usa – Traveling to US for only 4 days. What will happen with Biden’s mandatory quarantine?

I have a flight to the US (from Argentina) on Feb 14 arriving Feb 15, departing Feb 18.

I wanted to buy some things on President’s day, and go to Universal on 16th, and Disney on 17th.

USA already requests negative PCR test before traveling.

So what now? What problems could I face if I stick to my plan?

sharepoint online – Calculated Column 21 business days from start date

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mempool – Unconfirmed transaction for 6 days now. need assistance for using CPFP

I have an unconfirmed transaction that has been sitting there for 6 days now.
The fees only got higher sins i’ve made the transaction and i do not feel comfortabel waiting.
I’m unable to use RBF sins trezor thus not support this and i’m nor sure on how to use CPFP
the TX is : 8b5032bcc435ebc612128fb66c30d85af19febd6f03dafb9114253dac6a9e0cf

After the transaction i’ve noticed that the recieving wallet is a legacy one, while i’ve send it from a segwit. could that cause any problems?

Is there any risk comming with waiting any longer?


Unconfirmed transaction for over five days

I sent a transaction to someone that makes use of quidax wallet, from my blockchain, and for over five days it has not being confirmed, what could Happened and is it possible for me to get back my fund

Algorithm to schedule employees into days

I’m trying to build a scheduling app for a friend, but am stuck on how to sort the employees.

I have three holidays each with their own employee_need:

thanks_giving: 2

christmas: 3

new_years_eve: 2

I have employees who have a predetermined number of days they will work. The sum of the employee’s predetermined work days will always add up to the sum of the three holiday’s employee_need. They also have ranked the holidays by preference, which should guide the scheduling process.
The data looks something like this:


days_to_work: 1

preferences: [christmas, new_years_eve, thanks_giving]


days_to_work: 2

preferences: [thanks_giving, christmas, new_years_eve]


Right now my process of sorting is to

  1. Fill each holiday with a list of all employees.

  2. Loop through the employees, starting with those who have the most days off.

  3. Loop through the employee’s preferences and pull them from the one they most desire to have off that also has room for them to be taken off

  4. Continue looping until the days are properly scheduled. If there is room to remove them from that day, I do so, until they are working the number of days they are supposed to.

The algorithm works a decent amount of time, but I really need it to work all the time.

Is anyone familiar with this kind of problem, and can point me toward a better methodology?

datetime – View based on months or days – display certain items during specified times of the year

I am trying to create a calendar-type view that will display links to specific nodes during certain months of the year. For example, this would show ‘Taxes’ in Feb and April, ‘Travel’ from May to September, etc.

So far I have added a boolean field to my node to appear in the view, but I am stuck on how to implement the date selector. Theoretically I would like to have people select the months that this node should appear in the view, and the view will contextually display the nodes depending on the current month.

The problems I’m running into are:

  • The date field seems to require a year, but I want this to be year agnostic
  • The date field doesn’t allow selection of multiple months

I am thinking that I will have to use a date field so that I can use contextual filters to display based on month of the year. I don’t have access to the codebase so I need to do all of this within the UI using modules, if possible.

Any tips on how I can achieve this?

What do buyers look for now days in a reseller hosting plan?


In 2008 when I entered into the web hosting world, it was all about the unlimited alpha or super alpha plans, etc (fun times and neve… | Read the rest of

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cloudflare – DNS not resolving only for a handful of people – after 10 days and even via Google DNS

I have a new website and its DNS entry ( is now 10 days old, so it should have propagated properly.

I’ve had over 200 people from several countries accessing it with no issues, however there are 4 people, all from Greece (although this could be a sample bias), who can’t access it. One sent me this screenshot:


I understand this means their system can’t find a DNS entry. I’m not an expert and this is not my own system, so I’m limited as to what I can do, however I have ascertained that:

  1. Changing to Google DNS servers (and doing ipconfig /flushdns) does not solve it
  2. Changing network does solve it
  3. Not all 4 people are on the same network/ISP (therefore it’s not an issue with a particular ISP)
  4. Changing browser does not solve it (in case it was a Chrome caching issue)

My set up:

  • Google-registered domain, pointing to Cloudflare DNS
  • Cloudflare has DNSSEC enabled (in case that matters)

Things I’ve tried:

  • Asking the people who have this issue to do the things described above
  • Test the DNS resolves OK for me and for servers around the world via several online tools (it does)
  • Checked the DNSSEC settings between Google and Cloudflare are consistent

I’m completely stuck! I can’t understand how 4 people (not on the same network) can’t see it, even when trying via Google DNS servers.

I have no idea what else to test, in case it’s something wrong with my setup.

Is there a way of confirming that my setup is correct?

And if it is, what else can I ask these people to try?

Thank you!

DirectAdmin hosting these days

Where might one find a solid, reliable DA host these days?

I need some off-network hosting for my own company stuff and a reseller account … | Read the rest of