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Link / deactivated button

What is the best practice for designing disabled states? In general, disabled states can not be interacted.
Any notice on the presentation of a tooltip / pop-up window when hovering over or clicking when the user interacts with a link or button disabled / dimmed.

Contabo – avoid at all costs (server deactivated, "re-connection fees" requested)

Supplier in question: https://contabo.com

My experience: We operate hundreds of unregistered VPN servers at more than 100 different hosting providers. I have never seen such hostile behavior towards PAY CUSTOMERS.

Originally, I had ordered one of their servers "1 Gbit / s port / UNLIMITED Traffic". As soon as you use more than 100 Mbps traffic, they choke you at 100 Mbps. The tiny gray footprint at the bottom of the page (https://contabo.com/?show=servers) tells you, but its only goal is to cover their ass, legally. Classic case of fake / ladle advertising. Then they asked for another 150 euros to be able to push 500 Mbits, which I paid.

Two weeks later, they sent an "Abuse Report", which corresponds to 3 lines of text from a Fail2Ban type journal and a random email. One of the VPN clients reportedly tried to exploit a random WordPress blog. This type of thing happens on public VPN servers, but since we are a VPN provider without logging, the best we can do is not to route the destination IP. They disabled the server before it could be done, without any warning, then demanded that we pay a "reactivation fee". There is no mention of these charges in their Terms of Use.

Fortunately, our VPN servers do not contain valuable data, but if they had been on another server, they would keep them hostage until you paid them money to recover them.

Avoid them at all costs. If you want servers in Germany, opt for M247. Their prices are better, no bait and change, no disgusting practices, and really useful support (which we almost never have to talk about because there are no problems).

Waiting for the user – Should deactivated options always be marked as mandatory?

Creation of an application form for internally trained agents to help new customers on board. Many entry pages, a lot of information to add. 95% of the fields are mandatory.

My design required that the required fields be defined by default, only the optional fields being called. Businesses did not like it, so now 95% of the field labels have a small red asterisk.

Because the application is very dynamic, the previous selections affect not only subsequent masking / display states, but also mandatory / optional states.

Many buttons are Yes / No switches. Often, a previous choice means that the Yes / No decision is made for l & # 39; user. So, a toggle button can be automatically selected to Yes and disabled.

All for a simple question:

If a button has been selected and disabled automatically, must an asterisk always indicate that it is mandatory?

I can go both ways.

For a typical (trained) user, "mandatory" could mean:

  • this option must be actively selected by me, so an asterisk on a disabled field is unexpected.
  • this button simply has to to have a selected option (passive); It is not necessary to tell me something that I do not need to know.


2016 – Activation command deactivated in the solution gallery

Scenario: SharePoint 2016 MinRole server farm with 2 servers.

I tried to start the Microsoft SharePoint Foundation sandbox code service in one and in both servers, as I found this: I can not enable the solution from the site settings in SharePoint Foundation 2010 and I used the PS cmd:

$ SA = Get-SPServiceInstance | Where {$ _. Id -like "* GUID *"}
$ SA.Provision ()

This allowed this service to start on the servers but appears as non-compliant in Central Administration> Services on the server. In any case, running this service made no difference and the Enable button remained disabled for a new solution (template.wsp) that I had uploaded to the Solution Gallery.

Can you tell how to enable the Enable button?

magento 1.8 – Exclude deactivated products from the sitemap.xml build

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