sql server – Nearest dates for each date of a list

I have a date, and with this query I get the highest modificationDate for the given date.

SELECT max(ModificationDate) FROM dates WHERE ModificationDate<=@date

how could I get the LIST of HIGHEST modificationDate for a given LIST of DATES?
in another words, if @date is a list of dates! how could I get the same result?

photos – Android image copy break original file date and time

I have found that if I have a WhatsApp image that I want to copy into a different folder on my Android device, keeping the original in place, then the date and time changes for the image.

So if I go into the phones gallery the date and time of both the images show the time of when I have copied the file. Why does copying break the original image? And lose important data on when the images were originally taken.

If I delete the second copied image, so only the original is the there, then the date and time reverts back to the original date and time when viewed in the gallery. It looks like the gallery when displaying the file date and time.is looking at the wrong version of the file??

I have tested this on multiple devices now and the same happens. I copy the file by connecting to the computer.

Using the native copy to in the photo gallery works on devices pre android 10, but has the same affect on android 10.

cognito forms – Is there a way to only allow visitors to select specific days of the week from the Date field?

I have a form for booking testing appointments. Testing dates are limited to Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 10am-2pm. I would like the ability to only allow visitors to select those days from the calendar in the Date field. If possible, I would also like the ability to only allow visitors to select 10am-2pm from the Time field. I have searched for a solution but have been unable to find any for my dilemma. Thank you.

7 – REST API and Multi value date field

I have a React native front end with D7 backend. I am populating a content type that has a multi-value Date field. I am successfully creating the content-type with all other fields except the Date field. The format I am sending via POST looks like :

"field__delivery_dates": {
        "und": [
                "value": "2020-07-23"
                "value": "2020-08-05"
                "value": "2020-08-07"

The problem is when I sent the multiple date field values it’s getting submitting but the values are not reflected in drupal.

Anyone, please help me to find out a solution for sending a multi-field date field to drupal 7

sql server – how to sum sales after MAX purchasing date in SQL

Select “Item No_”,
MAX(case when (“Entry Type” IN (0,4)) and (“Quantity” >0) then “Posting Date” else 0 end) as “PUR DATE”,
MAX(case when “Entry Type” =1 then “Posting Date” else 0 end) as “Sales Date”,
Sum(case when (“Entry Type” IN (1)) then “Quantity” else 0 end) as “Sales QTY”
From “HONAV”.”dbo”.”HO$Item Ledger Entry”
where (“Location Code”=’MAZ’) and (“Item Category Code” IN (0101))
Group by “Item No_”
having MAX(case when (“Entry Type” IN (0,4)) and (“Quantity” >0) then “Posting Date” else 0 end)>”Posting Date”

cancellations – Refund request for a flight cancelled and rebooked by airline pending while original date of travel comes closer. Should I contact the airline?

In January, I booked a return ticket from France to the UK via Schiphol with KLM. My journey was due to commence less than two weeks from now.

In June, the airline cancelled part of the journey (the first leg of the outbound flight) and automatically rebooked me on a different flight which would require a layover at Schiphol. Because the new schedule isn’t viable for me, I submitted a refund request for the entire ticket. The airline sent me a case ID but no updates since.

I looked up the status of my booking and found all parts of my journey crossed out, whatever that means. There’s also a note saying,

You’re eliglible for a refund. Bear in mind that conditions vary, depending on who cancelled the flight (you or the airline) and when it was done.

Because I’ve already requested a refund, I didn’t click Request a refund again.

Is it safe to wait for the airline to respond?

Or do I need to take further action before the original date of travel, and if yes, how?

To put it differently: Do I need to get approval of my refund request from the airline before the date of travel?

Display Date in Block in Customer’s Timezone

I am trying to display a date I have a store in a custom table in UTC format in a block; I need to display this date in the customer’s timezone (it is an expected delivery date).

What is the proper way to do this in Magento?


Date of Birth is not displaying in magento2 sales order create form in admin magento2

Date of Birth is not displaying in magento2 sales order create form in admin magento2.

Even settings are enable for admin checkout.

enter image description here

Robocopy: how to copy all files in folder newer than a specific date (including older files)

There is this option in Robocopy:
/maxage: Specifies the maximum file age (to exclude files older than N days or date).

In my case, i want to copy all data put into a new folder being created everyday by my colleagues.
The data usually contain files older than the date they are copied into.
In other words, can Robocopy copy all data by the date of containing folder?

Hope you can help me solve this problem. Thank you!! 🙂

How to set a randomised creation date on multiple images on a specific year with Exiftool?

I have multiple images that have been scanned from 6×4 prints, not knowing when the photo has been taken, most of the photos have not been taken on a particular event, but knows the year taken.

A one command to randomise the creation date on multiple JPG images on a specific year.