sharepoint online – Date Column Validation – Check if Date is less than 10 days from Today

I have created a column named Departure Schedule and its type is `Date and Time.

However, I need to check that the Departure Schedule should not be less than 10 days from Today().

Is it possible to code under SharePoint’s Column Validation to check if the Departure Schedule entry is not less than 10 days from Today(), and if it is, a message will be shown “Departure Schedule should be more than 10 days from the date of request”?

I have tried entering this code (from this topic) under Column Validation

=(Departure Schedule) < DATE(YEAR(Today()),MONTH(Today()),DAY(Today())+10)

There were no Syntax error, but also there were no messages shown even if I entered a date that is less than 10 days from Today().

enter image description here


enter image description here

Date today is 9/25/2020 – No validation messages shown after entry

I’m new to SharePoint’s Column Validation – any help would be highly appreciated.

google sheets – Histogram for scattered dates (some days have no row, they should still show up, with height zero)

I have this data (as you can see I did zero pushups on the 21st/23rd/24th):

Date       Pushups
9/20/2020  150
9/22/2020  100
9/25/2020  200

What is the easiest way to make a histogram with this data?
It should show empty days too, and have histogram bars, not points floating in the air.
It should look like this:

|         █
| █       █                             👍
| █  █    █
| █  █    █

In particular, it should not look like this:

|     █
| █   █                                 👎
| █ █ █
| █ █ █

I have thousands of rows, so inserting empty rows is not a good solution (unless there is a quick way to do it in a annex sheet).

A scatter chart is not a good option either, unless anyone knows a trick to make it show bars instead of points in the air:

enter image description here 👎

windows – Why does Bitcoin Core keep saying “X days left” every single day?

As Pieter pointed out, it sounds like your Bitcoin Core is not shutting down cleanly when you turn off your computer. This could happen for example if the shutdown process does not wait for Bitcoin Core to shut down cleanly before killing it, or if the computer is just powered off immediately.

Bitcoin Core caches progress to the chainstate¹. The chainstate is only written to disk on (clean) shutdown or after running for 24 hours. If Bitcoin Core is shut down forcefully before that, it falls back to the chainstate it had at startup, losing all synchronization progress since starting.

Since block data gets written to disk as received, it will not have to retrieve the blocks again. Bitcoin Core will recreate the chainstate from the blocks on disk on next startup, and continue synchronization from that point.

Whether this is a case of unclean shutdowns could be verified by inspecting the debug.log in your Bitcoin directory. If it is, you could manually close Bitcoin Core before shutting down your computer, or configure your computer to give programs more time to shut down to ensure that your synchronization progress is saved.

¹ A lot of the data that Bitcoin Core creates during synchronization is only written and read once before discarding it. While Bitcoin Core is running, caching this data and never writing the discarded data to disk translates improves performance.

windows – How the hell is it possible that Bitcoin Core keeps saying “X days left” every single day?

I turn my PC on every day. I don’t sleep more than 8 hours. Yet Bitcoin Core, after I verify that it has fully synced every day, keeps saying “7 days remaining” for example, as if it deletes the last week’s data every time I shut down the computer and starts over from that point every time I turn it back on again.

What gives? This has started happening only recently. 0.20.1.

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formulas – Google Sheet average a row from last 10 days to the current date

I am looking for a formula that would automatically average their own row on C3 to C10 based on the last past 10 days from the current day as seen on their right side.
The list doesn’t have the weekend because I only need the Monday-Friday work days in the formula.

I’ve been trying different formulas but the date formula knocks me out

The one I have only counts the last inserted data so it does not depend on the date and it’s not accurate for a more “recent” past 10-day data average.


Here’s my trial with the layout

I feel that it is possible but I’m out of ideas. Hope someone can help with some solutions?

Thank you!

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covid 19 – Entering Italy: I’ve been in Greece in the last 14 days but I’m travelling from Germany, do I need to do Quarantine?

This document by Italy’s Ministry of Health states that

Movements to/from EU countries (except for Romania and Bulgaria) are
allowed without the need of justification, therefore also for tourism,
and without the obligation of isolation on return provided that you
have not transited or stayed in the territories belonging to lists C,
D, E, or F in the 14 days prior to entering Italy. The requirement to
fill in a self-declaration remain.(Except for the Republic of San
Marino and the Vatican City State)

Croatia, Greece, Malta, Spain: the Minister of Health, with an
Ordinance of 12 August 2020, in addition to what is already provided
for EU countries, has established that those who enter/return to Italy
from these countries (after a stay or even only transit) from 13
August and until further notice, must also:

a) (…)

b) undergo a molecular or antigenic test; to be swabbed upon arrival
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