Which web hosting can handle (+1000 clicks per day) ?


I’m working on a site on which i’ll start the marketing campaign in two weeks from now, so i have some concerns with my current ho… | Read the rest of https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1824033&goto=newpost

Which web hosting can handle (+1000 clicks per day)?

I’m working on a site on which i’ll start the marketing campaign in two weeks from now, so i have some concerns with my current hosting EasyWP (Namecheap), it seems they are low in performance with a lot of limitations to their users.

For that reason, I’m considering migrating to another web hosting. I want my website to be ready for moderate traffic (+1000 click per day)

For those who are experienced and sure on this matter, I would to know your experts’ opinion, i’m considering HostGator Shared hosting will it be enough?

I’d love to know your suggestions on this matter. Thank you in advance for your valuable insights.

formulas – How to show Day of Week in Order by Day of Week in Google Sheets

I have the following formula that displays a total by Day of Week (weekday) from a date in J and amount in K

J contains 1/1/2020 … until 9/29/2020
K contains numeric value 123 … 1999

 unique(text(J2:J,"DDDD")),K2:K)}}),"Select * where Col2<0")

All the values are correct, they just are not in the order of days, ie
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday … Saturday

Instead, I have the data showing like this

Friday    1,220.00
Monday    1,234.00
Tuesday   1,999.00
Thursday  1,555.00
Saturday  1,666.00
Wednesday 1,777.00

What I would want is

Monday    1,234.00
Tuesday   1,999.00
Wednesday 1,777.00
Thursday  1,555.00
Friday    1,220.00
Saturday  1,666.00

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If we exclude Bitcoins for the sake of the denomination of 10, it’s very simple. You could always do trading and earn a nice sum, not just 10 then exchange the fiat currency for Bitcoin.

Or rely on affiliate marketing or advertising revenue, which yield a good sum if your site is well-established. But then, you have to invest loads of time and money before the tasting the success, if you could even get past the stiff competitions.

Sounds difficult, but I prefer the first method since it’s pretty easy to start with some capital. That is, if you want to earn that amount everyday.

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several times a day my pages come in written lines, clearing the cache helps, what goes wrong

several times a day my pages come in written lines, clearing the cache helps, what goes wrong
magento 2.2.5

enter image description here

Experiences in Parenting – The Day I Brought My Newborn Home

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windows – Why does Bitcoin Core keep saying “X days left” every single day?

As Pieter pointed out, it sounds like your Bitcoin Core is not shutting down cleanly when you turn off your computer. This could happen for example if the shutdown process does not wait for Bitcoin Core to shut down cleanly before killing it, or if the computer is just powered off immediately.

Bitcoin Core caches progress to the chainstate¹. The chainstate is only written to disk on (clean) shutdown or after running for 24 hours. If Bitcoin Core is shut down forcefully before that, it falls back to the chainstate it had at startup, losing all synchronization progress since starting.

Since block data gets written to disk as received, it will not have to retrieve the blocks again. Bitcoin Core will recreate the chainstate from the blocks on disk on next startup, and continue synchronization from that point.

Whether this is a case of unclean shutdowns could be verified by inspecting the debug.log in your Bitcoin directory. If it is, you could manually close Bitcoin Core before shutting down your computer, or configure your computer to give programs more time to shut down to ensure that your synchronization progress is saved.

¹ A lot of the data that Bitcoin Core creates during synchronization is only written and read once before discarding it. While Bitcoin Core is running, caching this data and never writing the discarded data to disk translates improves performance.

windows – How the hell is it possible that Bitcoin Core keeps saying “X days left” every single day?

I turn my PC on every day. I don’t sleep more than 8 hours. Yet Bitcoin Core, after I verify that it has fully synced every day, keeps saying “7 days remaining” for example, as if it deletes the last week’s data every time I shut down the computer and starts over from that point every time I turn it back on again.

What gives? This has started happening only recently. 0.20.1.

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