actions – Do downtime activities that take longer than a day have to be performed on consecutive days?

For example, let’s say a character wants to retrain a feat, it will take him 7 days (a week) of downtime.

Do these 7 days have to be consecutive, or can they be split? For example, could he retrain for 3 days, then go adventuring for 2 days, and then finish the last 4 days of retraining?

The same could be asked of other downtime activities like learn name, create forgery.

The craft activity does specify that:

If the downtime days you spend are interrupted, you can return to finish the item later, continuing where you left off.

But I’m guessing this only applies to that activity.

Further, there’s this tidbit of rules from exploration and downtime activities:

If an activity that occurs outside of an encounter is interrupted or disrupted, as described in Disrupting Actions below, you usually lose the time you put in, but no additional time beyond that.

But I’m not sure if this refers only to disruptions, or to any interruption.

usa – Why must hotel customers check out after a stay longer than a rather low number of days in the United States?

This appears to be related to the COVID eviction moratorium:

(I)t is critical to protect tenants and residents of traditional dwellings from homelessness, as well as those who have lawfully occupied or resided in less traditional dwelling situations for 14 days or more, whether or not documented in a lease, including but not limited to roommates who share a home; long-term care facilities; transient housing in hotels and motels; “Airbnbs”; motor homes; RVs; and camping areas …

As to why this measure was taken in Seattle but not in California, I can only speculate. Seattle has experienced a higher-than-average level of homelessness over the past several years, in no small part due to soaring real estate prices. It may be that a significant number of people in Seattle rely on cheap hotel/motel stays for temporary shelter when they lose their homes (due to rent increases, eviction, condo conversions, etc.), and it was felt that evicting such people would be bad for public health. But again, this is just speculation on my part.

It appears that in “normal” times in Washington State, the line between “transient accommodations” such as hotels and actual full-on rentals (with the additional protections so implied) is 30 days, not 14. See WACS 246-360-001, which defines transient accommodations as any facility offering stays to guests for less than 30 days.

usa – How can one find out how many days per year a city x experiences a temperature of less than y degrees at time z of the day?

WeatherSpark solves your problem (“do I need a warm jacket?”) perfectly. Go to their page for Seattle, then click on September and you get this wonderful chart:

enter image description here

As you can see, if you travel to Seattle on Sep 1st, night time temperatures get down to 14 degrees. If you want to dive deeper and ask about 8pm specifically, the next chart can do that as well:

enter image description here

This tells you that temps stay above 18 degrees until roughly September 22nd and you should expect cooler weather after that. Not “exact temperatures” but this is as good as it gets, short of downloading public weather datasets.

If you do wish to download and parse data on your own, you can use the Mesowest service for US measurements. After making a free account, you will be able to download data for 1 year/month at a time. In 2020, the lowest temperature at 8PM in September was 56F/13C according to that dataset. If you want to get data for more years, you’ll have to write a small script to download/parse multiple CSVs or make use of their public API.

[Method] Earn $1,000+ in 30 days – NO Investment (other than your time) | NewProxyLists

Some of you may call this approach a rehashed technique. However, it worked for me and am confident it will for you too. This is not going to be a long winded guide. I’m keeping it short, sweet, and to the point.

I know there are plenty of members here in search of ways to make money online and this method I feel is a great way to accomplish that.

First and foremost, success with this method is a “numbers game”. You will be required to manually source leads (or hire a VA) to generate prospects.

Obviously, the number of daily generated leads correlates with the number of conversions produced.

One thing you will need is a skill set, it can be anything; content writing, SEO, reputation management, SMM, etc.

Essentially, so long as you possess the ability to provide a valuable service that will help clients to increase their online visibility and inbound leads you WILL earn.

Alternatively, find a “reliable” outsourcer and upsell their service(s) to your leads.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • 1) Go to
  • 2) Enter your zip code or state (depending on if you want local clients)
  • 3) Search for “Primary Care” doctors (they account for the most listings)
  • 4) Gather ONLY the doctor’s name and search them on Google
  • 5) Find their personal and/or clinic website
  • 6) Start outreach

To go above and beyond, you could register a city- or state-focused domain.

For example, if we pulled 200 “Primary Care” physician leads on ZocDoc from Dallas, TX. you could register something along the lines of “” (just as an example) and begin email marketing to these physicians in the area.

There are a NUMBER of various services you could provide to these doctors. They’re already paying to be listed on ZocDoc and will pay YOU to increase their visibility/leads, especially if your pitch is persuasive/convincing (throw some medical jargon in).

In the past 30 days, I scraped 112 leads in my state from ZocDoc. While I only closed three sales, I generated $1,347 (2 $499 sales and 1 $349 sale).

I must tell you, scraping leads is TIME CONSUMING. Depending on how badly you need to make money it’s awesome little method (so long as you’re willing to invest the time).

ZocDoc is a great way to find qualified leads and if you leverage it right, spend time on your outreach methods, and develop a trustable looking site I’m confident your results could succeed mine.


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macos – Time Machine does not start a new backup from days (tmutil exited with status 3)

In my Time Machine logs, I have following:

27/Aug/21, 02:35:31+0200 scheduler[75] Starting backup now.
27/Aug/21, 02:35:31+0200 scheduler[75] /usr/bin/tmutil exited with status 3.
27/Aug/21, 02:35:31+0200 scheduler[75] Backup failed.

I found the manpage of tmutil, but exit status codes are not explained:

What does mean exited with status 3?

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Spotlight keeps re-indexing Time Machine volumes (days on end)

Spotlight keeps re-indexing all external Time Machine volumes (Catalina, iMac 2020), keeping the drives busy, literally for days on end. This is slowing disk access to a crawl, such that a backup takes very long to complete. Also, wear and tear on hardware is considerable over time.

I understand Spotlight is essential for Time Machine, but this full re-index should not be necessary, since nothing changes between mounts.

One drive kept re-indexing for two and a half days and eventually settled. Now it’s starting over with the next drive. With three drives in the array and another kept off-site, I expect this to stay busy for a week or so.

What’s even more disturbing, it also re-indexes backup volumes of different machines, which it has no business in doing.

This didn’t happen to me before and the drives have been in use for years. What is causing this re-indexing in the first place?

Need to count number of days until value of another column is set to a specific value. [Days Open] counts until [Status] = Complete

I have a [Date Reported] column and a [Status] column.

I want to count the [Days Open] value until the selection in the [Status] column is set to "Complete".

Once set to "Complete", I need the [Days Open] value to remain, not reset to "0".

sharepoint online – DATEDIF function returning wrong number of days

I am not able to get the number of days between start and end dates.

I am using DATEDIF(Start_date,End_date,”D”) which seems correct as per articles

Calculated Field with formula DATEDIF

and I think I have set it up right but not able to figure out. Here is the picture, if you can spot what I am not seeing…thanks team.

enter image description here