ubuntu – the mysql data node does not connect to the node manager on AWS EC2

I'm trying to configure mySql Manager + Data Node + SQL Server (Server A) and another cluster of Data Nodes on (Server B). Both under Ubuntu 16.04 amd_64

Server A

/ etc / hosts also on server B

Both private ip
172.xx.xx.xx ip-172-xx-xx-xx-eu-west-1.compute.internal
172.xx.xx.xx ip-172-xx-xx-xx.eu-east-1.compute.internal


(ndbd default)
 NoOfReplicas=2  # Number of replicas

hostname=ip-172-xx-xx-xx.eu-west-1.compute.internal <- Server A

hostname=ip-172-xx-xx-xx.eu-west-1.compute.internal <- Server A

hostname=ip-172-xx-xx-xx.eu-east-1.compute.internal <- Server B

hostname=ip-172-xx-xx-xx.eu-west-1.compute.internal <- Server A


ndb-connectstring = ip-172-xx-xx-xx.eu-west-1.compute.internal <- Server A

Server B



ndb-connectstring=172.xx.xx.xx <- Server A private ip

Server A error

running ndbd gives me this error

(ndbd) INFO     -- Angel connected to '172.xx.xx.xx:1186'
(ndbd) ERROR    -- Failed to allocate nodeid, error: 'Error: Could not alloc node id at 172.xx.xx.xx port 1186: Connection done from wrong host ip 172.xx.xx.xx.'

Server B error

running ndbd gives me this error

Unable to connect with connect string: nodeid=0,172.xx.xx.xx:1186
Retrying every 5 seconds. Attempts left: 12


-- NDB Cluster -- Management Client --
ndb_mgm> show
Connected to Management Server at: 172.xx.xx.xx:1186 <- A
Cluster Configuration
(ndbd(NDB)) 1 node(s)
id=2 (not connected, accepting connect from 172.xx.xx.xx) <- B

(ndb_mgmd(MGM)) 1 node(s)
id=1    @172.x.x.x  (mysql-5.7.22 ndb-7.6.6)

(mysqld(API))   1 node(s)
id=3 (not connected, accepting connect from 172.xx.xx.xx) <- A

I do not know how I would connect to mysqld (API) for it to work properly after installing the server / client cluster.

In addition, I entered both instances A and B to accept all traffic between all port ranges 1000-60000, just in case I miss something, and the outbound traffic is open to everything.

I wonder what I miss, I am so tired today trying to find out what is happening with the installation.

Any help would be appreciated!

[GET][NULLED] – SNIP: Structured data plug-in for WordPress v2.14.2


(GET) (NULLED) – SNIP: Structured Data Plug-in for WordPress v2.14.2

Is it safe to add more than just primary data files to the temporary database in SQL Server 2008 R2 because we have a database server with a 4-processor processor?

The article linked by @McNets is a good article.
The one and only one This article contains code that you can use: https://www.brentozar.com/blitz/tempdb-data-files/

Since you only have 4 cores, you can probably create a total of 4 TempDB files.

If you use the code snippet in the Brent article, make sure to match the beginning of the file name section:


with the folder directories you already have.

You do not have to restart the engine if you do not reduce the original file when adding them. In terms of size, it's not necessarily a bad thing to be larger than your prod database, although that may be telling. Do you delete a bunch of discs recently?

usb – How to bypass the system dialog to request access to tablet data on Android tablets, especially those from Samsung?

The "Allow access to tablet data" dialog box is a security dialog box. Therefore, it is not possible to "work around" this dialog within an application. As it is not yet possible to identify a PC via the USB and MTP protocols (it is possible that this is possible in the future with an authenticated USB key), there is no option like " always allow this computer to access my files ".

Otherwise, anyone with access to an unlocked Android device could simply copy, for example, all photos and videos from the device via USB.

The only known way is to enable the "Developer Options Dialog Box" and permanently set the "USB Configuration" option to "MTP / File Sharing".

You can also use Android ADB (Debug Bridge) (ADB) instead. At adb level, computer authentication allows a computer to permanently access the device via USB. Of course, ADB is disabled by default. Therefore, the user must first activate the Develop menu and activate the ad.

data structures – nested box algorithm

I am given a set of 3D boxes {$ B_1 $, $ B_2 $$ B_n $} and each box has a length, a width, and a height. But these values ​​are interchangeable since I can rotate the box. I need to know the maximum sequence of nested boxes.

I've tried this problem using spell. But I'm still stuck. I've used the built-in sort function to sort all boxes by length in ascending order. I read the reference to this question and learned that people were using basic sorting. I have an idea of ​​how the basic type is applied here because all the types I know are types of comparison.

magento2 – Unable to retrieve data from a form UI component to the controller in Magento 2

I create a form ui component and a controller backup, but I can not get data on the controller. I have tried this code, but it does not display error and does not recover data.

$data = $this->getRequest()->getParam();

This shows that this page does not work, but if I echo 1; exit; he shows 1.

Data Sync, mysql and promise

I'm new to nodejs and I'm trying to understand why I can not get the expected result from my API.

I have an application that sends an API node an array containing data to be saved in bd.
When I receive this data, I have to verify that each one is saved in my database. db.buscaPorId() . If each record is not saved, a function db.salva() record each of these new records in the bank.
At the end of this process, I would like to return all data (new and old) to my application.

The problem is getting all the records after foreach because it does not return the last saved data. Only those who were previously saved …

What I have tried is in the code below.

What would be the best way to solve this problem? I study the promises but I still do not understand how to put it into practice in my code.
Note: the code is probably full of flaws, so if someone can give me a hint to improve it, that would be cool 🙂

Road function

sincroniza(app) {
    return function (req, res) {
        const dadosApp = req.body;

        const conexao = app.persistencia.ConexaoDb();
        const db = new app.persistencia.PontoDao(conexao);

        if(dadosApp !== ""){
            console.log('recebendo dados');
            dadosApp.forEach(dado =>{
                    if(resultado == '' || resultado == undefined || resultado.length == 0){
                        dado.sync = 1;
                                res.send('falha ao salvar os dados')

        //não retorna os últimos dados salvos


bd functions

function PontoDao(conn){
    this._conn = conn;


PontoDao.prototype.salva = function(ponto,callback){
    this._conn.query('INSERT INTO ponto SET ?', ponto, callback);

PontoDao.prototype.atualiza = function(ponto,callback) {
    this._conn.query('UPDATE ponto SET sync = ? where id = ?', (ponto.sync, ponto.id), callback);

PontoDao.prototype.lista = function(callback) {
    this._conn.query('SELECT * from ponto',callback);

PontoDao.prototype.buscaPorId = function (id,callback) {
    this._conn.query("select * from ponto where uuid = ?",(id),callback);

module.exports = function(){
    return PontoDao;

automatically import site data

I want to create a business directory website for theaters and local community centers, etc. Is there any way for my website to automatically upload their broadcast schedules to my site?

Google Chrome does not connect to the Internet with mobile data

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schema.org – Error in the Google Struct Data :: Missing & # 39;} & # 39; or name of the member of the object

enter the description of the image hereI'm deeply underqualified for these things, but (to get it right, it means … grab a shovel and roll up your sleeves). I've looked at all the other schema messages and tried to understand the A big picture / cloning parts / nudging thing, but I keep getting an error (missing) or member's name of the object.) after "about" line? + I've seen (what seems to be) examples of Google's green lighting scheme, but it's not doing it according to the best practices of recognized standards, somewhere in the magic formula that Google seems to ignore / degrade, therefore: wandering if packing all this into one script is the best strategy + How to fix my error.
In all humility. Thank you for any help / insight.