ethics ] Open question: What legal principles apply when a data breach discloses personal financial information? Negligence at common law? What laws govern this?

[Law and ethics] Open question: What legal principles apply when a data breach discloses personal financial information? Negligence at common law? What laws govern this?

time series analysis – an algorithm for detecting whether noisy univariate data is constant or is the sum of step functions

In an explicit algorithm that I write, there is a certain step where I need to determine whether or not certain noisy univariate data are constant or are the sum of the step functions.

For example, define foo as the algorithm I'm after (write in python):
affirm foo ((0) * 20) == False
affirm foo ((0) * 20 + (1) * 20) == True
affirm foo ((0) * 20 + (5) * 30 + (1) * 70) == True

  • The data in the examples is not noisy, but let's assume that the real one is (just a little, one can determine where a step could take place by observing the plotting of the data.

I would be happy to hear ideas, thanks.

data structures – Develop an algorithm

I participated in a programming competition at my university. I have resolved all questions except this one. Now I practice this question to improve my skills. But I cannot understand the algorithm. If there is an algorithm, please update me. Or any similar algorithm is present, so tell me I'm going to change it based on this question.

This is what I want to do.

  • The first entry line is the distance between two points.
  • After that, each subsequent line contains a pair of numbers indicating the length of the cable and the quantity of that cable. These cables are used to connect the two points.
  • Entry is terminated by 0 0


  • The output must contain a single integer representing the minimum number of joints possible to construct the length of cable car required. If no solution is possible, print "No solution".

Entry example

16 2
3 2
2 2
30 3
50 10
45 12
8 12
0 0

Example output


wp query – Modification of the raw data $ _POST at the beginning of the life cycle

Is there a specific plugin way to modify superglobals directly before using them? Assuming that the following code was in a plug-in called aaa, one would imagine that this would run quite early in the request lifecycle. During the execution of the code, when other plugins use the data, they have not been modified.

// file location: wp-content / plugins / aaa / aaa.php

function interfere_with_things(){

    // skip anything not applicable
    if($_SERVER('REQUEST_METHOD') !== 'POST' || empty($_POST('something'))){return;}

    // change something in the $_POST
    $_POST('something') = str_replace('cats', 'dogs', $_POST('something'));


add_action('init', 'interfere_with_things', 1);

I will do accurate and timely data entry for you for $ 8

I will do accurate and timely data entry for you


I am an experienced professional who provides services in accordance with expectations within specified deadlines. Will enter data that will immediately support your business. I am convinced that you will come back to me for your future missions. It goes without saying, my work will be according to the quality standard required by you.

To serve you better, help me understand your business and your needs. How my contributions will improve your vision and your goals. This will give me directions to provide data that exceeds your expectations.

If you have any questions, I invite you to contact me before placing an order.

Looking forward to closing this very fast for us … just a click of order!



miui – Share clipboard data between users on Android multi-user (secondary space)?

Leaving aside security concerns, is there a reliable way to communicate data via the clipboard between users on a single device without using network methods? For example, just copy a link to the main space, then access it later via the clipboard in the secondary space. Application suggestions are welcome.

NB: There is already an option to import / export files, photos, etc. (but not sharing the clipboard)

Running MIUI 9, Android 7

Strategies for applying the uniqueness of fuzzy data to free text input

I have a website that allows administrator users to enter free text questions into a database that will eventually be asked of non-administrator users using the website. This system replaces an old system in which the question library has become almost useless due to the amount of duplicate questions, so one of my main goals is to do my best to detect and force the reuse of questions existing.

What strategies should I have to avoid ending up with the same problem? My initial thought is to compare user input to existing data using a search engine (CloudSearch, Elastic Search, etc.) and block the entry of questions on a certain threshold of score.

Are there other strategies? Is there a specific way to think about storing / disinfecting my data to maximize efficiency? I think of things like deleting low value words (the, of, is, etc.) to sum up to the essence of the matter.

As I ask this question, it seems very meta because maybe what I'm trying to create is the "Similar Questions" widget here on Stack Exchange.