javascript – Get nfce data

I am developing an app in React Native, where the user scans the QRCode of the invoice and is redirected to the website with the purchase data, however, instead of redirect to the farm website, I would like this purchasing data to be used in the app.
Anyone know how to do this? Could you get an xml (for example) with the data?
Thank you.

Expand / collapse the button directions in the tree table, i.e. the data grid versus non-table applications

I create a tree table to use on our platform. We are currently using chevrons for our expand / collapse buttons, and by doing a lot of research on the UX columns, I have decided that the chevron should point in the direction that a user can expect it to be. let the action happen.

So, for example, the chevron is turned down if an accordion box is collapsed – indicating that if the user clicks on it, it expands. For a side panel anchored to the left, the chevron points to the right when it is collapsed, indicating that when you click on it, the panel expands to the right.

My dilemma that I am trying to solve now is – we are adding a tree table function to our data grids. This means that I will have to add an expand / collapse button. Each example of a tree table that I have seen has a chevron oriented to the right when the line is collapsed and downwards when it is expanded. At previous meetings, most agreed that it was also the most intuitive and familiar.

Just a few examples of tree tables using the right / bottom chevron direction:

So, I am currently leaning to go against our chevron direction rule for tree grid applications, in favor of going with the more familiar / intuitive for most users. But curious to know if anyone has any other ideas about it.

In addition, it should be noted that using a plus / minus button would be ideal here, but not an option as our table also uses check boxes to select rows, and the placement of buttons and expand / collapse check boxes will be close to each other, so we want to avoid two different types of clickable box shapes. In addition, the "undetermined" state of the check box would be too similar to a minus icon.

enter description of image here

usability – Use of clickable ellipsis in the row of the data table

In the interface that I design, we have a page with a table that shows a list of support tickets. By clicking on a line, the user is redirected to the page of this single ticket where he can see all the details.

The problem is that the title of a ticket can sometimes be too long so I put a simple ellipse to keep the table consistent. My reviewer would like the ellipsis to become clickable so that the user can expand the text, but looking around, I found no reference for this type of use.

My options would be:

1) Ellipses + learn more: the user clicks on learn more to expand the row of the table. My reviewer was not enthusiastic, I think, because it hides a little more text / the button may seem redundant.
Ellipsis + button Ellipsis + expanded button

2) Ellipsis + tooltip: the full text is displayed inside the tooltip with hover

3) Make the ellipsis clickable, but I'm sure users wouldn't notice

What do you think is the best solution in this case? I find it hard to argue my choices.

Note: I have excluded the line extension (for example with a plus sign or an arrow) at the far left of the table, as only certain lines would need it, so I'm not sure that this is the best option for this case.

magento2 – Magento 2 – Save the data in a custom table

In Magento 2, I'm trying to save data to a custom table but it doesn't work:

$model = $this->_modelFactory->create();

The result of var_dump is:

array (size=1)
  0 => 
    array (size=6)
      'id' => string '5' (length=1)
      'type' => string 'customer' (length=8)
      'type_id' => string '6' (length=1)
      'timestamp' => string '2020-01-21 14:41:45' (length=19)
      'status' => string '0' (length=1)
      'created_at' => string '2020-01-21 14:40:45' (length=19)

Whenever & # 39; id & # 39; is incremented and create_date are defined, but nothing is saved to the database.

Can you help me please?

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php – Laravel – list of elements refreshes data with ajax?

I have a project whose backend is laravel (API) and I have a simple front with the blade model engine.

I have a list of cars and the user has a button that can turn them on and off.

Right now, with jquery, I'm making a put call to update the status of this item (car) and to update the information, I'm doing it with jquery.


    var id_site_promocion = $("input(name=id_site_promocion)").val();
    var activo = $("input(name=activo)").val();
    $('.btn-submit').prop('disabled', true);


        url:'/api/coches/' + id_site_promocion ,
        data: {
            activo : activo,

        error:function (data) {


For an element it does not seem "bulky" but if it were more than one element? Would you do it like this or would you make an AJAX call with GET and refresh the table?

I have the same doubt to make a GRID of elements where you can modify "online" an element and save these modifications, create a form for each element and the button of each form which is a submission?

Thank you

progress bar – What should be the text to display while loading data and what should be the style?

I decided to skip spinner and use "Loading …" or "Loading Data …" or something like that. What should the choice of text and style be? Referring to style, I am confused in the areas below.

Position: left alignment and center alignment? or center in the screen both vertically and horizontally?

Text style: bold? Mono space? Italics? Muted?

Text size:

Animation of three dashes?

What color should it be?

I currently have this style applied through my mobile app which is a financial product.
PS: the same style will also apply when there is no data and the current text is "No data to display"

enter description of image here

Uninstall – How can I clear the "automatic backup" data to get a new installation?

When I delete, and then add an application afterwards, it does not start "clean". Instead, it "remembers" things from the last time the app was installed, which I don't want.

i tried settings > (specific app) > storage > clear data and settings > (specific app) > storage > clear cache, but despite these actions, the app remembers certain things. And even if I delete the app at this point and then reinstall it, it remembers things, so it's not a clean install.

How can I delete the application data or erase the application data or delete the application data which is saved (and then restored) by the Android automatic backup process?

Google sheets – I want to import already filtered data into a new spreadsheet

I have a main worksheet that shows the hours worked on different projects. I then created a new worksheet and used the importrange formula to link the data from the main worksheet to this new worksheet.

Now when I filter the data in the main worksheet, I want to see only that filtered data in the new worksheet.

Is it possible to reference filtered data from one sheet to another in Google sheets?

The purpose of the new sheet is to have our logo, contact details and lines highlighted, so if we have to share with customers, it looks more professional.

python 3.x – DataFrames. How to change the margin or alignment in the presentation of the data table?


Having a dictionary and presenting its values ​​in a DataFrame, how to change the alignment or the margin of the result

for example:

If the resulting sample comes out like this:

A b
lunch snack
snack snack

And what I would like is for it to go like this:

A b
lunch snack
snack snack

Thank you for your time