8 – Web Form – Delete attribute / state deactivated when submitting

I would like to find a way to remove the disabled attribute of web form fields inside a custom manager.

the disabled the attribute is currently applied to the elements of the web form when typed by the user conditions/states with the user interface and I would like to remove this attribute after clicking Submit so that these web form fields submit their values.

I looked at the functions available in the WebformhandlerBase: https://git.uwaterloo.ca/drupal-org/webform/blob/8.x-5.2-patch.7/src/Plugin/WebformHandlerBase.php, but can't find where this attribute exists, and don't do it not & # 39; t see an approach to modify / delete it.

public function validateForm() {} seems like a good time to change, but I can't find this attribute.

Noting that I managed to do it with jQuery, but I would prefer to do it in my custom manager

How to delete a form field attribute (disabled) with a custom manager after a user clicks submit?

The Date / Time variable in the workflow is deactivated by 4 hours

I am using SharePoint Designer 2013 to write a workflow on SharePoint 2010.

My time zone is UTC-05: 00 and it is the time zone in the regional settings of my site. I have a list that has a search from a calendar list. My workflow sends an email reminder regarding the calendar item. When I set a workflow variable to the value of this current item, it stores a UTC-09: 00

Set Variable: TrainingDay to Current Item:Appointment:Start Time
Log Calendar Current item: (%Current Item... to the workflow history list
Log Variable: TrainingDay to the workflow history list

Produces this output in the log and also in an email generated later in the workflow:

Calendar Current article: 2020-04-01 09: 30: 00

4/1/2020 5: 30: 00 AM

Four hours rest in UTC-09: 00 time zone. Our servers are not in this time zone.

The TrainingDay variable is a date / time and I defined it in the return field of the Current Element field as "Search value (date / time)"

applications – How to activate a deactivated application in Sansumg

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S9, Android 10, OneUI2.0

After updating my operating system last month, the "Activate" button disappears from the application information panel (Settings | Applications | (application) | Activate, said How to activate an application disabled). and the setting "Automatically deactivate unused application" is also not available.

If the app is installed by Play Store, I can re-enable it in the Play Store app. How else to activate it?

And I tried pm enable ... cmd in adb, but got

Security exception: Shell cannot change component state for .../null to 1

Internet – The hotspot is automatically deactivated! Why?

I use the Hotspot of my Android phone to work on the Internet on my hp laptop …….

I'm on my desk and after about 20 minutes, my phone automatically turns off mobile data and I get up from my desk on my phone to activate my mobile data myself …

While I’m working on my desk, my phone is plugged into a charging station some distance from me,

I think this is disabled because my phone is not disturbed and to save battery, I think my phone automatically turns off the data …

How can i fix it