How is Dacentec these days?

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  1. How is Dacentec these days?

    I have a family who lives right next to them who could help me exchange coins in an emergency and I need an offsite location in the New York area. Search / colo single box.

    simplementwww: directadmin and cpanel hosting that will make your socks vibrate
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The way to treat the disease is that many people believe it

How to treat people with diabetes that many people believe in?

Diabetes is a chronic disease, the common people often apply different types of folk diabetes treatments which are passed on from generation to generation. It is only by using materials easily found in nature and the procedure is simple enough that patients can be treated at home.

These diabetes remedies save a lot of money. Therefore, in the case of a mild illness, you can apply the diabetes remedy with the natural herbs below.

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4 ways to treat diabetes that many people believe

The use of folk remedies to treat diabetes is one of the methods used by many people in the past and today. With just a few natural ingredients, patients can easily control their blood sugar. Especially the following 8 remedies:

1. Cure diabetes with a trunk of banana and pepper

According to Oriental Medicine, bananas contain many great ingredients for people with diabetes. In particular, bananas can control blood sugar, which helps patients be safer in treatment. If a patient drinks water from a banana stalk within the next month, it will quickly reduce the symptoms of diabetes. Also, according to some users, banana trunk juice can help keep blood sugar at a stable level and not lead to blood sugar if applied correctly and regularly.

How to do:

– In the morning, you cut a banana tree with a knife, then you cut a core inside the body about 10 cm long.

– Then use a clean plastic bag to cover the cut area to avoid dust and wait about 30 minutes for the banana water to drain and collect for drinking.

– Each day the patient drinks about 2 cups of banana water and only needs to drink for 3 consecutive days to have an immediate effect.

– Then, if you measure blood sugar, you will see signs of decrease from the original level. Continue to drink for only 1 week, the blood sugar level will be stable.

Learn more: Phuc An Duong – A lifeline for people with diabetes

2. Cure diabetes with star fruit

Not only use star fruit to cook sour soup, served with raw vegetables, … star fruit also has a lot of effects to treat extremely effective. In particular, the star fruit also acts to treat diabetes, helps to balance blood sugar very well.

We consider star fruit as a common fruit in our daily meals, but for diabetics. But it is a panacea that helps treat the disease. People with diabetes will feel healthier and more comfortable if they apply star fruit water.

How to do:

– Get the dried fruit in the shade, cut into thin slices.

– Each day you take about a cup of dried fruit from the jar and pour water to cook until the remaining half is used for drinking.

– Should apply this type of diabetes treatment every day after 3 months will work to make blood sugar levels at a stable level.

3. Cure diabetes with watermelon zest

Not only is food nutritious for everyone's health, but watermelon also helps treat diabetes. Scientists have demonstrated that per 100 grams of watermelon, 95.5% water, 1.2% protit, 2.5% carbohydrates, 0.5% cellulose, mineral salts of calcium, phosphorus , iron and vitamins B1. B2, PP, C, carotene, …

In particular, watermelon also contains many components of folic acid. It is an important factor in influencing hematopoiesis. Therefore, in addition to eating watermelon, diabetics should use melon shells to cook medicines that help heal very well.

Refer to methods of diabetes treatment by traditional medicine

How to do:

– Patients use 30 grams of watermelon rind, 30 grams of peeled zucchini and excellent for drinking water three times a day.

– Implement watermelon treatment with watermelon continuously for 1 month to feel the effect that the method brings.

– Patients should perform regularly to get the desired results.

4. Cure diabetes with lychee seeds

The use of lychee seeds is also one of the folk remedies for diabetes used since ancient times. According to oriental medicine, lychee seeds have a mild and moderate taste, canopy effect, can cure diarrhea, toothache, testicular pain and type 2 diabetes, … Because lychee fruit Only appears depending on the season in years, diabetics can have dry tissue ready. It is a way to help people with diabetes to easily apply treatment.

How to do:

– Bring the lychee seeds to dry, distributed in a fine powder, 3 times a day.

– Each time you use about 10 grams mixed with drinking water, it helps very well in lowering blood sugar.

– The best medicine for type 2 diabetic patients over 40 years old.

– Patients should apply regularly to bring the best therapeutic effect value.


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